Flirting at the mall…….are you sure about that

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Amy Anderssen

Flirting at the mall…….are you sure about thatBefore I begin my story let me say that the next time you’re at the mall be very observant because there are more of us t-gurls out there than you might think. Since I am one I know what to look for and can pick them out…….so, ask yourself sometime…… that hottie I’m watching for the next few moments a female or a t-gurl??? Wink wink.OK, so, at the mall. Shopping for shoes……everybody does it including us “gurls”. The real trick to “doing the mall thing” for t-gurls is to totally blend in and be just like the women that are there. They dress down and go totally casual for the most part……throw their hair up into a messy up-do, throw on some jeans, maybe a cute top then grab the coat and go……not a big deal. I did the same…….I even had a pair of sunglasses up in my hair as I had worn them from the car and remembered they were there when I walked in-doors. Picking up the story, I’d been to three shoe stores and had narrowed down what I wanted to buy so I headed back to the store where the heels I want are sitting waiting for me. As I’m walking I notice a very good looking guy standing at a kiosk staring at me and nearly undressing me with his eyes….to which I smiled, winked and kept walking. His stunning looks had me all a-flutter for a moment or two but I kept going and soon reached the shoe store where the saleswoman saw me walk in and said something about how she knew I’d be back for the shoes and she’d kept them set aside for me. I decided I’d try them on one more time to be sure. As I was seated and slipping them on I noticed my new admirer standing in a sly posture just barely in sight out in the mall walkway……..hmmmm did he follow me? Lets find out. So, I get the shoes on and I’m walking around a bit so I can see how they feel and to see if I can get a better line of sight on my admirer. Yep, he’s still there. He changed positions to see maraş escort me better and he’s watching me walk around. OK….so now I know. I buy the shoes and as I walk out of the store he’s still there but doesn’t seem to know I’ve detected him. I’m going to see if he follows me further. As I’m walking along I see the perfect opportunity to test him……Victoria’s Secret…….lol.I go in and situate myself at the display at the front of the store that’s filled with panties. I choose a spot that allows me to see out the doorway and no sooner do I do that and he re-appears. Yep…….he’s totally tailing me. So, I decide to have a little fun. I’m rummaging through the panties a bit and find a pair I like so I hold them up like I’m inspecting them and I look right at him………he gets this surprised look like he knows he’s busted on his face….lol. So, I hold the panties up for him to see and nod at them as though seeking his approval…….which he gives a positive nod to. Since the sale was 3 pairs for whatever I found three and went to pay for them. I was enjoying this.Walking out of VS I found him standing right where I expected him to be. So, I winked and kept walking knowing I had him wrapped around my finger at this point. I walked over to the Starbucks in the middle of the mall to get a drink and sit down to watch and see what he’d do next. Would he come over to me? We’ll see. As I sat down and got my drink situated I noticed my new friend standing about 50 feet away with a smile on his face. After a couple sips I motioned for him to come join me……..which he seemed all too happy to do. He spoke first and introduced himself and began to sit down across the little table from me. As I was introducing myself he kind of hesitated and looked at me…….yea, my voice had given me away………..but he still sat down and I seized the opportunity to be truthful by asking him if he’d ever met a “gurl like me” escort maraş before? No…..he said……in fact he’d always wondered about gurls like me but had never run into one til now. I said that as happy as I was to meet him I would totally understand if he wanted to go back to his shopping….thus giving him an easy way out if he was uncomfortable. No, he said…..he was fine……just a little surprised was all…….but pleasantly surprised. After some light conversation I hatched an idea that came to mind and asked him if he wanted to shop with me a bit as I had a couple of things I wanted to look at before leaving the mall……..he gladly agreed to. Off we went to one of the finer department stores. As we were walking I said to him “lets have a little fun” and I grabbed his hand and we walked as though we were a couple…….his face totally blushed and I giggled as I was enjoying what I had in mind for him. We got to the department store and I took him to the formal dress deparment. There was literally nobody in the area……no staff and no customers…..perfect. I picked out a dress that I liked and said I wanted to try it on and that, if he wanted, he could come back to the dressing room and see how it looked in a couple of minutes……”we’ll see” he said with a smile. I figured, what the heck…….if he disappears now its no big deal and I still got to have a little fun with him. Well, I hadn’t been in the dressing room for but a minute or so and i heard his voice……..”are you back here?” I opened my stall-door and waved him over and in……quickly closing the door behind him. I was now standing in front of him only in panties and a bra……as he looked at me with a grin. I moved to him and kissed him. Soon my hands wandered to his pants where his hard cock was dying to get out of his jeans……and I wanted to help. I pulled back and un-did his jeans as he whispered “are you sure?”……I nodded maraş escort bayan yes, that I was. As soon as his thick and raging cock was free I had it in my mouth and then deep in my throat. His breathing was quick and shallow and he was loving it. I felt his hands on my shoulders as they slid my bra straps aside. Since my bra had a front-clasp I quickly undid it and let it fall to the floor. He quickly cupped my breasts in his hands which made him breathe a little harder and made his balls tighten up…..mmmmmmm such fun. I wrapped my left hand around his balls and my right hand around the base of his cock and went after him with vigor. After about 20 seconds of this I felt his body tighten and shudder as he winced…….he blew a massive load of cum into my mouth that tasted absolutely wonderful. After he was done cumming I kept him in my mouth for a bit for a nice finish. I then stood up and turned around with my back now to his stomach and leaned into him and he put his arms around me and cupped my breasts and kissed my neck very sexily and thanked me for such a great time. Suddenly, two women came back into the changing area to use the stalls…….lol……he got all nervous and freaked while I just giggled. Within a few moments I was dressed and the ladies were in the stalls changing…… was our time to sneak out. Not a problem at all. We walked back out into the mall laughing and realizing what a great time we’d just had. As all good times must end it was clear that the fun was over for the day and I looked at my watch knowing I’d have to get going so we said goodbyes. He asked if he could buy me a drink sometime and I gladly accepted……..I told him where I typically hung out at and on what night. Sadly, he’s never turned-up………..but hey, it was a really fun moment that day at the mall.So, guys: If you think you’re sure about the chick you’re checking out at the mall…….ask yourself if you’re absolutely certain. If not, maybe introduce yourself and find out………….it might be more fun than you’ve had in a while……..hehehehehe. **Please let me know if you enjoyed this story……if so, perhaps I’ll write more 😉