FleshLight for Him But I use it too

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FleshLight for Him But I use it tooI wondered what to buy my husband for a birthday gift. After much thought I decided to buy him a Fleshlight. After all we both travel a lot and I want him to be satisfied and not looking around. He laughed and was grateful when he received it, but I wasn’t convinced he would use it. For the first couple months it gathered dust. Then when I came home from my business trip I noticed it was laying out to dry.It turned me on so much to know he was using it. I felt the soft skin and it strangely turned me on. The Fleshlight pussy was glistening with moisture. After being on the road all week I was in the need of some relief. I assembled the toy and moved into the bedroom.A little bit about me – I’m 5’9, athletic, blonde, tanned, small breasts and I should tell you I have a big clit. Big enough that I used to get made fun of in gym class, but now I love it. My husband loves it. When fully aroused it is two inches long.I made myself comfortable knowing that husband would sinop escort not be home until later. I had a couple hours to relax and I needed to cum. Feeling the soft skin was amazing. It felt like a real pussy. I had always wanted to know what it was like to trib. At this point I was wet and my clit was throbbing. It was noticeably bulging in my panties. I pulled them to the side and my clit was erect sticking out of my blonde bush. Using natural lube I began to trib with the toy; clit to clit, side to side. God this felt amazing. Just then my erect clit kind of slid between the pussy lips. Wow that felt good. Just then the thought entered my head, maybe my clit was big enough to fuck this toy? The thought of it made me dizzy. Was I going mad? God, I’m such a horny bitch.I was going to try it! As you know clits don’t stick out like dicks they point at a downward angle so they aren’t naturally positioned to fuck. It took me a while to figure out the angles but if I pulled back on my clit hood escort sinop my erect clit stood up enough to make it work. It was such a turn on to look at my clit, sticking straight out of my blonde bush and visibly pulsing. I brought the pussy lips to my clit and pushed in the tip, them all of me. God it felt good. It was a totally new sensation. I now knew why 16 year old boys are always wanting to fuck. I was fucking this pussy and it felt so good. The warm, tight silky walls grasped my clit as I repeatedly penetrated her. Fucking another “girl” was a serious ego boost to me. Maybe Freud was right as this was one of the best feelings of my life. I continued to fuck her making squishy noises as my two inch clit went in and out. The pleasure built to a crescendo and I came hard. My clit was pulsing deep in the pussy. I finally pulled out after it was too sensitive.My head was spinning. I didn’t know what had gotten into me but that was one of the most mind blowing orgasms of my life. Hubby sinop escort bayan wouldn’t be home for another hour I had to own this pussy one more time. Deciding to mix it up I positioned the Fleshlight between the couch cushions, clit down this time so I had a better view. I got on my knees and positioned myself to fuck this pussy doggy style. I pulled back my hood so my clit was sticking straight out, hovering over the pussy lips. This time I wasn’t going to be gentle and I started fucking her good. The sensation was amazing again. I pumped my clit in and out of the hot, wet pussy. My clit was the biggest I had ever seen it, and rock hard. It went in and out of the pussy lips. I came so hard that I collapsed on the rug seeing stars. That was so amazing. I got another head rush realizing that I, yes I as a woman was clit fucking. God it’s so hot.My husband would be home soon so I cleaned up and put everything back. It was great to see him again. I have never told him that I fuck his Fleshlight, and it has been many more times since the first. It’s my little secret for now.Am I the only woman when penetrates a Fleshlight for pleasure? I just found out they make a butt sleeve I just ordered can’t wait for my UPS man next week.