First Time With Neighbor Lady

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First Time With Neighbor LadydeleteddeleteddeletedI’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I have a 6.5 inches dick. I never really measured it but my girlfriend told me its bigger than 6 inches.I am a skinny type guy but I have really great stamina (you will know in my future stories). Now without wasting any time let’s come to the story. There was a sexy lady in my society. Her name was Aaniya. Let me describe her body first. She is a 32-year-old housewife.She looks good, has fair skin and she also maintained her body even after giving birth to two k**s. No one can tell she is 32, she looks like 27-28 year old. Anyone would die to have sex with her. I always had an eye on her to have sex since the day I saw her.I always had a good view of her at every festival we had in our society. She comes in dress, saree (I love women in saree) and kurta. One day when she was passing by I accidentally smiled at her. It’s actually working as she smiled back at me. This gives me more hope to get her in bed.So I decided to try my luck more on her. She lives on the 3rd floor (last floor of her building) and my house was just 3 houses away. so I can easily see her on the terrace. I used to go daily on my building terrace just to see her. Once I decided to wave a hand.To my surprise, she smiled and went back to her home. I was happy seeing her reaction. This continued for 15-20 days. After that, I thought to take her number. So around 7:30 it was a little dark outside I decided to jump to her house terrace to get closer to her. ( Our houses are connected in our society).Her building was not connected to any house. So there was a limitation sivas escort that I can’t reach her. There was some distance between us but we could easily see each other and talk.Me: Hi!She: Tum yaha mat aao, koi dekh lega.Me: Aree tension na lo, ye time pe koi bhi upar nahi aata aur dark bhi hai to koi dekh bhi nahi paayega.She was getting a little bit worried about this. So I decided to go back so she can relax. Later that night masturbated twice thinking about her. Next day I did the same around 7:30 and she came. She seemed a little relaxed now and started to talk. Just we didn’t have much time to talk.So I asked her number but she denied. I told her that no one will know about this. After arguing on this, she finally said, “Mujhe tumhara number do main call karti hu badme.” I instantly give her my number and went back home and was waiting for her call.Finally, around 11 pm I got a call from an unknown number. I knew who called me so I picked upMe: Hello!She: Sun kiski ko ye baat mat batana warna mere liye problem create ho jayega.Me: Aap tension na le, main full responsibility leta hu iska.I started to talk on a normal topic like how she is doing and all. Later she used to call me daily and we really had a nice time on call. After a few days, I took one step forward. I started to admire her beauty like how she looks and any man will have a tent in his pants.She was laughing on my comment and tell me it’s nothing like that. I started a topic on sex. She was a little shy to talk on this topic. But later she slowly began to open her mind. Then I came to know that her husband only has sex with her after getting drunk which she doesn’t escort sivas like. And he only lasts 5 to 10 minutes.I felt bad for her. I said, “Agar aap mere pass hoti toh main puri raat sex karta.” To which she replied, “Acha ji, itna man karta hai apko sex ka.”Me: Haa par kya karu, koi hai nahi na mere paas.She: Kyu girlfriend nahi hai kya aap ke paas?Me: Nahi na wahi toh problem hai.She: Don’t lie. Tum itne handsome ho ki 2-3 toh aaram se ghumate hoge.Me: Haha I wish woh sach hota.She: Acha batao kaisi ladki acchi lagti hai tumhe?Me: Teenage ladkiya se jaada aaj kal muje bhabhiya bohot pasand hai.She: (surprised) Oh acha, aisa?Me: Haa sahi mein.She: Acha batao kaisi bhabhi pasand hai?Me: Bikul aap jaisi.I know I took one step forward. Surprisingly she laughed out loud about it and said, “Kuch bhi bolte ho. Main kya itni sexy lagti hu. Acha batao mere mein itna kya acha lagta hai?” Later I tried to explain to her how she looks and her big boobs, her cute ass.She: Acha since when did you had eyes on me?Me: Since the day I saw you.She: I knew you used to look at me whenever I pass by.Me: Ab kya karu, itni acchi Bhabhi jaa rahi hai kaise na dekhu.She: Haha very funny.We talked till 3 AM that night. Later we used to talk daily on sex and we had sex over the phone to which I made her cum twice. I told her I can’t control. I wanna have sex with you. She also felt the same. But we can’t as there are always people in the society.If anyone sees me then people will easily know why I went in her building. I made a plan to give a visit to her home and surprise her. Finally, after waiting so long I got a perfect opportunity to visit her. I knew that at 7:30 sivas escort bayan pm her k**s not gonna be at home and her husband comes at 9:30 or 10 pm.At that time nobody was there to notice me while going in her building. So I grabbed the opportunity to run as quickly as I can. I made it at her doorstep without her knowledge. She was surprised to see me. She thought I made a mistake for coming at her. I made her calm and there were 2 minutes of silence.I was checking her out. Let me describe her. She was in a red saree with open hairs. I was going crazy by looking at her. So I quickly grabbed her and kissed her on her lips. First, she was trying to pull me back. But after a few seconds, she was responding to my lips.We had a great French kiss. We broke the kiss and she was now taking deep breaths.She: Tumne kiss kar liya ab jao warna koi dekh lega.Me: Abhi toh bohot kuch karna baki hai.She: Ab kya karna hai tumhe?Me: Tum acche se jaanti ho. (with a naughty smile)She: Pagal hai kya, koi dekh lega hume.Me: Mera to touch karo pura taiyar hai.She was smiling and looking in my eyes. As I was really horny I grabbed her again and start kissing her like no tomorrow. She was responding to me well. I slid my hands to her ass from back and start pressing it hard. Later I moved my one hand to pussy and start rubbing her pussy lips over her saree.I continued that for 5 minutes. Then I broke the kiss and stopped rubbing. I knew she really got horny by my act. And I’m pretty sure she got all wet down there. She said, “Abhi sahi time nahi hai. Main tujhe call karungi. Abhi tum jao.”Do you wanna know how I get her and fuck her in my bed? I welcome if you guys have more feedback for me on character development and narration style. Any women or teen girls who live in Surat and want to have some fun or just talk then contact me on the given email address. Until then, see you all in the next part.