First Time With My Friends Wife

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First Time With My Friends Wife***Note- This is a story I have posted on another site but I thought I would share it here as well***I have been friends with Mark and his wife, Mary, for over 20 years. I never really thought of Mary in a sexual way until this past weekend. She isn’t a beauty queen but at the same time, she does have a sexy quality about her. She is a little on the chunky side but she has curves in all the right places. Mary has a pretty face and a very dirty mouth that puts many people off. I always kind of liked it though I never outwardly admitted so.This past weekend, Mark invited me to his house for a party. The party wasn’t much really, just a few people hanging out and drinking and acting stupid. Mary always joked around with me in a sexual manner when she was drinking and tonight was no different except that I didn’t think she was really drinking all that much. She did the usual stuff to me like calling me her “boyfriend” and making lewd comments to me. This time she even went so far as to back me into a corner and rub my crotch. I thought Mark had been watching but when I looked to where he was, he seemed completely disinterested in what was going on.The night went on and finally the party ended. I said good night and went to the guest room where I was going to sleep for the night. It didn’t take me too long to fall asleep, though I have to admit, Mary did get me a little worked up earlier so I was horny…but with no real options, I just decided to go to sleep.I awoke with a hand on my cock. I was a little startled at first then I realized Mary was in the room kocaeli escort with me…in my bed. Apparently she had snuck in and was playing with my dick while I was sleeping.”What are you doing?” I asked her.”Shhhh, let’s not wake up Mark. I think you want this as much as I do, am I right?” she said in a soft whisper.”Well, I can’t say I don’t want it but you are my friends wife, this is wrong.” I tried saying that out loud to not only remind her it was wrong but to maybe convince myself as well.”You know, he’s been drinking and he’s out, passed out. You know how he is, he’ll be out for hours. He never needs to know what goes on in here tonight. Me? I hardly drank at all tonight. I wanted to be completely sober when I did this.””Mary, this is wrong-” I couldn’t finish the sentence before she put her mouth on mine and shoved her tongue as far in as she could. I couldn’t resist no matter how wrong it was and I started kissing her back. Her hand started moving up and down my already hard cock as we kissed for what seemed like 5 minutes.She wrapped her leg around me and I could feel her pussy was soaking wet as she rubbed herself against me. I reached for her tits and started playing with them with both hands. They were so soft yet not at all saggy. I started licking and sucking on them and as I did, she rubbed her pussy against me harder.”Feel that? Feel how wet I am? That’s all for you Robert. This party was for you. I’ve been planning this for weeks and convinced Mark to have a party so I could get you here – like this. My pussy aches for you, it needs you.” She took my one escort kocaeli hand and pushed it down onto her pussy. My fingers found their way in very easily since she was so wet. She was neatly trimmed with a landing strip patch of hair which I found incredibly sexy. I pulled my hand away and brought it up to my nose, then to my mouth. Her smell turned me on even more and her taste was unlike anything I could imagine.”You like that? Fuck me Robert, fuck me, please,” she almost begged as she climbed on top of me and positioned herself over my raging hard cock. I put my hands on her hips as she lowered herself down onto me. She felt so warm and inviting as I entered her and she let out a sigh.Mary leaned forward and kissed me then sat up and started moving her hips on me. I reached up and grabbed her tits and played with her nipples. This seemed to make her move even more.”Holy shit, Robert. I love the way your cock feels. I always wondered how it would be and this is better than I ever thought. Oh god, Robert, fuck me. I’m yours, take me.”I sat up and leaned forward while pushing her down so I was on top of her. She seemed to like this as she dug her nails into my back and started to whisper “fuck me” numerous times into my ear. The fact that she seemed to be so into it just made me want to satisfy her even more, so I gave her all I had. I started to pound into her harder and harder and she moaned a little each time I did. Mary felt so sexy under me and in my arms and the more I thought about that, the closer I got to orgasm. I wanted to hold back a little because I wanted to kocaeli escort bayan be sure she would cum first.”You are so fucking sexy, Mary,” I said to her as I pounded her, “Your cunt feels so good baby…you are going to make me cum soon.”Her breathing changed and she dug her nails deeper into my back as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight against her. I was buried balls deep in her pussy and it felt so good to be there as I could feel her climaxing and her cunt pulsating around my cock.”I’m cumming Robert, I’m cumming you fucker. Fuck me, fuck me!” She started to get loud and I worried that we might be discovered. “Cum inside my cunt, fuck me and fill me with your cum!’I couldn’t take it anymore. Her orgasm and dirty talking pushed me over the edge and I pounded into her long and hard a few more times. I felt myself on the verge and I just held myself buried in her as far as I could go. My cum burst out and I could feel it splash inside her forcefully. I pushed again and another spurt came out and I just stayed like that for a few seconds then I pounded into her a few more times before I actually got to the point of cumming steadily inside her. I unloaded another 4 or 5 spurts into her pussy before I collapsed on top of her.”Wow Robert, that was really fucking great,” Mary said as she kissed the side of my face. She reached down between her legs and brought some of my cum up to her mouth and tasted it, then licked her hand clean.”I was just checking how you taste because I’m going to give you the best blow job you’ve ever had tomorrow before you leave, so for now, I’m going to leave you so we can both rest, but keep in mind, tomorrow. Good night, lover,” Mary said as she walked to the door and let herself out. I thought about what went on and what she promised me as I fell asleep again. Tomorrow is another day.