First Time


Hi I am a 38 years old bisexual married man. I started my adventures with men because my wife is not able to satisfy all my sexual desires. At first I only had sex with man for my own pleasure but after the first time I has desire to also satisfy other men. In every store describes one of the adventures I had in the past five years.

The first time I had sex with a man was when I was married to my first wife, out marriage was going the wrong way and we hardly ever had sex. My wife went away for a weekend with friends and stayed home bored and alone.

After diner I started my computer and went to a sex chat box, I was reading all the messages from probably fake woman that were asking if people wanted to have sex when I got a message from a guy, ‘Want to have sex’ he wrote. I replied ‘Sorry dude I am a man so I guess you have to find someone else’.

I got a quick reply saying he knew I was a men but he was bi-sexual and was looking for a cock to suck. I replied I loved having my cock sucked but by a man…I was not sure. ‘Where do you live? I am currently Fındıkzade Escort in a Hotel in Utrecht’ he wrote. I felt a spur in my cock, I live in Utrecht but I was anxious to write that down. ‘Come on tell me, pleassssseee’ he wrote. So I told him I live in Utrecht and I got really excited.

I was fantasising about sex with men for a while and now I was working on getting that fantasy fulfilled, I also was pissed off because my wife left me for a weekend and we didn’t have sex for two months. So I asked if he would like me to come over, I was thinking a mouth is mouth and I love having my cock sucked. He told me which hotel he was staying and he was in room 233.

I hurried to the hotel and was shaking on my legs when I knocked on his door. The door was opened by a small man, I think he was 40 years old and he completely naked and had a big hard cock. He let me in and closed the door but I hardly noticed that because I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock.
He got on his knees, opened my jeans and slowly pulled them down together with Fındıkzade Escort Bayan my underwear.

My cock jump up against his chin and I felt I wasn’t going to last very long. The guy took my cock in his mouth and started sucking, this wasn’t the first time he did this. After a while he was deeptroathing me like a whore, I told him I was about to cum but he kept sucking and I blew my seed in him mouth and he swallow it all. After that he cleaned my cock with his tongue and told me to get dressed and leave. I thanked him and got home.

I was a bit surprised how thing went and he just send me away after he sucked my cock, he didn’t even tell me his name. Another thing that was going through my head was the fact I loved the blowjob but also that I was hypnotized by the big cock, I realized I actually wanted to suck one to.

Eventually my marriage got worse and worse and started experimenting with a rather big dildo my wife and I used to play with. First I sucked on it but later on I also fucked my ass with it.
I got more Escort Fındıkzade and more obsessed with my bisexuality. I had a lot of contact with other men via webcams, I let them tell me what to do and this usually meant I was fucking my ass with a dildo with sometimes thirty men watching me via webcam.

I once had a session with a guy when I was in the bathtub, I positioned the webcam so he could see my body except my face. I was jerking of and showing my ass to him with and without a dildo in it when he asked me if I wanted to piss over myself for him.

I was so horny I let my cock soften a bit and told him I would do it. So after a while I started pissing all over myself and I felt out of control, the urge for sex and doing what other men told me to do was obsessive for me. The same guy asked me to cum and eat the sperm of my hand and swallow, he asked me if he could see it.

I was in a blur and position the camera so he could see my face, I came all over my hands and licked all my cum of and swallow. The guy I was chatting with also blew his load and immediately broke the connection.

My desire to have sex with men grew and grew. Nevertheless it took about two years of playing before I had real encounter with another man.

My wife and got divorced and I lived with another wife and children. I will tell you about it in another story.