First post is about my first time ;)

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First post is about my first time ;)I first lost my virginity at my high school, I was on the football team and was at practice where i got into an argument with the coaches daughter she called me certain names i called her a slut, I got kicked off the football field for the day lol, and one of the cheer leaders, followed me to the locker rooms she said she had to set up the football lockers for Friday cause we were playing a rival team, I believed her and just passed out in my tights on the bench, as i had to wait for my friend who lived with me to finish practice, when i woke up she was bending over doing something with stringers and our lockers i saw her ass from her skirt she wasn’t wearing her shorts i could see her thong panties, i kept staring and when i noticed she was turning towards my locker i pretended to be asleep karabük escort again, when she walked passed me she stopped and just looked at me, then she said i know ur awake ur Dick is hard i can see it thru ur football pants, I actted like i didn’t hear her and kept my eyes close, she said opps i must be wrong then and bent over right in front of me letting me get a great view, I was staring thru somewhat open eyes trying not to get caught, she back up and her ass rub against my hand that was hanging off the bench, I didn’t do anything at first, then she did it again but this time wiggled her ass a little on my hand i gently opened my hand to feel her ass, but still pretend to be asleep, then she said must be a hard sleeper, and she untied my strings for my practice pants, her hands just near my cock made it throbbing karabük escort bayan hard, she gently stroked my cock from the outside of my pants and said quit acting asleep i can see ur smile, so i opened my eyes and apologized for looking at her, she said it was okay she did it on purpose she liked being stared at, then she purposely walked right over the bench where my head was to get to the other side, I saw her panties and ass perfectly and was kind of “adjusting my pants” she did it again to get back to my locker but she stopped and asked if i like what i saw, I said yes i do nervously and she sat down right on my cock and leaned forward to tell me she thought i was quite and who was i seeing, i told her no one she just smiled and started to grind against my cock before i knew it she was bending over escort karabük right above my face so i can taste her as she fought to get the pants and pads off me, It felt so good when her mouth and tongue were around my erect cock, she was so wet and taste so good, I almost blew my load in like five minutes, she repositioned her self so that she was straddling my cock, she sat down on my cock and was so tight only after a few pumps did i feel like i was gonna explode, I guess she could tell by my moans or face cause she quickly got off me and took my throbbing cock in her hand and wanked me off i exploded all over her hand and my neighbors lock door, she licked her palm and fingers clean,looking at the clock it had only been 40 minutes since i was kicked off the field for the day and there was still 2 hours of practice left so i quickly cleaned the lockers and laid back and watched her finish decorating the lockers looking at her ass ever time she bent, and we’d just smile at each other, we continued our little fling till she got her self a BF, I was 16 when this all happened