First of the Month


Not to be cliché, but it was the first of the month, and I was collecting rent from the multiple condos and rent houses I own. It is usually my least favorite day, because I had about ten renters that were never on time. As a person I feel bad because I have been in their situation, but as an owner, I have to be kind of cold.

It was a hot day as I drove to the first few houses. I had hit my condos earlier in the day, as I needed to walk from door to door, and wanted that out of the way before it got too hot. I was still feeling the heat by the time I got to my car. I could feel sweat running down my back, as I put the car in drive. It was a blessing when the AC kicked in.

The first few houses were no problem, I even had a few usual debtors that were ready and had the rent on time. Then I got to Amily’s house. She never had the rent on time, not in the 3 years she had rented from me. Now the other owners I talk with advised me to evict her, if she was always late, why not rent to someone who was less trouble. It made sense, except, Amily was gorgeous. She was a short Hispanic woman of about 25. She stood at 5’3″, maybe 120 pounds. The thing that always got me was her ass; she had the stereotypical “Latin ass.” It was really all I could do each month not to talk to her ass when she answered the door.

I braced myself, for both the newest excuse and that ass, as I rang the doorbell. It suddenly felt hotter, as if the sun was focusing right on my back. I could hear her approach and smelled her floral decorations next to the porch. Then she was there. She was prepared for the hot day, dressed in a sheer, white fabric top, whited showed the swell of her breasts, and a short denim skirt that just barely covered her ass. Even still, you could just make out the bottom curve.

“Hey Rich, is it the first already?”

“Yeah, it is. Seems to come faster each time, doesn’t it?” I was hoping that by keeping it light, she wouldn’t notice the frequent side glances.

“Well, my job hasn’t paid me for the last few weeks, so I am going to be a little late.”

Of course it was another excuse, and I really did expect it. The long day, the heat, and my building frustration got the best of me, however, and I tipped over.

“Amily, every month you have an excuse to be late. You were late getting the deposit in the first month. I constantly overlook this, but I can’t anymore. If you can’t pay me on time, I will need to ask you to leave, so I can rent to someone who can pay me on time.”

“It’s really hot outside, pendik escort would you like to come inside and have a drink, so we can discuss this?”

The heat compelled me to accept. I followed her inside, and the smell was intoxicating. The AC spread the smell of jasmine and lavender throughout the house. It was decorated in simplistic style: a few movie posters on the wall, a brown fabric couch, flat screen TV, a few movies under the TV stand, and a book case with some pictures, books, and a few magazines.

“I like what you’ve done with the place.”

“It’s nothing really; I don’t get much downtime between classes and work, so I don’t decorate much.”

She guided me to the couch, where I sat beneath the blissful air provided by the fan and AC. She walked into the kitchen, I guessed to get the aforementioned drinks. When she returned, she sat next to me, brushing her ass against my leg as she did so.

“So I am just going to come out and say it, I love this house. I can barely afford to live here, but I don’t want to give it up, it has become my sanctuary. So I would like to discuss alternative payments.”

“What did you have in mind,” I asked.

“You are a good looking man and I have noticed two things; first, you don’t wear a ring, which I assume means you aren’t married.” Here she paused, for what I could only guess was for affirmation.

“That’s right.”

“I have also noticed that each month you stare at my ass.”

I was dumbfounded. She had noticed all this time.

“Well,” I stuttered. “You are gorgeous. I’m a single man; I hope you aren’t offended.”

“Not in the least, but it brings me to my proposition. I am comfortable with my body, I am sexually charged, but I have no time to feed my urges. You obviously find me attractive, so let’s work out a deal. I will let you fuck me whenever I am available and you desire. In exchange, you forget my rent. If ever you get bored, we can stop, and I will resume paying rent.”

At first I was sure I had passed out from the heat and was dreaming this. As the idea sank in, I weighed the pros and cons. I finally decided that I didn’t need the money and since she was the one who made the suggestion; this was not some sort of trap. I decided to try my luck.

“How do I know it’s worth it?”

“How about I let you try it, and if you aren’t satisfied, I will pay rent next week?”

“Deal!” I said excitedly.

She took my hand and guided me to her bedroom. It was a complete contrast to the rest of the house. pendik escort The bedroom was spacious and she had completely decorated every inch. There were framed posters of various movies, family photos, and artistic designs over the walls. The bed was situated in the center of the room, with the headboard set in the middle of the far wall. It was a huge bed, with four tall bedposts. At the end of the bed was a footlocker that doubled as a bench. Here, she stripped her sheer blouse off and threw it down.

In front of me was this Latin goddess, in a black bra that hid nothing and a barely there skirt. She led me to a nearby chair, but before sitting me down, she, slowly, unbuttoned each button on my skirt, and removed it. She then sat me down and eased my arms behind me. Surprisingly, she had restraints already in place, and secured my wrists to the back of the chair.

She started planting kisses on my neck, my chests, my abs, even kissing the outside of the crotch of my jeans. Then, she eased the zipper down, and unbuttoned them. She eased me out of both my jeans and my boxers. There I was, sitting naked in this tenant’s house. My hard-on stood at full attention, straining, throbbing, almost hurting. Never once did I think this was a setup.

“I am going to do a little strip for you, not that you really need it.”

I sat in amazement as my tanned bronze lover swayed in front of me, her ass being led by the sensuous rhythm of her hips. I was mesmerized. She stood in front of me and leaned forward so far I could feel the warmth of her breath on my cockhead. She then stood straight up and moved back, swaying those hips the whole way.

Next, she turned and bent over, giving me the beautiful view of her full, round ass. A small bead of pre-cum formed at the head. I could see the small black cloth of her thong and the way the string curved up the back. She did a quick spin and in one smooth gesture, removed her bra. Her dark brown nipples were stiff, and her breasts began to sway freely as she moved.

“How is it so far?”

“I’m sorry, did you say something? I was hypnotized by your body.”

A wry smile played along her lips as she as she replied, “Just wait, there’s more.”

She moved closer and turned to the side, showing me her profile. Her long fingernails traced up the side of her thighs and along the hem of her skirt. She ran them up the side of the skirt and hooked two fingers in the waistband. As she started to move the skirt down, I noticed how painstakingly slow pendik escort the process was. I could hear the gentle scrape of the fabric as it moved over the round ass I had thought so long about. I felt my cock pulse as more pre-cum was forced from the concrete pole.

Her next move sent me over the edge. She backed towards me slowly, and guided my pole between her ass cheeks. I could feel my member swallowed. As she moved her ass, jacking me off with her cheeks, I could feel the head bumping my stomach, could feel the precum work into her cheeks. As she threw her head back and moaned, I let loose the first load, all over my stomach and between her cheeks.

“That had better not be it.”

“Not even close,” I responded.

She jumped off and swiveled around, placing my head between those glorious mounds. She grabbed my pole and began moving the skin up and down, sending electric shocks through my entire body. It was mere seconds before I was straining in her grip. She eased my head in between her legs, and began to ride me, strapped to the chair.

I didn’t even need to be there, as she used me. The chair legs began to thump against the floor, as she rammed herself up and down my pole. Her hair was slapping her in the face, and her breasts were slapping me. Suddenly, she threw her head back violently as she came, almost vibrating in my lap. Her pussy muscles spasmed around my cock and I lost all control, shooting another load deep inside her.

As she came down from her first orgasm, she began slowly rocking, again working my cock to stiffness.

“I feel that you are still not satisfied. Good.”

She stood up and walked to her bedside, swaying her luscious hips the whole way. She retrieved a bottle of lotion and a vibrator, and slithered back to me. She turned the bottle of lotion upside down, and poured a gracious amount on my cock and balls. She worked the lotion in, and spun. Before I knew it, my cockhead was at the entrance to her ass. She slowly lowered her body down, giving me an orgasmic view of her ass taking my cock in. As she hit my pubic bone, she eased down and put all her weight in my lap. She settled herself and allowed my girth to adjust.

As she sat there, she eased her feet onto my knees, spreading her legs. She then worked the vibrator in, at full speed. I could feel the vibrations massaging through her. I began to feel my balls boil. She began to move a little, she was playing with her clit with one hand, and working the vibrator with the other.

She began to orgasm, bouncing on me as she came. I honestly thought I was going to cum straight through her head as I came. We sat there quietly for almost five minutes, reveling in the pleasure.

Our arrangement worked out perfectly for 2 years. We have been married for 5 years now.