First Day of a New Position


Following the amazing Friday morning Bruce and Diana had spent together to end the week last week Bruce was a little reluctant to start his new position at work. It would mean no more split shifts and he’d be in the office a lot more. Some parts about that were great, getting to sleep in, less driving around. Some were not so good, like not being able to just run home if the need arose.

Getting ready for work Diana kissed Bruce and told him to have a good day while she rubbed the front of his pants. “You trying to get me hard?” Bruce asked. “I’m about to go work in an office full of women.”

“I know you are. And if you are hard they’ll be so jealous.” Diana replied.

“You are naughty.” Bruce said as he guided her hand up and down on his crotch getting himself very hard knowing she wanted him to be hard at work. Just as his cock was getting fully erect Bruce noticed the time. “Oh! I have to go if I’m not going to be late.” “Hmm alright, have a great day.” Diana sent him off with a long slow kiss.

The drive to the office was a little shorter than his old drive to work and today all Bruce could think about was the throbbing hardness in his pants. He was sure at least a few of the ladies in the office would notice, even if he tried to get it under control.

When Bruce arrived there was nearly no one pulled into the parking lot yet, good news for him. He’d spend the drive listening to stories from the audio files of Literotica, how could he not, he was feeling so horny already. He got into the building holding his computer bag to disguise his raging hard-on and then into his office without incident. Once he was finally sitting and checking messages he noticed that Diana had texted him. “Here’s something to make your first day at your new position amazing!” it said and followed with a picture of her using her vibrator in their bed. Quickly texting back Bruce replied “OMG you are doing that right now? Do you want me hard all day?” Staff filtered into the office space and a few minutes later came Diana’s reply. “You don’t have to be hard all day… I’m going to cum at least” and a picture of Harley holding the vibrator.

Wow. That was bold, and hot, Bruce thought. Her playing with their third woman while keçiören escort he was at work. A little bit unfair too! I made him hard the thought of it. Luckily it wasn’t too busy yet in the office and he could rub his crotch without anyone noticing.

Now all the staff were in and people were beginning to come in and out of Bruce’s office to ask questions or get files they needed to do their work. He could no longer play quietly or even have the thought of doing much else since there was so much distraction. Diana sent him another message “Mmm that was fun!” and a picture of her and Harley kissing. Bruce silently cursed his naughty wife. “You know how hard you are making me?” He texted.

He could even hear his wife’s giggle in his head as she replied back “Then help yourself out!”

‘Help myself?’ Bruce thought, she had help why couldn’t he? It was nearly half way through the morning when finally Shawna needed something from right beside Bruce in the office. She came in, “Do you mind if I just grab some files?” she asked.

“No, of course not.” Bruce replied.

Shawna reached down beside Bruce’s chair and got the files she was looking for, as she stood up she noticed he huge bulge in his pants. She looked at him, and winked. “Everything alright?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah, just fine, for now, I might need a little help with something soon though.” Bruce replied.

“I can see that hun, just let me know.” Shawna said.

Bruce had actually had his eyes on Shawna for a while. She was short with flaxen hair, busty and had an amazing ass. He rubbed his crotch as she left his office. Picking up his phone and looking at the pictures Diana had sent to him. It made him that much harder looking at the pictures. He knew how naughty his wife was, well, at least he did now with her playing on her own without him.

A while later Shawna was done with the files she was working on and brought the folders back into Bruce’s office. She crouched down to put the folders away and as she did Bruce couldn’t help but sneak a peek down her top and check out her ass. He grunted quietly and unconsciously grabbed at his crotch.

“Did you need help now?” Shawna asked, looking up at Bruce while she kızılay escort knelt on the floor beside his chair.

“Yeah I could really use some help.” Bruce replied and he turned his chair to face her and away from the office door. Shawna took the hint and reached up to unbutton and unzip his pants. Bruce’s bulge nearly exploded out of the jeans as his underwear could barely contain him.

Shawna looked up at Bruce with his cock between the two of them; she softly gasped and took it in her hand. Just at that moment Bruce’s phone buzzed, Diana of course “Hope you are having a great day baby” she said. “I am now” Bruce replied and secretly snapped a picture of his dick in Shawna’s hand, sending it to his wife.

Shawna looked at Bruce’s large cock and grinned; she raised herself up on her knees and kissed the tip before sliding it into her mouth. Bruce reached back and closed the office door, there were seven other women out in the main room and he didn’t need them all hearing what was going on. His phone buzzed and Diana texted “You are so bad!” along with a picture of Diana’s fingers inside her own pussy. “Have fun.” Followed that text right after.

Bruce took that has her blessing to do whatever he felt like doing, and with her mouth already on his cock he felt like doing a whole lot to Shawna. She sucked him greedily and Bruce took advantage, putting a hand on the back of her head and pulling her down on his shaft. Shawna grunted and took all of it, not like she had a choice. She stroked and sucked getting his dick super wet and sloppy.

Bruce thrust his hips forward and let her take it all in, his eyes closed and he enjoyed the moment. When he opened them moments later Shawna had hiked up her skirt and was playing with her pussy with her free hand having moved her panties over to one side. Bruce could hardly believe it, she looked amazing and he knew what he had to do next.

Bruce placed a hand on her stroking hand and guided her to have a seat on the desk. He handed Shawna his phone and then spread her legs. He knelt on the floor and softly kissed her glistening wetness before diving his tongue in as far as he could reach it. He didn’t look up but knew she was taking pictures with sincan escort his phone. “Send them.” Bruce said between licks. “Send them to Diana.” Shawna did as instructed and then set the phone down. Bruce licked and sucked until she quivered and came on his tongue. He felt her hotness on his face and stopped and smiled at her.

Standing up Bruce placed the tip of his cock at her entrance and slowly slipped it inside Shawna’s tight wet pussy. “Oh, my, God.” He said. Shawna moaned a reply as he thrust into her, her legs up on Bruce’s shoulders as he fucked her. He pounded his cock into her, his balls slapping against her ass as he did. “Mmmmm, yes, fuck me.” Shawna said softly “I’ve wanted this for so long.” She arched her back and moaned as she came again.

Bruce could hardly believe it, she had wanted him? Amazing! He could feel his cock throbbing inside her, he pumped it in harder. “I’m gonna cum Shawna.” He said. “Wait.” She replied. She got down from the desk, handing Bruce his phone and knelt on the floor taking his cock into her mouth once again. Bruce started a video recording and watched as Shawna expertly worked his cock.

She stroked and sucked, and Bruce braced himself against the chair with one hand, the other one caressing Shawna’s face. He was about to blow his load and she could tell. She looked up at him and with her free hand unbuttoned enough of her top to expose her ample cleavage. Bruce couldn’t take it anymore and tensed, his cock as rock hard as it could get inside Shawna’s amazing mouth. He grunted, and started to shoot. Shawna moaned as the hot spunk hit the back of her throat and she swallowed a huge mouthful. Then between spurts she pulled it out of her mouth and aimed it down between her tits. Another massive shot of cum sprayed down between her breasts coating them with sticky hot jizz. Bruce groaned as Shawna finished jerking his cock and milking out every last drop of cum that she could. She looked up at him and the camera, and sucked the tip, kissing it too “Mmm thanks for letting me help you out. Next time you can fill me up!” she said.

Bruce got his pants back in order and sat back in his chair. Shawna rubbed the cum between her tits and licked her fingers, then rearranged her top and skirt. “Thanks hun,” she said, “I needed that.”

“So did I.” Bruce replied.

Shawna opened the door and walked out of the office. Bruce texted the video to his wife. “This new position at work could have some amazing benefits” he sent along with it.