Final Satisfaction


It was just supposed to be one of those no-strings attached situations. Somehow it turned into more. Maybe because the sex was so great and Rebecca knew tonight would be no different. She’d already gotten over twenty messages on her phone, teasing her and she’d be lying if she told him they weren’t making her wet.

Rebecca got to Jason’s early, not like it mattered. It had been a week since she saw him last. A week of torture waiting to see him again, remembering all the things he’d done to her. He was rough but not too rough, made her feel like a slut and whore but not so much so where she felt dirtier and more used than she was. Last time was a night she knew she wouldn’t soon be forgetting, and doubted Jason would forget either.

It wasn’t a night for her pleasure, it was all about him, but it didn’t stop her from getting pleasure out of it. One thing she knew she was superior to other women at was giving head — maybe because she got off when she was doing it, or just enjoyed doing it. It didn’t matter to the men she’d been with and Jason was no exception to that. When she saw him that night she didn’t even say anything to him, just went after him in the doorway, pulling down his pants and taking out his dick. He must have been playing with himself on the way here, she thought to herself since he was almost completely hard. She didn’t lead him in to sit on the couch. She used his pants to cushion her knees slightly and started stroking him, lightly at first and then started to get rougher. She teased the tip with her tongue, tasting the little bits of cum that were leaking out already.

Jason was getting tired of the teasing so he grabbed her at the back of her head and started to guide her open mouth onto his dick. Rebecca didn’t resist and took it as an open invitation. She kept jerking him with her right hand and cupped his balls in the other. Still swirling her tongue around the head and being encouraged by Jason’s hands on her head and neck, she started taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth, until she couldn’t breathe anymore. Jason eased up his grip and she started bobbing up and down on his cock, taking a little and using her tongue and then going as deep as she could, having to open her jaw wider to accommodate her hand still jerking him off.

“That’s it you little whore” Jason moaned, “Swallow the whole fucking thing.”

And it certainly wasn’t from a lack of trying but Rebecca just couldn’t get all of it, but she managed to get her nose to touch his stomach. She held him there in her throat and ran her tongue on the underside of his cock, feeling it pulsate. Moving her head back and forth she kept him in her throat and in her hands she could feel his balls spasm and she knew he was going to cum. Not one to back off, she started bobbing on his cock again and very quickly her mouth was full of his cum, some dripping out from the corner of her mouth and down her lips and chin. She waited pendik escort ’til the blast was over, gently licked and cleaned him up and then cleaned up herself, licking away the cum from her lips and fingers.

If last time was any sort of indication of what was coming her way, she knew she was in for a treat. The door was unlocked so she let herself in. The water was running, so she stripped down just leaving on the new red and black lingerie and went into the bathroom. Jason was already in the shower, unaware of anything around him, stroking his hard cock pretty fiercely trying to get off before she showed up.

“Not interrupting anything am I?” she asked coyly, peeking around the shower curtain. “You look a little busy there.”

“Just a little,” he replied, not taking his hand off his dick and continuing to stroke it. “Why don’t you join me in here?”

She didn’t need to be asked twice. The water was a perfect temperature and before long she wasn’t just soaked between her legs. The lingerie hugged her curves more perfectly now being wet. She took Jason’s hand off his dick and put it between her legs, spreading, encouraging him to pleasure her. He didn’t even waste time, starting right away with two fingers, but giving her room for her own fingers to ravage her clit since he had a firm grab on her ass, pulling her to him. Rebecca moaned in pleasure while Jason finger-fucked her and soon stopped fingering her clit and just let him take over. She came in succession quickly and then grabbed the towel and jumped out, pulling him out along with her. “Come here, I want you to fuck me. Now.”

Still dripping from the shower they only made it to the doorway of the bathroom. Rebecca got on her knees and stuck her ass up in the air and turned around to face Jason, who was still rock hard and ready to cum. “You know what to do,” she told him, grabbing her pile of clothes to bury her head in to try to muffle the screams she knew she’d be producing. Jason didn’t need any more encouragement than a wet and ready pussy staring at him, begging to be fucked. He got on his knees behind her and slammed his cock into her, bouncing off her cervix and slamming her again. It caught her off-guard but she wasn’t complaining. She liked it rough and he was so turned on it didn’t take much to accommodate that urge. He got up on his feet, squatting behind her, and starting thrusting hard into her g-spot, hitting it every time. Even Rebecca had lost count of how many times she’d cum since she got there, and she didn’t feel at all guilty remembering the times Jason came on her face or fucked her in the ass — all in the same night.

Pretty soon, he was thrusting fast and hard and she could feel his balls bouncing off her clit, only adding to her pleasure. Her moaning and screaming was drowning out the sound of anything around them, his grunts accentuating her feelings moreso as she began to lose her voice from screams pendik escort of pleasure.

“Ready for it?” he asked, almost challenging her to say no as he thrust hard rhythmically into her, pushing her almost into the wall in front of them.

She barely managed to squeak out “yes” between all the primal noises that she had no control over making. Jason made sure he had good balance and a strong hold on her hips and pounded away at her, causing her to yip. He could feel the tension in his balls and shaft and thrust even harder as his orgasm finally overcame him violently, the last thrust causing Rebecca to fall onto her stomach with him on top of her, still inside as his cock spasmed, filling her cunt with his juices.

“I hope you enjoyed that, you little slut,” he said, slowly pulling out of her, grabbing his cock to paint her ass with his cum and her pussy juice.

“Mmmm, I did,” she said, twisting around to face him. “Just remember though, we’re not done yet.” She scrambled away and grabbed his towel to clean herself up and walked around the apartment naked, stretching. “Not done at all.”

“Is that so? Don’t tell me your pussy hasn’t been throbbing with pleasure.”

“Oh no, it definitely has. Still is. I’m just not totally satisfied yet. Call me selfish, if you must.” She smiled. The sex with Jason gave her a power over him that she wasn’t quite willing to turn over any time soon, and it was far too early for this night to end already.

“So tell me,” he said, “what is it you want now?” Again there was that tone of challenge in his voice, and she’d be damned if she would ever turn that down.

“I want,” she walked back and stood over him, her legs slightly parted with his cum starting to drip down her left leg, “you. And I want you to finger my ass and get me ready to take your cock so we can get down and dirty.” She traced her finger around his chiseled face, around his lips, letting him take her finger in his mouth and suck on it lightly. “And while you’re finger-fucking my ass, I want to suck your cock clean and lick your balls, getting you deep into my throat, drowning out the moans of pleasure from your playing.”

He was entranced. He never would have guessed from his friend’s description of Becky that she’d be as adventurous and as kinky as she was. Even looking at her on the street, not knowing her, would he have ever thought that. Boy was he wrong! He nodded and followed her as she walked away from the hospitality of the bathroom and into the living room.

“Lay down, please.” She motioned to a spot on the floor, and he walked over on his knees and laid down where she asked him. Rebecca straddled him in a 69 position so he could finger her ass and cunt while she sucked his dick. Jason could still smell her, and her smell mixed with his was sweet and enticing. He looked at her ass and remembered what it was like the first time he fucked her in the ass, pendik escort totally hot, and knew that soon he’d be doing it again. Rebecca hadn’t even done anything to him yet and he could feel himself starting to get hard again. “Mmmm thank you for the approval,” she said turning and smiling at him.

It was a quick smile because soon her mouth was on him, tongue swirling around the head and hitting the sensitive spot just underneath. She was making good on her promise to try and get him deep in her throat. Her mouth felt warm, smooth, silky and amazing. He was lost in the pleasures she was giving him that it wasn’t until she stopped that he realized he was being too selfish. He started fingering her pussy, getting his fingers wet and teasing her. He’d fuck her and twist his fingers in her and around her g-spot, causing her to squirm and break her concentration on sucking his cock. He reached around with his other hand and diddled her clit, jerking it like a small cock needing more encouragement to stand out. She was so wet that he didn’t need any other source of lube to get three fingers in her ass. As soon as he started fingering her ass, her moaning vibrated on his cock and gave him shivers of pleasure. He knew he was really distracting her now, and soon she stopped all together. Using both hands, Jason finger-fucked her cunt and ass, while she pushed herself back closer to him, not wanting to let him be able to get away.

Suddenly, she lurched forward and turned around, so she was straddling him and facing him at the same time. He sat up and his cock was at full attention. “Help me balance” she asked and he obliged. She lowered her ass onto his cock and it sent shivers up her spine. The feeling of being filled up was different to her ass than her pussy and it was almost instant orgasm for her. But not yet.

“I want you to finger me while I fuck your dick with my ass,” she said in a sultry voice and a small smirk on her face. Then she gave him a deep passionate kiss that immediately let him know she wasn’t just saying it. She meant it, and wanted it. She started bouncing up and down, slowly at first allowing her body to adjust, and then faster and harder. His fingers struggled to keep up with her movements, so he gave her three fingers to bounce on as well. Her orgasms were some of the most intense she had, all that pressure built up inside of her, more and more and Jason was nearing his own time to cum.

Rebecca grabbed him by the head and kept kissing him, sometimes sweetly; sometimes she was more aggressive, depending on whether or not she’d just cum again. He grabbed her hips and helped her fuck his dick, while up and down she bounced.

“Fuck me,” he grunted, “I want to cum in your ass.”

“Oh you will,” she said. “I want to know if you’re ready. Are you ready to cum yet?”

“Yes, but I want to hear you tell me what you want.”

“Jason,” she leaned in and whispered, “I want you to cum in my sweet little ass.”

That was all it took. He slammed her down so the full length of his dick was in her ass and he came more intensely than before, his whole body shaking from the experience. He was totally spent, and Rebecca smiled, finally satisfied.