Fem-Dom (stepping outside my comfort zone)

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Fem-Dom (stepping outside my comfort zone)I’d got to know my boss Daniel, sexually speaking, really well over a short period of time. Apart from sex we had nothing else in common. Kinky sex was the only interest we shared. So it was a bit of a shock and rather hurtful when he stopped showing interest in me for a while. Over the course of a month I tried to get him interested but he kept making excuses and then he stopped coming into work as often. When he did come into the office it was a fleeting visit and he looked distant and out of kilter. I wanted to reach out to him but he just brushed me off with a half hearted smile and off he went without so much as a goodbye. I felt so disconnected. It was a terrible period for me.It was late one Friday night when i got a call from Daniel. He seemed rather upbeat and asked if I’d like to come meet him in a hotel in the city. Of course he didn’t need to me ask twice and within an hour I’d managed to do my hair, makeup, get myself into a nice dress and catch a cab into the city.He was sat in the bar area chatting to a young couple when I arrived. Daniel made an introduction and I shook the hand of a guy named Lucas and a woman named Stacey. They both looked to be in their mid twenties, a good looking couple. He had a nice smile and very nice, longish blond hair and she was very dark with an almost asian look about her. They didn’t stay much longer and soon I found myself alone with Daniel for the first time in a while. It felt good to see him look so relaxed and sounding upbeat for a change. I didn’t push him for an answer to why he’d been so off but he did open up after a few more drinks and went on to tell me that he’d gotten his wife’s best friend pregnant. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised by this admission, he’d told me about her before, they’d been having an affair for about two years, but the problem was now fixed. ”I feel like celebrating!” He said, got up and went over to the bar and got two bottles of champagne and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Things, it seemed, were about to get messy…… I like messy.We went up to his room and sat by the window, sipping the champagne, having a general chat and that’s when he told me about what he’d been up to recently. He said that for the past month or so he’d been ”playing” with Stacey and Lucas. He was rather matter of fact about it and it turns out that Stacey was a Fem-Dom and had introduced him to a few new things. I have to say I was intrigued and surprised at the same time as he went on to tell me about the games they’d been playing in the very hotel room we were sat in at that time. Daniel had not only been introduced to bi-sexuality but now had a thing for Forced Feminization. I had heard of that term before but knew little, if nothing, about it. I found myself getting very aroused as he went on and told me in a very detailed manner about their filthy sessions. I was rather jealous to be honest but honoured and excited when he asked that I be his Fem-Dom. I did not have to be asked twice but I felt that I was a little out of my league here as I’d never been a Fem-Dom to anyone and don’t have a Dominant bone in my body, but in the interest of making Daniel happy I was willing to try. Daniel produced a holdall and took out a large pastic bag and placed it on the bed for me. I was to ordu escort call on him as soon as I was ready and off he went into the bathroom with the holdall. I opened the bag and emptied the contents onto the bed. A nice black body stocking, black knee high boots and a black strap on, the dildo was fucking huge, maybe between 10 and 12 inches and very thick too. I climbed into the body stocking and boots in no time, but I was trembling with sheer excitement as I strapped on the harness, the huge silicone dildo protruding between my legs. I looked at myself in the mirror and was amazed by the sheer size of the b**st I held at my crotch. It was almost instant, that feeling, a rather empowering feeling and it was a good start to my first step into being on the other side of the spectrum. As I looked myself over in the mirror I realized that I knew nothing of being Dominant, I had to quickly get myself into character, to think outside of the box, try and get a feel for what it would be like. I was under a little pressure and so unsure of how this night would go, but I was willing to try. I’d never been in this situation before but thought about how I like to be treated in these situations. I could never get into the mindset of a Dom, but I had to use my limited experience to try as I just wanted to please Daniel. Even in this role I was still thinking about how to please someone else, I suppose that was the sub in me. So, I crossed the room and knocked on the bathroom door. ”I’m ready daniel,” I said and I could hear him fumbling about hurridly in there.”Just be a minute,” he called out and I waited a moment longer.”You’ll get out here when I tell you!” I rattled on the door again. ”I want you out here now!” I was on a roll now and feeling the part I was supposed to be playing but didn’t know how far I was supposed to be going with it. A moment later the door opened and out came Daniel. I had to take stock for a second and take it all in. He wore black blouse, short black skirt, black fishnet stockings and high heel shoes. On his head was a black wig with pig tails and I was begining to wish he’d asked me to help him put on his makeup as it was a fucking riot.”Oh look at you,” I said, taking a step back to take it all in as he stepped out and crossed the room with his head down. ”Fucking Pathetic!””I needed more time, Mistress!” He said, his tone was s**thing.”You had way more than enough time in there,” I said, easing into my role now. ”I mean look at you, you look like a cheap and nasty fucking tramp!’ ”I am a cheap and nasty tramp!””Well that’s exactly the way you’ll be treated,” I sidled up beside im and talked directly into his ear. ”A nasty little tramp!”The roll just came to me and when I demamnded he get on his knees and suck my cock he did so and he sucked on that huge dick like a fucking expert. I was impressed by his mouth action, the twists and turns of his head, the stroking, the vigour and gusto he showed was outstanding. I had no idea this could be so fucking horny, or that he would play the part so well. It seemed his learining time with Lucas and Stacey had been time well spent.”Right that’s enough!” I called out to him, making sure to keep my tone firm. ”You filthy little cock whore!””Yes mistress!” he looked up at me, his lipstick was escort ordu smudged and his eye shadow looked a little bedraggled.”Get up off you knees you pathetic little tramp!” I gave him a little salp on the face as he rose to meet me, it wasn’t s soft slap but just firm enough to let him know that I was in charge here and that I could indeed play the part. I was enjoying this foray into the other side. I ordered him to bend over and lay his hands flat on the bed. He did so without a word. I have to say I was impressed with the way his strong legs looked in the fishnet stockings and even more so when I lifted his little skirt to reveal his pert arse in the sheer black panties he wore. I peeled his little panties down and left them around his ankles before delivering a nice firm slap to the arse, each cheek reddeining slightly, his moans spoke of pleasure but this was not what I was aiming to do. I wanted to inflict enough pain to have him moaning in a less sexual tone. It was unfortunate that I didn’t have a whip, a paddle or some other onject of pain in my hands, but I would make do with my palms at this point. With a force I smacked his arse, a good four or five times in seccession, each cheek and that’s when I heard him whimper a little. I let the sting take effect and then I dleivered some more to the same areas as before causing him to clench his cheeks together. It was nice to see him squirm a little, not knowing when the next strike would come. He did try to look round at me, but I told him to stay still and in a rush of fury I spanked him some more, I knew there would be bruising and I only stopped when he began to moan out in pain.”Had enough, you filthy fucking tart?””Yes Mistress!” He said between sharp breaths. ”Please no more for now!””Would you like me to kiss it better?” I said and there came no reply. I towered over him a moment longer and asked him again.” I said would you like me to kiss it better!” I put my lips close to his ear and said. ”When I ask you a question I want to hear an answer, is that clear you fucking whore!””Yes, Mistress!””I’m being nice to you here, you fucking cunt!””Yes, please Mistress, please do as you wish with me!”I did indulge him and gave his gorgeous arse a few pecks. I then slowly worked my tongue between his arse cheeks, teasing his arsehole, he began to moan out in pleasure again. I hadn’t even paid any attention to his hard cock or his balls at this point but I was having too much fun. I was enjoying his little moans of pleasure as my tongue skirted aroud his arsehole. I rose up and kicked his legs apart to expose his birty bud in full. I grabbed my glass of Champagne, gathered a large mouthful, pulled his arse cheeks apart and spat it into his puckered hole. He let out an almighty cry of pleasure as I slowly transferred the bubbling liquid from my mouth to his anus. His little man hole spat some of the liquid out and I licked at it with fury, pushing my tongue deeper inside him as the liquid burst around my taste buds. He was moaning and obviously enjoying the sensation, but now it was time for some more fun.”Hold that arsehole open for me!” I demanded and he reached around pulling his cheeks apart. I was having fun now and enjoying my role. ”’Wider!””Yes Mistress!,” he stretched his hole open as much ordu escort bayan as he could and I teased him with the head of the dildo that was nicely strapped to my waist.”Wider!””That’s as far as it will stretch Mistress!” He moaned, his fingers turning white with the pressure of the grip.”We’ll have to work on that,’ I giggled as I pushed the head of the dildo into his hole. He groaned as I poured more of the champagne to help lube him and pushed harder and deeper with every stroke. I soon built up a nice rhythm and had more than half of that monster inside him, I didn’t know how far to go, but I would surely test him out. My pace was quickening, as was his breathing, and it was then that I decided to give him more and go deeper. I didn’t think he’d ever be able to take the whole length, but I was wrong. He took it all the way and before long my hips were banging off his hot and scorched arse. It felt so good to be in this position, I often wondered what it would be like to fuck a guy but I never imagined it would ever happen and I never thought it would be this hot and sexy.I made him suck on the dildo again before changing position, I had him lay on his back with his legs off the end of the bed. Again I spat some champagne onto his hole and then let the remains in my mouth drip onto his face as I forced the dildo inside him. It was nice to see his contorted face as I drove that fuck stick inside him. I had him hold his legs back as far as he could and pounded his hole as hard and fast as I could, while stroking his hard cock. He was fighting it, but his moans were gutteral, the sound filled the space around us and it was getting louder. I decided to slow it down a little.”Filthy little Sissy cock whore!” I said, grabbing his face and looking into his eyes. I kept the dildo into the hilt, drew it out slowly and then slammed it back in. ”Dirty Fuckin Cunt!” I kept up the verbal abuse and the slow slams. He was fucking loving it. ”Sissy boy wants having his little Man Cunt fucked!””Yes Mistress,” He cried through clenched teeth, saliva spitting out between breaths. ”Fuck me! Fuck Me mistress!”It was a relentless fuck. I drove into him as hard as I could, pulling at his ball sack and stroking his cock hard. His howls of pleasure were no longer held back and I noticed tears forming in his eyes as I pumped him harder and harder. With a large intake of breath he closed his tight shut and then came a steady stream of hot, sticky spunk. I wanked his cock, milking his seed and continued to fuck him hard like a little whore. I slowed down a little and scooped the spunk up off his chest and stomach and fed it to him. I knew he liked the taste of his own spunk as he’d ate it from my holes on neumerous occasions. He gobbled that man seed down and I eventually came to a stop deep inside his hole. I was fucking exhausted. There was a loud pop as I slid the dildo from his man hole and he joked that it was the champagne bubbles inside him.We talked about many different role play games that we would do in the future and I was surprised by how much fun it was stepping outside of my comfort zone. I have never identified as a switch and have played Fem-Dom since with other men, but I do and always will be a sub at heart. It’s who I am,. But if I need to step out from time to time then I will. It was and has been nice to indulge others in their desires.If you made it this far then thanks for reading, and indeed, sharing in this little part of my life. There is more to come if you’re interested. Thanks again.