Fantasy Girl – Laura Vandervoort (2/5)

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Fantasy Girl – Laura Vandervoort (2/5)Chapter 2“Laura! Is it really you?” I exclaimed, pleased beyond words.“You didn’t think I’d slink away that easily, did you?” she replied tartly.“After what we did together, I never expected to see you again,” I admitted. “But you’re really here, and I want to see you.”“You don’t get to see me,” she said flatly. “Not until I say so.”“But I need to see you,” I pleaded. “Please take off my blindfold, Laura. Please.”She laughed shortly. “Now where’s the fun in that?” she joked. “Why have you tied me up?” I asked curiously. “It’s simple,” she said. “You’ve changed me. Ever since you fucked me, no other man has been enough. You did things with me that Corey would never even think about. I could never cum for him again, and we broke up. I dated one man after another, but it wasn’t the same. You screwed me, Jan – in more ways than one.”“I thought you didn’t like me,” I said, bewildered.“That’s what I thought,” she snarled. “But I got back to LA, and everything was different. I couldn’t cum with Corey anymore. The only way I could cum with him was if I imagined it was you. Then one day, while we were fucking, I started cumming nevşehir escort and I screamed your name. I screamed your name, Jan! Do you have any idea how humiliating that was for me? For Corey?”My heart hammered double time. Laura Vandervoort fantasised about ME?!?“So I’m here to make you pay,” she finished.I swallowed, suddenly worried. “How?” I whispered. “How will you make me pay?”“Like this.” Quickly she whipped off the blindfold, and my eyes stung as they adjusted to the bright lights in the room. My eyes fell on the object of my affection. She was standing at the foot of my bed, wrapped in a black cloak. Her blond hair tumbled to her waist, and her eyes shone like polished sapphires.God, she was so beautiful.Suddenly she ripped off the cape, and the breath caught in my lungs.Laura Vandervoort was standing in front of me wearing crotchless panties, and a nippleless bra. Instantly my cock hardened into a thick bulge in my pants, which she noticed and smiled.“Ah. I’ve missed that bad boy,” she said warmly, tracing a finger down my length.I hissed in pleasure. “Ah, yes,” I breathed. “More…please…”“No,” she spat, lifting her hand escort nevşehir away from me, making me feel strangely empty. “I pleasured you in every way while you had me bound. Now it’s time you repaid the favour.”“What do you want me to do?” I asked.She smiled triumphantly and climbed onto the bed, standing with her legs on either side of my body. I looked up her delectable slit just above my head. Her trimmed pussy was just inches away from my mouth, and I could smell her…Suddenly she crouched down till she was almost sitting on my face, and thrust her cunt against my lips. “Lick my pussy, Jan,” she said, threading her hand into my hair and pushing my nose against her slick clit. “Eat my cunt until I cum.”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLike she even needed to ask. Greatefully I opened my mouth and lapped at her pussy lips, the taste of her cunt exactly the same as it had been a year ago. Her pubic hairs were coarse against my mouth, but I slipped my tongue between the folds to where she was soft and hot, and flicked my tongue up and down against her flesh.Pretty soon, her slick pussy juice began to drip onto my tongue. She was right; I was nevşehir escort bayan the only one who could do it for her now.“Oh yes,” she moaned, sitting on my face, her entire pussy covering my mouth. “Fuck me with your tongue, Jan. Fuck me with it!”I obliged, sticking my tongue deep into her cunt and thrusting into the hot slickness. My nose was up against her clit, and I rubbed it against her, making her shudder.“Oh yes!” she hissed, fucking my face with her pussy. The wetness was pouring from her thick and fast now, dribbling all around my nose and chin, and into my mouth, and I swallowed it all and kept on licking, determined to make this last as long as possible. “More,” she pleaded. “I need more…I need you to make me cum, Jan…please, make me cum…”So I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked her hard. At the same time I dug my chin into her pussy and applied extra pressure, and her voice rose until she was screaming. I sucked and sucked her little nub like a peppermint, and suddenly hot cum filled my mouth as she screamed and screamed. I didn’t stop sucking, and she came over and over again, her legs trembling with the force of her cumming. Finally I let go of her clit and she collapsed on top of me, panting hard. “So how was that?” I asked smugly. “Did I make you cum, or what?”She lifted her head and smiled. “You did,” she said, “But we’re only just getting started…”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx