Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02


Lying in bed with my first lover’s cock still deep in my ass, I awoke to a new life and a million questions I didn’t have the answers for. Less than a week before I hadn’t ever been alone with or even kissed a man. Then, my progression to this state was fast and furious, and I couldn’t be happier if it occurred any other way. Transforming myself from an alpha male to a willing and eager bottom in so little time was impossible to explain. All I knew was that I felt wonderful right now, and I was more than thankful for the change.

Somehow I had decided I wanted to suck a man till he came in my mouth, I wanted to fuck a man till we came together, and I wanted to be used by a caring, loving person. It sounded like a dream, and as I awoke I realized that here it was a dream come true.

I can honestly say that I just had the best fuck of my life! And though there must have been countless thousands to compare it to, this was the most memorable. And as they say, you never forget your first fuck.

We woke up to the sound of the apartment door opening and Rick’s flatmate returning. Rick told me to wait in bed till he talked to his mate Ken. He eased out of me, and thoughtfully slid my butt plug back into me, setting the unit on high as he kissed me before going into the next room.

I’ve only been living in Japan a short time and don’t understand much of the language, so didn’t pick up on too much of what they were saying, but evidently Ken wasn’t upset at all. As a matter of fact,he sounded like he was in a jovial mood. I got the impression they were talking over details of what my next adventure would be. And, with my ass buzzing I was getting aroused again thinking about what was going to happen next.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long before they came into the room and I beckoned for Ken to come closer. The thought of the first time I was with him, and the humungus explosion of cum he showered on me made me lick my lips in anticipation. He stood before me and I reached for his belt, unzipped his pants and stripped him down in no time flat. Rick encouraged me on as I started to lick his pole while laughingly telling him what a long time it’d been since we last met. Once the salutations were over, it was time to get down to work, and I was getting really aroused quickly.

I sucked his cock with guttural sounds emitting from my overfilled mouth and slurped up his pre-cum like it was manna from heaven. My dick was awakening as by now giving head was a huge turn-on for me. I laid on my back with my head hanging over the mattress so I could take more of it deeper down my throat. Still new at this, I gagged several times while attempting too much, but little by little was getting the hang of it. It came to me that gagging was a turn-on to Ken since every time Başakşehir Escort I did, he would seem to go faster, but I was loving it, knowing how good he felt.

While I was being face-fucked by Ken, I had temporarily lost touch with Rick until I felt a wet tongue lick my cock head causing it to jump to attention. Then he took me all the way down his throat and started twisting the butt plug around in my hole. I was reaching new heights of ecstasy from which I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop. So this is where I was, for the first time about to be fucked by two studs at the same time!

The first thing Ken said for several minutes was, “Now is it my turn to fuck that ass?” I was guessing that was a question to Rick, but I blurted out, “Fuck my ass, Ken,yes, but please, I want you to cover my face with your hot cum when its time.” The thought of all that cum he gave me three days before wouldn’t escape my mind. Here I was, loosing all my shyness, talking like a street whore, and realizing that yes, I really loved the taste of cum and needed all I could get.

When Rick pulled out my plug and said, “He’s all yours,” Ken pretty much jumped over me, positioned me in a doggy style position, and without hesitation, rammed his shaft in up to the hilt. I screamed, but mostly from shock, not pain. He has a fairly large nut sack and immediately it was slapping against mine as he pounded me furiously. I was grunting with each thrust and started yelling, “Pound me, baby,” and “Fuck me deeper, harder,harder!” What else could I say, he had no subtlety to his method, but it was beautiful never the less.

While this was going on, Rick crawled up to the head of the bed and positioned himself to where I could get a good angle on his dick. His cock wasn’t erect, but looked quite gorged, hanging down yet rather thick never the less. I opened my mouth and he guided it in. I slobbered all over it. It grew almost immediately and I thought I would cum right then and there. Between thrusts, I yelled, “Fuck my pussy, umm, fuck my mouth,” and repeated it several times in slower and slower incantations.

Finally! A cock pounding my ass, and another fucking my face at the same time. The dream I had been having was now a reality.

I tried to do my best to suck Rick, but at times it was hard to concentrate on his cock with Ken pounding my ass so incessantly. I never thought that would be a problem, but several times the intensity of Ken’s thrusting forced me to break away from Rick’s cock. With my mouth temporarily free, I would scream, “Fuck me, Ken, don’t stop, fuck that pussy,” then pounce back on Rick’s waiting dick.I was doing my best to please them both, and was determined to totally satisfy them.

I did notice that Ken was slowing down a Başakşehir Escort bit, maybe he was exhausting himself. I would think no one could go so long so fast, so I suggested we change positions and I rolled over on my back. Rick was nice enough to add some lubricant to my gaping hole and it was scented like strawberry but was very soothing after Ken’s incessant attack.

I think I helped by putting a pillow under my hips that hopefully gave a him better angle and turned my head to the side to take in Rick’s waiting dick. This position gave me a better chance to use my hands while I sucked Rick. I wanted his seed in my gullet, he had already breeded me a few hours before and I was determined to make this a complete day for him.

However, I didn’t have control of the situation, they were in total command, and I would do whatever they wanted. But, everything that happened so far had my stamp of approval. I had a beautiful cock pounding down my throat in a perfect rhythm while it coated my mouth with slow, steady stream of delicious pre-cum. And at the same time my well-oiled man pussy was being pounded with a large cock by a young stud who seemed to have the strength to go on and on. I continued to scream out, “Fuck me, Ken! Harder, deeper, deeper,” not that he needed encouragement. And I would say, “Rick, you taste so good, I want you,” but mostly I just would groan, moan, and make slobbering noises.

Rick started to pull back from me, saying he was getting close and didn’t want to come yet so I suggested to Ken that they change places. That’s what they did, and I took in Ken’s cock, covered with his pre-cum, my love juices and surprisingly the sweetest strawberry taste one could imagine. I just hoped it didn’t mask the flavor of Ken’s load when it came.

So, here I was in my dream position, with Mr. Goodcum pounding my mouth again and Rick re-entering my ass. I concentrated on Ken’s cock head, licking his pee hole and inducing even more pre-cum to be released. At the same time I squeezed his balls hoping it would push out all his seed. The thought of him exploding pushed me on harder, and Ricks renewed pounding of my ass intensified the whole body orgasm I felt building within me.

I looked up at Ken, and said, “Please squirt all your hot cum all over my face,” and started jerking his shaft as I intensified the sucking of his mushroom head. Ken said he was ready and held my head tightly. Rick piped in that he was close too! I took the hint and started bucking like a mustang. I squeezed down on my sphincter to aid him as I felt Ken start to grow. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked him as his first massive load hit the bridge of my nose and rolled down my cheek towards my mouth. As fast as I could, I shoved his shaft Escort Başakşehir back into my mouth and received what must have been the mother of all ejaculations.

Ken screamed out as I got his second blast on my tongue and a third and fourth wave of nectar filled my mouth to the brim. I couldn’t hold it all, some was leaking down my chin, but I knew none would escape being my happy meal. I felt like a wild animal! I sucked, moaned and growled as I tasted the best treat I ever had. I didn’t want to swallow, just savor it, but there was so much that I had to slowly gulp down a little at at time. Mmmm, it was so good!

How can I describe the ecstasy I was feeling? Rick yelled “Oh, fuck, I’m coming,” and filled my ass again as I sucked Ken dry. He was trying to get me off his dick since it must’ve been sensitive by now, but I had both of them where I wanted them. I held Ken by his ass so he couldn’t back off as Rick screamed like I would have if my mouth wasn’t so filled. All thee of us were bucking in uncontrollable passion and I was the lucky one in the middle. Rick reached for and grabbed my cock and almost immediately I came also, giving him even more pleasure as my ass tightened around his dick and squeezed out all his remaining cum. He didn’t stop pounding me and his lubricating cum sloshing around in my ass and escaping around the rim made for a wonderful sound.

With my face still covered with Ken’s first shot, my whole body now felt numb from pleasure. I took his cock and use it like a paint brush to spread the cum on my face, but eventually scooped it all into my hungry mouth.

I now realized I am in love with cum! I can’t get enough. Here I was with it filling my mouth, leaking out of my ass, running down my inner thigh and the feeling was out of this world. Ken finally escaped my fanatical cock attack and I was left lying there enjoying the wonderful taste. When Rick finally eased out of me,he then put a finger in my ass and scooped out some of his deposit and offered it to me. I was so turned on, I gulped his finger down my throat and sucked it like a cock. As we three embraced each other, I said with a large smile and total sincerity that I still wanted more cum. Ken eased down, licked my belly and sucked up my own deposit before transferring it to my mouth with a passionate kiss. We held each other while drifting off into a semi-conscious slumber. Thus ended my first true fuck.

How did I go thru life up to now without trying this sooner. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, but I doubt it. Role playing? Perhaps to an extent as I always liked to please my sex partners and what can be more intense and pleasing than taking a man’s load and sending him to such heights? I guess I am just lucky. I got broken in perfectly. Perhaps if I had been savagely used or treated like shit my first time could have been much less satisfying or even turned me off completely. As it was, I fell into a so-far perfect situation. Two younger men who give me all that I was missing up till now. And they leave me with the anticipation over what will happen next.