fantasy and desire 6

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fantasy and desire 6Hey eeveryone it’s me again Auntie Norma 🙂 hope everyone is doing well.. I cum again to you with the ending of my fantasy and also a decision madead you all know if you have kept up with my stories and my hubby jake thenyou know he’s my nephew and you know that I am bisexual and that we hada threesome as well that we are going to live together.ok. so the celebration begins….by now it was monday afternoon maybe evening…Auntie Norma: so that settles it.We are moving in together wellShelley is moving in I should say.. Oh my gawd this well be great.. yayy!!.. I get to have the best of both worlds.. my hubby with his nice package and shelley with her sweet juicy pussy.. ok lets go eat.. we quickly jumped out of bed to eat dinner so we can get back to fucking.. we didnt even get dressed we just got up and went…we helped jake get up and took to the dinning room as shelley prepared dinner for us. We sat the table waited to be served ate talked we all ate fast lol anxiously try to get back to the room…we could not get enough of each other.. as soon as we finished we went right back to now our room…and began our next act: Shelley: how about you guys make love as a celebration.. while I watch and play with my self and when your ready or done i’ll join… Auntie Norma: oh how sweet… are you sure..Shelley: yes im sure.. you deserve you do you.. if you want spanish english. Auntie norma: oh my gawd yes.. you will get a show you won’t forget babe..spanish is much more heated intense just wait and see.. we both help jake get into bedthen I laid next to him and first thing I request was to eat my was great, while jake was eating my vagina clit I squeezed my tits..putting my fingers in my mouth tasting savouring his semen that was still in between my finger. Jake would keep licking my pussy. He’d move his tongue up and down then everywhere around until the moment I came in his tongue, I threw a moan of pleasure as never before, the only thing that jake spoke, was: Ayy,…ooohhhhhhh, siiiiiiii, Next, he told me he liked me to come in her mouth.For a moment I was laying tokat escort on the bed, jake meanwhile stroking my breasts and kissed me. Then there laying in bed I opened my legs and told we should stop playing to put that cock in me it was already. it was so erected and strong that it could break my vagina or my clitoris in two.He started slowly approaching, I took his cock with my hands, and I led that hard and strong dick to my pussy, meanwhile digging my in my pussy with that cock I caressed my tits and pinched my nipples. he penetrated me gently, trying to be careful not to hurt me as before. Believe even being in his condition wow. He fucks so damn good and sometimes it hurts…ok… back to the story :)..he did so until all that cock sank, and was there when it started moving faster and faster….Auntie Norma:”ayyyy papi ” que rico ayyyyyy siiiiii dame papi ,me metía su vergota y me tenía gritando como una zorra papi que vergota papi siiiiii mmmmmm que rico nephew suddenly pushed and drove me all his cock in my pussy ayyyyyyyy i yelled out of the pain, i felt like he was separating my thingy in two, he started fuck me so good i screamed moaned so fucken loud of how good he was fucking me, it was all inside of me. Nephew: can i fuck you through the ass.. Auntie Norma: oh hell yeah.. of course just be gentle…and i as complete whore i let him do as he pleased. He put lube on my ass, and I started to put his cock up my ass and I screamed in pain. My nephew inserted his enormous cock in my ass and told me aunt what great ass you have, as i took cock in my ass I screamed with great pleasure.Auntie Norma: ayyyyyyy papi que rico mmmmmm papi siiiiii toda la quiero toda!!!!!and when I felt that he put me his dick in ass it felt deliciousAuntie Norma: oh babe..thats feels so amazing…what a fuck my nephew was giving me. As he said i’m cumming…Auntie Norma: wait baby.. take out your dick and come all over my ass..i took of the condom and he inserted his cock again through my ass and he started to fuck me.Nephew: auntie i’m cumming… Auntie Norma: yes baby… cum in my ass..ayyyy…i tokat escort bayan fetl the warm fluid on my ass…Auntie Norma: mmmm…. ayyy.. i moaned with great pleasure as he sanked my ass with his milk, i told him oh baby…your fucking me so goood right now..babyy… Nephew: yes auntie you fuck so good too.. Auntie Norma: oh my gawd.. god damn baabe!!!!.. yes yes yes.. oh yess… i felt how that cock went in and out every time inside of me… sliding digging in my ass…then i made him stop for a bit to take it out and i was on my knees on top of him now facing him with his hands on my buttocks under me as i was moving my lower body up and down at a fast space furiously digging in my ass.. in the position in which we were now coming closer, so mucho that I felt more pleasurei was screaming like crazying and clenching my breast he kept going until he shouted that he was going to cum, It was pleasant for me to see the look on his face when he pulled his cock from me and he came in the exterior of my vagina. I immediately sent my hand down there and opened my lips, and I felt like a bit of his semen out of my vagina.I asked if he was exhausted, but with a nod said noNephew: no auntie, im not…Auntie: oh babe… yes.. yes yes.. fuck yes… somehow he went savage mode.. fastening his pace..suddenly he pushed hard with full force that i screamed when he opened my ass.I felt every centimeter of his cock pushing through making its way in advancing towards my sphincter meanwhile i was bitting my lip and he progressed more and more through my anus.His penetration was mild at first with that enormous piece of meat he carries on him self. I turned around giving him my back again then he inserted his cock in my ass again as he was ready to cum inside of me that When he came deep inside of me for a moment he stood still and said (auntie) you have a tremendous ass…Smack! Right on my ass.. Auntie norma: aaahh!!!yes do it again babe..Smack!…he started to move slowly then accelerated little by little After a while the pain went away and i began to enjoy his thrusts. Lifted my ass, escort tokat with broken back and head my hair hanging down my back to his chest.I bit my lip again..out of pleasure feeling his cock in my interior that seemed to cut me in two.He flexed his legs and fell hard on me, keeping my buttocks apart as much as he could with his hands. While doing so. He addresses me by saying: i want to open up that ass and you open your vagina. By then i caressed my clitoris and enjoyed more and more, my nephew penetrated me from behind until he managed to go all deep to the bottom and remove it completely and return it to me to put no effort. He had it increasingly hard.Nephew: yes.. yes..yes.. ahh auntie, move it like that…yes.. i want to see my cum come out of your redish ass and moist, you have your hole completely opened.Due to the extreme excitement i had at t hat moment, i touched it and was impressed by being so long.I put three fingers that entered in me effortlessly. Auntie Norma: oh jake your killing me,-Make me enjoy like nobody ‘I shouted.Suddenly, with a cry of pleasure, my nephew gave me thick flow of cum on my buttocks and back although some went off of side of me.I let his cock come out on its own. while it becomes flaccid in my anus,I liked to feel again that feeling in my anus.As I tured to face him…As then he started caress my breast with a profound kiss he said (nephew) you should see your ass.. Auntie norma: thank you, how sweet.I have no idea why i said that. He’s my husband. But all i could think of was his cock being inside of me.Auntie Norma:Honey, I want you to break my ass again.But now with more strength i commenced to direct his cock towards my anal gently and slowly, unti l his tip in me hole that i know that was about enter inside of me i was getting prepared scream again suddenly i felt it all in my vagina, my lips moving as fast as he could, while jake took me and as quickly as he pulled his cock from my ass was about to explode then i decided to open my legs i opend as much as i could as he took them with his hands still penetrated.Nephew: umph… this is marvalous.. Auntie Norma: Jake put it in!!!! fuck me!!!!!!… soon after that i asked him if he wanted a blowjob and he said yes..his cock erected again, my nephew was like a bull didn’t want to stop. I gave him a blowjob and he was so happy.To be continued….