Family Tickle


So, there I was, tied naked to the bed when my wife’s best friend walked in. She had come to visit us and at first, I thought that it would be a week without sex, but no. My always horny and extremely kinky wife, Melanie, decided to tie me to the bed and get our tickle supplies ready. At first, I thought she’d tickle me some, which always gets me hard, and give me a quick hand job while her friend, Patty slept. But then she got a phone call about work, she owns her own company and sometimes has to resolve issues that come up on the spot. Sometimes it’s a five-minute call, sometimes a two-hour call.

My wife is very pretty with long brown hair and an amazing body. Her breasts are on the heavy side and her areolas are big and have bumps on them. Her nipples are short but fat. By the way, my name is Jake. I’m pretty average, and I also have my own business, but mine is basically self -sufficient, so I don’t get phone calls at all hours of the day and night. I have brown hair also, with a touch of grey, that I keep short. We both work out and are in pretty good shape. My cock is about average I’d say, length wise, but it’s really thick. I had my pubic hair removed via laser, so it appears to be bigger. Melanie shaves hers and comes up with new designs all the time. I don’t mean just like the dollar sign or the Lexus logo, which she has done before, but now she does really intricate designs. Once she did Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Okay, all the dwarves looked alike, but still, I was impressed.

Anyway, she tickled me enough just to get me hard, when she got the phone call. She left the room to take the call in her home office and that’s when Patty came in.

“I thought I heard laughing, what’s going on?”

“Hey Patty, Melanie had to take a phone call. Can you give us a few minutes?”

Let me tell you about Patty. She’s my wife’s best friend, but she’s also a bitch. She’s mean and cruel and lies, cheats and steals. Needless to say, her and I don’t get along. She’s also overweight. The only thing men like about her are her huge boobs. She’s single, obviously, and doesn’t have any friends other than my wife. She really wants a husband and kids, but she’s a total mess. I’m not saying she’s hopeless, but she has a lot of work to do.

“Wow, Jake, if you wanted me to see your junk you could have just asked. You didn’t have to go to this extreme.”

“Melanie tied me up, you idiot,” I said. My cock was still rock hard and I could see Patty’s huge tits and hard nipples through her thin T-shirt.

“And what’s all this stuff?” she asked, pointing to the feathers, toothbrush and other items Melanie used to tickle me with.

“Nothing, now could you please leave?”

“What’s the fun in that?” she asked and poked me in the ribs.

I jumped back and yelped a laugh.

“Oh my God. She uses this stuff to tickle you.” Then without any warning, she started tickling my ribs.

I was laughing and bouncing around like crazy. My hard cock was flopping around as well.

“Oohh. Looks like someone does like to be tickled,” Patty said, as she checked the door to make sure Melanie wasn’t coming, then leaned down and licked the precum that had leaked out of the tip of my cock.

“Are your balls ticklish?” she asked, grabbing a feather and running it around my smooth balls.

“What if I suck your cock, while I tickle your balls? Would that get you off?”

“Patty, please. You have to stop,” I said, but it came out weak.

She looked behind her once again, then lifted up her shirt and flashed me her huge boobs.

“I know you’ve always wanted to see my big tits. Here you go, Jake.” Then she shoved her tits in my face.

Instinctively, I opened my mouth and started sucking on her big tits, while using my tongue to play with her long nipples.

“You should take off your pants and sit on his face. He’s really good at eating pussy,” Melanie said from the doorway.

“Shit. Look, Melanie, I. Um. Er…” Patty trailed off. For once her actions were going to get her in trouble. She’d been caught red handed. Finally! I thought. Justice. Maybe she’d dump this bitch and we wouldn’t have to see her again.

Then before I knew it, Patty was stripping off her pants and put her fat, hairy pussy on my face. “Lick me good, Jakey she said.

“Melanie, no,” I said, before my face was covered with her friend’s cunt.

“I can’t believe you,” Melanie said. “Look how hard your cock is, while my friend tickled you,” Melanie said, stroking my cock up and down. Then she said the words I didn’t want to hear. “Get him!”

Both women started tickling me like crazy. Melanie ticked my inner thighs and feet, while Patty tickled my ribs and armpits. They both also tickled my cock and balls.

“Let’s see if you can give me an orgasm before you have one,” Patty said, then swallowed my cock. Melanie used two electric toothbrushes to tickle my balls and asshole. She new this always got me off. For all her faults, Patty sure knew how to suck cock. I’m not saying she was Kartal Escort better then my wife, but she sure wasn’t worse. I could feel myself getting ready to explode. I wondered if Patty was a swallower or not. Then, just before I shot my load, Patty started screaming every filthy thing you’ve ever heard and her thighs squeezed my head like she was trying to crack a walnut. Soon she let loose and squirted all over my face.

“Don’t you dare stop, you mother fucker!” she shouted. “Keep licking. KEEP LICKING!”

I did as instructed as she shook and shuddered above me.

Meanwhile, she sucked all the cum I shot out of my cock. Swirling her tongue around the head, when she wasn’t screaming. After I had finished unloading inside her mouth, Patty turned to Melanie and gave her a French kiss. They swapped my cum until it was more or less shared equally divided between them then, looking into each other’s eyes, they swallowed.

“He’s really ticklish after he comes,” Melanie said.

“No!” I shouted. But to no avail. Both women started tickling me all over. My cock never went soft. In fact, it seemed to get harder. So hard it was painful.

“My turn” Melanie said and climbed on my face. Before I knew what was happening, Patty straddled me cock and I slid right into her, surprisingly tight pussy.

“Can he come in me or do I need to stop before?” Patty asked.

“Don’t worry, he’s been snipped,” Melanie said.

“Fill me up, big boy,” Patty said and both women laughed.

Both women still tickled me during the sex too. It was hard to concentrate, so I just gave up and let them do all the work.

“I think someone fell asleep,” Melanie said, giving me a poke in the ribs.

Oh, you want it? Fine let’s go! I thought. Then I went into overdrive. Soon Melanie was coming on my face, while Patty had an orgasm of her own. Her cunt tightened on my cock and soon I was shooting into her pussy like I had shot into her mouth. Then Patty sat on my wife’s face and Melanie licked the cum I had deposited into her out of her pussy. Then, continued licking until Patty had another orgasm. Both my wife and her best friend cleaned my cock for me. Then, using feathers, they tickled my balls, while licking up and down the shaft and around the head until I shot another load in the air, which they licked off my stomach and chest.

Then we all took a shower together. I took full advantage of washing Patty and Melanie’s boobs, ass and cunts. I fingered both women to an orgasm. Then Melanie tied my hands to the showerhead and she instructed Patty to hold my cock, while she tickled me.

“Trust me, you’ll understand in a few minutes,” Melanie said after seeing the confused look of Patty’s face. Then Melanie proceeded to tickled the piss out of me. Literally. Patty started laughing and weaving my cock all over the place.

“Oh my God it’s so powerful,” Patty said. Then she aimed my piss at Melanie’s twat. She pointed it at my wife’s hard clit. Melanie slid two fingers inside her and between my piss hitting her clit and her fingers, she had another orgasm.

Melanie made me bend over and licked my asshole, while Patty sucked my cock until I was hard again.

They kept that up until I was ready to come, then switched. They kept me on the edge. Then both women put soap on their hands and while Melanie fingered my asshole, Patty stroked my cock and balls. Just when I was about to come, they stopped.

“That’s what you get for getting hard while my friend tickled you,” Melanie said, as she and Patty stepped out of the shower.

I rinsed off and ran after them. I stood in front of Patty and stroked my cock. Both women frozen with this sudden turn of events. Soon, I unloaded my cum all over my wife’s best friend’s tits. When I was done, I wiped my cock all over Patty’s tits, then put it against her mouth. She naturally opened her mouth and sucked and licked my cock clean.

“That’s what you get for tickling me naked with your friend here in the first place,” I said.

“He has a point,” Patty said.

“Oh, shut up,” Melanie said to her friend. To me she said, “Don’t worry. Payback is a bitch.”

If I only knew what she had planned.

Six months later my uncle passed away. My father had been dead for a while now. We went home for the funeral. My three sisters were there too. Their husbands couldn’t make it. We all stayed in our old bedrooms we had as kids. My racecar bed had been replaced with a double. Just big enough for Melanie and myself. I was really close to my uncler and took his death very hard. My wife, mom and sisters kept trying to cheer me up, but nothing worked. Finally, my wife and mother went shopping and I was home alone with my three sisters they were all older than me.

Anna, my sister came to my room and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her and Kelly and Denise. I really didn’t but it sure beat staying in my room feeling sad. Anna is a bit on the heavy side. She had long, black hair and big boobs. I only point Tuzla Escort this out because your really can’t miss them. I am in no way attracted to my sister, but I guess she’d be pretty if she weren’t my sister. She was happily married with two kids back home.

We walked downstairs and I found Kelly, long, dyed blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was thinner than Anna, but she also had big boobs. That’s a theme that runs in our family. Trust me, I had enough of my friends coming over and asking if my sisters were home when I was growing up. Once my friend Dave and I accidently saw Kelly naked. She had gotten out of the shower and just walked to her room naked. We were in my room, ready to go outside and play basketball. My door was open, but she didn’t see us. We both held our breath and didn’t make any noise. We just enjoyed the view. But I was a horny teenager back then and obviously don’t feel that way now. Kelly too is married but doesn’t have any kids.

Denise was there on the couch with Kelly. Denise had long brown hair with streaks of blonde in it. She’s sort of between Denise and Anna in the weight department. She has medium boobs and pretty brown eyes. She is single.

We watched a couple of movies. They had put in comedies and were laughing and telling stories about our uncle. I went to the bathroom and came back down. I’d watch one more movie, then I was done. I didn’t feel any better.

“Come on Jake. It’s not that bad,” Anna said, poking me in the ribs.

“Ha! Don’t, I scolded.

“Or what?” She asked, poking me some more.

“Anna, I mean it stop!” I said laughing.

Kelly and Denise soon joined in and all three were tickling me. Pretty soon my shirt was off and I was on the floor while Anna held my arms over my head and Kelly and Denise sat on my legs and crotch and tickled me. Someone was trying to pull my pants off when suddenly, the door opened and my mom, Fay and Melanie walked in.

“What’s going on?” My mom demanded. I took advantage of this break to get up.

“They were tickling me,” I said.

“We were just trying to cheer him up,” Anna said.

“Leave your brother alone,” Mom said.

“I’m going to bed. It’s been a long day,” I said and went up to my room.

“I’ll go talk to him,” Melanie said. “He just needs time.”

She tried talking to me, but I simply ignored her and went to sleep.

I woke up and went to the bathroom. Then, still not feeling very social, went back to sleep. Melanie must have gotten up because she was gone when I got up to use the restroom. When I woke up again, I couldn’t move. Someone was tickling my foot. I opened my eyes and looked to see Melanie using an ostrich feather between my toes. I burst out laughing.

“Come on Mel, stop,” I said.

“I know you’re sad about your uncle, but laughter is the best medicine,” she said and grabbed another feather and started tickling both feet. By now I was laughing so loud I knew the rest of the family would hear, if they were home.

It didn’t take long. Anna popped her head in the door and saw what was going on. “Need any help?” she asked hopefully.

“No, I don’t need any, but you’re welcome to join me,” Melanie said, handing her a feather.

Anna went to work on one foot, while, Melanie tickled the other one.

“This is a great tool because you can use the pointy end to write or draw on his feet also,” Melanie said.

“Oh, cool,” Anna said. “Jake, guess what I’m writing,” Anna said. Then proceeded to write her name on my foot.

“Anna,” I said. “Very clever.”

“You don’t have to be a jerk,” she said, then scratched my foot with the pointy end of the feather really hard. This caused me to laugh even harder.

“What’s all the noise about?” Kelly asked. Then when she saw what was going on, she said. “Oh my God. Hey, Ya’ll. Come check this out. Soon Denise and my mom joined us.

“His armpits are super ticklish too,” Melanie informed them.

“No!” I shouted, but to no avail.

Anna and Kelly went to the top of the bed and each knelt down and tickled my armpits. Denise and my mom each tickled a foot, while Melanie straddle my middle and tickled my stomach.

“We need a bigger bed,” Anna said. “This is killing my knees”

Before I knew it, I was untied and then carried by my mom, sisters and wife into my mom’s bedroom and secured to her bed. The only thing I had on were my boxer/briefs. I wasn’t hard but I knew it would be long if they kept tickling me.

Melanie had moved to the top of the bed and sat on the pillows and was tickling my armpits. “His inner thighs are a good spot too,” she informed the others. Anna and Kelly didn’t waste time. My mom and Denise were tickling my ribs and stomach.

Suddenly, Anna screamed, “Oh my God are you getting hard?” I looked down, as did everyone else, and sure enough, I had a raging hardon.

“Let’s find out,” Melanie said. Before anyone could do or say anything, she grabbed some scissors, she must have brough from our room and Anadolu Yakası Escort quickly cut off my underwear.

“So, being tickled by your mom and sisters turns you on huh?” Melanie said, stroking my cock.

“Mel, please,” I said.

“Keep tickling him. It really gets him excited,” Melanie said. My mom and sisters went back to tickling me, but they were all staring at my cock. She kept stroking my cock, with a look of pure evil on her face.

“Mel, stop or I’m gonna…” I trailed off, not wanting to say it in front of my family.

“Or you’re gonna come?” she asked.

Then she started chanting, “Come! Come! Come!” Soon the others joined her.

There I was being tickled by my sisters and mother while my wife stroked my cock with all of them chanting for me to come. It didn’t take long.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted and shot a huge load in the air, while my mom and sisters watched. When I was done, Melanie asked, “Who wants to help me clean him up?” Then she bent down and started licking the cum off my body. Anna, of course, was the first. The others soon joined in. All except my mom. Looking me right in the eye, she took my cock in her mouth. Then, she licked all around the head with her fat tongue. My sisters saw this and were floored. Not to be outdone, the all took a turn on my cock.

While my sister and mom were sucking and licking my cock, Melanie had gotten undressed.

“He’s really good at eating pussy. Just ask my friend Patty,”

“Seriously, Mel?” I asked.

“Told you I’d pay you back,” she said and smiled that evil smile again.

“Your friends are one thing, my family is another,” I said.

“Tell that to your cock,” Melanie said, stroking my still hard cock. Soon my mom and sisters were all naked and of course, Anna was the first to sit on my face. It wasn’t long before I brought Anna to her first orgasm. Next up was Kelly. While I licked my sister’s pussies, the others tickled me. Using feathers and electric toothbrushes and whatever else they could find. Someone was always touching, tickling, licking or sucking on my cock. Amma’s pussy hair was trimmed, while Kelly’s was shaved. I brought Kelly off pretty quickly too. I guess my sisters were just as horny as I was.

Denise had a hairy pussy. Having been experienced with Patty’s hairy cunt, I wasn’t as shocked. And I kind of liked the taste. I soon found her clit and went to town on it with my tongue. She too had an intense orgasm. Mom was the last one. While I was eating out my mom’s pussy, Anna climbed on my cock and went for a ride. Before I knew it, I shot off in my sister’s pussy. Everyone knew I had gotten a vasectomy, so there wasn’t any risk of a pregnancy. Anna hopped off and before Denise could climb on, my mom leaned down and tasted our combined juices on my cock. I almost shot off again. Soon my mother started moaning and tightened her thighs around my head and had an intense orgasm.

I fucked Denise while Kelly sat on my face again. They both got off quickly. Then, my sisters and mother made me lick and suck on their tits, while the others tickled me. If I didn’t do a good job, I’d be punished with more tickling.

Then I had to eat my wife’s pussy while fucking my mom. I had to make both of them come before I had my own orgasm. My sisters were tickling my balls and thighs, so I just managed to make it. First Melanie came. She must have been super horny watching me fuck and suck my sisters and mom. Then, I felt Mom’s pussy tighten on my hard cock. Her slick pussy gliding over the sensitive head triggered my own orgasm. As her juice was running down my cock, I shot my load deep inside her. While Melanie licked the come from my mother’s cunt, my sisters licked and sucked my cock clean.

“Need to pee?” Melanie asked.

“Desperately,” I said.

Then she turned to my family and asked, “Ever watch a guy pee?”

“Eww, gross,” Kelly said.

“Trust me, you’ll like it,” Melanie said.

Somehow, we were all able to fit inside my mother’s shower. Melanie instructed my sisters to tickle me, while she held my cock. It didn’t take long for a huge stream of piss to flow from my cock. My cock was then passed from sister to sister and eventually to my mother. Then I was thoroughly washed and everyone gave my cock a taste test to make sure it was clean.

Once again, I got to lather up huge boobs, only this time they belonged to my sisters and mother. Melanie then made me lick their assholes while I fingered them all to orgasm. None of them had ever had their assholes licked, or so they claimed. Anna was pretty freaky, so I think she was lying. Melanie had them all lick my asshole and stroke my cock, but not let me come. Finally, Melanie had them all kneel before me while she stroked my cock, making sure to rub the head on all of their nipples before I shot off. She directed the cum to each of their boobs, while they proceeded to lick off each other. They all had to “clean” my cock again for me. When my cock was in my mom’s mouth it started to get hard again.

“You really are a pervert, aren’t you?” my mother asked.

“Get him!” Melanie shouted. Soon, my three sisters, my mother and wife started tickling me again. I ran to the living room, where they caught me. They held me down and tickled me. My cock grew hard again.