Ex girlfriend and her roommates watching

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Ex girlfriend and her roommates watchingThis is round 3 of a set of true stories from my ex girlfriend from college. Please read the first two of my stories before this one. I hope you like this one. This story is about 6 months after the last one ended. Dana had fully become my sexual dominatrix. She controlled all of our sexual activities and I loved that about her. I loved satisfying her and she she loved to be satisfied. This story starts at a house party she was having with her 2 roommates. There were probably 30-40 people at the party and we were all having a great night. It was a typical college party with tons of beer and crappy alcohol. We were all getting really fucked up playing drinking games and everyone was getting loosened up. As the party was ending and people were making their way home, there ended up being just me, Dana, and her 2 roommates. Dana loved to sit on my lap in group settings and not so subtly rub my cock. We were playing a game of Bullshit and she was Rubbing my cock over my jeans. I always went for it. I loved how sexual she was and how open she was about it. Her roommates saw what was going on but we didn’t care. Finally Dana’s roommate Maria said to her, if you’re going to rub his cock at least let us see it. The other 3 of us looked in shock at her comment. She just giggled and laughed it off. Her roommate Kristi looked like she wanted to see my cock too but was a very shy girl. Her face got beat red and she had a massive smile on her face. I knew I was not the one that was going to make this decision. Dana was the keeper of my cock. Dana responded, “If you want it out it’s going to be out when I’m playing with it then” as she laughed. I could feel my heart racing. I always had a hidden crush on her roommate Kristi. I wouldn’t act on it since I was with Dana l, but now I was going to have my cock out in front of her. My cock is not small, and I’m actually quite proud of it so I wasn’t worried about being embarrassed about the size. I was more worried about what Dana was going to have me do in front of them. Before now, we kept her control of me and my cock a secret. No one knew she was my sexual mistress that made me eat my cum out of her pussy if I came before her. They didn’t know that she had a set of increasingly large strap on dildos that in the last couple months she would fuck me with whenever she wanted to show her control over me. These sessions were increasingly my favorite ones because I was completely under her control. She would tie me up onto the bed face down using Velcro straps that went under the mattress with my legs on the floor, completely exposing my ass to her. She would kneel behind me and fuck my ass while reaching around and giving me a handjob. She had a very small anal plug that she would put in when she was done fucking my ass. Those were the nights I looked forward to. Anyways back to the game, Maria said excitedly, if you guys will pull it out, I’ll watch you make him cum. Kristi replied that this was crazy, but with a face that was so excited it looked like she had just been served a plate of food after not eating for a week. Dana grabbed my face and gave me a deep kiss and said, “take off your pants for them!” My heart was pumping konak escort so hard I thought it was going to beat out of my chest. Dana stood up and moved to the chair next to me. Without saying a word, I kicked off my shoes and pulled my jeans completely off. I was wearing boxer briefs and my hard cock from Dana rubbing it for 15 minutes was pressing out like an erected tent. I sat back down and Dana reached over to my lap. Kristi and Maria were staring intently at my cock under the boxer briefs. Dana reached through the hole in the front and maneuvered my cock out of it. Kristi let out a , “HOLY FUCK!”, which made everyone laugh out loud. Dana said, alright back to the game. I was so used to being naked in front of Dana, but I couldn’t believe I was naked in front of her roommates. I was sitting back as she was stroking my cock trying to do everything I could to not let myself get too excited. I was terrified that if I came while we were sitting here that Dana would make me eat my cum in front of Kristi and Maria. Dana slid my balls out of the hole as well and started to play with them. All the while she was acting like this was totally normal and she didn’t give a fuck that her roommates were watching her stroke my cock and balls. Honestly I was too drunk to really care now that it was happening. Dana was wearing a black miniskirt and I knew she was wearing my favorite pink lace thong that had probably enough fabric to cover a quarter. Without hesitation I reached my right hand over and slid it between her legs. Maria said, “You guys are fucking crazy and I love it.” I smiled a huge smile and asked Dana if I could touch her. Dana looked at Maria and Kristi and asked if they wanted to watch. Kristi shouted immediately, “Fuck yes. If you will let me I’ll watch”. This was crazy because she was normally this very reserved shy girl. But now I could see that she had this sexual side that was begging to be let out. Maria looked just as excited. Dana looked at me and said go ahead. I reached out and slid my hand into Dana’s skirt and felt the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt. I could tell that this was exciting her so much. It felt like she was sitting in a pool of pussy juices. My fingers easily slipped around her pink panties and into her waiting pussy. Kristi was so excited to watch. She had that Christmas morning excitement look on her face. Dana laid back spread her legs wider exposing her dripping panties to us all. My cock was bursting out of my boxer briefs and throbbing. I leaned in and started fingering Dana deep. She slid her open hand to my mouth and told me to lick her hand. I did as I was told hand she then moved it to the tip of my cock. My entire cock jumped when she grabbed on tight and a shiver went through me. Dana then told me to get naked. I did as I was told and took off my shirt and boxers. I was standing naked in front of all 3 of them. Dana pulled me down on top of her lap backwards so my cock was sprung up and exposed to Kristi and Maria. They were both squirming and in my head I was hoping their pussies we’re getting wet. Dana spent the next few minutes jacking me off in front of them. She told me not to cum until I was allowed to cum. Maria said, konak escort bayan “good luck with that!” I then asked Dana if she wanted to fuck in front of them. She said, not yet. You need to show them how good you are at licking me. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the sexual tension in the room, but I did not have a care in the world that Maria and Kristi were watching us. It actually turned me on more. I got on my knees in front of Dana and helped her take off her skirt and thong. I could tell my ass was exposed to Kristi as she was on the opposite side of the mini table where we were initially playing cards. I leaned in and buried my tongue deep into Dana’s flowing pussy. She tasted heavenly. I lapped up her soaked pussy and slid my tongue across her clit. Out of nowhere I got a huge slap on my ass. It was a big shock because I knew it couldn’t have come from Dana. I flipped around and Kristi was biting her lip and holy shit, she as rubbing her pussy through her black yoga pants. Now this damn near made me shoot my load and ruin the night for me. What was happening? Dana looked at her and said, “whoa, he’s for me”. Kristi looked at her with pure embarrassment, but then Dana said,” but you can help us”. What?!?! What did that mean? My mind was racing. What did Dana mean by this? Maria was still just staring in amazement at what was happening in their living room. She was not taking her eyes off of Dana and I. She was still drinking her beer and I could tell she was turned on because she was breathing hard and kept gyrating her hips as if she was fucking a dildo. I then found out what Dana meant by Letting Kristi help us. She told Kristi that whatever she told me to do to Dana I had to do it. My mind started to race as to what she was going to have me do. Dana then told her that nothing was off limits. Absolutely nothing. Dana told me to keep eating her pussy as Kristi would decide what we did next. Kristi was studdering and asking Dana what she wanted to do. Dana said That I would do anything, from eating her ass, to fucking her, to getting a blowjob, or anything else that Kristi wanted me to do. Kristi said that she wanted to see me fuck Dana with Dana reverse cowgirl. I knew she was reserved so I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t suggest me getting fucked by Dana. Dana pushed me on my back and straddled me. My cock was guided into her dripping pussy and it felt amazing. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. She had been playing with my cock for about 45 minutes now and this was all so exciting. Dana was the Queen of sliding her pussy from the base of my cock all the way to the top so I came out of her but just barely, then she could slam her hips hard down and my cock would slide all the way back in. The front tip of my cock would be fully stimulated at all times making it so hard not to cum. Dana then pulled off my cock and slid her pussy onto my face. She grinned her hips and slid her soaked pussy onto my mouth and face. One hand was bracing herself and he other was sliding up and down my cock at a ferocious pace. I was so close to cumming. I moved my tongue as fast as I could to ensure Dana was going to cum fast. My hands grabbed her hips tight and I escort konak pulled her onto me hard with her clit against my mouth. I heard Maria say that she wanted to see us cum. I knew how to make Dana cum fast. Sucking her clit into my mouth and darting the tip of my tongue across it was sure to make her cum almost immediately. I did the and within 10 second Dana was screaming in exctasy. I could feel her pussy pulsating onto my face and she was grinding her hips hard onto my face. She was squeezing her hips tight. She then collapsed off of me and I looked up at Kristi who had her hand inside her yoga pants. I could tell she was fingering herself. She then let out a yelp when she saw I was looking at her and she ripped her hand out of her pants. She looked so embarrassed. I said, “don’t stop because of me. That’s hot as fuck”. My cock was begging to be released. At this point Dana said that I could cum. She asked Maria and Kristi how they wanted me to cum and where I should cum. Maria said Dana should suck my cock then let me shoot my cum on my chest. Kristi just said she wanted to see me cum. Dana had other plans. She told me to sit in the chair and spread my legs. I knew what was coming. Dana knealted in front of me and stuck her finger in her dripping pussy. She then took my cock in her mouth and slid her wet finger into my ass. This damn near made me cum immediately. Kristi shouted out, “holy shit are you fucking him?” She then asked if I liked it and I responded it was amazing and I will never cum harder than when she is fucking my ass. Dana rolled her tongue around the tip of my cock and I asked her if I could cum. She told me me yes but to let her know when so the others could watch. About 30 seconds later I told them I was going to cum and Dana told me to lay down and jack off. When I got on my back, she positioned me so she could finger my ass again. I laid back and stared to stroke faster and I could feel Dana’s finger pressing hard on my prostate. As I reached the point that I was about to cum, Dana said she felt my prostate get hard and she vigorously started rubbing on it through my asshole. I started to spurt cum so hard it shot my face and down my neck then across my chest. I hadn’t cum this hard in a very long time. The cum just kept spurting as Dana fucked my ass and pressed my prostate. I was writhing in post cum sensitivity as the final bursts of cum dropped from my cock. Kristi then said, “This was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Look at all of that cum. Holy shit!” Dana then moved up and licked the cum that landed on my face and then passionately kissed me. Maria gasped at the sight of this but I didn’t give a shit. I laid there as the cum started to drip off of me and I recovered my breath. Dana had her head on my shoulder and we were looking at Kristi who had moved her hand back into her pants and I could tell was about to cum. She then had her eyes closed as she was arching her back on the couch and holding her breathe. She let out a shriek and a loud moan as she gyrated her hips and came for us. I could not believe what we had just done. Kristi then asked if we could do this again sometime, to which Dana responded that we could do this whenever she wanted. I grabbed my clothes and wiped the cum off of me. It was an unreal night and I could not believe what I had experienced. Let me know if you want more experiences from Dana and I. Like I’ve said in other stories, there are more stories to tell if people want to hear about them.