Everybody Loves Debra – DUI

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Everybody Loves Debra – DUIFor those of you who are fans of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, I have re-written the episode where Debra gets arrested for drink driving.Debra is throwing a wedding shower for Amy at Amy’s apartment. Debra has done all the planning, food preparations and shower games. But Marie is not content to just sit back and watch. So she shows up with her own food and starts pushing it off on Debra’s guests. Debra tries to take it all in stride. Then Marie starts criticizing the flow of the shower and says there is a lull. Debra finally has enough and snaps at Marie. Marie acts offended and very loudly says goodbye to all the guests, and leaves in a huff. Debra, who just picked up 2 drinks for her and Amy, quickly downs both drinks.After the shower Debra is sitting in her car. She calls Ray on her cell phone and tells the answering machine she has had too much to drink and to come pick her up as soon as he gets the message. Whilst waiting for Ray to come pick her up, Debra falls asleep with the engine running, listening to the radio and is awoken up by a police officer tapping on her car window.Debra is taken to the jail house for driving under the influence. She tries to act like its no big deal, but her voice keeps quivering. She keeps telling them they have made a mistake; that she never drove…”How can there be a DUI if there is no ‘D’!, well, see if I care. I have 3 k**s at home so I’m just glad to be out of the house”.Debra had all but given up hope when Lt Robert Barone, her brother in-law strolled past her cell,“Oh Robert, you have to help me, I’ve been arrested for drink driving even though I wasn’t actually driving and I don’t want Ray or your parents to find out about this, especially Marie!!!”Robert had always had a thing for Debra and she was just one manisa escort of the many reasons he was so insanely jealous of his brother Ray. He saw this as an opportunity to get one over on his brother and assured Debra that he would sort everything and went to find the arresting officer.Robert later returned and to Debra’s relief he unlocked her cell, then led her down the hall until they came to an interview room, which they went inside.“Debs, I need you to remove your clothes.”“No… I’m not undressing for you.”“Unless you want the family to find out about you being arrested I suggest you get undressed.”Debra thought for a few seconds then bent down and pulled her shoes off. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She slid the blouse from her body and laid it on top of shoes. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. As she removed the bra, she felt the cool air hit her nipples. Her body reacted and her nipples grew hard. She placed the bra on her pile of clothes. Her hands reached behind her back and unclasped her skirt. She lowered the zipper and the skirt fell to the floor bunched around her feet. It was at this point that Robert realized that Debra wasn’t wearing any panties. She stepped out of the skirt and added it to the pile. She stood there for a second, naked and scared.She wasn’t sure what Robert had in mind for her – but she could only imagine the worse. Debra stood in the middle of the room awaiting her next instruction,“Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs.”As Debra complied, Robert had an unobstructed view of her cunt, he circled her body, his eyes gazed at the soft roundness of her ass cheeks. Debra closed her eyes, she wanted this humiliation to end but she knew that this was only the beginning. Robert stepped behind Debra. escort manisa She felt his hands caress her ass cheeks. He spread her ass cheeks and pressed a finger against her tight puckered hole.He slipped his finger past the tight opening and Debra squirmed. She felt Robert’s finger work its way deeper and deeper into her ass.“No. Please, no more. It hurts. Do not this to me. Please. Stop. Oh, please stop.”Tears began to form in Debra’s eyes as the finger worked its way into her tight asshole. She only felt him stop when she felt his knuckles against the soft flesh of her ass.Robert quickly pulled his finger out of her ass which caused Debra even more pain. He slid his hands up her waist and reached around her body to caress her tits. His hands cupped her breasts as his fingers tweaked her erect nipples. Tears continued to flow down Debra’s cheeks.“Now these must be at least a 36C. Am I right?”Debra stood there silently resigned to her fate. She refused to speak.“I said are they a 36C? Tell me now.”“Yes, they 36C.”His hands then slid down her naked stomach and stopped at the top of her thighs. Seconds passed like an eternity as she waited for his fingers to invade her cunt. She knew that this was coming but the wait made it worse. Suddenly, he removed his hands from her body. She did not know why but she let out a sigh of relief.Robert removed his nightstick and after placing it on the nape of her neck, forced her to bend forward. He removed the stick from her neck and replaced it in the sheath. “If you thought that that was hard, wait until you feel what comes next.” She heard a zipper open and his pants fall to the floor. She now realized what he was going to do. She could scream at him but she knew that would do little to stop the inevitable. She closed manisa escort bayan her eyes and prayed that it would be quick. The way she was positioned, he had free access to her cunt and her ass. Suddenly, she felt his cock banging against the folds of her cunt.“Reach behind you and guide it in.”The tears continued to flow down Debra’s cheeks. Debra’s hands slowly reached between her legs and guided the cock to her cunt. With one hand around the shaft of his cock and her other hand spreading the lips of her cunt, she was able to guide his cockhead past the folds of her cunt. Robert grabbed Debra’s hips and slammed his cock deeper into her love canal. Debra felt the cockhead slip deeper into her wet steaming cunt. After two strokes, he buried his cock deep into Debra’s womb. She felt his balls banging against her thighs with each ensuing stroke. Robert bent forward and kneaded both of her hanging tits. His cock was so wide that with each stroke it would rub against her clit. The friction of the cock rubbing against her clit sent uncontrollable waves of passion through her body.Debra could feel her pussy juice dripping down her thighs each time he pulled his cock back. It was soon followed by a squishing sound as he rammed his cock deeper into her body than any man had before. She knew her nipples had become hard as her body responded to this man’s fucking. Soon, her eyes were closing and she was letting out soft moans with each stroke. Debra started to scream for Robert to fuck her harder.“Oh, ….Robert… fuck… me…. don’t… stop…… ooooohhhhhhh……. Push in deeper….. ooohhhh please………….fuck me!”Robert grab Debra’s hips and slam his cock deep inside her. His head fell backwards and let out a moan. Debra’s eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open as Robert shot load after load of his seed deep in her womb. Robert slipped his cock from the confines of Debra’s cunt. It glistened from the coating of her love juice. He began to get dressed, told Debra she was off the hook and that she was free to go.