Escalation Pt 1

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Escalation Pt 1This story starts off as a true experience but then twists off into what I have fantasized about happening.A little back story: S and I had been friends for 6 or 7 years and he had actually introduced me to my wife when he was dating her sister. S and I had never had any type of experiences together, but one time when I saw him get out of the shower I was really turned on by his semi hard cock. S was about 5’6″, in great shape and good looking. I had fooled around with a couple of friends growing up but only participated so that I would get something in return not because I had any interest in touching or sucking another guy’s cock.T and I had been married for about 2 years and had really pushed each other’s sexual boundaries. We often played a game we called escalation where we would bargain with each other for sexual favors. It was usually pretty tame… “I want a blowjob”, “I’ll blow you if you eat my pussy” kind of thing. Over time it progressed until one night it built up to the point where she said she wanted me to eat my cum from her pussy. I challenged back with how much I wanted to fuck her in the ass and she countered with, “I’ll let you fuck my ass if you eat your cum out of my pussy and I can fuck your ass with my vibrator.” I wanted to fuck her ass so bad that I, almost eagerly, agreed. I have to admit that on my hands and knees with her fucking my ass with a small vibrator of hers is still one of the strongest and most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. One night the game took a zonguldak escort new direction.So one night the we were her and I were at his place. The 3 of us had been drinking and of course the conversation turned to sex. All of us were very flirty and obviously horny. My wife had huge tits, and eventually S got bold while we were talking about them and said “I want to see them.” She said she would show them to him if he showed her his cock. I was shocked that I wasn’t shocked and I felt an immediate swelling in my pants. He said “That’s not fair. Showing your tits isn’t the same.” I chimed in ” He’s right. If he’s going to show you his cock you should show him your pussy.” My dick got harder. We went back and forth for a few minutes and somehow ended up agreeing that we’d put in a porn and all get naked. I watched his mouth water as she slowly took off her top and jeans. Standing in front of him and me in a lacy, matching thong and bra set. Her nipples were rock hard and pushing through the material. She stopped and looked S in the eyes. You want to see more? Show me something. As he stood up I could see his cock straining against the front of his jeans. He took off his shirt showing off his broad, muscular shoulders. Her eyes, and I have to admit mine too, were glued to the bulge in his jeans. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He was wearing a pair of briefs that were straining to contain his swollen cock. He stopped and looked at me. “What about you?” I looked at T “Come zonguldak escort bayan over here and take my pants off.” ” I’ll take your pants off if S will take my bra off.” As she slinked over to me I watched S get behind her and start to unhook her bra. It was incredibly hot. I stopped her. “S will take off your bra if he can take off your panties. She looked over her shoulder at S, who’s eyes were already glazed over with lust and desire. He hadn’t quite caught onto the game yet, but would soon. S unhooked her bra, her huge tits bounced out… she bent over, her ass up in the air toward him, she writhed back and forth as she stripped me. My cock was swollen and jumped out, already leaking precum as she pulled down my underwear. S slid her panties down exposing her dripping wet, swollen pussy. A wet spot started showing on the front of his bulging briefs. I looked over her at S “She said you had to show her your cock”. T turned around, and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her next to me on the couch both of us watching S. He boldly stood tall and pulled his briefs past bis bulging cock. It jumped out and bounced. His cock had a strong curve to the right, was cut and about 6 inches long and 4 or 5 inches around. It was a great looking cock. Nice coloring, fairly veiny, and had a thick glob of precum hanging from the head. He sat on the couch next to T and hit play on the porno. The Devil In Miss Jones III. Still one of my favorite porns! As the 3 of us sat there, sipping whiskey escort zonguldak and watching scenes of gangbangs, DP, ass fucking noticed that at some point all 3 of us had started rubbing ourselves. Watching Lois Ayers getting fucked while a thick creamy load was shot on her face was pushing me over the edge. I grabbed T’s hand, pulled it away from her pussy and wrapped it around my hard on. I leaned over to her ear “Stroke S’ cock.” She looked at S “You want me to stroke your cock?” “B wants me to.” “Fuck yes” he said. “How badly do you want me to?” “More than anything.” At that moment she shocked us both. “I’ll suck your cock if you and B will stroke each other.” If I hadn’t already been willing to do that, hearing her say that would have made me willing. I chimed in “If we’re going to stroke each other’s cocks I want you to get in front of us and suck both of our cocks.” She gave me a wicked grin, slid down from the couch and told us to sit closer. Then she directed us on stroking each other. I hadn’t felt another cock since I was battling puberty. It felt amazing. He was smaller than me, but still a good size, and the way it curved toward me made my hand move smoothly up and down it. As I stroked it a huge amount of precum oozed out. I ran my finger along his shaft and collected it. “Open your mouth” I said to T. She leaned over and sucked his precum from my finger. Watching my wife do that made my cock throb! She looked at me. “want to watch me suck his cock?” “Fuck yes!” Then she leaned forward and took his entire length into her mouth and down her throat. S really started working his hand up and down my shaft as she went up and down his. She took it out of her mouth and swallowed mine with more difficulty and a lot more noise. She kept going from cock to cock.