Erotic Pleasures

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Brenda could feel the warm summer sun on her as she walked through the meadow towards the top of the hill. Her long dark skirt flowing in the lightly blowing wind as her hair danced with the invisible force. She carried a basket of tasty sandwiches, fruit and a cold bottle of wine.

In the distance she could see him already waiting under the tree with a bag next to him. He had spread a blanket on the ground sitting upright holding his knees. Jack was wearing his usual tee shirt and shorts, to his side a duffle bag. His smile invited her to come quickly. The sun in the azure sky sparkled in his eyes.

Brenda had always admired Jack’s fine physique. He was quite tall with an athletically fit build. His short dark hair was always well kept and complemented his tanned skin. Her excitement was building in her as she approached the picnic site not knowing what he had ultimately planned for their rendezvous.

As she neared the blanket, she saw that there was a rubber mallet lying near his bag. She wondered why he had brought that, but then realized that there were stakes driven into the ground at the corners of the blanket. ‘Gosh, he thought of everything’ she thought to herself.

“Hi Jack.” She said in a giddy little schoolgirl voice while offering a feeble little wave.

“Hi Barb, you finally made it huh?” he responded.

“Yeah, I forgot how far of a walk it was to get here from the road. It’s been a long time since we were last here. How many years has it been now?” she asked through her labored breathing.

“Well, we graduated 10 years ago, so I’d say that makes about 10 years too long.” He said coolly with his perfect smile shining at her in the way that she remembered when they had attended high school together. She remembered that his glorious smile would make her melt inside and her knees get weak. She flashed him a big smile accompanied by a wink as she sat down setting her basket between them.

“Ten years too long? She questioned.

“Well, if you would have agreed to go out with me, all this time apart never would have occurred.” Jack stated in a sarcastic sounding voice as he leaned closer to her.

“You know, Jack, if I didn’t have to study so much then and if my parents would have let me have more freedom, then maybe…..just maybe…..I would have spent some time with you.” Brenda said as she whisked away the windblown hair in her face.

“I do remember when our class came up here to check out this old tree and tested the soil. You were clowning around in the tree and an apple spontaneously fell down and hit you right in the head!” She giggled at the picture that she imagined her mind.

“But Barbara, you do realize,” Jack quickly started, ” I did it all for you. Just to see you smile.”

Boy he is smooth she thought as she looked over his muscles gleaming in the rays of the sun. Her thoughts began roving in her head about what could be in store. She was comfortable with the thought of agreeing to meet him here. Brenda had longed to be with Jack since they were in high school.

Jack reached in the basket and took out the bottle of wine that had already been chilled. He popped the top and poured them each a glass. He held his glass up high to say a toast. “To High School reunions and the new beginnings formed from them!”

Brenda smiled and held her glass up to his lightly clinking them together. “Here, here” she said in agreement. She removed the sandwiches and offered one to Jack. He took it and ate it quickly. Just looking at Brenda was getting him excited for dessert. She looked delicious to him. He wanted to lay her down and have her for lunch. As she was finishing her tasty morsel, he was offering her a refill on wine.

“Why thank you Jack. If I didn’t know better, I would say that you were trying to get me to relax.” She said with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Now Brenda, Sakarya Escort you must know how deeply attracted I am to you. I have longed to be alone with you and have my way with you.” Jack professed.

“Have your way with me?” she asked with a welcoming smile.

“Well, you have made me wait for so many years before agreeing to see me. That’s a long time built up. I can’t help but notice how beautiful you are and my body can’t help but react to it.” Jack spoke with anticipation feeling his cock beginning to twitch. He was just waiting for the right moment to make his move.

“Jack, I must admit that I find you exceptionally handsome. I have even had some very wild fantasies about you.” Brenda confessed.

“Really?” Jack questioned wanting to know more.

“Yeah, I have always wondered what it would be like to have sex with you. To have you just take control and have your way with me and ravish my body.” She continued to the surprise of Jack’s attentive ears while finishing her glass of wine.

“Oh Brenda, you have no idea how badly I want you. I want you now.” Jack stated as he reached over and kissed her firmly on the lips. She responded with the moving of her tongue to meet his mouth. She lay back on the blanket and he hovered over her kissing her passionately. Brenda wrapped her arms around his back tightly. She wanted to get him as close to her as she could. She felt his hardening cock press against her thigh through his shorts.

“Hey Brenda do you trust me?” Jack asked her breaking away from her moist lips.

“Yes, of course I do Jack. Why?” She responded to him.

“Close your eyes.” He directed her. He moved and rummaged through his duffle bag. She then felt a soft cloth cover her eyes. He then gently lifted her head and tied it behind her head.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

“You will see. I have a few things planned for us today. Just trust me. I will not hurt you.” Jack reassured her. “I only want to bring you pleasure like you have never experienced before.”

He then took her hand and pulled it. She could feel rope being wrapped around her wrist. She felt him tugging and tying the other end. She wasn’t sure what he was harnessing it too, but then she remembered the stakes in the corners of the blanket. He fastened her other wrist as well.

Jack finally had Brenda right where he wanted her. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing her flesh. He was delighted to find that she was not wearing a bra. He opened her top wide for his viewing pleasure. Jack stared at her small white breast. The dark areolas stood at attention as if to salute him. His fingers lightly grazed over her nipples. Unable to resist the temptation of them, Jack bent over and began to suckle on them one at a time.

Jack reached for the bottle of wine that was nearly empty and poured the remnants over her chest. Brenda began to move slightly in the increasing pleasure. Without hesitation Jack began to lick the tasty drink from her sexy body. Brenda began to sigh lightly as she enjoyed his expertise. His tongue licked all over her chest and down her sides towards the blanket. Sucking and consuming every last drop, he could feel the hardness in his shorts begin to pulse. When he approached the top of her skirt, he stopped. His hands reached around the elasticized material and pulled it down. Brenda lifted her ass to assist him in the removal of her skirt.

Brenda was tied to the ground outside totally exposed but yet feelings of excitement reeled inside her. Oh how she wanted to feel his cock penetrate her and bring her to orgasm. She was imagining Jack with his handsome face over looking hers longing to kiss him.

She felt his lips kissing her belly making their way down. He found her clit and flicked it with his tongue forcing a moan to escape Brenda’s mouth. He closed his mouth around her clit and sucked Sakarya Escort Bayan it with gentleness. Jack took his finger and brought it to her wanting cunt and plunged it deep into her.

“Oh Jack, that feels so good. If I only had known what a connoisseur you are, I would have let you do this to me years ago. Ooohhh.” She spoke to him as he was gratifying her. Hearing her words of satisfaction made him want her more. He dove his tongue deeply in her opening keeping his finger moving rhythmically. Moving his wet finger out and down towards the rim of her asshole. He gently massaged her anal opening before inserting his pointer finger inside the nice tight hole.

Brenda was beginning to feel tingles within her that she had never felt before. She longed to free her hands and grab his head and push his face tightly against her hot cunt. Her body began to get tense. The animal reflexes that she was experiencing amazed her. She was normally such a passive lover, allowing her man to fuck her without much experimentation. Now that she was tied and helpless to respond, she felt such power building up inside wanting to escape in ways that surprised even her.

“Do you like how this feels?” Jack asked yearning to hear how much she was enjoying his manipulations.

“Oh yes Jack. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. It feels so good. I want you to bury your face deep within me and taste me cum.” Brenda responded in between her deepening breaths startling herself at the words that came out.

That was all that Jack needed to hear. Knowing he was pleasing her turned him on so much. He licked and sucked at her clit, tonguing deeply inside her sweet tasting cunt. Jack grabbed the wine bottle and inserted it into her cunt. He began to push it in and out. She could feel the trapped air push and pull inside her. Brenda’s moans indicated to Jack that she would soon cum. Jack was relentless; he didn’t slow down for a second. He desired to taste her sex juices and persisted at a frantic pace.

Brenda’s body began to squirm and tense. Her moans could be easily heard through her gasping breaths. Jack pulled out the bottle and smothered his face between her legs where they tightened their grip around his head as a long shudder shot through her body.

Jack began to slow down his work. He gently lapped up the juices from around her sopping cum-filled cunt. Tenderly he grazed over her very sensitive clit and made his way up her belly to her breasts again. Her dark nipples stood erect eager to welcome his warm mouth around them.

“Oooh, Jack that was incredible.” Brenda said in an exhausted dream like voice.

“Well, my dear, there is more to come.” Jack responded with the tone of great excitement in his voice.

Brenda laid there wondering what was next on Jack’s agenda. The expectancy began to build as he uttered his last words. Until now Brenda’s sexual experience had been quite limited having only few experiences. The sensations that she was feeling now were all original and greatly intense. She wished that this would never end.

Jack brought his lips to Brenda’s mouth and so they could lock tongues in an intimate dance. She could taste the remnants of herself lingering there. At first she wanted to pull away, but quickly realized that the taste of her sweetness was very stimulating.

Jack sat next to the side of Brenda now and pulled his shirt off. He desperately wanted to get his aching cock inside her and removed his shorts in very short order. His erect member was hot and ready for action. He straddled over Brenda’s bare chest and coached the tip of his cock to her full succulent lips.

Performing oral sex on a man wasn’t the most appealing thought to Brenda, but now that she had a taste of what could be, she was eager and ready. At the first touch of his soft tip grazing against her lips, she immediately responded Escort Sakarya with licking her lips in search for a connection with it. He held it close for her so that she could kiss and lick it.

“Oh yes, baby, I like that. That feels good” Jack said quietly as he was under the influence of desire. He moved his body up and leaned over her face in a push up position giving him a great angle to fuck her mouth. He lifted his upper body onto his arms and began to slowly bring his huge cock down into her mouth.

Brenda wrapped her lips tightly around his hard member as he started to pull up ever so gently. He penetrated her mouth up and down causing a tremble to surge through his body.

Jack moved away as Brenda expressed her disapproval with a sigh. She was unable to move to reach out to him. He lowered his pelvis over her sensuous body and braced himself for his ultimate breach. Brenda’s body was squirming in anticipation. He grabbed her leg and brought it up straight and let it lean on his shoulder. He was able to bring his wet cock to her cunt and shove the head in.

“Jack, push it in. Push it all the way in. I need to feel you, to feel all of you in me!” Brenda begged Jack to consummate this meeting, still surprising herself with the unexpected words flowing from within her.

Jack inserted his cock in her prepared cunt. He was surprised at how tight it was. He needed to push so slowly yet, forcefully to get his huge member inside all the way. Brenda moaned audibly. “Oh Brenda, you feel so good. You are so tight. You are so beautiful.” Jack spoke reassuring her as his cock stretched her.

Keeping her leg up over his shoulder, Jack bent forward more and kissed Brenda. His hand removed the blindfold from around her head. He wanted to look into her eyes. Her dark brown eyes connected with his for a long intimate stare as Jack rhythmically rocked in and out of her luscious cunt. No words were spoken. Jack moved his mouth to her neck and kissed and licked it, continuing down towards her breasts. Taking one then the other sucking on each as he kept thrusting his cock deep within her.

“Oh Jack. You are so good. Please don’t stop. I’m going to cum soon.” Brenda said in between deep breaths. Hearing this only made Jack want her more. He took her other leg and lifted it up with the other one and knelt towards her, giving him a great deep penetrating angle. He held her legs and began to fuck her with more force. He pressed in as far as he could go and pulled out increasing his speed. He began to plunge harder into her.

Brenda’s cunt began to tense and squeeze around his cock. He looked at her and saw her closing her eyes and releasing control. Her body was writhing from the pleasure she was experiencing. Jack took his finger and rimmed her ass. The juice from her cunt was dripping down and made for easy infiltration of his finger. She moaned loudly as his finger took her virgin hole. So succumbed to the incredible feelings, she did not protest against this violation.

Her body began to shake and tense. Jack continued to fuck her harder, his balls slapping her with each thrust. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. His cum was building up fast and was ready to explode.

“Brenda you are so hot. I am going to cum too. Cum with me baby.” Jack said feeling a tremble going through his body.

“Jack I want you to cum all over my body. I want to feel you on me. Cum on me and claim me as yours.” Brenda begged knowing he was on edge.

Jack looked at Brenda and kissed her passionately. Their tongues entwined. He lifted his body up. Slowly and forcefully he thrust into her deeply a few more times and pulled his cock out allowing his cum to spurt all over her. He eased her legs gently down then crawled up to her wrists to release her.

He cuddled up next to her and she wrapped her arms around him. “Jack, you were wonderful. That was the most incredible experience I have ever had.” Brenda gently spoke as her hand caressed the sides of his face. Their lips met for a tender kiss. Her other hand smeared his cum all over her belly and breasts. The sun sparkled over them as they lay there enjoying the moment.