Enslaving Chloe Ch. 15


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== Chapter 15 ==

I had been observing Master’s visitors from where I knelt naked at his side and although a lot of discussion had taken place it all went over my head (literally and figuratively). I mostly ignored what was being said as I preferred to simply watch people and how they reacted. I found being an observer endlessly fascinating and I often spent hours quietly watching and allowing my mind to wander off on all kinds of tangents.

I was off in my own little world and my mind was full of slave thoughts as I wondered what it would be like to be owned by an Asian man like the one sitting opposite me. I imagined the soft pull of the delicate silver chain on a beautiful collar like the one worn by the pretty Chinese girl at his feet. I even went so far as to try to conjure up the sounds and smells of Hong Kong as I followed my owner around such an exotic location. In my mind it all seemed so strange and yet in some ways I could imagine that the life of a slave must be quite similar even in such a foreign environment.

In between indulging in such fantasies I watched my fellow slavegirl and wondered what she was thinking. I remembered her owner had told Master her name was Ming Ming and I wished I knew more about her. Occasionally she seemed to come out of her own dream world and look shyly in my direction. Our gaze met only briefly now and then but I knew we were both very conscious of each other and I expected she wondered about me in the same way I wondered about her.

Eventually the men seemed to reach some kind of agreement as the discussion ceased and I heard the two Asian men conversing in their own language. The slavegirl looked at me suddenly as if she was afraid we might be parted without ever being allowed to get any closer, then a look of relief came over her face as she obviously understood what her owner had just said to his associate. A moment later he told Master in English that he was happy to accept the arrangement. I was just wondering what arrangement he was referring to when Master suddenly spoke to me for the first time since I’d been instructed to serve drinks at the start of the meeting.

He ordered me to crawl over to the man holding Ming Ming’s chain and “give him pleasure” as a friendly gesture after the successful conclusion of their discussions. Master did not actually say that it was a friendly gesture but I read into his tone that this was what he meant and I knew what was expected of me.

As I crawled across the room I could hear my clit bell chiming gently. I looked at the man I had been ordered to please and saw him watching me closely. I think he was wondering what the sound was that he could hear as I moved. He smiled at me, then leaned down and said something to Ming Ming as he unhooked the chain from her collar.

She pulled her little dress over her head and dropped it on the floor which left her completely naked as it seemed that like me she wore nothing underneath when she was allowed to wear any clothing at all. Ming Ming got on her knees and knelt down before her owner until her head touched the floor at his feet as if to indicate she would follow his orders obediently. Or perhaps she was letting him know that she fully understood his instructions. I didn’t know exactly what her obeisance meant but it was obviously an indication of her submission and having done so she immediately began to crawl across the room in the direction from which I had just come. We passed each other a little before I reached her owner but she did not look at me.

By the time I reached the man I’d come to think of as the Asian slavegirl’s owner he already had his cock out of his trousers. It was standing up and awaiting my attention so I immediately began to lick up and down his shaft to get it harder and more suckable. He responded quickly and soon I had his not very large cock fully in my mouth. I began to move my mouth up and down on his engorged member and at the same time I ran my tongue along his length. Moaning slightly he leaned back in his chair. He certainly seemed to be enjoying my attentions judging from the way he was beginning to breath heavily.

By this time I had developed a rhythm and his hard cock slipped in and out of my lips like I was some kind of sex doll and for the first time I was was able to pay attention to what else was going on around me. I looked across the room and saw that Ming Ming was equally busy sucking Master’s cock. Coincidentally the position I was in gave me a direct line of sight across to him and as I sucked I could watch the little Asian girl sucking Master’s beautiful cock so gracefully while she knelt between his legs. She was using only her mouth and not her hands porno izle and I thought how erotic it was to see Master enjoying the services of such a pretty slavegirl. Although I had seen him with other girls on many occasions he was usually dominating them sexually so it was unusual to observe him so relaxed as he sat passively in his chair while a little Asian slave sucked him very gently. I found the scene quite charming.

As she sucked him Ming Ming also began to look across directly at me while I was working on her owner’s cock. At first we only glanced across the room at each other occasionally as we both concentrated on our duties. Gradually our eyes met more frequently until it seemed that neither of us could look away from the other. I could tell she was just as aroused and fascinated by watching me as I was by watching her. It was a strangely erotic experience and almost as if we were relating to each other sexually while at the same time we were each sucking a different man’s cock.

I’d never experienced anything like it before. I could not recall ever having such an erotic experience while cock-sucking although I must have had a cock in my mouth on thousands of occasions and in all kinds of situations. Usually I was totally lost in the experience as I always enjoyed thinking what a dirty little slut I must look like and my mind would drift in and out of endless erotic dreams while I worked away like a dutiful sex slave… a slave who was made to be used and to give pleasure. It was always a wonderful experience.

This time I continued to suck away gently with my gaze firmly on my fellow slave’s eyes but somehow it was different. I was not lost in my own thoughts as usual and instead I was hyper-aware that Ming Ming was my fellow sex slave and that we were both giving pleasure to a strange man on the orders of our owners. This gave me a strong feeling of a shared bond between us — a bond that someone not in our situation could never understand. I was extremely aroused and deeply moved by this realisation. It was as if we were slave sisters with our own language and as each of us slid a hard cock in and out of our mouths we communicated wordlessly simply by the emotions we could each read on the other’s face.

I shuddered as I again looked deeply into Ming Ming’s eyes and I so much wanted to let her know what I was feeling but since neither of us could talk with a mouth full of cock it was very difficult to express something so complicated. Despite this I think we were both feeling very close in a strange kind of way and I began to get very excited as I saw how intensely Ming Ming was returning my gaze.

Unable to express my feelings in any other way I began to stroke my pussy as I sucked on the cock which filled my mouth. I think Ming Ming understood what this meant since she began to stroke herself at exactly the same time. Soon we were both masturbating as we sucked and we continuously looked into each other’s eyes. It was an exciting experience for me and I was sure Ming Ming was feeling exactly the same way not only judging by the look on her face but also by the way she was furiously fingering her pretty little cunt.

I’m sure we both orgasmed several times while we watched each other carrying out our slave duties. I felt so many shivers and spasms course through my body as I sucked cock, watched my slave sister, stroked myself and experienced so much intensity. During the whole time we were not able to say a single word but we told each other more than most people do in the course of many hours of intense conversation.

Strangely our owners seemed quite unaware of what their slaves were sharing and as far as I could tell they were completely taken over by the pleasure we were giving them. I thought that this was just as it should be since as a slave I existed simply for the enjoyment and convenience of my owner. I would not have wanted it any other way.

There had been very little talk between the men for some time but after a while one or other of them made an occasional comment above my head. I continued to suck gently and rub my wet cunt as Ming Ming did the same and we continued to watch each other. Wordlessly we came to a deep understanding and I no longer really heard what was being said by the men who seemed to be casually chatting as if it was every day they had a slavegirl sucking their cocks while they held a business meeting.

However, their discussion no longer seemed to be about business judging from the odd word or phrase that registered, but my attention was elsewhere. After some time I gathered that the talk was to do with future plans to meet in Asia. There was also something said about a prior arrangement that we would all go to a restaurant for lunch.

I picked up these few clues even though I was not really following amatör porno the men’s conversation. My mind was focused on the combined sensations of having a hard cock in my mouth, and my fingers as they stimulated my clit and most of all the intensity of the way I was looking deep into Ming Ming’s eyes. If I needed to know something I knew I would be told, so when Master spoke with others I tended to tune out since I had no need to follow a conversation that did not relate to me and of which I was not a part. As a slave I know that my Master will tell me if there is anything I need to know. When I’m given instructions by Master I have no choice but to obey so why the order is given or what will follow as a result does not really matter to me in advance.

The fact is that I rarely listen carefully to conversations around me and I tend instead to live in my own little world while kneeling at Master’s side awaiting his orders. I used to amuse myself by observing all manner of trivial details about people’s way of speaking, the way they were dressed, the way they moved, the gestures they used, and so on. On this occasion I was also very interested in the Asian girl I could watch on the other side of the room as she served my Master. Her long black hair, her beautiful skin, her delicate body, and most especially her expressive dark eyes (which looked at me for long unbroken periods of time) were all intensely fascinating to me.

Finally my attention was drawn back to the task I was engaged in when the man whose cock I had been sucking for a considerable time suddenly and without warning came in my mouth. I was a little surprised but after long experience I did not spill any of his cum and instinctively I looked up at him. When he nodded I quickly swallowed.

I felt his viscous cum slide slowly down my throat and at the same time I noticed that Ming Ming was also in the process of milking my Master’s cock. His approach was different since when he felt he was about to come he had taken his cock out of her mouth. Ming Ming was so quick to understand what was required of her for she immediately upturned her face and as he spurted into her open mouth she caught it all except for a tiny bit that dribbled down her chin.

With fingers still wet with her own juices she carefully pushed the dribble of cum on her chin back into her mouth. I noticed she took the opportunity to also lick her fingers. Ming Ming held all of Master’s cum in her mouth as she began to lick any excess from his cock. Then she opened her mouth to show him how full it was and he smiled his approval.

Closing her mouth again Ming Ming knelt before him waiting for his instructions. Master just pointed at me. Immediately she began to crawl towards me still holding Master’s cum in her mouth. Master made a signal to me that I was to crawl towards him. When I met Ming Ming in the middle of the room she got on her knees and took me in her delicate arms. Then she held my face with one tiny hand and tilted my mouth at an angle. I immediately understood what she wanted and as I looked up at her and once again gazed into her beautiful eyes I opened my mouth wide so she could transfer Master’s cum from her mouth to mine.

It was all done so gracefully and so erotically that I just flowed into her movements. I’m sure the sight of two naked slavegirls swapping a mouthful of cum must have been mesmerising to watch. I could see that Master was certainly watching carefully but the Asian men were behind me so I could only assume they were finding the sight equally entertaining.

Ming Ming then placed her head beneath mine and opened her mouth to indicate that I should return the mouthful of Master’s cum she had just given me. For a second I was tempted to swallow it as I had a tiny moment of selfishness when I felt that I didn’t want to give my Master’s cum away but would keep it for myself. Of course I knew that was silly and would spoil the exciting show the two of us were putting on for the men watching, so I gave Ming Ming back my Master’s beautiful cum.

Any initial reluctance I had was quickly forgotten as I began to see that Ming Ming was so pretty and sensual and I really didn’t mind giving it to her. My change of heart was just as well since this time she did swallow it, making sure that everyone could see as she did so. Very cleverly she still kept a small part of it in her mouth. She showed this by letting it leak out a little over her lips before she licked most of it back into her mouth again.

Slowly and very erotically, Ming Ming turned to me and gave me a long, wet kiss!

I could taste Master’s cum in her mouth so I kissed her back passionately. Despite looking so sweet and innocent she really knew how to kiss and I wanted to kiss her a lot more, but after a short while she anal porno pulled back a little and more cum leaked out over my lips and some began to run down my chin. Before I could react she began to lick it off my face and her little tongue felt so soft and sensual. Then she gave me another long, wet kiss but by now most of the cum in our mouths was gone. The little bitch must have swallowed what she had sucked out of my mouth and licked off my chin without me realising it.

Before I could express any disappointment she licked her way down my body while at the same time gently pushing me to the floor. Very soon, and without being fully aware of how I’d ended up in that position, I found myself stretched out on the floor while Ming Ming rubbed her body against mine. She began to lick me all over starting with little kisses on my mouth, then licks to my throat and down to my breasts. She lingered over my pierced nipples and explored the small rings I had there with her tongue as if she was a blind slavegirl discovering the existence of nipple piercings for the first time. After a short time she licked down to my tummy and kept going until she reached my pussy.

The feel of her tongue was delightful and I was in ecstasy.

I spread my legs wide hoping her wonderful tongue would quickly continue its journey to my cunt but instead Ming Ming had found my clit bell. It seemed to fascinate her as she flicked it back and forth with her tongue making it jingle nicely. This caused my clit to go into spasms and it felt like my mind was about to spasm as well. I was so tempted to moan and really wanted to orgasm but knew I must not end our display too soon. To keep myself occupied and so I had some other focus besides the wonderful sensations from Ming Ming’s tongue I put out my own tongue and began licking any part of her body I could reach.

Her skin was so soft.

I found that she didn’t have any piercings but she did have a beautiful and very colourful tattoo of a dragon on her thigh and partly down one leg. There were also some Chinese characters just above her nicely trimmed pussy which still had a thick patch of pubic hair. When I saw her pink cunt lips just showing through her lovely black pussy hair I began to lap at her cunt gently until it started to open up like a rose. Then I lapped some more.

Meanwhile, Ming Ming had finally moved past my clit bell and was also licking my already very wet cunt. We were in a kind of 69 position with each of us lapping at the other’s pussy with long, languid strokes of our tongues. We continued like this until each of us had orgasmed several times and then Ming Ming sat up and pulled my head up to hers and began to lick her juices from my face. She was very gentle and very methodical, carefully cleaning up my chin, lips, nose and everywhere else. Then I did the same to her. As I cleaned my own juices from the face of this sweet little Asian slave she surprised me by whispering in my ear, “You taste so sweet!”

With a shock I realised that she spoke English. I hadn’t expected that. Maybe I would be able to talk to her after all, given the opportunity? By the time these thoughts had gone through my head she was finished cleaning me up. She kissed me again, just a quick peck, and then began to crawl the rest of the way back to her owner.

I also crawled back to Master’s feet with my head in a whirl and all my senses whizzing and popping like a fireworks display. I was speechless, but fortunately I didn’t need to speak. Master just patted me on the head which I took to mean that he was happy with my performance. I suppose the display Ming Ming and I had just put on must have been highly diverting.

Soon the men were talking again as if nothing had happened and it was obvious we were about to leave for lunch. Master told me to go and put on a dress (this meant nothing else) and also to bring him my leash. By the time I came back everyone was standing around ready to go. Ming Ming had her little dress back on and was kneeling at the feet of the man whose cock I had just sucked. He was holding her silver chain leash.

I went to Master, knelt at his feet and handed him my leash. While I had always liked my leash it was nowhere near as delicate or beautiful as Ming Ming’s. Master pulled me to my feet and I looked down at my fellow slavegirl as her owner attached her leash to her collar. He tugged gently on it and Ming Ming rose to her feet gracefully. Then we all went out the door and for the first time I saw that our visitors had arrived in a stretch limo. Apparently we were all going in their car as they had a driver who would look after it while we were at lunch and it was certainly big enough for all of us.

I sat at Master’s feet, still on my leash. Ming Ming sat at her owner’s feet on the other side of the spacious seating section. We both looked at each other with curiosity but knew we were not allowed to speak. I was wishing that I could talk with her and find out more about her life and ask her all kinds of questions. Maybe we would get a chance to talk later.

I hoped so.