End of season party (continued….)


End of season party (continued….)He lay on his back, lifted his legs in the air to expose his glistening saliva moistened hole, I knelt before his beautiful upturned arse trembling with anticipation. As I entered him he gave a little whimper, “is that OK” I asked, he just smiled and proceeded to masturbate, emitting little groans with every thrust of my eager cock.I’d like to say that I fucked him for hours, but with the sight of him pumping his manhood, the sound of his little moans and the way he expertly squeezed my cock with his anal muscles I barely lasted 5 minutes. I remained inside him, enraptured by his youthful beauty, until I felt his arsehole tighten as he shot his teenage seed over his virtually hairless stomach and chest. I withdrew my slowly softening cock taking great delight from the sight of my cum dripping out of his pretty pink hole, then lay tuzla escort down beside him, panting, filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and wonder. My emotions were all over the place, I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. The laughter won. Soon we were both giggling like schoolgirls. After more passionate kissing and getting covered in Jakes cum, we went and had a shower together. Jake washed me first, his young soap slippery hands caressing my slightly overweight 37 Yr old body made my cock granite hard, and as the soap suds rinsed away Jake got to his knees and took me into his mouth at the same time as slipping a finger into my arsehole. I’ve enjoyed many blowjobs from females in my time, before and since this one, but none of them compare with Jakes expertise. So it wasn’t long before I orgasmed into his pretty mouth, he stood up and made a big show tuzla escort bayan of swallowing my load then leant in for more kisses and I was happy to oblige. “it’s my turn now”, I said reaching for the shower gel. I washed his back first, delighting in the feel of his soft young flesh beneath my fingers. With his back to me, I pulled him close and started kissing his neck and shoulders and then down his back to his soft, smooth cushioned arse. I slipped my tongue between his cheeks until I found his delicious hole and probed as deep as I could, savouring the sweet taste. I turned him around so I was eyes to eye with his handsome cock then took it into my mouth, teasing his bulbous end with my tongue. I’d never sucked a cock before so I was unprepared for the tongue and jaw ache but I persevered for what seemed like an age until I was rewarded with my first taste escort tuzla of savoury-sweet cum, a taste I’ve become extremely fond of in the intervening years.I awoke late in the morning spooning Jake elated that it hadn’t been a dream and savouring the warmth of his naked body pressed against mine. I ran my hand down his young chest and stomach and gently held his flaccid cock. He yawned and pressed his buttocks into my groin and I felt his soft member twitch and stiffen in my hand, “I want you to fuck me now honey” I said, he smiled, kissed me, and said “I’d love to”. He lay me on my front, opened my arse cheeks and began licking my hole, his warm wet tongue lubricating me as he done so. I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance and braced myself for impact. It hurt! fuck it hurt! but after the initial agony the pain became an inexplicable pleasure as I relaxed and gave myself up to the joys of anal sex. As we left the chalet in the late afternoon, we bumped into Jane from the bars, who resided in the neighbouring chalet, “did you enjoy the party?” she said with a knowing smile.