Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Seven

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part SevenThe next morning, exhausted and satiated, Emma’ guests gone, she fell into a deep sleep. She dreamed of having more sex. But then, it seemed like most of her dreams these days were sexual! When she awoke around noon, she couldn’t remember the details of her dream.“God! I can’t sleep away the whole day! Time to get showered and get down to the beach.” She thought to herself.After her shower and makeup, Emma put on her white bikini. She had been planning this night for a long time. She was going to have a Director, a good sound man, a great lighting team and three cameramen to capture all the action! It would be quite crowded in the bedroom, which was why she had rented the largest suite at the hotel. Emma was on her way to meet the Director and together, recruit three studs to fuck her senseless tonight!“I’ll give the first guy a handjob and a blow job! The next guy can fuck me nice and easy! I’ll finish him off with my hands! And I want the last one of these guys to fuck me like a whore! He can force fuck my face and cum all over me!” Emma thought to herself. Just thinking of what she had planned was making her horny!Soon Emma was strutting about on the beach and near the outdoor bar. She had noticed a couple guys that might be worth a glance! Noting where they were, she walked over to the Director who was having his morning Bloody Mary.Catching his eye she said, “I’ve found only two men who might fit the bill. Have you found any big cock local talent?”“In fact I’ve had my young daughter sizing up three different studs. She guarantees you won’t be disappointed in any of them! Shall I hire them?” he asked.“I think we better meet with them first. That way, they can see whom they’re going to be fucking, and I can do the same. Set up a meeting in an hour, why don’t you?” Emma said.Finally the meeting was getting underway. It was in her suite, so for a few minutes Emma was busy welcoming everyone and serving them the alcohol of their choice. The prospective studs were due any minute, so Emma went to her bedroom and closed the door. The Director thought it would be good theater for her to make an entrance when he called her.Emma heard the doorbell ring. Then the door opened and she heard the Director say, “Hello guys! Did my daughter explain what we were looking for?”A rough deep voice said, “You want us to act in a very private porn film where we fuck some celebrity woman! I’ll say now, that we won’t agree to it unless we first see who it is we are to fuck! No grannies!”“Assuming you agree after you see her, we will offer you $2000.00 each for the night’s work. How does that sound?” said the Director.“The money is ok, but we haven’t yet seen the has been skank celebrity!” said the rough deep voice.Emma threw open her bedroom door and stood tall and proud. “Am I acceptable? Am I what you call a ‘has been skank’! Do you think you could stoop so low as to fuck me tonight?”Emma saw the three studs for the first time. As they stood frozen in place, she sized them up.The nearest guy was very black, tall and muscular.The next guy was white, blonde and had a swimmer’s build.The third guy looked like a local man of mixed race; handsome too!In the short time it took Emma to take in the three studs, they came out of the shock of realizing that they were going to be paid to fuck Emma Watson!“In addition, we require you three to strip naked here and now, so that we can be happy with your…qualifications!” said the Director.All three of the prospective actors took almost no time getting nude. Now it was Emma’s turn to be frozen in place. She stared at three muscular, handsome men with three of the best looking ‘packages’ she had ever seen! As the saying concerning the size of black men’s cocks goes, he had a very big cock along with a magnificent pair of balls! Emma licked her lips in her stupor! The blonde man and the third stud had very nice cocks in the eight to nine inch ranges.“I think I will have to amend my plans for the fucking to come! I’ll have to have them make me air tight!” She thought to herself. Her little asshole flexed, as if in anticipation of things to come!“Gentlemen, you are all three more than satisfactory! I look forward to our night to come! Please get together to organize the party. I need a little nap now. See you later!” Emma said.With that, Emma returned to her bedroom and locked the door.She had her bikini off in a flash as she flopped down on the bed! Grabbing her large vibrator from the night stand, she put one hand on her tits and the other hand lowered the vibrator to her clit! She switched it on high and began rubbing it on her sweet spot!Closing her eyes, she envisioned those three big cocks taking her in every orifice! “That’s it! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my mouth! And most of all sodomize me! Fuck my ass with that big black cock!” she began to fantasize.Thirty minutes later, exhausted, Emma fell asleep with a pillow between her thighs!She awoke with someone knocking on her bedroom door. “Just a minute! I’ll be right there!” Throwing on a terry cloth robe, Emma walked to the door and opened it.“Oh shit! I better put the vibrator away!” She ran back to the bed and grabbing the vibrator, she hid it in the night stand. As she turned around, she saw a crowd of men at the door, and one young woman: the Director’s daughter. Emma couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and shapely she was: big tits and lovely ass!Emma raised one eyebrow. “Maybe!” she thought.The Director said, “Ok everyone! We will start in the living room! Emma…put your white bikini back on. The first scene will be of Emma sitting down on the couch with Jake (the blond stud) and Julio (the local talent) sitting on either side of her. Kelso (the black stud) will be standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine in his hand watching the threesome talk and laugh. Emma…you begin by teasing Jake and Julio about how you found uşak escort bayan each other on the beach. Then Jake and Julio will each put a hand on Emma’s thighs. Then just do what comes natural! The entire first scene will take place on the couch. Kelso will not get involved other than to watch the action. We’re looking for a spitroast! Emma will decide who fits in where! Let’s do a quick rehearsal of the first two minutes on the couch.”“Action!” he said.All three of them sat on the couch at the same time. “Jake! Why did you come to the Canary Islands?” asked Emma.“I heard it was where the British come for an island holiday. Looks like I was right!” he said with a grin. “But it was a huge surprise when I saw you on the beach!”“How about you Julio? Why did you come to this beach today?” Emma asked.“I heard through friends that you might be here! And they were right.” Said Julio.Emma smiled. “But am I that big a deal: really? You must have known that even if I was here, you wouldn’t get a chance to even say hi to me?”“I believe we both hoped to get your attention by entering the Beach Boy Competition! It seems to have worked, thanx to Elisa over there!” Jake motioned toward the Director’s daughter.“Cut!” yelled the Director (James). “That’s a good start for the scene. I think we can use it. Now, each of you guys start touching her arm, or her hair, or her legs! But just gently, as if it’s an after thought.”Feeling a light touch on one of her thighs, Emma looked down to where Jake was barely touching her thigh. Looking into his face, Emma smiled and moved in to kiss him. Their lips met, her tongue was in his mouth and they were French kissing! She reached down and moved his hand higher up toward her bikini bottoms.Not to be outdone, Julio touched one breast and gave it a bit of a squeeze! She squirmed on the couch. Turning just her head toward Julio, she kissed him also. Their night of sex had begun.Emma tried to keep up with the four hands that were touching her, but she soon found it was impossible! She just enjoyed the pleasure as it came. Julio was the first to caress her bare breasts! He was very good at pinching and twisting her small hard nipples. Each time he did it, she felt a wonderful mixture of pleasure and pain! Eventually, she could stand it no longer and, giving up all pretense of being inexperienced, she groped for their cocks!“Cut!” said James. “That’s an excellent start; all of you! So, all three of you strip naked! Then we’ll take the action into the bedroom. Emma will lead you both into the other room with her hands pulling you by the cocks! That’s it Emma! Hold onto their dicks and walk slowly to the bed!”The threesome smiled! Emma had never let go of their cocks since she first took a grip on them! Following James’ directions, she walked the two men to the bed. She sat down, and facing Jake and Julio, Emma bent slightly forward and kissed Jake’s cock! Not to be outdone, Julio’s cock got the same treatment! In short order Emma was stroking their cocks and sucking them each in turn!Feeling Jake’s hand on the back of her head, Emma was bobbing her face up and down on his ample cock! Meanwhile, Julio pulled her up to her hands and knees on the bed and positioned his cock between her legs! Emma felt the head of Julio’s cock pressing again her pussy! In one long stroke, Julio rammed his long cock into her cunt until it hit bottom!“Mmmph!” mumbled Emma as her cunt was suddenly filled with man meat!“Take it whore! Take every inch of it slut!” urged Julio. “We have you spit roasted now, and you’ll soon be bouncing between our loins! Fuck her face Jake!”Jake needed no further encouragement. Holding Emma by the sides of her head, he began shoving his cock in and out of her mouth. “Use your tongue cunt! Make me cum in your mouth!” Jake was surprised to feel one of her hands massaging his big balls, while the other hand jerked on his cock!“I’ll wager you’ve been spit roasted many times whore! When was the last time you were in this position? Tell us!” demanded Jake.Pulling her mouth off his cock, Emma looked into his face and said, “A few nights ago!”Emma took his cock into her mouth again.“You’re a bigger slut than I thought! How many men have had you during your short stay here in the islands?” Julio asked.Julio reached for Emma’s hair and pulled hard! Jake’s cock popped out of her mouth. “Shit! I don’t remember! But I do know I’ll be adding three more tonight!” said Emma.Emma shoved her face back onto Jake’s cock! She spent the next ten minutes with Jake’s cock pistoning in and out of her wet mouth, with Julio pulling her hair, and with Julio fucking her pussy hard and fast. She rolled Jake’s balls in her right hand and was calling out.“Mmmmpphh! Ooouuph!”A few times she took Jake’s dick out of her mouth and said, “Fuck me Julio! Jam that big cock in my cunt! Pull my hair just like that! It makes the back of my scalp tingle with pleasure!” And she told Jake, “Do you like the way I suck your cock? Have you ever had a Hummer? You’re going to get one soon, big boy!”With that, she took both of his balls in her mouth, all the while stroking his cock. She began making a humming noise in her throat which made his balls vibrate deliciously! “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” she went.Jake almost came right then and there, but he was just able to control himself.“Can you do that on my cock? Just go all the way down on it until you swallow it into your throat! Then hum on it and keep using your hands on my balls. God, you’re a complete slut! I love it! What a whore!” said Jake.With Julio’s cock opening untapped areas of her vagina, and constantly gripping her hair, Emma was about to cum.To make sure they all came at the same time, Emma slid her lips and tongue down on Jake’s cock until she suddenly had three inches of his hard manhood in her throat. She escort uşak was finally deep throating him! She bobbed her pretty face down his cock with an obvious push past the top of her throat. Each time his cock entered her throat, her head jerked just a bit.Then when his cock was down her throat, she paused there and began his hum job. “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma felt his balls expand as if they were ready to empty. Then, “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” His balls contracted in her hand and she felt the first gush of his cum hit the back of her tongue! This combined with Julio’s cock rubbing her clit, forced her to begin cumming at the same time. “Eeeeaaaauuu! Eeeeaaaauuu! Eeeeaaaauuu!” she screamed against Jake’s cock.Julio knew what was happening, and he began giving her a huge cream pie! Each of his strokes added to the amount of cum in her pussy! “Fuck Emma! Your cunt is so tight! Do you feel all my cum pooling inside you?”Emma’s throat was soon filled with Jake’s white jizm! She had swallowed it all and some even shot directly into her stomach! Jake had both hands on the back of her head, holding her face directly on his cock! Unable to breathe, Emma started pushing against his thighs desperate for oxygen! Jake suddenly realized that Emma was punching his thighs, and he let her off his cock!“Oh God! God damn!” she said as two additional ropes of his cum plastered her face.“Don’t stop fucking me Julio! Don’t stop! I’m still cumming! Yes! Yes! Jam it in there! Oh fuck yes!” Emma wailed.But Julio was spent! He took his cock out of her pussy with one last move!Emma finished herself off with two fingers on her clit!She had only a few minutes and then Kelso’s big cock was rubbing all over her pretty little face! With her eyes closed, Emma enjoyed the sensation. As she fantasized about what was about to happen to her, a vision of his big black cock buried to the hilt in her asshole came into her mind’s eye! It’s what she desperately desired!Kelso put one thumb in her mouth and pulled her lower jaw down so his big dick could enter her mouth. But first he would French kiss this beautiful little whore!She felt his cock leave her face and then his lips met hers. His tongue was the first to initiate contact. She moaned as she stuck her tongue deep into his mouth! Emma felt her clit begin to get excited! She wanted him so badly!He palmed both her tits, feeling the hard nubs of her nipples fold against his big hands. Each time his hands moved to press once again on her nipples, she gasped and felt her face flush! When they stopped kissing for a moment, Emma looked down at her chest. It was flushing red from her desire!She knew for sure then that her body was ready for Kelso! They French kissed some more which whipped her into an even higher state of arousal!Kelso’s cock was at full attention! His cockhead was turning purple and the skin was stretched tight. Emma guessed it was a solid eleven inches long and quite thick also!When they last broke off from kissing, she hugged him around the neck. Her tits were very high on his chest, and her mouth was near his ear. She whispered to him, “Please Kelso! Please touch me now! Touch my clit!” He followed her wish to the letter. Two fingers slowly rolled her clit around and round! She whispered again, “That’s the way! I want you to fuck my mouth and throat! I want you to fuck my wet pussy! Most of all, I want you to fuck my asshole! No matter what I say, I want you to ream me out! Make my ass yours and yours alone! Oh please do it all to me!”Emma’s dirty talking inspired Kelso to fuck her in all her holes! “I’ll fuck your ass deep and hard! You’ll remember this night for the rest of your life!” he whispered to her. “I’ll make you my little sodomy slut! My ass whore!”Emma whispered back, “Ignore me when I scream about how hard you’re doing my ass! I may sound very convincing. After all, I am an actress! Just fuck my ass hard and deep and fast! Then drop a huge load in my butt! And, then I’ll be your little sodomy slut: your ass whore for life. After it’s all over, I’ll give you my cell number and personal address so we can repeat it all over!”Pulling away from their embrace, Kelso said, “Stop pretending whore! Open your mouth and take my cock in!”Emma’s eyes made contact with Kelso’s eyes and she bobbed forward and took a solid six inches of his cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretched very thin around his black girth. She twisted one hand on his cock as she stroked it in rythym with her lips riding up and down his very dark black dick! All the while her eyes never left his!He stood stock still with his hands on his hips. Emma’s entire body swayed back and forth, alternately having his cockhead showing, and then having six inches of his big black cock deep in her mouth!Of course the film crew was busy also! Emma could see some of the crew rubbing the fronts of their pants! She was being fucked in their minds! Would they eventually drop all their filming equipment and join in? “Fuck! Looks like I’ll be the center of a real gangbang after I finish with my three studs!” She thought to herself.“Suck it you arrogant bitch! Take it all in! Deep throat me whore!” Kelso said.When Emma next felt his cock against the back of her mouth, she pressed forward and began trying to swallow it! At first it seemed an impossible task, but the harder she pressed on it, the deeper his dick went into her! Then, there came a point where she could no longer doubt that she had swallowed it all! Her nose touched his belly, and his balls pressed against her chin!She got into a rythym where just the tip of his cock was resting on her tongue, and within seconds his balls pressed against her chin! “I can’t believe I’m doing this! I’m giving him a deep throat blowjob!” She thought.“That’s uşak escort the way Emma! Take my entire cock in your throat! What a slut you are! What a whore!” Said Kelso. He gripped both sides of her head and increased the tempo of her blowjob! She felt her nose quickly hitting his loins. At one point, he held her all the way down on his cock for a good thirty seconds. That’s when she decided it was time for his hummer! “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma hummed deep in her throat!This new sensation drove him wild! He pulled her head off his cock and asked, “What the fuck is that?”“It’s called a hummer or hum job! Do you want some more of it?” Emma asked.“Take a deep breath, bitch!” he said.“Ahuh ahuh” she sucked air into her lungs, and forced his cock back down and, “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma restarted the deep hum job she was giving Kelso. “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” she went on.Her tits swayed back and forth with each thrust! It was at times like this that she wished she had bigger tits! Then she felt two hands pinching and twisting her nipples. Then the unseen hands squeezed her perfect tits. It turned out that it wasJames: the Director!James began whispering to her, “Don’t worry! The cameras are focused in on your face and I won’t ruin the scene! God I love your tits! Is this how you love having them played with Emma? You must have a large number of boys, men, and girls who have worked your tits over! Do you enjoy having your tits sucked on too?”Emma took advantage of her rapid pace to say, “Yes! Keep on working on them like that! Pinch, twist and suck on my beautiful tits!”But just then, Kelso grabbed her and turned her around so she was on her hands and knees facing away from him. He pulled her legs apart, leaned forward and slowly shoved his wet big cock in her pussy! “Now you’re going to get it Emma! I’ll make your tits flop all around as I fuck your pussy! Take every inch of my cock!”He took her hips in his hands and pumped hard and fast!The first few strokes had Emma moaning like a whore! “Uugh! Ooof! Uugh!” was all she could say at first.“Oh yes! Yes! That’s how I like it! Treat me like the dirty whore I am!” she said.“Fuck yes! Fuck! Fuck me! Bounce your big black balls against my clit!” Emma demanded.“Pull my hair! Grab a big hand full of my hair from the back of my head! Yank it back and forth!” She said.The camera was pointed directly at her face and swaying tits! Each hard thrust made her shudder and made her tits jerk about!He fucked her hard, deep, and fast!Then he stopped in mid thrust. He began fuck torturing! With his cock half way in her, he slowed his cock and said, “How do you like it Emma? Hard and fast?” He gave her three fast strokes. “Or do you like it slow, like this?” He returned to the deliciously slow strokes.“Yes! Do it both ways! Just surprise me as you change up the speed! It makes me very horny, waiting for the next speed change! Just keep on fucking me!” she answered.He spent the next ten strokes barely moving in her. Eventually he bottomed out in her tight cunt and paused there, rolling his big nut sack on her clit!“Oh please go fast and hard again! I beg you Kelso! Do me like this forever!” said Emma.“No! My cock is being wasted in your pussy! What you need is to become my pretty little anal whore!” said Kelso.“Oh God no! Not my ass! I’ve never been sodomized! You can’t make me an anal slut! Your cock is too big! You’ll split me in two! Please just allow me to suck you off! I promise I’ll swallow the entire load! Please!” Emma begged.“Shut up slut! Take it all!” Kelso said.She continued to plead with him, but soon she felt the end of his cock on her well used asshole! Her constant begging to remain an ass virgin was, of course faked. She had whispered to him earlier to disregard her begging and screams!She felt his cockhead push against her tight ass! She squealed like a pig in protest! “Oh shit no! Not my ass! Please not there. I’ll do anything you ask, but not this!”“Someone shove her panties into her mouth! Shut her up! Then follow it with a piece of duct tape! Quiet whore!” Kelso said.Julio found her black panties, wadded them up and shoved them in her mouth. Jake placed a short length of tape across her lips.The camera caught the exact moment that his big black cock finally slid past her sphincter, burying his entire length deep in her ass! It was as if a swizzle stick went into an alcoholic drink! Her eyes bugged out and she began struggling mightily, bouncing his huge black dick into and then almost out of her ass!Her ass was stuffed with his cock! “That’s the way big boy! Sodomize me! Make me scream! Use me! Ass fuck me and drop a huge load in my guts!” She thought to herself.For the next ten minutes her ass fucking was recorded by the camera and microphone from all angles.“Now, remove her gag and let her speak!” The tape was ripped off and she spit her panties out on the bed.“Can you feel my cock deep in your ass Emma? Do you love how it feels?” he asked.“Shit yes it feels wonderful! I don’t know now why I was such a sissy about it! I want to drain your balls into my guts! I love how your balls feel each time you bottom out inside me. Fuck me hard! Cum in me!” Emma demanded.Her response took Kelso to the brink of orgasm! He was convinced he would have her many times in the future! With his hands on her hips, he buried his cock in her ass and held it there!“Fuck bitch! I’m gonna cum now! Yes…I’m cumming in your ass! I’m dropping a big load in you! Fuck yes!” he said.Emma felt the cum squirting into her guts! It was warm and wet! She loved it!“Oh God yes! I’m cumming too! Fuck my ass! Sodomize me! Make me your nasty little British ass whore! I’m your beautiful little ass slut! God yes! Do me deep and wet!” said Emma!The happy couple both collapsed on the bed. His cock slowly retreated from her butt! They fell asleep almost immediately. The last thoughts that Emma had were, “Will the film crew try to gangbang me now?”Those thoughts drifted through her brain and inspired a very nasty dream!But that’s for later!