Emily’s Collar


I woke up to the cold heat from a concrete flooring. I was in my dungeon. I’m a 37 year old woman, I run my own dungeon and I have a few slaves the frequent, as well as a single female slave who stays with me constantly. I looked up and there was Amanda. She was on her knees, head down and holding out a tray with my coffee and cigarettes on it. I looked at her and said “what do you want?” She uttered back, “beg your pardon Mistress, I have brought your morning order. Please forgive me, I didn’t know I had woken you”.

“Fine.” I barked back at her. I took my cigarettes and coffee from the tray and got up. I was half naked, wearing only my latex knickers, stockings and very high heeled thigh high boots. I loved in a trashy area of London, loved it here, sex shops lined the streets and I often sent Amanda out to them to pick up supplies.

I took a sip of my coffee and lit my cigarette.

“You can get up now.” I muttered to her as I took a drag.

“Thank you Mistress.” She stated as she stood up naked, save for her collar.

I looked at her, saw the bruising and scratch marks on her body. The rope burns and the dry cum on her body.

“Did you enjoy last night, Amanda?” I asked, taking another sip of my coffee.

“Yes, Mistress.” She beamed back at me, trying not to smile in my presence but making a mess of not trying.

“Are you sore?” I asked back.

“A bit Mistress, my vagina is a bit painful from the clamps.”

Ah the clamps. I often stretch her pussy open with some clamps we got from a store down the road. I used them to show her off last night. We had a party and she was my trophy for the night. The men seemed to enjoy seeing her, I had her roped up against the wall. All night. It was quite amusing for me watching her pee herself tied up with her pussy stretched open. The men loved it. Kinky they called it. Some went in and asked for a lick, to which I told them where the door was. She was mine and I would not let them even touch her, let alone take a lick of her.

“Mistress? May I ask a question?”

Shocked I turned to her, this was unusual.

“I… I’ve started my period Mistress. What would you like me to do?” She uttered.

“Take a tampon, you will not be used for a while yet. You need to get ready for the big night in a few weeks.” I stated back.

“Would you like me to clean the floor too, Mistress?” She questioned back to me.

“Huh?” I turned around and looked to where she held my tray. There was blood on the floor. Poor girl I thought. But then what was I supposed to say. I could tell in her face she had period cramps and was very uncomfortable.

“No, altyazılı porno I will get someone else to do that. Go get a tampon and put a pair of knickers on. You are excused to do that and then I want you to phone Emily, have her come in today.” I said back to her.

“Of course, Mistress, thank you.”

“Oh, Amanda, go run yourself a bubble bath honey, just take some time to yourself.”

“Thank you for your kindness Mistress.” She smiled and walked off.

I took another drag of my cigarette and then a sip of my coffee. What a morning, but this was just the start.

Later that day Emily had came round and cleaned up the dungeon for me. She was wearing her collar and was naked except for the butt-plug I made her wear. She is still a trainee, the collar itself, not as well made as Amanda’s and only said “TRAINEE” on it.

I had a social gathering that night. I was putting Emily through her paces. She was to be a whore for my guests that I had chosen. Whether or not she could accomplish it, I had no idea.

I left both Emily and Amanda to get ready. I was thinking of what I could wear to the gathering. I eventually settled on something just right.

I got out my black lace thong, and my black leather corset. Some black stockings and my high heeled platform thigh high boots. I started getting ready and could hear Emily in the dungeon cleaning up for me. I started on my hair, I had gorgeous blonde hair with black highlights, I had no dead or split ends, I made sure to visit the hairdresser often. I tied it up, and got it looking perfect. Onto my clothes. As I stripped down I noticed I was a slightly bit wet in my latex knickers. I scooped some onto my fingers and tasted it. I loved the taste of my own shaved pussy.

I wiped myself off on a towel and put my black lace thong on. Then the leather corset. I bought this corset because it always pushes my 32E boobs up.

I pulled the nylon stockings up my waxed legs. I love the feeling of putting them on, knowing how it makes people feel. I was lacing up my boots when a knock at the door came.

“Enter.” I said.

Emily walked in.

“I’m done Mistress.”

“Okay Emily, go get ready, I have a surprise inside you waiting for the guests at the party. If all goes well, you will have earned your collar.”

“Thank you Mistress.” She bowed and walked out of my room.

I got up from my bed and looked in my mirror. Just my make-up left. I put on some dark shadow, and black liner then added my mascara. I added some light pink blush to give off a glow, and I put on some dark red lipstick, lined with zenci porno a lighter red to outline my lips. I was ready for the night.

The sun had set and the guests were arriving in the dungeon. It was sparkling. I had the rack in one corner, a swing on the ceiling, I had the fucking machine (oh yes, I had spent a lot of money on this one) with a pink 10 inch dildo on the end in the middle of the room. And of course, the shackles on the wall in front of the stairs.

As the guests had fully arrived I started a toast;

“To Emily, if she can do what she is told without a word against it, she will officially be collared and allowed to stay full time in her Mistress’ dungeon.”

A round of applause and a smiling Emily. Perfect start to the night.

I started to mingle with the guests, chatting and laughing with them. I looked at the stairs, and saw feet coming down them from the side. Amanda came down the stairs wearing her knickers and collar. She walked up to me and held her head down.

“Sorry to bother you Mistress, but I would like to know if there is anything I can do?”

I took her to the side and asked her;

“Are you wearing a tampon, are you in pain with the cramps?”

She shook her head. “I have a tampon Mistress, it’s why I’m wearing knickers, but I took some pain killers earlier, I will be fine to serve.”

I took her hand and took her to the wall with shackles on it.

“Stand here, the drinks are to your left, if anyone needs a drink, offer to pour one for them. Be sure to be polite.”

She nodded and put her arms behind her back and raised her head, ready to serve me.

I looked around for Emily, I saw her across the dungeon talking to guests who were questioning her. I walked over and took her by the hand. I went into the middle of the room and tapped my wine glass.

“Attention please!” I yelled. Everyone turned around to look at me and Emily.

“Emily is about to perform for you all. Please give her your full undivided attention.”

I took her arm again and whispered into her ear, “you will let this machine fuck you for these people, then if any man wants to taste you, let them, but do not get off your back!”

She got into position and opened her legs. I guided the end of the machine into her and she let out a gasp. She looked a bit worried being on the other end of it. I took the controls and switched the machine on. As soon as it started to move she let out as squeal.

I upped the speed of the machine. I watched it thrusting into her wet cunt, I could hear the noises it made inside her, muffled by aldatma porno her screams of pleasure. She was loving it. She kept arching her back as it pushed in deep. She got a round of applause as she started to rub her swollen and very obvious clit. I increased the speed some more as she let another loud scream out. I could see the muscles in her pussy, pushing out cum and juices and gripping the wet dildo end of the machine. She grabbed onto the side of the table with both hands gripping it tight. I looked over at Amanda, who looked a little upset at being left out because of her period. I let the machine slow down as she screamed that she was about to cum. It slowed down and she started to pant heavily. Her sweat glistening off her perky boobs, her muscles pushing her juices out and some cum. I smiled at her as she looked at me, she smiled back.

I put the machine back on high immediately, she screamed and increased her grip of the table she was on. Her pussy was pushing out juices and splashing with the dildo. The climax was about to happen and I knew my guests would enjoy it. She started screaming she was cumming, and just like that, she screamed at the top of her lungs and cum started to squirt out of her pussy and all over the table and machine. Some drops even hit me. She kept screaming and her pussy kept squirting out cum. With the table soaking wet and Emily struggling to breath, I shut it off. She laid there with it still inside her, panting and breathing heavily as the guests applauded it. I walked to her side and said;

“Well done, you have earned your collar.”

She looked up at me sand smiled, her eyes half open from the pleasure she had just had.

I showed my guests out almost immediately. After they all left the dungeon, I looked at Amanda who was looking rather upset, with a still panting Emily, I took her hand and led her to Emily.

“Eat up this mess, and then lick your new sister’s pussy clean.”

“Yes, Mistress!” She perked back up to me.

She helped her new collared sister off the table, who was literally dripping. She began to suck the end of the dildo, then she licked up the cum off the table. And finally she looked down at her new sister. She looked back at me and mouthed “thank you”, to which I replied with a wink. She got down to her knees and took Emily’s pussy into her mouth and started to lick and suck all the cum from her pussy. Emily Dropped her back to the floor, exhausted and still panting. She spread her legs more so Amanda could get into her.

As Amanda started to lick the last few drops from Emily’s pussy, she started to moan softly.

“Getting aroused again?” I asked.

She looked at me, and said “No, Mistress, I’m just so happy right now.”

Amanda looked back at me with her face covered in Emily’s cum and smiled at me and started giggling. That night I collared Emily, and she stayed with me and Amanda.