Down , Up In Carolina Ch. 02


This story is a continuation of Down and Up in Carolina. The characters and events continue to be the products of the author’s imagination, and any similarity with real people or events is merely coincidence.

* * * * *

This is a story about a man named John Manetti. He is a modern day drifter with a past he is trying to work through. He finds himself in a small North Carolina coastal community where he meets Doreen Dickens. Doreen is married to an abusive husband, and John and Doreen meet when John stops her husband from beating her in public. A relationship has developed that has just been consummated with an afternoon of passion.

I wake up a short time later to a pleasurable sensation. Doreen is cuddled next to me with her head on my shoulder, arm across my chest and thigh across my groin. The warmth of her body next to mine is sensual. Her face is peaceful in sleep and there is a contented smile on her face. The clock next to the bed tells me that the afternoon is moving along. As much as I would love to keep this beautiful woman with me the rest of the day and night, and continue making love with her, I know that is not possible right now. She must return to her present life for a while longer.

Doreen tries to move her body closer to mine, and the friction this causes in different places almost overcomes my common sense. I begin to wake her up by planting kisses on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and lips. She stirs from her slumber slowly, looks at me and smiles. “Hi handsome. Do I have to get up now?” Her voice sounds like a high school kid not wanting to get up for school.

“I’m afraid so, beautiful,” I reply. “As much as I would like to continue what we started I don’t think it’s a good idea right now. What time does Shelly expect you at her place?”

She looks across my body to the clock and smiles, “A little more than an hour. Enough time to do it again.”

“Not the way I want to do it. Besides you and I need to talk, and you need a shower unless you want Shelly to know what you’ve been up to by your smell.”

“Damn it,” she says, “I don’t give a rats what she knows or doesn’t know right now, but I guess you’re right. Which way is the shower?”

I point toward the bathroom. Before leaving the bed she rolls on top of me and we kiss sharing tongues and caresses. She breaks away before things go too far, and heads toward the shower. Those beautiful buns of hers sway gently as she walks, and she flashes that smile over her shoulder as she disappears into the bathroom.

While Doreen is in the shower I pull on some sweats and go to collect her things from the living room. I stop in the kitchen to get a couple of sodas on my way back to the bedroom. The shower stops just as I sit on the edge of the bed. My soda is at my lips when Doreen comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Her sultry walk across the room makes me stop my drink in mid swallow. She crosses to the bed and looks down at her things neatly folded, then smiling at me drops the towel to stand before me in all her glory. I once again caress every inch of her with my eyes from top to bottom. The look on her face tells me that she appreciates the attention. After bending down to give me a toe-curling kiss she begins to dress. This happens slowly, almost like a strip tease in reverse. I’m a little sad when the last button is buttoned and all the real goodies are covered again.

I stand up and take her hand to lead her into the living room. We need to talk, and if we do it in the bedroom we may not get through it. Seating her on the sofa I take the chair across from her. She looks a little disappointed that I didn’t sit next to her. If I am to make it through the next few minutes I don’t need any distractions. Just sitting across from this beautiful woman is distraction enough. I don’t need her warm body next to mine.

Our talk begins with me telling Doreen how I came to be here in North Carolina. She gets the whole story with all the gory details, as well as my feelings about what happened. As the story unfolds I can see various emotions cross Doreen’s face. Pain, fear, horror, sympathy and compassion all fight with one another inside her. When I finish she says, “John, I agree with the others. From what you just told me you have nothing to be ashamed of. The icing on the cake for me was the man’s wife. If she thought for a minute you bore any responsibility for what happened she could not have said what she did to you. It’s about time you stopped beating yourself up over this, and get on with your life.” These words from someone I have come to love and respect do a lot for me. I’m sure that with her love to help me I can get over this now.

Next I turn the conversation to her situation. We agree that after what just happened we would not be able to stay away from each other for long. We also agree that until the divorce we need to be discrete about our relationship. Jed doesn’t need anything to use against her in court. This will be the Yozgat Escort last time we meet at my house, or anywhere else near by, where people might know us. Neither one of us is thrilled with this, but we know that if we continue openly there will be trouble that we don’t need or want.

Now that the talking is over we both breathe a cleansing sigh. The tension is broken and Doreen sits back and crosses her gorgeous legs. This causes her dress to ride up almost to her hips, and shows of her thighs. The look and smile on her face say, “Here I am. This is me.”

I sit back and say, “You are becoming quite an exhibitionist, you know that?”

“It’s all because of you cowboy.” She continues, “You are making me feel like a desirable woman again making me feel pretty again. I just can’t help but show off a little.” That devastating smile returns as she rises and crosses to my chair. Her hand cups my chin and lifts my face as she bends down to kiss me. It is a gentle and loving kiss without heat. When our lips part she says, “It’s time for me to go.”

I escort her to the door and she picks up her purse from the floor where she dropped it earlier. At the door she comes into my arms and we kiss one more time. This one has more passion to it, because this one will have to last us both for a while. We break from the kiss and she is out the door without another word. My immediate world is suddenly an emptier place.

The following Friday I am taking advantage of a rare day off from the boat building yard by sleeping in. It seems the Ledbedder brothers received a huge bonus because we finished a contract ahead of schedule. They’ve decided a day off with pay is a good reward. I am dreaming about Doreen and I on a beach somewhere. We are making love on a beach towel on the sand. Just as the dream is reaching a critical point a bell starts to ring. The noise keeps me from concentrating on my lovemaking and is making me mad. I start looking for the source when the ringing of the phone breaks through my slumber.

I reach for the phone and bring it to my ear. Before I can say hello I hear, “Hello handsome, miss me?” It is Doreen.

“Hi beautiful. I was just dreaming about you.” I am rubbing sleep from my eyes as we talk.

“Was it a sexy dream,” she asks?

“How can it be anything else if you’re in it.” Is my reply.

She giggles and asks me what I’m doing besides dreaming about her. I tell her I have no plans, and since it is a day off I plan to be lazy.

“How would you like to be lazy with me today? I have the day off too.”

“What do you have in mind?” This sounds interesting.

“I have never been on a motorcycle before, and I want to go to the beach. I’m thinking that you are just the man to make both happen. Am I right?”

“You are, and I would be delighted. How are we going to do this,” I ask?

She gives me directions to a place to meet. I tell her I can be there in an hour. When we say our good-byes I jump in the shower before dressing. I grab a beach towel and head out the door. The big Harley motor on my Fat Bob rumbles to life and I’m off.

The place she has chosen to meet is an abandoned gas station. I don’t see anyone around so I begin to shut the bike down to wait. As I take off my helmet Doreen comes walking around the corner of the building. Her skintight T-shirt and Jeans show off her body and she looks like a big cat as she strolls provocatively toward me and my eyes are drinking in her beauty as she approaches. She smiles and hands me the beach bag she is carrying, and then she gives me a welcoming kiss.

“How come we’re meeting here gorgeous?

“Because I own the property, and I can leave my car here safely and nobody can see it.” She replies.

I don’t comment on this revelation even though I’m curious. I am confident she will tell me more when she’s ready. I tie her bag to the handlebars as she puts on the helmet I brought for her and throws a shapely leg over the passenger seat. The Harley rumbles to life again as she puts her arms around my waist and scoots up so close I can feel her breasts press into my back.

I drop the bike into gear and we are off. Following her directions we are soon on highway 24 heading toward Morehead City. Before we enter the city we turn north and soon we’re on a coast road. A short time later we are passing beachfront places of various sizes and descriptions. The farther along we go the farther apart the properties become. Doreen has me slow down and eventually turn in to one of the properties. Sheltered in the trees about 1/4 mile from the road is a house. It isn’t falling down, but it needs quite a bit of work. I pull the bike into the carport that is attached to the house.

“It doesn’t look like anyone has been here in some time. I hope it’s all right for us to be here?” I say.

“Don’t worry,” Doreen replies, “I know the owner who doesn’t use it much any more. The owner said I could use it anytime I wanted.”

I Yozgat Escort Bayan hand her the beach bag and grab my towel. She leads me down a path of shrubs and pine trees that eventually leads to the beach. The sand is warm under our feet. Doreen stops about 20 ft from the water and opens her bag. There are some people on the beach, but there’s over 100 yd in either direction between them and us. It seems the beaches are private too. I watch as she brings out a beach cover up garment and pulls it over her head. It seems odd that she doesn’t put her arms through the holes until I realize she is using the cover up to change into her suit. Mine is under my jeans and I’m ready after I pull of my boots, jeans and T-shirt.

I sit on my towel and watch as Doreen changes. Her jeans and T-shirt come out from under her cover, but nothing else. She places them in her bag and brings out what looks like a bunch of bright orange string. The string disappears under the cover and she is stepping into something and putting something around her neck and behind her back. There are a few adjustments, and when she is satisfied she starts pulling the cover over her head. Its hem slowly rises up her legs revealing her shapely gams as it goes. The garment is almost at her hips before I see the first hint of orange. A strip barely wide enough covers her pubic area and extends up to where the straps are attached. It is generous to call them straps they look more like thin twine. They disappear around her hips. My eyes are drawn upward as the cover-up clears her bust. Strips similar to the one below barely cover her nipples and areolas leaving the majority of her breasts uncovered. The same orange twine as below holds the strips in place and disappears behind her neck and back. She holds the cover away from her side and strikes a sexy pose. Her head cocks to the side as she asks; “You like?” All I can do is nod with my mouth open. The contrast of bright orange against her tanned skin is amazing.

She holds her hand out to me and says, “C’mon cowboy. I want to swim.”

Hand in hand we head for the water. As we reach the waters edge she sprints ahead to dive into a roller as it nears the beach. I am right behind her. She is a strong swimmer and has a head start, but my open ocean and distance training let me catch and pass her. We sprint about a hundred yards and I notice she is no longer beside me. I stop and look back. Her head bobs a few yards behind me as she treads water. When I reach her she is slightly out of breath. Beautiful brown eyes search my face as she says, “You aren’t even a little out of breath. Are you?”

“Nope. All that training paid off I guess. I can still swim pretty good.”

“I thought I could swim,” she says. “But you blew past me like I was doing the dog paddle.”

“I didn’t know we were racing.”

“We weren’t. I just wanted to show you that I could do something well besides what we do in bed.”

“We are just getting to know each other.” I reply. “I’m sure that there are many things you can do that I can’t. Besides the obvious that is.”

“Well, as soon as I catch my breath cowboy, I’ll show you something I am good at.”

She suddenly reaches out and dunks me, which starts a game of grab ass. We grope, dunk, splash and tease each other until after 15 minutes or so I say, “I surrender. I’ve had enough.” I’m really not tired. There are other things I want to do besides play grab ass.

During our game we have slowly moved into shallower water. I can now stand with my head and shoulders out of the water. As I surrender to her in the game I capture her wrist and pull her to me. When she is in front of me I put my arms around her and pull her next to me. Her chest touches mine and I know that her suit top has slipped during our game. I feel bare nipples rubbing my chest. I say, “Madam, don’t you think you should readjust your bathing costume?”

“Why? Don’t you like what you feel?” she replied still in a playful mood. “Try this.” She wraps her legs around my thigh and starts stroking herself. The strips covering her breasts aren’t all that have slipped. I can feel bare womanhood rubbing against my thigh.

Our mouths meet in a hungry passionate kiss. We haven’t seen each other for 5 days, and we are ravenous for each other. My hands caress up and down her back reveling in the watery slick skin beneath them. They come to rest on her buttocks to caress and fondle and squeeze that delectable flesh. Her hips continue to hump her against my leg and little mewling noises escape her lips. Our lower bodies have my penis trapped between them and her movements stimulate me as well.

She releases her hands from around my neck and lets them glide down my body. They slowly caress my nipples and the muscles of my chest and abdomen on their way south. When they reach my hips the thumbs hook the waistband of my trunks and pull them down around my knees. Her hands begin to caress and stimulate the sensitive skin Escort Yozgat of my glans and shaft. The contrast between her warm hands and the cooler seawater is very sensual. I feel myself growing longer and harder.

I bring my hands around to the front of her thighs and begin to caress gently. They run from knee to hip on the outside and back to the knees. Then up the tender insides to gently caress her vulva and then back down. One hand returns to capture one hemisphere of her backside while the other caresses her mound. I insert 2 fingers and her hips begin to work back and forth. Her love channel is filled with my fingers and my palm is applying pressure to her clitoris at the same time. By this time the movement of her hips has become urgent and demanding. I capture her mouth with mine and we mingle our tongues in heated passion as her body nears its release.

Her mouth breaks from my own as her breathing becomes ragged. She is panting now with her head thrown back. I nuzzle and kiss her neck as her hips and my hand bring her to the ecstasy she is hungrily searching for. Staccato moans escape her as she nears her peak, and she stifles a scream when she comes by biting down on her lower lip. She is barely starting to come down when one hand leaves my neck and returns to my shaft. Her leg comes up over my hip as she guides the tip of my shaft into her entrance. When inside about two inches she clamps down with her muscles and holds me there while she lifts her other leg around my opposite hip. Once she is in position she releases her internal muscles and her body slowly slides down on me. She makes the process very slow so that we can both enjoy the sensation of penetration.

When she reaches bottom a loud sigh escapes her. She begins to move against me, and I help and support her with my hands full of butt flesh. In this position she is high enough so that with her head back I can reach her breasts. Each one gets its own lavish treatment from my mouth. The saltiness of the seawater adds a savor to the taste of her skin. Our movements are slow and deliberate to make sensations last, but it has been too long for both of us. Soon the pace increases until finally we are pounding against each other. Our lungs are pumping like bellows and our moans and grunts are getting louder. She comes first and clamps down on me with her internal muscles as I grind my shaft and groin against her clit. I clamp my mouth on hers to stifle her screams as she continues to ride her waves of pleasure. As her orgasm peaks she begins milking my prick with her internal muscles, a sensation I have not experienced before. Without making another move of my own my come explodes within her. Those fabulous inner muscles milk me until there is no more to give.

We cling together in the after glow of our lovemaking. We exchange little kisses and endearing words as we both descend from the heights of our passion. My deflated member slips from her warm sheath into the much cooler seawater and shrivels even more. Her arms and legs slowly release me and we begin to float side by side, the sun warming our fronts and the sea cooling our backs. As my breathing returns to near normal, I look towards her. The front half of her body is exposed to me. Those small strips of fabric are still askew, and give a delectable view of her intimate parts. I reach over and try to adjust them. She says, “Forget it. They don’t stay in place in the water anyway. I have to make the adjustments as I get out of the water. In the water it doesn’t make any difference.” I leave the fabric alone.

Doreen finally catches her breath and says, “I need to get out of the water before I start looking like a prune.”

We head for shore. As the body beautiful emerges from the water it is amusing to watch as the suit is adjusted. By the time we reach shore all strategic areas are covered, sort of. More of her is exposed than covered as I watch her dry her lovely body. She replaces her towel on the sand and reaches into her bag again. A bottle of sun lotion appears and sails in my direction. “Here cowboy. Make yourself useful,” she says as she stretches out on her front.

I begin to rub the lotion into her soft skin and remember the first time I did this. The last time we had not been intimate yet and the situation ended poorly. This time with confidence bred of familiarity I’m bolder as I work on her back. When I reach the sides of her breasts my touch is not tentative as before. My fingers manipulate the flesh knowing the attention will be accepted and appreciated. She tells me how good my hands feel as they roam over her body. As I work my way down her back there is no hesitation when I reach buttocks. Their flesh is heartily smoothed and rubbed as well as the flesh of the cleft in between. Like before, I move to her ankles and work her well-toned legs from bottom to top. She spreads them further apart as I move above her knees. I notice that they are farther apart than the first time, and I have unlimited access to all parts of her. The sun has warmed the skin of her thighs and their firmness and resilience is exciting. When my fingers reach the fold that joins buttock and thigh they continue between her thighs to cover her mons. I massage here as well and her hips join in the stimulation as she sighs.