DOR part 7

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DOR part 7Later that night as I was patrolling it was a lil closer to 5pm and I thought it was safe to go out about patrolling around and stretch my legs. As I am patrolling the 18th floor (yes there is a story coming up) I take a moment to open the housekeeping closet to see what if anything needs restocking maybe help a little. As I walk in to take full inventory i hear a door somewhere on the other side of the hallway thinking it was a guest or one of the other housekeeping employee I really didn’t pay much attention as I let the HK door close behind me. As I am standing in the close of shelf full of all kinds of linens, pillows, tissues and hygiene items I’m looking up taking mental note of everything that is missing that should be there. I hear the door behind me open and close again.”Don’t mind I’m just taking inventory of missing items I’m gonna restock some” I say the whole time looking up and not really bothering to turn around or to check who most came in thru the door. With Ms.A out I don’t have much to worry about since shes the only one that makes me nervous and gets a raises out of me. Without her being there I really don’t have to worry abt anything. Is an awkward silence whoever just walked in hasn’t said a single word.Which sakarya escort the awkward silence is making me uncomfortable which makes me turn around and see whose so fucking rude to walk in a closet and not at least say a single word.As I turn around Ms.ISHARA!!!!! I turn 10times the shade of red becoming nervous as shes just leaning back on the door blocking my way out her hands tucked behind the small of her back just watching me. She took off her glasses and has her hair relaxed over her face covering half her face shes just standing there looking I have once again discover a new shade or red. Ms.Isgara everything alright?” I ask trying to avoid the awkward silence and the possible question of why am I turning red, is like the multi rainbow color elephant dancing around in a tutu in this room. I feel the pressure heavy is amazing how heavy air feels when i can feel my heart beating out of my chest.She stands there and chuckles “No everything is just fine” she respond still standin there not moving a single inche.”Oh that’s good” I say trying to take deep breath and feel my pulse not knowing if maybe I passed out and I maybe dreaming all this. “Vanessa?” Yes….awkwardly fitching Vanessa come closer to me” she escort sakarya ask…..what? I’m sorry excuse me? Not sure what she asked wanting to make sure it is what I thought it was what I think is that I heard (that is a tongue twister)”come close to me” she stand with her left hand extending it and snapping her fingers at me pointing to a few inches in front of her. Part of me wants to ask her what the hell she thinks i am but me being me and fully aware that i am at work. I look at her strangly and step a few inches up moving slightly close to her but keeping a good portion of distance between us. I can hear my heart skipping a beat right about now.she chuckles still snapping her fingers at me like im her little puppy ( i can be if she wants me too rough rough rough, ill be the type of puppy that humps her leg none stop) “vanessa stand right here, what are you afraid to get close to me? she teasefuly ask as i am here turning a million shades of red breaking into a cold sweat as I am trying to breath but I seem to forgot how to breath suddenly the air seems heavy really heavy. ‘Ms.Isgara, i am unsure what it is that you want me to do’ i explain n in a soft whisper trying to control myself from telling her i want to be so sakarya escort bayan close to her that i want our bodies to rub up aganist each other as i kiss her and roll my tongue down her throat while i make her choke for a little bit. Right now the only one that is choking in my own breath trying to breath and catch myself as i feel like im in the bricks of an asthma attack being even this close to her and trying to control my hormones, i don’t know how much longer i can control myself (in reality NOT at all I am terrible at control). “oh my there you go turning red again, if i didn’t know any better I would say that you like me and everytime you see me you start to blush because who knows where your mind goes to” she saids while drawing back her left hand and starts to slowly rub her cleavage slowly undoing her top button of her blouse. I stand there frozen in place cold sweat dripping down my face in a hk closest that is freezing cold. “tell me where does your mind goes” what are you thinking about ” Am I in your thoughts?” she undoes her second button her blouse opening even more. “i I I i yayya, the spanish in my comes out as i catch my breath ‘ she chulckes”tell me what are you thinking?’ am I making you nervous? she keeps on with the type of questioning knowing very well the answer. She undoes her 3rd button I can see her perfectly cantaloupe size tits. perfectly paddle down in red silk bra holding them down barely OH GOD THEY ARE FUCKING AMAZING. I am drooling now.