Doctor Doctor, Dirty Doctor. Part1

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Doctor Doctor, Dirty Doctor. Part1Doctor Doctor, Dirty Doctor. Part1I (Ashley) was a hot blonde 18year old girl, Had big breasts almost a 36D, I was tall, Had long hair, Long legs, Had perfect curves, Perfect round ass, A bald tight pussy and lovely pink sensitive nipples with a perfect size areola.I was a horny girl, Always had the many boyfriends, Had sex very often and enjoyed oral.I was popular and famous in my school for my ‘slut’ image and my hot boyfriends.I wanted to join the Cheerleading team of my high school. The rules were strict, I had to have a body exam ever 3 months to make sure my cheering wasn’t affecting me in anyway.Before joining the team, The captain sent me to the gynac to have an exam to see if she was healthy and only then could i join the team.I went to the local gynac. I wasn’t sure if I’d be sent to Dr. Mrs. Nichole or Dr. Smith.My mother told me that she’d take my for the exam but I refused and said that I drive and i owned car and there is no need for my mother to take me to the doctor.I took and appointment for the next day, to meet with the local gynac.I reached in time for my examination. I had worn flat flip-flops, A half cupped pink bra, A white razorback top, Hot pink mini shorts and a blue G-string. I was called into room no.2When i entered, there was Dr. Smith was waiting for me. He looked very charming, Was maybe 24years old, Had light brown soft hair, big eyes, Fit physique, Tall, Around 5”11. Big player, Everyone knew that. I had even heard stories that he does his hot patients quite kastamonu escort often and that they all enjoyed it. I used to masturbate sometimes thinking of a doctor doing me and treating me like his whore patient“Good afternoon Ashley” Dr. Smith greeted me into the room. It was a huge white room with a massive bed, a couch and a desk. The bed had the leg supporters on the side to get the gyno exam done. I was finding it a bit awkward, as a male doctor was going to examine me.“Good afternoon Dr.” I greeted him back. He asked me to take a seat on the couch as he was holding my report. “So your sent here by Linda? Need to get into the cheerleading team?” He winked at me. “Yes, I needed a full body exam to make sure i was fit, and to keep a record.”“So your going to be coming every 3 months to make sure everything is right? Am i right?” He had a big smile. “Yes doctor.” I replied back. “Well well, This is your first exam, Hmm…Lets waste no time, Your the last patient i have for today. Shall we?” I nodded. He asked me to remove my clothes and to slip on a patients robe. The robe was short and very transparent. He then asked me to weigh myself on the machine. He opened the door, It was a little weird for me to roam around in the clinic’s corridor naked, I followed him to the machine and he weighed me. My weight was normal for my aged girls.We went back into the room. “Get rid of the robe and lay on the bed and spread your legs appart” i laid naked on the bed, My legs spred wide kept on the stands attached escort kastamonu on the bed. He sat on a chair wore gloves and took the stethoscope. Placing his one hand on my inner thigh the other bringing the stethoscope close to my pussy, ‘Omg,Maybe my imagination might just come true today’ was the tough that flashed my mind. He keped it on my bald pussy and asked me to contract my pussy walls. I did that a repealed. “All’s good from the outside..” He brought some lotion and applied it on my pussy. Removing his glove he put 2 fingers into my pussy, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah He is going to do me’ i tought Ahhh” i let out a small moan, hoping he wouldnt notice it. But he had.. “So Ashley, If i am not mistaken you are sexually active and are on the pill” i nodded. He pushed 3fingers deep in.. “yehahhh ahhh” i let out an other moan. Suddenly i could feel his tongue licking my pussy.. Yeah he was 100% going to do me and i was pretty damn happy about it.“I hope you dont mind Ashley” he said and went back into my pussy “You taste amazing.. God. So young and yummie. I have to thank Linda for you.” and he got wilder and was eating my pussy bad.. His tongue with force into my pussy hole while his hands rubbing my pussy.. I was getting too horny and i knew i was going to have an orgasm. “Ohhh yeah Dr.Smith.. OHHHH MYYY, Your AMAZING, Ahh Yeahhh Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhha hhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I’m cuming ahh yeah” i had juices all coming out, Dr.Smith drank every last drop.“I am going to examine you to while we are having this wonderful time” kastamonu escort bayan he told me and came and squashed my left boob in his hand. “Wow, Those are huge and looking very tempting” and he started to pinch my boobs and fiddled with my nipples. He squashed them as hard as he could.. took his stethoscope and examined them. “All’s good with the two little dolls” he said and hand his faced buried in them. Eating my nipples sucking them bad “Oh, How i wish there was milk coming out of them.. It would taste better than your juices. Ahhh” and he went back to chewing my nipples and sucking them and side by side squashing my boobs bad.. “Ahhhhh DR. SMITH, Ahhhh yeahhh. Oh pleasee they are too sensitive ahhhhh””Oh are they? Well then better enjoy it babe i am going to chew your hard pink nipples off” He said “The moment you walked in, I had a major hardon.. how i want to fuck you tight little pussy,ass and mouth so bad.. I have the whole day, As i said your last.. Why dont you call your home and say there is a que and the doc is running late eh?” “I’ve always wanted to be used badly by a hot doctor and you just fit the role to well.. dont worry, my mom wont bother. You have the whole day to fuck me bad.”He had a sparkel in his eye, “Wait a min..” he went to his desk and put the cam on and came back to me.. “I’m going to record us for the record. And you have no say in it you little whore, i am going to fuck the brains out of you and you will love every min of it.” “OH YES DR.SMITH”I got my legs up from the supporters “Hold it there, Let your pussy remain open dear” and he kissed my lips, His tongue in my mouth i could feel him licking my tongue, sucking it and kissing me at the same time.Part 2 coming up next. Enjoy.Please do vote and leave your comments. I’d appreciate it 🙂