Do not tell my hubby


Do not tell my hubbyI`ve been fucking my neighbour for about two months now and my hubby has no idea. About 12 months ago a young couple moved next door to us in the winter and they kept asking us if we would like to go round for a meal,some drinks. My husband is always trying to get me to flirt with other men and would lover one to fuck me but that was out of the question.One summers afternoon I sat in the garden with a glass of wine when Jane our new neighbour came round and asked if we would like to join them for some drinks and food later that evevning so I said yes. When I spoke to my husband I told him that we were going round for drinks his eyes lite up and asked if I would flirt with Tom who was Janes husband.I told him to stop being silly as he was much younger than us.I must admit I had watched Tom moving things into the house and he was nice. I had a couple of glasses of wine and it was time to get ready,with a little of the dutch courage I thought I would suprise my husband.So I put a tight summer top with no bra a short tight skirt no panties and some high heel sandles.When I came down stairs my husband look at me and smiled,he didn`t know I wasn`t wearing any panties. We walk round to our new neighbours and I knocked on the door as Tom opened the door he looked me up`n down which made me feel a little horny.After a couple of drinks we all went into the dinning room for some food and I was sat next to Tom. A good way into the meal and I could feel Tom was rubbing esenyurt escort his leg agains mine but I didn`t move away but as a result of his leg rubbing had made my skirt ride up and with it being so short to start with you could start to see my pussy.I didn`t want to look too uncomftable so I left alone. After a couple more drinks Tom slid his hand over to my leg which made my pussy wet,he was slowly rubbing my thight and my husband was sat opposite me with no idea what he was doing.He started to part my legs with his hand and I showed no resistance letting him open my legs so he had easy access to my pussy.He rubbed the outer side of my pussy then parted my lips which allowed my jucies to run out. I had not touched him yet as I didn`t want to lead him on but I was dieing to touch his cock. Tom stood up and went to get more drinks and as he did I took the chance to look at his bulge in his pants.How the fuck he manage to hide it was a miracle his cock looked massive and until that point I was going to make him stop. When he returned he looked down at my skirt and I had left it where it was and he could see my pussy. He moved his hand over again and I spread my legs for him so he could slide in a couple of fingers,then I moved my hand over to the bulge in his pants.My god his cock was so big I could not find the end and it was so hard it was straining his jeans.My pussy was very wet by now and I needed to cum.My husband was watching my tits avrupa yakası escort as they started to swell and my nipples were hard and on full show.Tom had by now found my clit and was gently rubbing it under the table and I was getting frustrated because I couldn`t get a full grip of his cock.I started to get close to cumming and spread my legs as wide as I dare.I tried keeping my face straight as I started to cum Tom left his fingers in as I came on them. He then pulled them out and licked them in front of my husband and Jane,they had no idea.We finished our drinks and said our goodbyes and when we got home I got my husband to fuck me hard while I recalled my drity secret.The following day I was looking into the garden thinking about what had gone on and I wanted to tell my husband as he would of been very proud not to say turned on. I still felt very frustrated as I didn`t get to see the full size of Toms cock.Then I saw Tom go into his garden I quickly ran to my room changed out of my comfys to a skirt and top.I walkout into the garden and Tom looked over and said Hi hope you enjoyed yourself last night yes I said very much I would like to return the hospiality so would you like a drink? I invited him round and he said yes he would love to “cum” I smiled and he walked round.We sat in the garden and I was showing him lost of leg and maybe even a flash of my pussy and I could see his cock anadolu yakası escort getting hard. I licked my lips and looked at him he was looking at my legs.I had never done anything like this before and it felt so wrong but so good.Is that your cock I asked him yes he replied. “How fucking long is it” I asked. His reply made me so wet. 12 half inches and over 5 half inches thick. My pussy was dripping at the thought.Can I see it seen as you fingered me last night I asked.With that he pulled his 3/4 lenght shorts down revealing the biggest cock I had ever seen.Fucking hell I shouted that`s fucking big,it was rock hard.Can I touch it? yes he replied. I lifted his cock with my two hands.Fuck me it`s massvie I said. Is that an offer he asked. Then he stepped closer lifting my skirt around my waist and squeezed my arse.As I kissed him as I pulled his foreskin back revealing the biggest bell end ever.He lifted my leg and strated fingering me .As I was thinking how I was gonig to get that thing up me I stared to cum on his fingers.I was about to ask another man to fuck me? God fuck me I said he knelt down between my legs as I sat on a chair. Then he slide he big cock over my clit and started putting it up me god it was so fucking big.He stared fucking me slow at first then got faster and faster.I was close to another orgams I removed my top so he couls suck me nipples and as he put them in his mouth I started to cum again. I could tell he was close to cumming and he pulled his cock out of me I started wanking him like crazy over my face.I fingered my self to my third orgams as gallons of his cum shot over my face. His cum run down my face and dripped on to my tits and nipples.As i rubbed my clit and massage his cum into my tits he stood me up and licked his cum offf my nipples.We both cleaned our selfs up and he felt.