Discovery Pt. 01

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Authors Note: Parts of this story are true and some parts fantasy. Part 2 will follow shortly.

My past was fairly normal. I did fairly well in school, with math being my worst subject and phys education my best. I was extremely shy and lacked confidence and this inhibited my dating life. I had little sexual experience until nineteen when a girl I dated gave me a hand job.

Although it felt great, I had thoughts of what it may have felt from her perspective. What did it feel like to hold a hard cock? What thoughts did she have while sucking me? Would seeing me spurt arouse her or would she think it was an icky mess?

I didn’t reach the two minute mark before I started spurting and after the wonderful release I felt guilty for making a mess on her hand and top. I never dated her again and she never contacted me.

I completed university, got a job, married and raised two children. I coached baseball in summer and hockey in winter and now it was time to get back to playing sports. Baseball was fun and hockey was something I always looked forward to.

Hockey was a social league and ages ranged from eighteen to eighty, most being in their thirties and forties. After the games, most guys changed and headed home or to the pre-arranged bar and some would take the time to shower.

As a complete surprise, I began to sneak peeks at the naked guys, one in particular. Like myself, he was in his mid-forties and unlike me, the head of his cock was hidden by foreskin. Although the other cocks had their appeal, nothing compared to this uncircumsized penis.

We played two times a week and I started to enjoy seeing his cock more than playing hockey. Unfortunately, he only played on the same team for one year and I never saw him again.

Hockey continued for years and so did my peeking. No two cocks looked the same. From short, medium to long … thin and thick and most circumcised.

Over the years, sex with my wife dwindled from twice a week to twice a month and then sometimes once or not at all. Masturbation changed from once a week, to twice and then almost every day. It always felt heavenly, but still not as good as being touched by my wife.

Watching porn also changed from once a month, to once a week and then several times a week. I started watching lesbian porn and then to homemade porn of a wife fingering herself and using a vib.

While viewing a wife rubbing herself, her husband adjusted her legs and his penis came into view. It was semi-hard and fairly large around. The head was rounded like a mushroom and a sparkling drop was exposed from his pee slit.

He shifted her so that her butt was hanging over the foot of the bed and his legs were on either side of her. Seeing a nude guy’s butt was less than appealing and I was about to close the video when he bent over her, she held his cock and began rubbing it over her pussy.

Her sex glistened in pink wetness and his cock grew to full erectness. I watched as over six inches of male thickness slid into her.

His anus was exposed and it held no interest to me, but his balls and ball sac did. His hips moved and almost all of his cock slipped out, only to slide slowly back inside.

I knew how good it felt for him, but my thoughts went to her. How did it feel to have a full, erect penis inside and how did it feel to be in such a submissive position?

He began to thrust quicker and she arched to him in rhythm. Their breathing was deeper and their passionate sounds filled my ears. Then he held still and deep and I watched as his anus and balls twitched, each twitch a spurt of his essence going inside her.

I loved that feeling, spurting my seed deep into my wife, but now I wondered, how does it feel to receive a man’s seed?

I wanted to be her. I wanted to feel what she was feeling.

After months of watching homemade husband and wife videos, I realized that my wishes to be the wife was my defense mechanism to justify thoughts of wanting another man to penetrate me.

I wanted a cock in my ass. I wanted to suck a cock and be penetrated by one.

I explored some bi-male and gay web sites and even corresponded with a few other males, but never got the nerve to take it further. Years of fantasy thoughts continued and my wife’s loss of sexual interest resulted in no sex at all.

It was time for a change and in my early sixties I got introduced to pickleball. It is such a fun game, with as many women playing as men. It also brought me back to a men’s change room, casino siteleri where some men change from running shoes to street shoes and others strip and shower.

One older gent, seemed to be more on my schedule than the others and he was one of the few guys that would shower at the end of the game. I’m six feet tall with broad shoulders and he’s 5′ 10″ with a fairly fit body and hairy chest. At one time his chest hair must have been all black, but now there was more salt than pepper.

His cock wasn’t the largest I’d seen, nor was it the smallest and the head of his cock was completely covered with skin. Even more skin puckered at the tip than the cock I had enjoyed seeing while playing hockey.

He wasn’t shy and never covered in modesty. I played four to five times a week and would see him two to three times. I enjoyed playing partners with him and loved peaking at his sexy cock.

Similar to myself, he was married, his kids were married and sex with his wife had dwindled to nothing. On several occasions we stopped for coffee after playing and soon became good friends.

Although he never said anything, I’m sure he was aware of my not so sneaky peeks and perhaps him not wrapping a towel around himself was for my benefit. After a particular demanding set of games, we both headed to the change room with soaked t-shirts.

We sat on the bench with our t-shirts off, chatting about the game and what went right and what went wrong. All the other guys had come and gone.

Andrew stripped. “Time to shower. Looks like we both need one.”

I had lost some weight and was in the normal range for a person my height, but I never did like being nude in front of others.

“C’mon,” he said and walked towards the showers.

‘Why not,’ I decided and slipped off my shoes, socks, gym shorts and underwear. I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around my hips and headed to the showers.

It’s an open concept shower with four shower heads and hangers at the sides. Andrew was second from the left and turned as I hung my towel and turned the tap on the far right shower.

He smiled. “Glad you joined me.”

The water was a little too hot and I turned the tap a bit to the right.

“Me too. The water feels great.”

“You look good,” he said.

It was weird to hear another guy say that and even weirder to hear my own response.

“So do you.”

He smiled. “I’ve seen you looking and it’s been great for my ego.”

My first instinct was to deny, but honesty is the best policy. “I thought I was being careful. Guess my peeking abilities aren’t as good as I thought they were.”

“No need to peek, feel free to have a nice, long look.”

I hesitated for a moment and then my eyes drifted down. He had a full bush of curly hair above his cock and his balls drooped down in round fullness. His cock had thickened slightly and the skin at the tip was puckered tight, completely hiding the head inside.

He grinned. “Don’t have to ask if you like the view, or how much you like it.”

I hadn’t realized that my cock had stiffened to its full six inches.

“What are your thoughts, Tom? For me to touch you or for you to touch me?”

My voice was barely above a whisper. “For me to touch you.”

“Have you had fantasy thought of this being in your mouth?” and he cupped his cock in his palm, holding it in my direction.

I nodded.

He turned off his tap, stopping the flow of water. “Not here and not now, but soon.”

I let my cock soften before stepping out of the shower and into the change room. Andrew was alone in the room.

“Unwrap the towel and show me,” Andrew said.

Being nude with another man is one thing, but exposing myself to a dressed man is another. I felt completely vulnerable. It was scary and arousing at the same time.

“I think we need a bit of time to process all this,” Andrew said. “I hate the thought of cheating on my wife, but I think I love the thought of your lips around my cock more.

Do you really want to touch and suck me?”

I bit my lip and nodded.

“I need more than a nod, I need to hear you say it.”

“Yes, I want to touch you, suck you … and more.”

His right eyebrow curled up.



I saw Andrew the following Monday and he played his normal fine game and afterwards we showered together.

While soaping his body he asked,” Have you had a change of heart, or do you still want to…”

He didn’t have canlı casino to complete his sentence. “I still want to, but the thought of really doing it is scary as hell.”

“It’s a bit scary for me too,” Andrew said.

I watched as he soaped his body and his cock and balls. I love the female form and parts and I loved seeing his parts, but this was the real thing and going further than looking cannot be undone.

We dressed and walked to our cars, which were parked close together.

“I hope you don’t mind this request and although I trust you, this may help,” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“There’s a clinic close-by and they do anonymous and free STD checks. We could go together?”

I never thought Andrew had any STDs, but he was right, being tested was a prudent thing to do.

“It’s a great idea,” I said.

The testing was quick and the results showed that neither of us had any STDs.

After the following Monday’s pickleball games, Andrew informed me that his wife was flying out on a business trip and wouldn’t be back home until Friday afternoon. My wife worked during the day, and being retired gave me all the free time I needed.

“Instead of playing tomorrow, perhaps you could join me for lunch and afterwards we could…”

“For years my mind has been like a roller coaster, from having an incredible urge to be sexual with another man to wondering why I would ever want such a thing.”

“I know how you feel, my mind has been flipping and flopping for years as well. I’ve never had the urge to suck another man’s cock, but I’ve desperately wanted to have a man take me in his mouth.”

Hearing him say that calmed my mind. “I would love to have lunch and, well, you know?”

“I think I know,” he said with a smile. “But I love hearing you say it.”

“Suck you,” I said.

Sleep didn’t come easy that night and there were several times that I decided to cancel and leave my fantasy just that, a fantasy. Several times during the morning I picked up the phone, wanting to cancel by voice and not by text message or e-mail, but each time I dropped the phone, knowing that at least once in my life, I had to see what it was really like.

The thought of fleeing dissipated as I stepped up to Andrew’s door and pressed the button.

He was wearing a button down shirt and khaki pants and his warm handshake grew into a welcoming hug.

“Are you as nervous as me?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Are your knees bruised from shaking together?”

He laughed. “Perhaps I’m not that nervous, but being sexual with another guy was never something that I thought I would do.”

“Do you think me wanting to suck your cock makes me less masculine?”

“I’ve given up trying to put labels on things. I love when my wife sucked me, but I would get more aroused thinking that it was another man with his lips around my cock. I’m sure there were many times when she sucked for my pleasure alone and that sucking wasn’t something she really enjoyed.”

“And you think I will… enjoy?”

“I think you’re here because you know you will enjoy it and that part of your fear is knowing just how much you will enjoy it.”

The soup, sandwich and conversation lulled the atmosphere and I was apprehensive, but relaxed.

“How would you like to go downstairs and see my entertainment room?”

I was under no illusion that lunch was over and the real reason for my visit was about to begin.

Andrew guided me to a seat on the couch and pressed a button on the TV remote. An image appeared of two mature men, both nude, with one standing and the other kneeling and licking the other man’s balls.

“I thought this might be a good way to start,” Andrew said.

The man kneeling licked and kissed his way up the other man’s cock and then slid his lips down the shaft.

“You can unbuckle and unzip me whenever you’re ready.”

I had imagined sucking his cock, but never the preliminary of removing his clothes. It took a few moments until I reached and awkwardly unbuttoned his pants. As I lowered his zipper, he slipped off his shirt, exposing the sexy down of his chest hair.

His pants slid easily down his legs and the bulge in his underwear showed his semi-arousal. My fingers shook as they slipped under the band of his underwear and pulled down. I’d seen his pubic hair before, but not at this close of a distance. Unlike his chest hair, his pubic hair was totally dark, with no grey.

There was a large kaçak casino vein on the top of his cock, which made a bend and went to the underside. His penis jerked slightly and it was so strange to be this close to another man’s private part.

His ball sac drooped and his balls were so prominent and perfectly shaped. He stepped out of his underwear and stood before me, stark naked.

It thickened more and the tips of my fingers were drawn to the large blue vein that started near the base of his cock, curled up and along the top and then veered down and disappeared.

The form of his cock head showed and I lightly touched over it and to the tip. The skin was puckered and I rubbed my finger over it and then gently pulled, watching it stretch.

Andrew sighed and his cock expanded in girth and length, exposing the very tip of his cock. His slit was shimmering with a drop of crystal clear fluid. I touched it and pulled away, leaving us attached by a string of precum.

“Taste it,” he said and I raised my hand, licking the small drop from my finger tip.

He stepped directly in front of me and held the base of his cock, guiding the tip inches from my lips.

“I want your first kiss to be there,” and he wiggled his cock.

When he held it still, I leaned and pressed my lips softly, touching his foreskin and his pee slit. The skin was like soft rubber and his slit was warm and wet. My tongue peaked out and was rewarded with several drips of delicious nectar.

My precum is sweet and his was sweeter than honey. I licked for more and he squeezed along the length of his cock, pushing more tasty pre from his shaft. He pulled his skin back and for the first time, I saw his cock head. It was so smooth and shiny and instinctively I kissed it and rolled my tongue over and over it.

My body shivered, eyes closed and my lips slid over the tip until the whole of his glans was in my mouth. I was in heaven and my tongue slowly massaged the underside of his head.

He groaned and his fingers slid through my hair, gently holding and caressing my head. The tenderness shown sent a shiver through me and I slurped over the head of his cock and sucked for the first time.

Andrew’s arousal resulted in more precum entering my mouth and I savored each delicious drop. His hips moved slowly and his gland slid over my tongue and between my lips. I sucked in unison with his movements and moaned at the gentle fucking my mouth was receiving.

I raised my hand and cupped his balls in my palm. The power from them and his cock was overwhelming and my cheeks glowed with the blood coursing through my body.

“I’m going to cum,” he said.

Those words drifted through my mind, a warning of what was soon to come and an offer to pull away from him, but pulling away was the last thing I wanted to do. By sucking deeper, I told Andrew where I wanted his semen to go.

He held my head, groaned deeply and his first spurt went to the back of my throat. Two other blasts came in quick succession, filling my mouth with his precious seed. I swallowed as his cock spasmed several more times.

The frenzy of sounds and spurts ended with silence and we both remained still. His cock began to soften and I looked up to him, my blue eyes meeting his brown ones. We had crossed a line that could never be uncrossed and performed an act that most other men would not understand.

His cock slipped from my lips and he guided me to my feet and slid his arms around me. He tilted his head slightly and in reflex I exposed my neck to him. His kiss on my neck raised goose bumps from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

My neck is so sensitive and a moan of passion gripped me like a vice. His kisses along my neck continued until he reached my chin and then kissed up to my lips. I always considered oral sex to be intimate, but nothing is more intimate than a kiss on the lips.

I never imagined being kissed by a man and until this moment I’d always been the kisser and not the person being kissed. The role I’d been playing all my life was false and not my true nature. Andrew was showing me who I really was and my lips parted when his tongue pressed against my lips.

I sucked on his tongue and he moved it in and out, imitating what his cock had done earlier. I was completely receptive and basked in my new found role.

Our lips parted, leaving me confused for not only allowing, but completely enjoying this intimate act.

Andrew dressed and we sat outside, enjoying the quiet and the warm sunshine.

“A lot to process, isn’t it,” he said.

I nodded. “A lot indeed.”

“Would love for you to drop by again tomorrow. How does fruit and juice at ten sound?”

“Sounds great. See you tomorrow.”