Discipline and Respect


I am the principal of a young ladies college. The students range in age from ten to nineteen with each age group having their own special problems. The best (and worst) are the older girls. They think they know everything and a teacher can find it difficult to handle them if they get out of hand.

I’ve always found the best way to handle the older girls is to treat them like adults, giving them respect and letting them know where the lines have been drawn. Respect and discipline are the watchwords.

You can understand that I was feeling a little annoyed to be approaching one of the senior grades and hearing what sounded like a mini riot taking place. I could see Miss Beryl Henderson trying to regain control and not succeeding too well. It looked like I was going to have to have a little chat with Miss Henderson. Again.

I stopped in the doorway, looking in, not smiling and not frowning, just assessing the situation. Girls started spotting me and whenever one of them looked my way I’d meet their eyes. It was amazing how fast they started sitting down and shutting up. What I was actually looking for was the ringleader to the little debacle and I spotted her soon enough. Melissa was the culprit. Why didn’t that surprise me? She had had a few warnings before this. Now it was time for some active retribution.

The room was dead silent as I sauntered over to Miss Henderson, who was watching me and blushing sightly.

“Miss Henderson,” I said softly, “do you think you can find time to come and see me in my office after final bell. Bring Melissa with you. Thank you.”

She stammered some sort of acknowledgement and I turned, gave the class a killer look, and went on my way. That killer look would keep the class in order for a while, and the end of the period wasn’t too far off. A new class and a different teacher would help keep them calm.

About fifteen minutes after the final bell rang Miss Henderson and Melissa showed up at my office. I invited Miss Henderson in and suggested to Melissa that she might like to sit outside and wait. From the look on her face she didn’t like, but sat anyway.

I had Miss Henderson sit down and then I very politely ripped into her. I pointed out that the mini riot I’d interrupted was not the sort of behaviour I expected at the school. I emphasised the discipline and respect mantra. If she imposed the discipline and showed respect for the students, self-discipline and respect would develop in the students.

I didn’t give a damn about the modern attitude of free expression and letting the students decide what was good for them. As far as I was concerned the students were here to learn and we, by god, were going to teach them. Miss Henderson’s classes did not appear to be learning. I’d been reviewing the results of the classes she was teaching and I was not happy. She was going to pull her finger out and do things my way or she could request a transfer to another school.

Miss Henderson blustered a little, but it’s hard to argue when the results of her free-teaching style were on paper, and they were not pretty. She was going to tighten up discipline and that was final.

“I have an ideal subject for you to practice tighter discipline on,” I told her. “You might have been wondering why Melissa is waiting outside?”

At her nod I continued.

“Sweet little Melissa was orchestrating that riot in your classroom. Something that you should have spotted and stopped before it started. Now we’re going to have a little chat with Melissa, I’m going to recommend a specific punishment and you’re going to go ahead and deliver it.”

With that I called Melissa in. I’d like to say she entered fearfully, quaking in her shoes, but she didn’t. She waltzed in as though she’d called the meeting, all youthful arrogance. I smiled at her. She smiled back. The duel was about to commence.

Briefly, I told Melissa that her behaviour was beyond the pale and that the riot she’d instigated was going just a little too far. She sweetly pointed out that she hadn’t started the fuss. It was spontaneous, she told me, and I couldn’t prove otherwise.

“You seem to mistake me for the legal system, Melissa,” I said. “I’m not. You did it and now you’re catching it. As you know, we’re allowed to practice corporal punishment in this school. We rarely have to but in your case I’m willing to make an exception. Miss Henderson is going to administer a spanking, and I hope it will teach you both something.”

“You’re kidding,” came from two directions, one voice horrified and the other laughing. Miss Henderson, the believer in freedom, was the horrified one.

“You can’t make me do that,” protested Miss Henderson. “You’d need parental permission for a start.”

“I have it. It’s part of the rules signed by the parents at the start of each year. It is also in the rules that Melissa read and signed when she turned eighteen. Please proceed.”

“You’re kidding,” Melissa repeated. “You really think Miss Henderson is going to spank me?”

“Yes, Yozgat Escort I do,” I acknowledged. “If necessary I will show her how it’s done, using her bottom to demonstrate. If she has a choice between getting spanked herself or spanking you, which option do you think she’ll pick?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Miss Henderson said, sound quite shocked.

“If it means stopping you and Melissa turning my school into a free for all then yes, I most certainly would dare. Melissa is not leaving this office without being punished. If you want to have the same punishment, that’s your choice.”

There was a bit of to and fro between Miss Henderson and myself but I was adamant. Finally Melissa put her piece in.

“You might as well, Miss Henderson,” she said with some exasperation. “It looks as though I’m going to cop it no matter what and I’d sooner have you spank me than him.”

Talk about a schmozzle. I could not believe that a woman in her twenties didn’t have the faintest idea of how to go about delivering a spanking.

“Have Melissa bend forward over the desk, lift up her dress and smack her bottom,” I told Miss Henderson. “How hard can it be?”

Melissa bent over the desk. Check. Miss Henderson lifted her dress. No check. It promptly fell back into place. Eventually she got the idea to tuck the hem into the belt and the dress stayed up out of the way. OK, check. Smack her bottom. Hell’s bells. Someone teach the woman the difference between pat and smack. Pat is what you do to a pet, not a bottom. (Melissa was biting her lip. To stop herself laughing out loud, I was sure.)

I sighed and walked around to stand next to Miss Henderson. I looked at Melissa, bottom on display, non-regulation panties also on display. I pulled the panties down. Both Melissa and Miss Henderson squeaked at that.

“This is what you are doing,” I told Miss Henderson, patting Melissa. (I have long arms. Maybe I over-reached a little, because the pat didn’t land on Melissa’s bottom. Ah, well, accidents happen.)

“This is what you should be doing,” I added, talking over Melissa’s squeak of protest, and delivering a firm spank to Melissa’s bottom. (And yes, I did land the spank on her bottom.)

“Now, do you think yourself capable of doing this?” I asked, stepping back and indicating she should proceed. “If I have to demonstrate further it will be on you.”

Face red, Miss Henderson delivered a firm spank to Melissa. Melissa squealed and Miss Henderson apologised. Apologised, for crying out loud, because a spank might have hurt. I’d had enough.

“Beryl, I think you’d better take up position next to Melissa.”


“Because, Beryl, it’s plain I’m going to have to educate you both. You need to learn that discipline may be painful at times but it is necessary. Melissa is going to learn that retribution will follow if she pushes hard enough. Now bend over.”

I’d changed the formal Miss Henderson to the informal Beryl, effectively reducing her to another student. Perhaps she saw it that way herself as she bent over next to Melissa, casting little looks back at me. She gave a little squeak when I lifted her dress up out the way and a louder one when her panties went down.

“You’re not really going to spank me?” she protested, not quite believing it.

“You tell me,” I said, my hand coming down sharply.

Beryl gave a sharp squeal which was immediately followed by a similar squeal from Melissa as I gave her a decent spank.

As I spanked I explained to them their shortcomings. It’s hard to argue when anything you have to say is interrupted by a hand landing very firmly on your bare bottom. All the girls could really do was squeal and protest and get their bottoms warmed up.

It seems that it’s been so long since I’ve had to spank anyone that I’ve grown into a rather careless spanker. For some reason a number of spanks seemed to land on a pair of pussies, stinging them. Entirely accidental, of course, but fortunately they tended to be lighter spanks. Still and all, it seemed to me that both young ladies were getting aroused by the spankings. (This wasn’t exactly a guess. Standing where I was I could see everything the girls had, and one thing they seemed to have in common was labia that were swollen and spreading.)

With the spanking effectively complete, I decided to finish off. Standing between the two young women I let my hands close over their mound, a finger delicately probing between each set of lips. Not to my surprise, Beryl was not a virgin. Rather to my surprise, Melissa was.

Both girls protest volubly at what I had just done and I was laughing as I let them go and stepped back.

“OK, you can stand up, Melissa. Please remain like that for a moment, Beryl.”

Melissa stood up and turned to face me. She was reaching down to pull up her panties but I stopped her.

“Not yet,” I said quietly. Reaching over I lifted the front of her dress and tucked it up into her belt, leaving Yozgat Escort Bayan her exposed. She hastily crossed her hands in front of her pussy, blushing when I laughed. I turned to speak to Beryl.

“Tell me, Beryl,” I said softly. “You believe in giving the girls a well rounded education?”

“Yes,” came the muttered reply.

“Then, if Melissa doesn’t object, we should be able to assist her in catching up on a class she missed.”

I started rubbing Beryl’s pussy.

“I noticed that you’re flagged as having missed the sex education course,” I said to Melissa. “You don’t mind if Beryl now gives you a quick rundown on it, do you?”

Melissa was watching as I rubbed Beryl, her hands not so much cupped in front of her pussy as gently rubbing it.

“No,” she said in a husky sounding voice. “I don’t mind.”

“There you go,” I told Beryl, my fingers slipping between her lips and testing the waters, so to speak. (In this instance, the waters were hot and wet.)

I withdrew my hand and pressed something else up against her. Melissa’s eyes went wide and she was watching hard, not wanting to miss a stroke. Beryl’s attitude was a little different.

“What are you doing?” she demanded. “You’re not really doing that are you? Oh, fuck me, you are. You really are.”

While she was asking what was going on I was sliding steadily into her. For some reason, spanking two pretty little bottoms had got me all aroused and my erection was a veritable flagpole.

I pushed steadily forward, my cock moving down a tight hot passage, nicely oiled to facilitate my entry. Beryl commented the entire time I was pushing home, wanting to know if I was mad, did I know what I was doing, how could I do this? I didn’t bother answering until my groin was pressing firmly against her pussy, my cock up her as far as it would go.

“No, I’m not mad. I’m not even cross any longer. It should be obvious to you that I know exactly what I’m doing. I find I can do this quite well. Any other questions? If not, how about we demonstrate to Melissa what sex is all about?”

“What, Melissa? Oh my god. Melissa is watching. Oh my god.”

I shrugged (mentally) and started to move, withdrawing and plunging back in hard. Beryl might have found the situation a little strange but she hadn’t told me to stop, so I saw no reason not to continue. After driving in a couple of times I paused.

“Beryl, you’re supposed to move with me. You’re going to give Melissa a poor idea of how to handle a man if you can’t handle one yourself.”

Beryl said a rude word but when I thrust into her again she lifted her bottom, pushing to meet me. I took it slowly at first, letting Beryl get used to her unexpected treat and also making a bit of a performance of it for Melissa’s benefit. (I didn’t give a commentary. She should be smart enough to work out what was happening.)

After a while I started picking up the pace. Beryl adapted to the new pace, her bottom bobbing up and down. It was a great temptation to start smacking it as it bobbed, but I nobly refrained. It wasn’t long before Beryl was giving out eager little cries as she bounced against my cock, her arousal full on and her excitement growing in leaps and bounds.

I continued to pace myself. I didn’t want to climax yet, but I didn’t mind driving Beryl around the bend. It wasn’t long before Beryl was ready to go. I held her like that, right on the cusp, pleading with me for release.

“Are you sure?” I asked her, laughed when she swore, and pressed in a little harder, just enough to let her climax without spilling my own load.

Beryl had a relatively quiet climax, shaking and shuddering beneath me before slumping forward over the desk, spent. I looked over at Melissa. She looked as though she was fascinated by the whole thing and she also looked highly aroused. Good thing, too. She was next.

I disengaged from Beryl and turned to face Melissa. Her eyes promptly dropped to where my erection was still standing firm. She didn’t actually look at me as a person until I took her arm and started backing her up against the table.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Practical work,” I told her. “Let’s see how well you understood what we did.”

“You can’t,” she gasped. “You just did it. Men can’t do it twice just like that.”

“A base calumny bestowed on some men by lesser men,” I told her. “It should be obvious to you that some men can.”

“But you can’t do it to me,” she protested.

“Why not? You have to learn sometime and it seems that this is as good a time as any.”

I reached down and cupped her mound. I could feel the heat in it and her lips were practically kissing my hand, they were so eager.

“What I’m going to do,” I said softly, “is move your lips apart and slowly insert my erection into it. I’ll go easily and we’ll see how it goes. I’m taking you from the front so you can see me entering you. OK? If you’re going to say no, you’d better say Escort Yozgat it now.”

With that I started. I reached down, parted her lips just a little, and pressed my erection against her. As soon as my cock had passed between her lips I let them close around me, moving my hand so she could see what was happening. Melissa was breathing hard, looking down at what was happening, not commenting, too fascinated by what she was seeing and feeling.

I pressed a little further in, hearing Melissa squeak with excitement. Then, unfortunately, I was pressing against her hymen.

“OK, Melissa, here’s where you get your cherry popped.”

She went slightly pale and looked at me, visions of sudden pain going through her mind.

“Yes, it may hurt,” I admitted. “But it will be over quickly.”

She swallowed and looked down at where I was pressing into her. She was tense and expectant, but she was waiting to see what was going to happen.

I started pressing more firmly against her, and I could see her nerves screwing tighter as the pressure slowly increased. The trouble was I didn’t want to push in harder, wanting to take her through it slowly. I was thinking she might start to panic as the pressure increased with nothing happening, but then she gave a gasp and I felt myself surging forward.

She looked at me, her eyes wide, looking rather surprised, but then her attention switched back to where the interesting things were happening. I pushed against her, slowly sinking in, while Melissa watched.

So did Beryl. I felt a hard thump on my arm and turned to see her glaring at me.

“What are you doing?” she hissed at me.

“Educating Melissa,” I said quietly. “This is her practical exam.”

“You can’t do that,” Beryl insisted.

“Melissa doesn’t seem to mind,” I pointed out, my cock nearly fully in her.

I gave one last little push and slid fully home. I held myself there for a moment, letting Melissa adjust and get accustomed to what was happening. Finally I started pulling back, paused and pushed back in, moving firmly but not too fast, letting her see and feel me sinking back in. Then I repeated that, watching her to see how she reacted.

When I started driving back in the second time I could see Melissa pushing back against me, encouraging me to sink in faster. With that I stopped worrying about how she would handle it and started taking her properly. Still moving fairly slowly I pumped into her, enjoying the friction of her passage clinging to my cock.

I kept it nice and slow for a while, Melissa moving happily against me. Eventually I could see her urgency was building and started moving faster. It wasn’t long before I was really driving into her. Melissa was ignoring me as a person. What she was concentrating on was what was happening to her, moving against me with great enthusiasm.

She was gasping and squeaking, starting to ask for more, wanting me to take her harder, faster, her gasping please seeming to condense down to a wail for “more, I need more.”

I was quite happy to give her more. I was still pacing myself, wanting her a lot closer to a climax before I started really letting loose. I was hitting Melissa hard and fast now and she was responding marvellously, eager to take everything I could give her. I was enjoying my task. Sometimes teaching students is a joy in its own right and this was one of those times.

I could hear that Melissa was hitting the high notes with her gasps and little cries, her excitement and passion plain to hear. It would only be the act of a gentleman to help her over the edge and I showed my true colours.

I took her into the final run, driving in harder than ever, grinding my groin hard against her. She lasted for a few more lunges then gave a sort of groan and climaxed, wailing softly as pleasure raced through her body, shaking her to the core.

Afterwards, when we’d all tidied up our clothing I had the girls sit down. Beryl looked a trifle worried. Melissa looked dreadfully smug. All things considered I thought I should handle the aftermath on a one-on-one basis. I asked Beryl to wait outside for a moment while I spoke to Melissa.

“You,” I said as soon as Beryl had closed the door, “had better behave in future. You received a light spanking earlier. If I have to discipline you again you’ll find out just how light it was. And the spanking would be all you get. Understand?”

She nodded. She understood. Make trouble and it would be a spanking and no side benefits.

“OK. However, if you think you need another lesson on sex education, feel free to drop in and see me after school tomorrow. I will be quite happy to further your education.”

She didn’t say anything, just looked thoughtful. I dismissed her with a final warning about her behaviour.

She paused before she opened the door and looked back at me.

“What would another lesson in sex education entail?” she asked.

“Erogenous zones, where they are, and how they make you feel,” I said blandly, keeping my face straight.

She looked even more thoughtful, opened the door and departed. I strongly suspected that she’d be back. Some subjects need that additional study.

With Melissa gone Miss Henderson came charging back into the room.