Dirty Teacher in Internet Cafe

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Dirty Teacher in Internet CafeHave you all noticed the increase in young female teachers having sex with their students, boys in their teens, whereas in the past, it was the sole domain of girls like myself, who were dropping our knickers for Sir enjoy.As menstruating teens we girls have more hormonal problems to contend with, our ovaries start producing eggs and our bodies go into heat, a craving for sex and men, its not that we are bad or naughty, we simply have no control over our cravings and are turned on quickly, hence the increase in teenage pregnancies and pedophilia.Susan taught Maths, not a popular subject to fill the class with interest, but some of the male students filled her head with sex.We were having a drink one night when she told me she was having sex with one of her students.’Everyone talks about Girls maturing fast’, she explained, ‘But watching boys have erections and fantasizing about you, well, it triggers a response, and you cant help yourself’.I sympathized with her predicament, and suggested she have sex before work, she laughed at the thought, but became more serious when I slipped her an e-mail address of a guy to contact.’What’s he like’, she asked inquiringly, ‘Well he does have a big one’, I replied teasingly and her eyes opened wide and she gulped down the remainder of her glass, ‘I will get them in’, she said rising to go to the bar, ‘Tell me more when I get back’, and off she sped to the bar.I studied her as she moved off and noted some others were looking at her, a nice piece of pussy was probably flashing through their heads, and that was the paradox of it all, she was not aware just how fucking beautiful and desirable she was to men.The e-mail address I had slipped her was a friend with whom I had occasional masturbatory sessions with on the net, we had progressed to phoning each other on Skype, as we did the dirty with each other, due to Skype’s’ non Traceable karabük escort Phoning, but we have never really met in life, but it had crossed my mind to do so.She returned to the table with two extra large glasses of Red Wine, ‘Tell me more’ she blurted out, suddenly eager to become an Internet Whore, my own invention for women looking for men on the net.She laughed at her new identity and appeared to accept it with an acknowledgement of her needs, but what surprised me most, was her general ignorance of the Internet.Her willingness and eagerness to some of the things I was suggesting, gave me a little thrill, as I looked at her, here was a beautiful and willing female, ready to be exploited and possibly abused about to embark on a sordid journey of sexual abuse, the more I thought about it, the more turned- on I became, I was feeling like an Internet Pimp, and this slim intelligent beauty, was the meat I was offering.The evening wore on until we staggered out into the cold night and as we made for the taxi rank, we stopped outside a late night Internet Cafe, ‘Would you like a Coffee’ I asked her, now looking bleary-eyed, a mixture of drink and tiredness setting in, ‘Ok’ she replied and we both ventured inside, finding a computer at the back to sit at, I was in the mood for some fun to show her what we had been discussing, so I logged into my Skype and started showing her the filth, that was sent to me daily.Then one of my friends from America came on, sporting a big erection and wanking like a man possessed, and Susan sat in silence eyes glued on the screen, but he was more impressed as he saw two girls staring back at him, instead of just me.Normally during our sessions I just show everything but no face, and after explaining we were in an internet cafe, so I could not show, but I reached for the webcam, and put her face on it in full frontal, and he shot the biggest load ever as karabük escort bayan she drank all this in.’Chat to him’, I slipped of the stool and she took over the keyboard, ‘Remember, no names, locations or phone numbers’, as I pushed away and made for the counter for two more coffees.The young guy at the counter looked at me strangely as I ordered, and as he busied himself with the coffee I noted in the reflective surface, there was a computer under the counter where I stood.His sheepish mannerisms and my inquisitive nature made me reach around the counter and look at the screen, to my horror, he was watching our Skype connection, he was observing what we were doing. ‘WTF’, I said and he spun around to catch me looking under the counter, ‘I am sorry’ he blurted, it’s company policy, if we are suspicious of people doing something they should not, we can look at what your doing and report it.Sounded like bullshit to me, but I did not know, he was in a position to do something, like these computer repair shops that go through peoples hard drives looking for incriminating things, so I changed tack, claiming he was my boyfriend, and we do it when he is horny.’On the house’ he said as he put the coffees down on the counter, looking at me, then under the counter and across to Susan, something in his look made me look across to her also, as she had bared her breasts, I guess she was getting into the pros and cons of internet chatting.’I had better get back before she gets naked’, I said lightly, noting he was looking down at his monitor in a more fixative manner.’There is a comp in the back’ he said, choking up slightly, his voice dropping a few octaves, I stopped and knew instinctively of what he was implying, ‘You would like that’, I said with a warm smile on my face, and his smile in return confirmed my reasoning, ‘Deal’ I said, ‘But dont mention your monitor under the counter’ and escort karabük winked at him knowingly, ‘You set it up, and I will bring her in’, and at that made my way back.’Tuck your tits in’ I said as I put the coffee down, ‘Your giving the boy at the counter a Hard-on’, and she strained around to look at him, but he had disappeared into the back shop to fire up the other computer.A few minutes later he walked over to us, ‘Its ready for you’, smiled and walked back to the counter, conveniently hanging a dish towel from the counter and covering his monitor under the counter. ‘Whats ready’ Susan asked, ‘A bit of privacy’, I returned and we both got up and went around the counter and into the back shop, ‘You wont be disturbed’ he said, turned and walked back out and closed the door. We sat down and within minutes Susan was chatting with my friend, now hard and wanking, I reached into Susan’s ear, ‘Take your clothes off now and have some fun’, she looked somewhat bewildered, so i added, ‘I will go outside and come back when your finished.As I turned to close the door behind me, Susan was topless and starting to pull her denims down, I smiled inwardly and as I turned around, the boy was wanking himself, ‘You need a hand there babes’ and I walked over to him and reached out and took hold of his cock and started to wank it, while we both focused on his monitor, as Susan was now using a hairbrush to pleasure my friend in the States.’Would you like to fuck her’, I whispered into my boys ear, followed by my probing tongue, as it burrowed in as far as I could go, ‘Fucking Hell, sure’ he replied as I stoked gently, I did not want him cumming too soon, no that was later, jut now I just wanted to stroke him and watch my girlfriend, ‘Have you ever fucked a girls ass, I murmured quietly, reaching for my own belt, ‘I think you need to help me, before we go in’His cock stiffened even more at my suggestion and I reached across the counter and pulled in a butter dish, dropping my knickers and hiking my skirt high, ‘Scoop some and push it in as far as you can get it in’, I smiled and lent on the counter, my sphincter twitching in readiness for my desirable anal fuck.