Diane’s Revelation Ch. 02


Author’s note:

Hello Everyone. Here goes my second effort I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. I recommend reading Chapter 1 first. It will help with the back story, and yes there is a plot, but that will take a few chapters to develop.

Imagination always paints the best picture. However, if you want to see a likeness of what I picture in my mind when I write about Diane, follow the clues in the narrative. They’re pretty obvious. Good Luck!

Finally thank you to everyone for reading my story. Especially those that took the time to provide a comment and to those that chose to Favorite or Follow my writing.




I watched Diane come back into the room still carrying the phone after talking to Steve.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

She smiled. “Yup. It’s fine. A little misunderstanding, all sorted out.”

“Great! I didn’t want this to create a problem for you guys.” I pushed off the table I was leaning against. “I’ll get my clothes.”

Diane looked a little alarmed. “Don’t you want to stay?”

“I’d love to, but doesn’t Steve want me out of here?”

“No! That was the misunderstanding.” She gave me a wicked grin. “We have until midnight and I intend to make the most of our time if you’re UP for it.”

“If I’m not I’m sure you can get me there.” I smiled back.

“Speaking of that. Put your pretty little butt on this table and your feet on the chairs.” She grinned. “We have two hours, and I don’t want to waste them.”

I put my butt on the edge of the table. My feet on the same chairs that Diane’s legs had been on. She smiled at me as she moved between my legs, her hands sliding up my thighs. My cock was laying against my right thigh. When her hands got there they encircled my penis. With both hands she stroked me, pulling my cock downwards towards my knees and her. She looked at my cock biting her bottom lip, breathing deeply. Diane opened her mouth and slowly engulfed my cock. She ran her tongue over my glans and fluttered it over the tip. She worked just the head rubbing it against the roof of her mouth as her tongue massaged the underside of my dick.

“Oh My Fucking God!” I thought. My hips jerked spasmodically. I really, really liked what she was doing to my dick.

She moved her head slightly side to side as if she was creating room. Even though I was a lot to take in she never even rubbed me against her teeth. Her lips stretched around my shaft as she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes were closed, her brow furrowed in concentration.

“Mmmmm That feels good.” I said being cool and relaxed. In my mind I was thinking,

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” As I watched my dick disappear into her mouth. I looked up, over her back. She was standing between my legs, bending at the waist. Her hands were now on my hips as she worked my cock with just her mouth. That mass of curly red hair had tumbled around her face and over her shoulders. I could see the freckles on her back and the two white mounds of her ass cheeks.

I looked back down to where she was working on my dick. The head of my cock was sliding down her throat. I could see the bulge in the pale delicate skin. She worked me deeper and deeper until the length of my cock was in her mouth. Her lips touching my pubes. I was in awe! I could not believe she could swallow my entire dick like that. I was not a small guy in the dick department. It was like she was swallowing a small salami or large cucumber. Apparently it was not problem for Diane.

“Jesus!” I thought. ” This girl can really suck cock and I’m thinking about produce.”

Her left hand was now massaging my balls as her right followed her mouth. Diane pulled back until just the tip of my cock was between her lips and took me down her throat in one quick stroke until she had to flatten her hand against my pelvis. She was stroking and sucking the entire length of me!

I was moaning. “MMM! Oh Fuck!” She was amazing! I was ready to cum.

Then she took me out of her mouth, “Oh S-Shit.” I moaned.

Diane dropped to her knees, started to run her tongue lightly over my testicles. The boys tightened up immediately! She started sucking on them one at a time, while her right hand continued to circle the head of my cock. Pumping the first few inches with just the right amount of pressure. She was keeping me right on the edge.

I dropped my right leg off the chair, sliding off the table. I moved my hand through her long, luxuriant red hair as I guided my cock back to her mouth. I lightly gripped her head as she engulfed my cock again. I held her head as I started to pump my cock into her mouth. At first just a few inches, then more, and soon long strokes with most of me travelling down her throat. Her throat was snug and warm, silky and wet. God it felt good.

I looked down at her as I fucked her mouth. I’d had lots of fantasies about fucking Diane. This was one of my favorites.

Her on her knees, her mouth stretched around my dick as I held a fistful of Zonguldak Escort that reddish gold hair and fucked her face. The mouth that for 5 years had given me cruel smirks, was now filled with my cock. The long red hair she tossed over her shoulders as she wrinkled her nose in distain at me, now wrapped in my fist holding her as I fucked her. As I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth I smiled. I felt elated. This was my fantasy coming true. This was what I wanted to do every time I saw her, and every time she had been a bitch to me. A small part of me felt bad for feeling this way because we had buried the hatchet, and I had started to like her. But fuck that! This was my fantasy! I guess 5 years of built up resentment was going to take some time to work out. Deep down I still felt that she was a snotty bitch that I had always wanted to fuck. Now I was really, really going to enjoy cumming in her mouth.

I realized she had her fingers clamped around the base of my penis. They were like a cock ring, engorging my member, making my dick even more sensitive. Her other hand was cupping my balls with her fingers pressing just behind my sac. I was groaning now.

“Ohhhh! Fuck Diane!” she was bobbing her head in time with my thrusts. I wanted to cum but her fingers held me back.

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” I gasped as her hands released me, and she took me out of her mouth.



Once Dennis was in position I stepped between his legs and slowly slid my fingertips along his inner thighs. His cock was there so I grasped it with both hands pumping it downwards towards me. I loved the size of his dick! Looking at it I found it hard to believe that all of this fit in my pussy, or went down my throat. I moved my hands back to his thighs as I picked his cock up with my mouth. At first I just worked the head. That big beautiful head that filled my mouth with soft sexiness. I’d take him partially in my mouth, sucking him as I swirled my tongue over his glans and flicked at the tip. I rubbed the top of the head against the roof of my mouth as I tongued the sensitive underside. The large mushroom head filled my mouth as I took it all in. It was so soft and velvety I just wanted to suck it. So I did. I sucked it a lot!

As I worked the head of Dennis’s dick I gently stroked his shaft. I ran my fingernails gently, slowly over his sac, and as it tightened up I cupped and massaged his balls. Slowly I took more of him in. The head was at the back of my throat, and then sliding farther as I started sucking the length of him. I had to time my breathing to his strokes as his cock worked into my throat. I had my eyes closed, but as I felt his pubic hair against my lips I knew I had his entire cock in my mouth and my throat.

I moved back until just the tip of his penis was still in my mouth, and then, just using my mouth, I sucked as I brought his entire length back in. I could hear him gasp as I did this a few times. Then I used my left hand to cup and massage his boys, while my right moved to his shaft following my mouth. He started groaning his hips following my motion.

I didn’t want him coming yet. This party wasn’t over! Sometimes I’d rather suck than fuck and this was one of those times. I was really getting off on sucking his dick.

So I pulled him out of my mouth and dropped to my knees. I ran my tongue lightly over his balls and I felt them tighten up into his body. Then I started sucking them, first one then the other. With my hands I kept lightly stroking his large very erect dick. My left hand moved along his shaft, my right squeezing and circling the large purple head.

He dropped his legs off the chairs as he slipped from the table. He lightly gripped my head guiding his cock to my mouth. As I took him back into my mouth I felt his hands wrap in my long red hair. He slowly started pumping his dick into my mouth. My hands were back on his thighs as he slowly, gently worked my mouth with his cock. Fucking my mouth deeper with each stroke. I sucked on his cock as he pumped it into my mouth. I loved it.

My eyes were closed as I concentrated on his massive member filling my mouth and sliding down my throat. Steve had worked with me to overcome my gag reflex. I was so glad he did. I loved the feel of several inches of Dennis sliding down my throat with each careful stroke. He gasped and moaned as I sucked and swallowed his cock. I knew he was getting close. I looked up and saw him looking down at me. He was smiling, and had a faraway look in his eyes. Steve says I give amazing head, I don’t know about that. I did know Dennis was going to cum in my mouth and I was going to swallow every drop and love it!

His breathing was heavy and he was gasping.

“Ohhh! Fuck Diane!” He moaned. I could taste the precum from his cock. His hips were starting to spasm. I knew he was on the verge. I put pressure on his urethra just behind his sac. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth just a few minutes longer. I clamped down hard on the base of his Zonguldak Escort Bayan dick. The pressure on his urethra would prevent him from ejaculating, my fingers at the base of his penis would work like a cock ring slowing blood flow. His penis would become engorged and even more sensitive.

“Ha!” I thought. “This girl knows her anatomy, AND she loves to suck dick!”

Almost immediately I felt his cock grow even bigger as he pumped it in and out of my mouth. Maybe that was wishful thinking. Who cares! I knew his dick was now hypersensitive. I could feel the pulsations against my fingertips as he tried to ejaculate.

“Ohhhh Fuck!” He moaned “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

I took his cock out of my mouth released my fingers and nipped the end of him with my teeth. More of a nibble actually. I used my teeth to softly compress the soft sensitive material of the head of his dick 🙂

It was like a jolt of electricity coursed through his body! He jerked and jerked again, his eyes open wide in shock and surprise. I quickly engulfed the head of his big beautiful cock just as he exploded into my mouth.

His powerful streams of sperm mixed with my now copious collection of saliva.

Sploosh. Sploosh. Were the sounds as he filled my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed again.

“Mmmmm.” I thought “His cum is sweet!” In my limited experience before Steve, cum was usually bitter and salty. Even Jim’s cum was salty. Steve’s cum could be slightly salty at times, but was usually on the sweet side. He enjoyed cumming in my mouth and I enjoyed it as well. I looked forward to my nutritious sperm shake when it was offered.

Dennis’s eyes were glazed, his legs trembled. His hips continued to move as he still stroked his cock into my mouth and down my throat. His hips still jerked spasmodically as I sucked the last vestiges of his load and swallowed.

I no longer sucked on him, knowing how sensitive his cock would be right after ejaculating. I didn’t want to hurry his journey to flaccidity. I kept fucking him with my mouth, working him in and out. “Mmmm His dick still felt goood!”

“Ohhhh! So Good! So Good!” He was moaning. “I’ve wanted that for so long.” “Ohhhh! Fuck that was glorious!”

I let his cock drop out of my mouth. He was still semi-erect, so as I knelt in front of him I continued to stroke it. Even semi erect his cock was a handful.

I looked up at Dennis. “Mmmm You have a beautiful cock!” I sucked in a deep breath as I stroked him and added. “Your cum tasted really good!” I rubbed the head of his cock over my lips and I kissed the head of his dick. “I like you cumming in my mouth.”

“Ohhh My God Yes!!” He said in a shaky voice. “That was fucking incredible and that was quite a surprise at the end!”

“But was it good for you?” I gave Dennis a wicked smile and sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth.

“Oh my god! That was amazing Diane! That was the best blow job I’ve ever had!” He replied.

“Seriously?” I said skeptically. I took him out of my mouth and strummed the head of his dick with my fingers.

Dennis sucked in a deep breath.”Very seriously.” He smiled.

I smiled back. “Well I’d hate for you to rush to judgment on something so important. Purely for scientific purposes I should do you again. You need a larger sample size to form that kind of opinion!”

Now Dennis was grinning. “If we’re talking scientific analysis I’m going to need a much larger sample size. If you keep playing with my dick like that we’ll have to start collecting more data right now.”

As I stood I hugged Dennis to me. The taste of him still in my mouth.

“I could use a break.” I said. “How about a glass of wine?”

“That’d be great.” He said as we moved into the kitchen.

I was comfortable being nude with Dennis, and he seemed ok with it as well. We shared some wine and I threw together a light snack.

Dennis asked “Do you have any hobbies?”

“Photography!” I said.

“Oh.” He smiled. “Do you have any work I can see?”

“Sure let me get my laptop.” I said as I walked into another room to pick it up. I could see Dennis watching me walk as I came back.

“Are you looking at my body?” I asked.

“Hell yes!” He said. “Do you mind?”

“I’d be really disappointed if you didn’t look at me.” I smiled.

Dennis smiled back. “Show me what you’ve got. On the laptop that is!”

“Ok.” I grinned. “And then you can show me what you’ve got in the bedroom.” I wiggled my eyebrows at him.

I pulled up a folder with some of my best work. He looked carefully at each photo.

“I’m impressed. He said. You’ve got a great eye for composition and color! Do you follow the work of any pros?”

“Yes, there are several. You seem to know something about Photography?” I looked at him inquiringly.

“It’s also something I enjoy. Do you have a favorite photo or series?” Dennis asked.

“Well there is one photo in a feature on redheads which I like. Let me show you.”

“I can see why Escort Zonguldak you’d like a feature on redheads.” Dennis touched my hair.

“Well there’s this one photo I want you to see. Let me show you.” I called the photo up.

“Jesus!” Dennis said as he read the caption. “Elis.”

“She could be your older twin sister!” He exclaimed.

“A couple of years older maybe, definitely more beautiful, but there is a resemblance!” I agreed.

“Well I don’t agree on the more beautiful part. Her blue eyes are striking just like yours. Good God!” He said smiling. “There’s two of you in the world.”

“Shut up!” I gave him a fake icy look as I closed my laptop. “You should have seen me in my teens. Far sighted, huge glasses, and very nerdy.”

“I’d like to see those pictures.” Dennis grinned.

“Not in your lifetime will you ever see them.” I pulled his hips to mine and ground my pelvis against him.

“Time for bed.” I breathed in his ear as I led him towards the bedroom. “Our time is running out. Let’s make the most of it.”

The bitch in my head was cheering.

“Yess! Get him to bed and pound his puddin! Jump his bones! Do dat horizontal mambo!!”

Our hands were roving, our lips were kissing and his penis was hard in my hand. His stamina was amazing, this would be his third time in the last hour! Good thing because I truly wanted to jump his bones! AGAIN!!

“Shit!” The bitch was right!


After I got off the phone with Diane I logged off of my secure server and shutdown my laptop. On the one hand I wanted to stay and watch her activities with Dennis in real time. On the other I was hoping to get lucky. Either way I had a raging hard on that I needed to deal with. If I struck out at the bar I could always call an escort service. An escort was a business transaction, which while it was fine, I much preferred the challenge of picking up a pretty woman and screwing her lights out. Either way I was going to get fucked tonight, just as I’m sure Diane was getting fucked right now.

The bar was pretty crowded when I walked in. Most of the occupants looked like attendees at a sales convention. Young suits, drinking and looking to get lucky. There was one seat at the bar and I hustled over to get it. Two older guys were drinking on my left, and a very good looking blond was trying to enjoy a quiet drink on my right. I hadn’t even gotten my order in and some guy was hitting on the blond. She was very polite, but firm in shutting him down. Once he left she sighed and took a small sip of her drink. I pretended to ignore her. In the next 15 minutes no less than three drinks arrived for her, all of which she declined, as well as the two more guys that tried to pick her up.

Until now I had essentially ignored her. I was horny as hell after watching Diane and Dennis, but I figured hitting on her was going to get me nowhere. So finally I turned to her, and passed her a napkin with a note on it.

The note said. “My STD and I do not want company! Thank you.”

She looked shocked for just a second and then giggled.

I said.”I understand your just trying to have a quiet drink. So I can pin that to your back or you can appear to chat with me. That way you’ll look taken and they’ll leave you alone.”

She turned these gorgeous green eyes on me and smiled. It was a great smile!

“I would enjoy a little conversation.” She smiled.

Interestingly we just seemed to click. Her name was Beth, short for Lizbeth. We talked politics, sports, movies, even theatre. We argued over some things, agreed on others and laughed at ourselves a lot. Suddenly it was last call, where had the evening gone?

Beth looked around at the many well lubricated men still milling around the bar and said,

“Steve there seems to be quite a few drunk guys wandering around. Would you mind walking me to my room?”

I smiled at her. ” It would be my pleasure! I’ve really enjoyed your company tonight.”

“And I you. Just to be clear, you’re just walking me to my door. Ok?”

“Absolutely! Nothing else crossed my mind.” I raised my hands and tried to look innocent.

“You do that innocent look way to well! Your married aren’t you?” Beth asked looking into my eyes.

“No. No I’m not actually.” Which was technically true since I was just engaged to Diane.

“How about you?” I asked.

“No. Not even close.” She said. I could see a sadness flicker through those green eyes, but I didn’t want to pursue it now.

“Shall we.” I said standing from the bar.

“We shall and thank you.” Beth said as she stood.

Sitting at the bar I had been focused on her face. It was a beautiful face with emerald green eyes, a generous mouth that was quick to smile, and a soft husky tone to her voice. She had the pale skin of a natural blond and a mass of light blond hair that fell just past her shoulders. As she hunched over the bar I hadn’t paid much attention to her body, other than to notice it was slim.

As she stood I was surprised at how tall she was. In heels she would match my six feet. She was wearing comfortable flats so she was just a few inches shorter than me. The other thing I quickly noticed was the fullness of her chest. Even though she wore a loose fitting dressy sweater and a jacket they couldn’t hide what had to be generous C or even D cup boobs.