Dessert Before Dinner


I’m standing in front of the stove cooking dinner and never hear you walk in the house. I am intent on making a special dinner for you and lost in my own little world. I want everything to be perfect.

You walk into the kitchen and come up behind me and kiss my neck, scaring me half to death. I laugh and turn around and give you a kiss to welcome you home from work. You look sexy in your flannel shirt, jeans and work boots. You smell slightly of my favorite cologne and sweat. You look tired, so I know you worked hard today.

I tell you that dinner will be ready in about half an hour and suggest you go take a shower. You laugh and go do as I ask while I finish dinner. I sold a story to a magazine so I was making Lobster Newburg to celebrate.

You come out of the bedroom looking adorably sexy in your tight jeans and t-shirt. Just looking at you and I’m turned on. You give me a hand putting dinner Marmaris Escort on the table and pouring the wine. During dinner, after a couple glasses of wine, I start coming on to you and you like the attention. We finish up eating and I tell you I’m dessert.

We go into the bedroom and I make you sit on the bed. I put on the stereo and start stripping for you. I get down to my bra and thong and help you out of your shirt. I start kissing your chest and working my way down to your waist. I open your jeans with my teeth and you start laughing. You slide your jeans off and your boxers give your hardness away. I lean over and kiss your head and start licking it. I grab the whipped cream I took from the kitchen and cover you in it. I lick the sweet cream from you and I let my passion take over and take all of you into my mouth. You start moaning and I suck harder. I suck your balls and Marmaris Escort Bayan the area between your balls and your ass. You’re going crazy and tell me you’re about to cum. I suck on you and play with your ass as you explode in my mouth. I suck you clean and you lie back on the bed trying to catch your breath.

You tell me to join you on the bed and I cuddle up with you. You kiss me and fondle my breasts. You help me out of my bra and start sucking on my breasts. I moan and you reach down and find me willing and wet. You start fingering me and I moan for you more. You love the way I moan so you try to please me as much as you can. You slide down the bed and get between my legs. You push aside my baby pink satin thong and start to lick me into frenzy. You set up camp between my legs. You lick my clit and suck on it like a piece of candy. You lap at my juices like a starving Escort Marmaris man who’s never been fed before. I cum like crazy for you. I beg you to fuck me and you won’t listen to me.

You reach into the drawer of the nightstand and get out my favorite vibrator and you begin to play with my clit. I moan loudly as you tease me with it. You get out the motion lotion and I use it on you as I stroke you hard again.

You make me turn over and get on my hands and knees. You slide into my hot, wet pussy and then slide your rock hard cock into my ass. I moan loudly and scream, “Fuck me!” You slip the vibe into my willing pussy while you bang away at my ass. The vibrations bring both of us closer to the point of orgasm. We both need to cum so you start slamming my ass harder and I push back into you. We’re both breathless and moaning like crazy. Your balls feel like they are going to explode as you cum. I start to cum at the same time you do and I scream you name like an animal in heat.

“WOW!” You tell me out of breath. All I can do is moan uh huh. The intensity of my orgasm is making it hard for me to do anything else. I just lie there like a limp doll and wait for you to take me again.