Desi Wife Swapped and Enjoyed


This is my first entry. I decided to share my story. Please pardon me if I make any mistakes.

I am Sifat and I am happily married to a girl after a relationship of 1 year. I am 27 and my wife, Nipa, is 21. She is 5 feet 1 inch and has a curvy body. She had very small boobs when I started a relationship with her. After some months of our relationship, I started kissing her and slowly I started touching her boobs from above her clothes in the restaurant.

After a few days, I began to keep my hand under her clothes and in her boobs. When I inserted my hand under the cloth (she used to wear kameez), I realized that she did not wear a bra as her boobs were small and as I was her first relationship. She did not wear a bra that time.

Her boobs had grown to medium size after a month of being pressed in the restaurant by me. Her bubbly asses appear to be extremely hot. My wife is very conservative and that is why during our relationship we did not go to bed. She always dresses very carefully to cover all parts of her body. She wears loose-fitting dresses so that her body shape can’t be imagined.

From outside, no one can imagine her boob size. After our marriage, her boob size is 36, her waist is 29, and her hips are approximately 34. She is fair, and I like her navel and breasts. She has a brown areola, and her areola is perfect. Not so big and not so small.

We have sex regularly, but I was getting bored. I used to tell her that I needed something new. She used to tell us that we had done all the positions possible. What new do you want now?

I said let’s have some fun. Such as, let’s do an 18+ party. Sonya inquired about the nature of the 18+ party. I said to her that nothing to be worried off. Just music, dancing, and late-night movies with my friends and their wives. I did not tell her that I had plans to watch 18+ movies. She said I will not dance, but if it’s a good movie, I will watch.

On the next day, while having sex with my wife and while she was sucking my cock, I told her that I had invited 3 of my friends with their wives, but just one friend and his wife had free time. She inquired about which friend I was referring to. I told her that It was my close friend Jitu and her wife Puja. She was unresponsive because she had never met my friend Jitu, let alone her wife Puja.

Also never seen Puja, as I couldn’t attend Jitu’s wedding. Also, Jitu could not attend mine. Jitu got married just 6 months ago, and I got married a year ago. We were very good friends in college. Me and Jitu are almost the same age. He was my first college friend. Me and Jitu used to watch college girl asses and boobs together and whisper in our ears by commenting.

We even used to watch 18+ movies together. Later, when we were admitted to universities, Jitu and I lost contact, and I began dating and later married Nipa.

The day came when Jitu and her wife would come. The music and dance party plan was cancelled as just one of my friends, Jitu, came and the others did not. My wife was wearing a pink salwar-kameez. I told her to wear something nice, like a saree, because there would be guests. But she said no, as she would feel shy as she had never seen my friend, Jitu. I never forced her.

So I said OK to her. A doorbell rang, and I went near the door and opened it. I saw my friend Jitu and he was smiling at me. I forgot about my friend Jitu because my eyes were stoned at a fair-skinned woman who was beside her.

She was wearing a red transparent saree with a big neck blouse and that little bit of her cleavage was visible, and as I was a navel lover, I was eating her navel with my eyes as her navel was fully visible because of the transparent saree. I came back to my senses when I realized that my friend Jitu was hugging me and I realized that this red fairy was Jitu’s wife. Now I looked at my friend and told them to come inside.

As they were entering my home, I saw Jitu’s wife, Puja, from the back side. She was wearing a backless blouse and her ass was hot too.

I called my wife, Nipa, by shouting. She ran towards it to see what happened. I introduced Nipa to my friend and Puja. Nipa said hi. Jitu said to me that that is why I was hiding my wife, as my wife is so beautiful. We sat on a sofa. Jitu brought some snacks. Then Puja handed me a packet and said to me that this is your gift. While I was receiving the gift, my hand touched Puja’s hand and I said sorry.

Puja said with a smile that it was nothing to be serious. Jitu said Puja chose the dress for me. I thanked Puja. Puja told me to wear it now. Jitu gave a packet to Nipa and told her that this gift is for you. Nipa thanked Jitu and said it escort vip was not needed. Jitu said no, it is necessary, and he joked that he is sure that in this dress, Nipa will look sexy. Nipa blushed and kept her head down.

Jitu told me and Nipa that we should both go and get dressed inside. I took Nipa to another room to wear the dresses. I opened my gift and was surprised. There were jeans and a shirt that Jitu was wearing. same dress Nipa opened her packet and I was astonished again to see that it was the same red transparent saree that Puja was wearing. I understood that they had planned to wear the same dresses for today.

Nipa said to me that she could not wear the dress. I asked her why. She replied that she has never worn a transparent saree in her life. Not even in front of me, so she can’t wear it as her blouse and navel will be clearly visible.

I hugged my wife and gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, “My dear princess, I know how conservative you are, but we cannot but accept their gift.” If you don’t wear it, they may think that you did not like it and you may feel bad. Maybe they bought the same dresses to show the bond of friendship. My wife said ok, but if they want to capture a group pic, I can’t.

I said ok and gave her a French kiss while pressing her boobs. We both got ready and came out in front of Jitu and Puja. I thanked her. Puja said to me, “You are looking handsome.” I was now surprised to see Nipa. As she was so shy, she was looking downwards only. But I became more surprised when I saw Jitu staring at Nipa like Jitu had never seen a woman before.

Puja said to Jitu, “Why are you staring at Nipa like that?” Jitu laughed and joked that Sifat’s wife means my wife. At this, me and Puja started laughing, but Nipa turned red in shyness and went to the kitchen, saying that, she also added, as you guys came late at evening, I would prepare dinner now and she went. Puja also went to the kitchen after Nipa.

Me and Jitu were remembering our college memories. After dinner, I showed Jitu and Puja their room. But this time, Jitu said, me and Sifat would sleep in the same room, while you two ladies would sleep in the other. I looked at Nipa’s face and saw that she was not ready to sleep with Puja, but she had no choice.

Me and Jitu were talking without sleeping, and at one point, he said let’s watch some 18+ movies together like in college days. I agreed, and he had some 18+ movies on his phone. After watching some, I and Jitu were horny. Jitu asked me how my sex life was going. I said, “going great.” This time, Jitu surprised me by saying that your wife’s navel is so hot and said you are so lucky.

I am jealous. No, I said, I’m jealous of Puja’s cleavage and ass. We felt like we were in college life again, discussing the boobs and asses of girls. Jitu told me a-z stories of his wedding night and how he had sex with Puja. I was super intrigued by hearing about Puja and her body description.

Now Jitu asked me and I told him everything about how I had sex with Nipa. Jitu said maybe our wives are also discussing about sex. I said, “Nipa is very conservative and she is not interested in these talks.” Jitu said maybe, but Puja is so easy to get along with and is always open. Then Jitu said, “It’s so hot here and maybe Puja and Nipa are lying down wearing only blouses and petticoats.” Hearing that, I imagined Puja in a blouse and petticoat.

Jitu asked me, if he touches Nipa, will I be angry? I was shocked and was not sure what to reply. It was like I forgot how to speak. I asked, what does touch mean? Jitu replied, if I just touch Nipa’s navel or boob, will you be angry? I was not sure if I was hearing this right or not. I love my wife, and so I was not sure how to reply. But after thinking for some time, I replied that I have no problems.

But I thought this could be a chance to touch puja also. What if I want to do same with Puja? I was surprised as Jitu replied that it was no problem at all and he said that he had even done threesome sex by hiring a stranger. I was very horny, and that is why I was so hungry to touch Puja. So I said I have no problems if he touches Nipa, but you have to let me touch Puja too.

Jitu said ok. I asked Jitu how, because, as Nipa is so conservative, it is impossible to touch her for him. Jitu said he likes to touch a conservative woman. He also said he has a plan. Jitu instructed me to simply request for Nipa’s phone and I would request for Puja’s phone. As Jitu planned, we both took our wives’ phones.

I had no idea what Jitu was planning. Jitu said, “Now listen, we have to turn off the main switch and they will think that the escort rus electricity has gone and they will feel afraid without any lights, as now they don’t even have phones with them.” He also added, “Puja gets afraid in the dark.” So Jitu said, “Puja will call Jitu for sure.”

He also added that they would be only in their blouses and petticoats because they could not wear sarees or other clothes in the dark. So Jitu said when they call us, we will enter and Jitu will touch Nipa and I will touch Puja and if they realize we will say we could not understand who is who because it was dark and you were wearing the same clothes and we will say sorry.

I thought this plan might work, and I said “good idea.” Jitu said Nipa will surely open the door, as only she can open the door in the dark as there is no light and Puja is afraid of the dark. He also states that we will not speak after entering because we will be apprehended quickly if we do.

He said, “When Nipa opens the door, I’ll grab her and drag her to the nearest sofa, where I’ll seduce her until they realize we’re with the wrong partners.” When they tell us to turn the lights on, we will also turn the lights on and see their naked body. Hearing this, I was so excited to see Puja naked.

We turned off the main switch and, like Jitu said, Puja screamed, being afraid of the dark, and started calling Jitu by shouting his name. We went near the door and Jitu said to Puja not to worry as we had come. The door opened. Jitu entered first, and Jitu knew that Nipa would come to open the door.

[Now I will tell you what Jitu did with Nipa in the dark]. The next day, as I could not see what Jitu was doing because of darkness, Jitu told me what he did with my beautiful wife, Nipa. From Jitu’s description, I will tell both of our cheating incidents].

When the door was opened, Jitu did not utter a single word and grabbed Nipa’s waist with one hand and held her head with another hand. Then he started lip kissing forcefully. Then, while doing kissing, he laid Nipa on the sofa and kept kissing Nipa’s pink, juicy lips. Jitu informed me the next day that Nipa was wearing a blouse and petticoat and was not wearing a bra.

While kissing lips, Jitu inserted both his hands into the blouse of Nipa and started squeezing her boobs. Nipa wanted to say something but couldn’t as she was lip locked by Jitu. Then Jitu started unbuttoning the blouse. Again, Nipa could not say anything as she was lip locked by Jitu. Jitu opened the blouse and started squeezing Nipa’s boobs again, including pressing the nipple.

A high moaning sound was coming from Nipa. I was so horny that I had never been so horny in my life before. On the other hand, I found Puja laying on the bed. I started slowly kissing and sucking the navel of Puja while squeezing her boobs. But she did not protest. Slowly, I went up and unbuttoned the blouse, and I was surprised to see Pujas’ boobs.

It was so big. I took the right boob in my mouth, but as it was so big, it did not fit in my mouth fully. I started sucking and Puja began moaning. The room was full of Nipa and Puja’s moaning sounds and sucking sounds (chuk chak). I went to Puja’s lips and it was the first time Puja whispered into my ears that she knew I was sifat and it was their plan from the very beginning.

She also added that it was she who told Nipa to open the door, and that’s why Jitu knew that Nipa would open the door. Also, Puja is not afraid of the dark, and it was her drama. She also added that Jitu would try to fuck Nipa tonight if possible. Hearing this, I felt like I was not in this world.But I became happy that I could fuck Puja now.

I started kissing Puja’s lips and pressing both of her boobs. Then I got naked and opened pujas petticoat. Then I placed my cock in Puja’s pussy. I was kissing Puja on the lips and fucking her slowly and increasing speed.

On the other hand, Jitu starts licking Nipa’s boobs with his tongue. He licked Nipa’s areola and nipples. Then he puts one boob of Nipa fully in his mouth. As Nipa had a perfect sized beautiful boob, it almost fully fitted into Jitu’s mouth. Jitu was sucking her boobs hard and pressing the other boob with so much pressure that Nipa was moaning loudly.

Now Nipa shouted, “Please Sifat, stop it. I don’t want to do it in front of our guests and what will happen if electricity comes?” Me and Puja laughed as Nipa still could not understand that it was not me and it was Jitu. I kept fucking at full speed and Puja did orgasm. After giving some strokes, I took off my cock and whispered in Puja’s ear to suck it. Puja sucked like a pro and I was moaning now.

In some minutes, escort elit I cummed, but to my surprise, Puja swallowed my cum. After that, I hugged and laid with Puja. Jitu puts a deep love bite on Nipa’s right boob while sucking and Nipa shouts “Have you gone crazy sifat?” Nipa moaned as Puja laughed. Jitu started sucking Nipa’s navel. He got naked and pulled Nipa’s petticoat forcefully down. Nipa said, “Not today, Sifat, not the right time.”

Jitu started licking and sucking Nipa’s navel. Nipa was moaning so heavily in pleasure that it was like an 18+ movie was playing in full sound. Jitu then puts his mouth on Nipa’s pussy lips, she does a deep moaning and loses control. Jitu licked and sucked Nipa’s pussy and Nipa said in pleasure, “I love you baby.” (Thinking Jitu as me) She also said, “Put your cock in me and do not stop please.”

Now Nipa grabbed Jitu’s waist with her legs. She was laying down and begged, saying “Please insert the dick sifat.” Jitu placed his cock on Nipa’s pussy and rubbed it with his cock in the pussy area, making Nipa more crazy. Now Nipa grabbed Jitu’s cock to put it inside. But suddenly, Nipa shouted, “It is not Sifat’s cock.” She said, shoutingly, “Are you Jitu?” I realized that now everything would stop.

So I quickly wore my pants. Nipa pushed Jitu away from her body and said, “Please, turn the lights on.” I went far from puja and turned on my mobile flash and pointed it at Nipa. I saw that Nipa was fully naked. Seeing it, I thought Jitu had fucked her, but he could not as Nipa understood everything before being fucked.

As the light was on Nipa, Jitu was staring at Nipa’s naked body and observing Nipa’s beautiful boobs, ass, and navel. [Next day in morning, Sifat told me that Nipa looked like a Goddess when she was naked, and that he was sad because he couldn’t fuck Nipa]. Nipa saw that it was Jitu and not me who had sex with her.

Jitu apologized to her and said, “I mistook you for Puja in darkness because you were wearing the same dress today,” and asked for forgiveness. Nipa ran towards me and kept her head on my chest and started crying. I told her not to worry and that nothing would happen. She said while crying that she was sorry and that it was not her fault.

I covered her with a towel and said it was just a misunderstanding and no one’s fault. I told her that let’s go to the other room and I will give you a bath and we will sleep together. I took her out of the room. Jitu was so horny and that is why he fucked his wife Puja that night, as he could not fuck Nipa.

While giving Nipa a bath, I saw one red love bite mark on Nipa’s boob and understood that Jitu enjoyed Nipa well except fucking. Nipa saw the love bite mark and said sorry again to me. I said to her not to worry and that the love bite mark would disappear.

Nipa asked me what I did with puja. I lied to her, saying I only laid with her and just kissed and touched her boobs but did not open her blouse and did not fuck her. I took Nipa to bed and fucked her as she was still so horny.

In the morning, I said to her that she should forget everything that happened last night. It was just a misunderstanding and an accident, and as Jitu and Puja said sorry last night, you should forgive them as they are still our guests. She agreed and went to cook breakfast for Jitu and Puja. While eating our breakfast, Puja did not make eye contact with Jitu.

Puja was wearing a black salwar-kameez and Puja was in white tight leggings and a T-shirt. I was staring at Puja’s boobs and eating breakfast. Jitu joked, saying with a laugh that hey Sifat, Nipa is the most sexiest woman I ever met and her boobs and body structure are the best in his eyes, and he has enjoyed Nipa well.

He also added that Nipa is more sexy and beautiful than Puja and laughed and said that he never thought that he would get the chance to enjoy with a conservative girl like Nipa. He finally joked that some accidents happen for good and he wished next time another accident should happen so that he can enjoy fucking Nipa’s pussy and ass. Saying this, Jitu started laughing loudly. But Nipa did not react, did not pay any attention and kept eating.

It was time for Jitu and Puja to leave. They both once again said sorry to Nipa. This time, Nipa forgives them and tells them to come again. They left. Later, when they reached home, Jitu called me and said he had enjoyed a conservative girl for the first time in his life and he had enjoyed every moment of it last night with Nipa.

He also added that he had fucked many girls in life but Nipa’s lips, boobs, and navel are the best and he will miss Nipa. Finally, Jitu inquired about his wife Puja’s performance on bed. I responded that she is a pro in bed and extremely hot. Jitu finally stated that he will invite us to his home soon and that he will try to find an opportunity to fuck Nipa in pussy and ass when we visit him.