Deke’s and Serena go to Dinner

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Deke, party of two? The hostess lead Deke and Serena to their reserved corner booth. The restaurant was dark and loud, Deke could hardly hear himself think. He preferred to hit the bistro down the street; soft music, nice vibe, somewhere he could really sit down and sink into Serena. Here, he couldn’t even hear her laugh. It was such a shame to miss it. She insisted though, Apparently it was the best wine in town. He sighed, as she walked ahead. Tiny red cocktail dress hugging her hips as she walked. Whatever made those hips happy, made him happy. Besides, a little bit of wine made Serena dance just a bit more freely… and boy did he love to watch her dance. The sway of her hips, the way her shoulders dipped and rolled, the way her lips followed along with the song… the pure mischief she kept in her eyes… he’d buy her the whole damn vineyard if it guaranteed that behavior.

She sat across from them in their tiny two person booth. Deke opened the menu and began scanning. He wasn’t starving, but figured desert might hit the spot. He felt Serena’s leg slip between his, rubbing his calf with hers. He looked up, met those big round eyes, watched them narrow as they met his gaze. He hardened. He knew that look. Serena had a plan. She smiled and returned her gaze to her own menu, still rubbing his leg with hers.

Cookies, sundaes, cakes, Deke had a sweet tooth but he wasn’t sure what to settle on. Admittedly he was having trouble thinking about food. Serena had extended her hand, dancing her fingers across his. She gripped them, stroked them, squeezed them… Deke tried to play coy. Tried to ignore her as he focused on his menu. Serena lifted his hand in hers. As he looked up, she pulled his hand even closer. She drug his hand across her face, pulling his fingers past her lips. She locked eyes with him, wild with passion as she worked. Deke loved how soft her lips were. Longed touching them, loved the tunnel vision he got when they were in motion. She drew his index finger between her lips, sucking it deep into her mouth. Deke grunted. He couldn’t help it, couldn’t do a thing, just sat and watched. She tilted her head back as she drew his finger out slowly, maintaining eye contact the whole time.

He knew the power she must be feeling, knew it well. Usually he was in the driver seat. But every once in a while he had to let Serena drive. He couldn’t help it, really. Hell, if she only knew how weak she made him, maybe things would change. The dominance he had over her was only by her allowance… If she wanted to, he’d be no better than a pile of putty in her arms.

Serena reached the end of his finger, releasing it with her lips. She ran her tongue around her mouth, as if to savor the taste of of skin. She pursed her lips, crinkling her nose at the pleasure she apparently took at putting him in his current state. If she could only know what she was doing to him right now… what those lips did to him when they pursed, how his cock got hard at the thought of watching them dance and tease his cock…

The waiter approached the table. Deke wondered how flushed his cheeks were and if everyone could tell how flustered he was. He nearly stuttered as he ordered Serena’s favorite bottle of red wine. The waiter bowed slightly and walked off to fetch the chosen bottle. Either he was polite or oblivious, he didn’t seem to let of any hint of knowing. Marmaris Escort Deke thought it had to be the later. Serena had begun running her long nails across the inside of Deke’s knee. Surely the waiter could see the goosebumps forming across his neck, right?

Deke slumped in his chair, driving his knee further between Serena’s. He was trying to find her cock, trying to grind against it with his knee, excite her, turn the tables. Failing that, he hoped she’d at least let her own fingers roam north to his cock. Neither effort worked. Serena merely curled her lips and clicked her free set of nails against her teeth.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” Deke grunted. He had half a mind to clear the bar, fucking in front of everyone. She’d like that, love the rush of the eyes on her, and he just couldn’t wait to have her again. He’d get something from it too. Everyone would know a doll like Serena was really his to have, his to fuck. Serena made him feel like the king of the world when they were together, he relished the thought of everyone else believing it too.

Serena smiled. “You always tell me what it’s like, looking into my eyes as I kneel below you.” She was leaning forward, tits nearly spilling from her sparkling red dress. She whispered seductively, taking a note from Deke’s own book. “The look in my eyes as I pull your cock free, take it between my lips, fill my throat with it. You describe the fury in my eye… like some sort of woodland creature, frozen in an instant of time, flight or fight. Do I run? Or do I let myself be devoured? You like to see the primal instinct overtake me, don’t you, Deke? I fucking get it, you know.” She’d slipped her foot from her heels and began running her toes against the bulge in Deke’s pants. “I do. I get it, because I see it in your eyes now.” her eyes seem to burn with fire. Deke was consumed, frozen in place. For one of the few times in his life, we was speechless. The best he could hope for was a grunt.

“You like what you see Deke? You like it when I wear these low cut dresses? Tits on display, trophy on your arm?” Deke nodded, dumbly. “Tell me.” Serena commanded, running her fingers across her chest, drawing his eyes along with her.

Deke grunted again. He didn’t know where to start. “You’re so fucking hot, he said. Those fucking lips, that fucking hair. Your skin, your freckles. It fucking does things to me doll. Everything about you is spirit. You skin is this fucking explosion, white freckles dance across you like energy. You hair twirls, dips and twists, you twirl it into a braid and I can’t help but run my fingers through it, feel it. Fucking pull it. You shake it free and the room fills with your scent. You consume the room. Your lips are electric… inciting a riot in me when you drag them across my skin… you fucking know what you do to me doll! You love to tease me, whispering in my ear, breathing and moaning as if it was a secret just for me. Brushing your lips across my arm as i read. Pure fucking energy, doll. Everything about you is buzzing. And when you take all that, when you channel it, in single beautiful mindedness, you’re a fucking devastating force, my dear.”

“When the waiter comes, order me a sundae” Serena said with a mischievous grin. Before Deke had time to question why she wouldn’t be ordering it herself, she slunk beneath the table. Deke felt Marmaris Escort Bayan her unzip his jeans and pull his cock free. He flipped up the tablecloth to see Serena’s round eyes peering up at him. A bead of pre-cum began leaking from his cock. Serena caught it on her tongue, following its trail and swirling her tongue around the head of his cock.

The waiter returned. Deke quickly dropped the cloth, hiding his view of her lips working his cock. “Ugh.. ahem, yes. Well, we’d like some things. Ice things. I mean, Ice cream. Ummmmmmhhhmm. Yessss. Ice cream. Banana split. Extra chocolate sauce.” The waiter raised his eyebrow. “Yes, sir, and did you want two spoons with that?” It really didn’t matter to deke, ice cream wasn’t really at the front of his mind. “Sure, great. Thanks.” He replied as he grasped the edge of the table. The waiter’s eyes narrowed. Thankfully, deke though, he didn’t say anything, he just noted the ice cream order and strolled up, muttering below his breath.

Deke grunted, embarrassed and aroused. He reached below the table, taking a handful of Serena’s hair in his fist. He flipped back the tablecloth so he could look into Serena’s eyes. Once he had her attention, he began forcefully fucking her face, twisting his fingers into the roots of her hair, watching her eyes roll back as he tightened his grip. Her eyeliner began to run slightly as his forceful face fucking made her mouth sloppier and sloppier.

Deke was getting close. He looked down at her again to see she was stroking her own cock as he fucked her face. Watching her pump furiously made him lose control. His legs locked and his toes curled, as he pushed her face back. Serena stuck out her tongue. Deke let out a long string of grunts as Serena stroked his cock to completion, draining it into her waiting mouth. She held it there a moment, showing Deke what he’d just done, before she swallowed, drawing her finger across her lips to collect any bits she’d missed. Sucking her finger clean, she crinkled her nose again, giving a playful shrug. She was obviously please by the work she’d done.

Deke reached down, pulling her up by the arm, sitting her next to him. As he did, he used the other hand to pull his belt free from his jeans. He leaned over, close enough for his lips to graze her ears as he spoke and said “I’m not done with you yet, doll. You like watching me melt? You want all these pretty people to see how much i need you? Your wish is my command dear, but first, you’ll wait for it.” He grinned as he heard her gasp at his words, saw her breasts rise and fall in anticipation. He was back in the drivers seat.

He took his belt, wrapped it tight above her elbows, pinning her arms to her back. There she sat, nearly hog tied, as Deke stroked her cock beneath her dress. The waiter returned with the ice cream, setting it in the center of the table. He paused for a moment, waiting to be acknowledged. Eventually, he wandered off, seeing that Deke refused to take his eyes off Serena. Deke didn’t want to miss a minute of Serena biting and dragging those perfect white teeth across her lips. He figured they must be nearly raw with anticipation. He’d kiss them soon, stinging and soothing has he went. Rather than eat the ice cream, He took Serena by the arm and helped her out of the booth. He stood her in front of the table, nudged her back Escort Marmaris until her ass rested against its surface. He took her by the throat, squeezing gently.

Again, he pressed his lips to her ear. “This is all for you doll. I know you love an audience, love to watch and be watched. You deserve it, you’re my fucking queen.” His had slipped upwards to her cheek as he pulled her in, pressing his lips against hers. For a moment he didn’t kiss, just held her there. She could feel his passion flow through her like a circuit. It radiated from his firm grip to his soft mouth, her lips the conduit. His tongue pushed past her lips, danced with hers, briefly. In an instant it was gone, his lips running down her jaw and across her neck. His licked, nibbled and bit his way from her jaw, across her neck and over her collar bones. His hands worked her hair, pulling and tugging, causing her neck muscles to dance and flex at his will. Her hands were still bound, she had no choice but surrender to his pleasuring her. His hips dug into hers. His cock was already hard again, It nestled in next to hers, straining to meet through their respective retraining fabrics.

Deke’s mouth reach Serena’s breasts. He pulled back to take her in, watched her breasts rise and fall, the danger and fire in her eyes and her tongue working her lips. Taking both hands in the neckline of her dress, He ripped it free to the waist, exposing her big pierced tits. He looked around. Nearly the entire restaurant was watching now. Some seemed to cheer him on, some seemed to watch in disgust. Deke swallowed hard. He turned back to Serena; a wicked smile drew across her face. Suddenly no one else was in the room as he leaned forward to meet her lips.

As he kissed her, he reached back, grabbing a fist full of ice cream. Serena’s eyes were closed, absorbed in his kiss. He grinned, bringing the ice cream to her bare chest. She shrieked, in surprise. Her chest rising and falling even harder now. Deke watched the white cream melt across her hot flesh as he worked it around her nipples and up to her neck. Serena purred in pleasure.

Taking her by the hips, He spun Serena around. He removed his cock from his jeans. Bending her over the table, he hiked what was left of her dress and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. She nodded eagerly, showing she was ready for him to thrust. Building tempo, Deke used her belted arms as leverage. He started slow, working his way up to a faster and faster rhythm. Occasionally, he’d take more ice cream on his hand, letting it run down her back. The cold chill on the small of her back would make her muscles tighten, her shoulders flex and her mouth moan.

Deke let go over her arms and grasped her traps with his hands, digging in as he trust. “I’m close baby,” He leaned forward and grunted in her ear. “Fill my ass, Deke. Show everyone what you can do.” Her encouragement was too much. Grasping hard on both hips, he pumped furiously. They fought as their moans and grunts mixed, loud and loud in contest. Deke watched as she covered the dark table cloth in her cum as filled her with his. Breathing heavy, he slowed the pace of this thrusts before pulling out.

Deke gave Serena’s ass a playful slap as she stood up. He un-belted her, letting her arms fall free. She spun, running her newly release hands across the back of his head. She pulled him in tight, pressing her lips into his for a final long kiss. There they stood, dumb to the world, covered in each other’s ice cream and cum. Serena broke this kiss, pulling back to look into Deke’s eyes. See watched for a moment, smiled and said “I told you you’d love this place. It’s got the best wine…”