Dear Diary Ch. 03


Sunday September 12 1988 11:10 pm

Rock You Like A Hurricane.

He can’t dig me. He can’t. Not a gorgeous hunk like him with every girl in school crawling all over him. Not just the sluts. All the girls want him. Even some of the teachers check out his ass when he walks by.

He doesn’t want me. He’s just teasing me, playing a game with me because he caught me looking at his dick so many times. Tease the faggot. Is that the game you’re playing, Travis? Is that why you did what you did today?

He actually called me. Asked if I wanted to come practice some passes. Why didn’t he ask one of the receivers, I said. He said he still didn’t know any of them that well, and he could come pick me up in his car. We could even swim in his pool later. I said I didn’t have any swim trunks that fit and he said I could borrow some of his.

I really didn’t want to go. I was a little pissed off because of the way he teased me the other night when he dropped me off. But at the same time I wanted to be with him; and the thought of wearing his swim trunks, the very same ones that had cradled that incredible cock of his, turned me on so much I stopped thinking straight and said yes. I’d probably say yes to anything he asked me. And he knows it. That’s the worst part. He knows exactly how hot he is and how much people want him. Specifically me.

So I let him pick me up in his hot car. Radio loud while I dreamed my favorite daydreams: boyfriends, driving along with the wind in our hair, smiling at each other and laughing without caring what people thought. Fuck! What a fantasy.

His house is huge. A fucking mansion. He acted embarrassed when I said how big it was and gaziantep escort how great it was. His parents were gone for the afternoon, shopping in the city or something, so it seemed really empty. I think the hallway echoed.

The backyard was about as big as my whole block. It was really hot outside and as we threw some passes back and forth, the sweat started to make a dark pattern on Travis’ light grey shirt. Under his arms and down his chest, and across his back. Watching his ass in his shorts was making me get a hard-on. I tried not to look; I went over our whole playbook in my mind while he ran to catch one of my throws. But I just couldn’t keep my mind on the ball… and when I (barely) caught the next pass I was so busy looking at the way his crotch bulge bounced as he ran toward me I didn’t realize he was tackling me until I hit the ground hard.

That’s when he did it.

We wrestled around. I was already halfway hard and the feel of his body against me made my dick nearly burst out of my shorts. Hot and sweaty and squirmy and all muscle, damp. So powerful. His gorgeous hard quarterback body pressed me all the way down into the grass. The smell of the grass mixed with his scent and I was totally weak. Fuck!

I know he felt my hard-on. He had to. My face got all hot because I knew then I couldn’t hide anymore – the truth was out there. And if he told the whole school there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

But I loved it. I loved being under him. He was so male and so sexy. I loved knowing he was stronger than me and I couldn’t get away from him if I wanted to.

I didn’t want to.

He pinned my arms off to the sides, holding my wrists down to the hard ground. All man. A drop of his sweat trickled from his neck and onto my chin and I opened my mouth without thinking and tasted it. Salt. We were both breathing hard, even though I wasn’t struggling. Only just a little. And he got a big grin on his face and looked down at me.

Our faces were inches apart. His eyes were so blue it looked like some of the sky behind his head was superimposed on them. He stared down into my eyes, smirking because he won our little wrestling match.

I struggled a bit, just to make it look like I wasn’t giving in too easy. And then all the sudden he stopped smiling. A little line appeared between his eyebrows as he looked down at me and I looked up at him. He moved, pinning me down harder –

And that’s when I thought I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming but I wasn’t.

He shifted his hips. I thought it was just my imagination, I was dreaming this, it was just an accident, he didn’t mean it the way my man-crazy horny mind saw it – but then he moved his hips in a slow, deliberate circle and the way my cock responded told me it was real. He ground his pelvis against my hard-on and I got so turned on, I almost came right then and there. My jock got a wet spot with the pre-cum oozing out my dick. My eyes, I know, must’ve gone back in my head and I tried not to but I couldn’t help it. I let out a little moan.

He was looking right at me the whole time, watching me. I was in fucking heaven from his body pressing me down, down into the ground. Heaven and hell at the same time. Torture. I want him so bad – I need him – I need to feel him like that again.

What was he going to do? God! My heart! I stared at him and he stared at me and I don’t think I breathed while I waited to see what he was going to do next –

Then we heard a car door slam in the driveway around front. Voices. His parents. I froze and I thought I was going to be sick. If they saw…

Travis grinned his lazy grin and he slowly let me up. He stood up and smirked at me while I got to my feet and tried to calm down. The bulge in the front of my shorts, barely contained by my jock, was right there bobbing in the wind for anyone to see. I saw him look at it before he looked back up at my eyes and his grin got even wider. What’s he fucking doing? Is he laughing at me because there’s no way he could really mean this, he likes chicks, I mean doesn’t he?

Travis’ parents are really nice and they invited me to stay for dinner but I had to get out of there. There was no way I could survive swimming with him, seeing his gorgeous body all wet and half-naked, while his parents were there. I had to get my head together before I made an idiot of myself. He drove me and I didn’t say a word the whole way; and Travis just drove with his sunglasses on and his elbow out the window while the wind blew through his hair, and every time he caught me looking at him he would smile. A satisfied smirk. He knew what he did to me.

Bitch. So delicious I could lick you all over like a cherry vanilla ice cream cone, all over your skin, stick my tongue in your ass and wipe that smile off your face so fast, make your eyes roll back in your head while you beg me not to stop…

Oh my god Travis. Please stop teasing me. Please don’t tell the whole football team I’m this way… I want you so bad, I think I love you, you could ruin my life and send me to hell but the whole time I’ll be on my knees wanting more more more…