Dear Diary 02: Him

Close Up

Dear Diary,

Went to Sal’s yesterday to crash over after the training. Great to see them all again, it’s been too long. Had a great time with Sal when we went for a walk…

It started when I arrived, late afternoon. The door was answered by a harassed looking Sal. She greeted me with “Hello! Come in, kettle’s on.”

I stepped over the threshold and gave her a hug. She buried her head in my shoulder and whispered “it’s bloody good to see you again, things are *too* normal around here at the moment.”

I held her for a couple of minutes, gently rubbing her back. She pulled back a little and looked at me. She leant forward and kissed me briefly on the lips. A rush of memory and emotion passed over me, and I looked at her quizzically.

In a soft voice she said “Terri’s parents are here for the weekend, and although they’re nice people, they’re so bloody *normal*. I don’t /want/ to talk about cousin Dave’s wedding, or discuss the latest happenings on Eastenders.”

I nodded, because I knew now what the problem was. Terri is Sal’s flatmate. A really nice lass, very cheerful and friendly, one of us (so to speak), but her family… Mundane was a good term for them. Perfectly decent and honest people, but so very Middle England.

She turned and headed down the corridor to the sitting room. I followed her, stopping to put my rucksack at the foot of the stairs. She turned left into the kitchen, but I carried on past her and stuck my head round the sitting room door.

“Hello again everyone,” I said, raising my hand in greeting. “Everyone OK?”

There was a chorus of “yeah ta”, “fine thanks”, “good to see you”, as everyone responded. I turned back towards the kitchen; “Sal, do you need a hand?”

“Yes please!” came the reply.

“Back in a mo.” I said as I left the sitting room door and walked back to the kitchen.

Sal had a tray on the worktop with three mugs on it. “That’s Terri’s, that’s Dave’s and that’s Sarah’s.” She pointed to each mug in turn. “Do you want tea or coffee?”

“Tea please,” I replied as I picked up the tray and turned to leave the kitchen.

Back in the sitting room I put the tray on the coffee table and handed out the mugs. Turning to go back to the kitchen I was greeted by Sal coming through with our teas.

“Thanks me’dear,” I said, taking mine from her and sitting down on a chair.

We sat there for about an hour, making polite chit-chat, trying not to say anything controversial or that might offend anyone’s sensibilities.

I was starting to glaze over, as Sal caught my eye and asked me if I’d left my rucksack on the stairs. When I said yes she told me that I was crashing in the back room, but she hadn’t made the bed yet – would I like to give her a hand?

“No problem,” I replied, “if you’ll excuse us?”

Heads nodded and Sarah said “of course.”

We got up and went upstairs. As we got into the back bedroom Sal closed the door. “I know you’d rather be in my room with me, and normally that’d be fine, but with Terri’s parents here that’s not an option,” she apologised, sitting on the edge of the (made) bed.

“It’s no problem,” I replied, “I’m just glad to see you. As long as we can get a cuddle at some point I’ll be happy.”

“I know sweetheart, and it means a lot that you don’t put pressure on me,” she smiled up at me, “but I’ve got an idea anyway. When we go downstairs again I’ll mention the woods that I’d been discussing with you and ask if you’d like to see them; the answer is ‘yes’.” She gave a wicked grin and I wondered what she was up to.

“Anyway, about that cuddle…” she continued.

We lay down on the bed, our arms round each other, just relaxing into each other’s presence, for about 10 minutes.

“OK, that’s the bed made,” she whispered, rolling away from me and getting off the bed. She leant over me and kissed me again, with much more passion that she’d used when we might be seen. I returned the kiss with as much passion, if not more.

Breaking the kiss, she stood up; I could see her nipples were up, and I knew my cock was hard. She chuckled as she glanced down at my crotch and saw the bulge in my jeans. I pointed to her tits, and she ran her hands over them, tickling the nipples with her thumb, while licking her lips.

“Downstairs woman, now, before I do something neither of us will regret!” I said with a mock stern look.

She looked coy, started sucking the tip of her thumb, ran her other hand over her thigh and said “yes sir, will there be anything else sir?”

I burst out laughing, because the image was simultaneously totally not her, and yet very, very erotic. Which she knew. Little minx. 🙂

When we got back downstairs we found the others engaged in a discussion of the best way to get tomato soup stains out of denim. Not exactly a conversation which either of us could contribute to.

We Betturkey sat, politely listening, but not really contributing anything. The conversation turned to gardens, and Sarah mentioned that they’d had to have a tree cut down in their garden.

Sal sat up a bit, turned to me and said “oh, that reminds me, do you want to see that woodland I mentioned the other day? It’ll be a nice walk and I could use the fresh air, my heads still a little stuffed up after that cold.”

“Sure thing,” I replied, trying to keep the excitement from my voice.

We made our apologies, and headed for the front door. Sal grabbed both coats from the rack and throw me mine. “New coat?” she asked, as I put my long leather coat on.

“Yup, but I see you’ve still got the same jacket,” I replied. She nodded, and with a smile, said “as always.” That jacket had seen many years, and many places. The tales it could tell.

We left the house and headed off up the road. On the way we talked about all the things that we couldn’t talk about in front of Terri’s parents; how Dave about Julie and Peter’s new girlfriend and how they were going to set up a triad; all the sort of things that are just a little too “out there” for Terri’s family.

We walked across the common arm in arm, the moon coming out from behind a cloud, the air warm, the breeze cool. A perfect evening for a stroll really.

I could see the tree line ahead of us, and as we approached it an opening in the trees became evident. We walked through the opening, into the woods, the path clearly marked, with a light coloured sandy surface. We slipped our arms out of each others and held hands instead as we strolled along.

A couple of minutes later she let go of my hand and reached into her pocket. She pulled out a packet of cigarettes and her silver Zippo lighter. “Smoke?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied, as she took two out of the packet. She passed one to me, put the other in her mouth and lit it. Handing the lighter to me she started to walk forward again, looking at the trees on the left as if she was looking for something. I lit my smoke and started to follow her. As I caught up with her, I passed her the lighter. She was still looking to one side as she went to put it back in her pocket.

Suddenly she turned to the right, towards a side turning that wasn’t a marked path. She caught her foot on the raised edge of the main path and stumbled. I put a hand out to catch her arm, but she recovered her footing, muttered something about “clumsy bugger” and started off down the side path. I followed her, since it wasn’t really wide enough to walk side by side.

The path meandered about a bit, but was obviously leading somewhere. Suddenly she stopped beside a large tree. She held a hand up, so I stopped. She was listening for something, but when she didn’t hear it she turned to me, took my hand and stepped around the tree. I followed, and found that the path opened out into a clearing. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it earlier, the last part of the path was straight, but I’d been watching where I was putting my feet and had obviously not looked up before she stopped.

On the left side of the clearing there was a large stack of logs next to the edge of the clearing, and it was towards these that she lead me. She stopped next to them, let go of my hand, and turned through 360 degrees, looking to make sure we were alone I guess.

She put her smoke out on the grass, turned back to me, shook her jacket off and hung it on a convenient branch. “Now… get your coat off and come here,” she said in a low, sensual, tone.

I stubbed my smoke out carefully, and wasted no time in taking my jacket off and draping it over the logs. She took me in her arms and we kissed. A long, tender, kiss, our lips parting, our tongues meeting, our hands roaming over each other.

We held the kiss for what felt like a lifetime, then she broke the kiss, keeping her arms around me. We talked, I can’t remember in detail what we said, but we talked about the old days, the missing each other, the times we’d spent together. The words came tumbling out of both of us, sometimes both talking at the same time. If events had ended there, I would have been happy, but there was more to come.

Suddenly she let go of me, gently pushed me back so I was leaning on the logs, took my coat and laid it down on the grass in front of me. She knelt on the coat, took hold of the belt of my jeans and undid the belt. Next she undid the button, and unzipped my fly. My cock sprung forward, the tip sticking over the top of my undies. She slid my jeans down a bit, then my undies, then took my cock in her hand and kissed the end. He lips slid down the length, and I tilted my head back as I felt her warm mouth on my cock.

I moaned, as she started sliding her mouth up and down the length, pausing at the end, then taking just Betturkey Giriş the head into her mouth and running her tongue around it. I told her how much I’d missed her, how much I’d missed her fantastic blow jobs. She chuckled, deep in the back of her throat, and I felt her tongue tickling across the underside of my cock.

I felt her weight shift, and I looked down to see she was undoing her jeans with one hand, while still sliding her lips up and down my cock. As I watched, she slid her hand inside and started to caress her pussy. She carried on like that for a couple of minutes, her other hand sometimes playing with my balls and sometimes caressing the shaft of my cock.

She stopped for a moment, with just the head of my cock in her mouth, and took her hand out of her jeans. She made eye contact with me, and lifted her top up over her breasts. She slid her hand inside her bra and slipped her right tit out. While still keeping eye contact she started rubbing her nipple, her mouth sliding up and down my cock again. I could feel my balls contracting, with her hand cupped around them, and I knew I wasn’t far from coming. She could feel this too, and with one final suck, slid her mouth off my cock.

Using both hands she stood up, leaned forward and kissed me. I could taste my cock on her lips. Her tongue ran around my mouth, sharing the taste, and then she stood upright. What she had in mind was obvious, and I asked her where and how.

She got a thoughtful expression on her face, let go of my cock, picked up my coat and looked at the logs. I spotted what she wanted, grabbed hold of my jeans and moved to one side. She draped my coat over the logs, with the leather side upwards and took her jeans and knickers off. Climbing up on the logs, she settled down with her feet on the top log, and her knees spread. I could see her lovely pussy, the lips swollen from her excitement. As she adjusted her position the moonlight glistened off the juices on the inside of the lips and I knew I had to taste them.

I took her coat from the branch where she’d hung it and draped it on the grass, for me to kneel on while I licked her. Suddenly I heard a crack, like a branch snapping, from my right. I looked round to see where it had come from, as did Sal, but I couldn’t see anything. I looked back at Sal, who was still looking over near where we’d entered the clearing, and whispered to her “do you see any anything? Any idea what that was?”

She looked around a bit more, and said that she couldn’t see anything, maybe it was just a bird. I looked back over towards the entrance, but still couldn’t see or anything else. I shrugged, and knelt down in front of her. Looking up her body I could see that she was still looking around, so I figured that she’d spot anything (or anyone) moving out there. I lowered my lips to her pussy, and kissed it gently. She moaned gently, and I stuck my tongue out, running it along the outside of her pussy lips.

Pushing my tongue between the lips, I ran it up between them, lightly brushing over her clit. She shivered, as I blew across her shaved pussy and started to lick her clit properly. I knew what she liked, and was happy to give it to her. A little flick, then a kiss, a nibble, then a long lick. Then settle down down to a steady rhythm, broken by occasional dips into her pussy with my tongue.

I could feel her weight shifting as she moved her arms, and as I glanced up her body I could see that she was tweaking her nipples. I brought my hand round and slid two fingers inside her. That made her lift her knees and start panting, so I carried on licking her clit and fingering her.

A short while later I felt her start to tighten around my fingers, her hands grabbed the back of my head and her legs came over my shoulders to cross around my back. I couldn’t hear clearly what she was saying (the old cliche of thigh-mufflers) but I know she was cumming. Sure enough her whole body started to shake and her heels pressed into my back. I was glad she’d taken her shoes off when she took her jeans off otherwise I’d have had some scars to show.

I slowed my fingering and licking as her orgasm eased off. Her legs came down off my shoulders and I was able to lift my head and look at her. She raised her shoulders and head to look to me. Two words “fuck me” was all she needed to say.

My cock was still out after her ministrations, and very very hard. Standing up I leaned up her body and kissed her. As I did so I pushed my hips forward and slide the whole length into her in one slow thrust, her warm pussy accepting my cock as she moaned and wiggled gently under me.

Holding position for a moment, I kissed her some more, our tongues brushing against each other. her pussy squeezing my cock. Breaking the kiss, I lifted myself up on my arms and started thrusting firmly – full length out, full length in, repeat several times. Pause, waiting for her to wiggle. with my cock half out of her, then thrust the rest in hard, All the things she likes.

I fucked her for a few minutes, then leaned forward and whispered “from behind?”

She nodded, biting her bottom lip, so I slid my cock slowly out of her, teasing her as I stepped back. She stood up, taking my hand for balance, and turned around to lean over the logs, her legs spread so that she was at just the right height.

Taking my cock in hand I stepped forward and slid it into her again. This time there was no finesse, it was just a good hard fucking. I had to hang on to her hips, as the top of my thighs banged off her arse. She was moaning with each thrust and I could feel her juices on balls as the gentle breeze swirled around us.

Neither of us were going to last long, partly due to the sheer pleasure of it, partly due to how long it had been for us, and partly due to the naughtiness of doing it in the open air. She started to come first, wiggling back against me, lifting her head back; her pussy squeezing me as I buried the full length of my cock in her.

The shuddering of her body was what tipped me over the edge. My balls tightened and the orgasm washed over me, from head to toe, a full-body-sneeze. My cock started pumping my cum into her, each thrust generating another spurt, until my balls were drained and my legs had nearly given way.

I was amazed she was still standing, as I leant over her back to kiss her between her shoulder blades. Then I realised that she’d wedged her knees against a log and that was the only thing keeping her upright. I stayed in that position for a minute or two, until my cock started to soften and I was worried about cum dripping on her coat which was still on the ground.

“I’ll stand up now,” I whispered. “OK,” came the reply in a soft voice.

I pulled my cock out, stepped back, bent down and picked up her coat, all in one smooth move. Smooth, that is, apart from the standing up. Not to put too fine a point on it my legs gave out, and I landed on my naked arse.

“Oofh!” I exclaimed, the shock of the impact forcing the air out of my lungs.

She stood up and turned around to look. As she caught sight of me, sitting on my arse, my jeans around my ankles, my cock now totally limp, but her coat held in the air as though to present it to her, she started to giggle.

I tried to look affronted, but it didn’t work – it just made her worse, which then started me off laughing, which made her laugh, which resulted in a brief but intense shared bout of hysterical laughter, me resting on the grass and her leaning against the logs.

When we’d recovered she reached out and took her coat from me, draped it over the logs and helped me to my feet. We put our arms around each other, hugged, then she whispered “my bits are bloody freezing – can we get dressed please?”

I chuckled, and stepped back (carefully this time). We got dressed and put our coats on after giving them a good shaking out. (Shame I didn’t do the same with my undies – I found a bit of bark between my butt cheeks when we got back to the house!)

“Smoke?” she asked, holding out a cigarette.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

I took the cigarette from her, as she fumbled around in her coat for her lighter.

“Oh bollocks! I must have dropped it! Now I’ll never find it.”

“That’s a shame – we’ll keep an eye out for it on the way back. Hang on, I’ve got one here somewhere.”

I found my old Clipper in my coat pocket and we lit our cigarettes.

Walking back towards the edge of the clearing we held hands, just like old times, but when we reached the path she held back and let me lead the way. Walking slowly down the path, puffing on my smoke, I noticed a patch of moonlight ahead on the curve of the path. Something was glinting as I walked forward. I thought it was just a sweet wrapper or something, but suddenly Sal rushed forward, stepping off the path to skirt around me, and made a noise of delight.

“Look, it’s here, but I never… I stumbled, but it was near the start… I’m sure it was… oh well, I’ve found it!”

Leaning past her I could see what she was getting so excited about – her lighter was there, on the edge of the path, in the moonlight. It had fallen against the side, propped up in exactly the right way to reflect the moonlight back down the path. What an amazing bit of luck!

She scooped the lighter up, and we continued our walk back to the house. Pausing outside we kissed passionately for a minute or two before opening the front door and letting ourselves in.

“Just us,” she called down the hallway as she headed up the stairs to the bathroom. I ducked into the downstairs loo, on a similar tidying up mission. Which is when I found the bit of bark – I’d wondered why my bum was itching!

Once presentable we met at the bottom of the stairs and returned to the living room. The same people were there, in the same chairs. They asked if we’d had a nice walk. We looked at each other and smiled knowingly…