Days of Our Wives

Big Tits

Day 0 — Ontario, Canada: New Millennium, New Rules/Big Day, Bigger Night

Wednesday, June 27th, 2001, 11:21 a.m.

Unveiled 31-year-old Hailey Elle Lockwood and Sasha Marie Pleshette-Lockwood joyfully pranced past their applauding guests, amid a shower of rice and congratulations. They could already feel their hearts pounding with newly wedded bliss as they hopped into the limo. Once the door shut with both brand-new wives in the back seat, they threw their arms around each other and made out like teenagers. It was the happiest day of what was now their shared life.

They’d known each other, dated and been steady girlfriends for seven years, in their hometown of Juniper, Minnesota. At the advice of the Juniper Institute of Lesbian Lovers and Organization of Frisky Females (J.I.L.L.O.F.F.), and the handbook the girls received upon becoming a couple, they shacked up following year one. After three years getting the hang of living together, they agreed that they were ready to get married. There was only one problem: their sex organs were identical, and it was still the 20th century.

Hailey and Sasha were all but complete opposites. And yet, everywhere they looked, they found love. Once their union was official, they looked forward to bumping the theory that opposites only attracted trouble. They’d generated far too much happiness, despite their numerous differences. Hailey was down-to-Earth, sensible and type-A, whereas Sasha was flighty and unpredictable. Hailey’d earned a business degree and wrestled her way up the corporate ladder. Sasha had dropped out of college a short ways in, deciding to be a multi-medium artist. Hailey crunched numbers, fought deadlines and listened to inspirational audiobooks to and from work. Sasha kept a home studio in which she whipped up occasional mistresspieces. Her stereo blasted hip-pop, opera and heavy metal, whichever she was in the mood for. Hailey enjoyed her single genre of music—classical—but not at work. And to list but one more difference, Hailey did not experience creative work blockage. Nor resort to the use of artificial hallucinogens to break said blockage.

Of all the things that distinguished them, what caused the most anguish in their dating life was this. While both wanted to get married, Hailey was very upset and indignant ever since she’d learned same-sex marriage was illegal. Neither particularly wanted to be a mother, but both harbored desire to solidify their bond in matrimony. Sasha tended to be easygoing about such things, more a roll-with-the-punches gal. The way she saw it, some things were just the way they were. And they had to accept the nature of the world they were presented with, flaws and all. The fact that Sasha wasn’t as angry over this injustice in turn made Hailey angrier.

“Why does this not bother you?” Hailey’d wanted to know one day. “Do you really deep down not want to marry me? Is that it?”

“Sweetheart, of course I wanna marry you,” Sasha’d calmly told her. “I love you more than anything in the world, and I want that world to know it! I…I just don’t think we should put our energy into being upset about something we have no control over. Babe, I just…I just feel stuff like energy’s at a premium. Y’know, we only have so much every day, and if we use it on negativity, we’ll just make ourselves miserable. I mean…of course I think we should have the same rights as straight people. At the same time, no one’s telling us we can’t be together as girlfriends. It’s not like we can’t share our love and lives at all. I love you so much, and I’ll walk down that aisle with you the second we can. And I’m sorry this hurts you, but until people wake up…what can we do about it?”

Well, get out there in the streets and march, for one, Hailey told her. She wanted them to make a trip to New York and join the Pride Parade. So beginning the next year, they did. And while Hailey’d remained up in arms that day, she (didn’t want to but) had to admit Sasha’s tranquil demeanor and tactful words made it easier to be rational. And to come up with ideas like the Parade. So they took vacation time to sink their teeth into the Big Apple. From 1997 to 2000, they made the journey for the last week in June, took part in the Parade, and spent the meantime enjoying the buzz, the sights, the glam, the lights, the Broadway shows, the shopping, the pizza…oh, there was a lot of pizza. No wonder, they thought, it was one of the things this place was known for.

Finally in 2001, their wish became a reality, in the Great White North. The girls lived just a little ways south. So when vacation time came around again, the opportunity had to be seized. The trip was considerably shorter than that to NYC, while including customs and passports. It was worth it. They knew their Proud marching New Yorkers would want them to bursa sınırsız escort do this, and were convinced the Parade would survive without them. They took two weeks’ holiday this year, to follow up Canada with a honeymoon to Ireland, one place both had always wanted to go. Thank heaven there were so many destinations, even such opposite women could agree on one.

Inevitably, for all their differences, the girls found a few things in common. Like a love for pancakes, which meant a disproportionate amount of meals savored at IHOP. Another, amazingly enough, was an aversion to the touch of velvet. Yet one more was a personal insecurity workaround: the wearing of sunglasses. Allowing a peek into their naked eyes made both feel their hearts and souls were also naked in a way, thus vulnerable. And in their proverbial books, such fragile nakedness belonged in a private setting.

Which brought them to their other, vastly valued and shared interest.

6:33 p.m. The Ontario Quality Inn at 180 Bay Street, Sault Ste. Marie may not have been the most orthodox location to celebrate a wedding night. But the two dress-clad, unveiled women who were now the Lockwoods were so happy to be married, they didn’t care. And approaching the front desk to book a room, they received an enormous additional treat. When they showed and told the receptionist they’d just wed, he arranged to give them a complimentary suite so they could spend more money on their honeymoon. Naturally touched, the girls frolicked on up to make the marriage officially official.

Both radiated ecstasy all over, including their very special organs. They raced frantically to the appropriate floor, looking wildly about for their suite. When they found it, they had to squelch enthusiasm just enough to get the key in. Hailey handled this task while Sasha hopped on her toes in zealous wait. When the key finally found its way in, Hailey flung the door open, and in they flocked. The suitcases hit the floor. The newlyweds beelined to the bed, seized one another with vehement passion, and tumbled in.

It was as if the girls’ bodies, hands and mouths were magnetized. They fought to breathe through the noses as they rolled over each other, emanating hot, hungry moans, pawing at one another—Hailey with bare hands, Sasha with fingerless lace gloves. Within mere minutes, their bodies began to heat and sweat through their dresses. When at last broke the first mesmerizing kiss, each heaved desperate breaths and blinked until her beautiful wife’s face was back in focus.

Puff. “God, I love you so motherfuckin’ much, Mrs. Lockwood!” Sasha gushed.

Huff, puff. “I love you more, Mrs. Pleshette-Lockwood,” gasped Hailey back.

And so commenced kiss-a-thon two, during which the wives remained stationary, and unhanded one another to unfasten and yank off their shoes. Comfier, they resumed snuggle mode without breaking lips, and massaged each other’s legs and ankles with their soles. Sasha broke this liplock, substituting with a cheek nuzzle to grasp another breath.

“You’re so damn hot.”

Hailey kissed her nose and daintily licked the tip.

“Oooh!” she winced, pretending she’d burnt her lips and tongue. “You’re even hotter.”

“I’m just gettin’ warmed up, honey bunny.”

“This is the best day of my life.”

Sasha grinned wickedly at her.

“And this is gonna be the hottest fuckin’ night of your life too, wifey.”

The next kiss went underway, kicking their crazed hearts into reacceleration. They blinked fluttery eyes and began to sweat, falling in love over again every moment. Their beautifully groomed hair spilled haphazardly, sticking to their skin. Four lips adhered and detached endlessly, amid nose nubs and gropes of flesh. After one more coat of saliva oozed over one another’s tongues, each and every taste bud tasted, Hailey felt a new, enticing sensation. Sasha gripped her by the breasts.


The current kiss broke with a smack. Hailey took the hint and they pushed to their knees to disrobe. Barely able to keep their lips off each other long enough to do this, they practically ripped their wedding dresses away. Hailey halted at her bra and panties for the moment, but Sasha couldn’t. She clasped her bra off and wrestled down her panties, which Hailey found only adorable. Now nude as a jaybird—and randy as a wildcat—Sasha wriggled back into horizontal pose, took Hailey’s unadorned dominant hand, kissed it, and guided it to her impatient pussy. And Hailey assumed the top to start. Sasha spread her legs, and Hailey straddled the right.

The more arousing phase two incepted, as Sasha lay on bottom, arm around Hailey’s back, other hand fondling her front. Hailey rested atop, propped by her elbow, left hand gingerly caressing Sasha’s hair, bursa escort bayan fingers of her right stroking her wife’s rapidly wetter and wetter cunt. Sasha grooooaned through the kisses, feeling the passion melt and ooze over her like hot fudge. Wanting to watch her face in the throes of sweet lust, Hailey released her from the kiss. Sasha dropped her head in the pillows, and out flowed her moans. Hailey fell in love with her again, this time from a different angle as Sasha tilted and burrowed her head, grimacing in hot electric pleasure. Her nipples had swollen rock-hard, Hailey noticed with a flattered ego. Then her smile grew as well.

She’s gonna love this.

Sasha felt Hailey’s wispy blonde hair sprinkle over and tickle her neck, as she descended to feast on her right nipple. She curved her lips into a small ‘o’ to cover the areola, and gently closed her teeth, slicking her tongue. And just to show Sasha she meant business, she forced her fingers into Sasha’s quickly drenching wet pussy, and with no warning but the nipple nip…rammed her.

She was right. Sasha categorically lost it. Her groans at once elevated to ferocious screams, swallowed by fire. Both her hands clenched into fierce claws, clutching a fistful of bedspread with the left. All but bypassing her brain completely, her right claw took hold of Hailey’s hair, and pressed her firmly down onto her breast.

Ouch. This hurt a bit, but Hailey took it from the good place of which it came. She also took glee and satisfaction in knowing she was driving Sasha so crazy, Sasha didn’t care if she was being rough. Hailey felt her own bits respond in her undergarments, tightening her bra and dampening her panties. She reached back with her left hand to try and get the latter off. This threw her Sasha-frigging right hand’s rhythm off a bit, and shook up her wife’s reverie. Sasha felt her sizzling ride put on pause. She looked up.


Hailey noticed she must’ve disturbed the delicate balance of the act. A sweating, panting Sasha gazed up at her.

“…Everything okay?”

“…Oh! Yes! Yes, honey, everything’s great,” Hailey reassured. “I just wanted to get my panties off.”

Sasha smiled.

“Mm, good…you can hump my leg and lemme feel how wet you are too.”

She dropped her happy dizzy head back in the pillow. Her grin spread as she felt Hailey’s digits reoccupy her soaked puffy pink pussy. As long as her panties had been ditched, Hailey thought, she might as well lose the bra. So she undid it with the left hand, let gravity handle the rest, and out popped her size 36B girls. Sasha had large, voluptuous tits at size 38DD. Hailey was sometimes jealous of them, how Sasha’s sweet rack got all the attention when they were out together. But Hailey’s were easier on her back, and Sasha’s gave her more to love when they were intimate. So she looked to the bright side.

She lapped Sasha’s frame, all hot flesh on flesh, palmed as much of Sasha’s right breast as she could and settled in to devour her left. Hailey’s right paw was again hard at work pounding wifey’s desperate cunt. Now with her libido re-revving and once more purring like a motor, Sasha writhed on the bed, clutched and whapped the mattress. She quivered, quaked, and howled like a coyote.

Hailey tongue-bathed her left titty and squeezed the right tight as she could. She engaged her gams, wrapping them around Sasha’s kicking, spasming right leg, pumping on it as her cunt leaked liquid love on her thigh. Now thoroughly fired up for pass two, Sasha’d stand for no more disruptions. She grabbed Hailey around the back, holding on for dear lust, her digging nails just short of breaking flesh. Her other three paws clenched, twitching digits curling over one another. Hailey plunged her with potent fingers until she felt the contraction. Her wrist was aching, but Sasha was too close now. There was no turning back. Sasha’s body locked, head all the way back, face contorted in the sweet agony of impending orgasm. Had anyone passed by at these crucial moments, they’d have faintly heard what sounded like a woman being brutalized inside. Hailey, on the one hand, loved making Sasha shriek herself hoarse, thrusting such incredible passion upon her. On the other, she hoped no one heard, and became concerned. …Or, intrigued.

Both lust-riddled newlyweds panted, gasped, flushed and poured with sweat. At last, Sasha clasped the side of the bed with the grip of a vise, and yearningly pressed in on Hailey’s fingers with her quaking cunt. Hailey knew what these final signals meant. She could initiate the countdown in her head. She smiled in gleeful devotion, ignoring her throbbing wrist, and finished her off.

Sasha’s hand tore the bedsheet.


Whoa-ho! Hailey thought with elation. nilüfer escort She couldn’t remember ever having made Sasha cum like this in their seven years together, and let herself be dazzled by the fruits of her labor. Sasha gave the last her lungs could handle, and gushed all over Hailey to the forearm. Her pussy maintained such a firm hold on Hailey’s fingers, she couldn’t effectively jill her off anymore. But it didn’t matter. Sasha’s Earth-shattering orgasm ran its marvelous course, her pussy ran out of cum…and she was spent. Time to stick a fork in her.

Almost instantly, she let everything go slack. Her tender crimson pussy unclenched, and her frame went limp. Her nipples softened. Her entire system shut down. The climax was so overwhelmingly powerful, she fell asleep within seconds.

As Hailey retracted her sticky caked hand and pushed herself up, she was once again blessed with the most beautiful sight she’d ever witnessed. There lay the lovely, wonderful woman who was now her wife. Hailey felt another droplet slip from her eye and join the sweat on her face. She could hardly believe she’d been so fortunate. They’d at last been granted the privilege to wed, and had done so. She smiled with demure devotion at her darling Sasha Marie, now slumbering in heavenly afterglow.

She’d never been happier.

8:28 p.m. She got up, went to the bathroom, had a nice tepid rinse in the shower, toweled off and returned to bed. There lay Sasha, having fully settled down, peaceful and tranquil as could be. Hailey had to fight the urge to cry more joyful tears. She decided she didn’t need her own orgasm. The bountiful trek on which she’d just sent Sasha was enough. She retrieved the comforter from the floor, draped it half over Sasha, climbed half in herself, lay beside on her back, and clasped her blushing bride’s hand with one of hers. And comfortably, gingerly fondled herself with the other.

Well…maybe just a fraction of orgasm for me tonight.


Day 3 — thirty thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean: Made Of Honey

Saturday, June 30th, 2001, 1:50 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Standard Time)

Ding. “Your captain speaking, ladies and gentlemen. We apologize for this minor bit of turbulence, and shall continue our utmost efforts to make your flight as pleasant as possible. Please relax and enjoy the in-flight entertainment. Thank you.”

Half the passengers hardly noticed the turbulence, including the Lockwoods. They were strapped comfy cozy in their seats, selves and luggage en route to Dublin Airport. It was almost two hours past midnight, and four fifths of the passengers were asleep. Hailey had fallen—no pun intended—into this group shortly before midnight, as her sleep schedule was fixed and orderly. Sasha, who dozed whenever she wanted/needed to, sat among the remaining fifth. Hailey slumbered, eyeshades on, head lolled back in the middle seat. Sasha gazed out the window, seeing little more than darkness, but enchanted nonetheless. She was so excited, and her heart pounded full of love and joy. Frankly, she couldn’t understand how Hailey could sleep right now! Even if it was 2:00 in the morning!

The built-in screens went on through a medley of movies, but Sasha didn’t care about those. The movie she was watching danced through her mind, on endless loop, with new scenes added in at will. Anything could happen in this marvelous next week; anything! She remained just so thrilled to be married to the woman of her dreams. Hailey Elle Lockwood was hers.

Just think of it…I am Mrs. Hailey Lockwood! To love, honor, cherish…till nothing do us part. ‘Cause we’re gonna live forever.

Nose to the window, her nostrils and mouth clouded the cold thick glass with breath, let it clear and clouded it again. She loved everything about this moment. She loved the (currently) smooth, easy airplane ride, the ambience of a few faint ceiling lights as their sole illumination, the quiet sounds of fellow passengers whispering, snoring, typing, snacking. And she loved that they were on their way to a beautiful land she’d up till now only dreamt of. And besides spending their honeymoon exploring such a magically delicious realm, there was a very special reason Sasha’d suggested Ireland.

Before the advent of the internet, Sasha’d had an old-school, literal pen pal with whom she communicated via old-school letters. She dwelled right in Dublin. Her name, appropriately enough: Iris. Iris Corry. Their correspondence logically graduated when instant messaging surfaced. When Sasha told Iris she and Hailey were getting married and coming to Ireland for the honeymoon, Iris was jazzed they’d get to meet in person. What was more, Iris’ family owned property on which sat a nice medium-size cottage, where the Lockwoods could stay if they liked. Hailey felt it seemed a bit abrupt, for someone this girl had never met in person (to say nothing of someone else she’d never met at all). But Sasha pointed out that Europeans were notably hospitable, and loved having Americans visit them. And that this particular European knew her pretty well after all their letters.