Daycare Charge Part 1

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Daycare Charge Part 1″Oh no, oh no no no!”This was the third time in as many days that Christy had found herself in this situation: rushing to the bathroom with an intense urge to pee, fearing she may not make it in time. The first time she’d been lucky and managed to get to the toilet just in time to go, the second time she wasn’t as lucky but had at least managed to get her pants off and only wet her panties. This time, however, as she rounded the corner towards the bathroom she was dismayed to see the door closed. Upon reaching it she frantically knocked, only for her fears to be confirmed as she heard a hesitant “I-I’m almost done!” from inside. She couldn’t wait.She desperately looked around, doing a bit of a potty dance as she tried to think of anything that could help her out of this situation. Before she could come up with anything, though, she felt the all too familiar warmth begin to spread between her legs. She froze in place, only managing to look down to see the large wet patch forming on her jeans. Eventually the wet spot extended to a puddle around her feet and the flow finally stopped shortly after. She felt a small sense of relief now that it was over, but that relief was accompanied by an unrivaled humiliation due to what she’d just done (and where she’d done it). She didn’t have long to ponder that humiliation, though, as the door to the bathroom opened in front of her to make it even worse.From within the bathroom, a young girl stepped out and stopped just short of the puddle Christy had made. She looked down at it and then back up at Christy’s now soaked pants, a look of surprise on her face. “Did… Did you have an accident, Miss Christy?”At this point, Christy wasn’t sure how to respond. Wetting your pants in front of a small c***d would be fairly humiliating for most people regardless of the circumstances but it was even worse to do so in a daycare. Christy and her roommate had helped found the Building Blocks Daycare Center a few years ago and each worked 5 days a week taking care of the various c***dren that came their way. To now be standing in front of one of those c***dren in wet pants, as if she herself was a c***d, was mortifying. She could only manage to stammer in response to the girl’s question. “I-I…”Maybe sensing Christy’s embarrassment, the small girl gave the most reassuring smile she could muster, “Don’t worry, I’ll go get Miss Stacy! She’ll be able to help!”Just like that, the girl was gone. Christy tried to give chase, yelling out in the process, “No-no! Wait!” The girl had been too quick for her, though, likely eager to be able to say she helped out the daycare attendant. Upon realizing she wasn’t going to be able to stop the girl, at least not without chasing her past the rest of the k**s in the daycare, Christy resigned herself to meekly standing near the scene of her accident. She hoped at the very least that Stacy would get there before any of the other k**s needed to use the potty, to spare her the embarrassment of being seen by anybody else in this state.It didn’t take long for Stacy to arrive, thankfully, and her fellow attendant pulled her into the bathroom for a bit of privacy. Shutting the door behind them, she stepped back a bit to get a better look at Christy’s wet pants. “What happened? Are you alright?” The look of concern was fairly evident on her face after that question, it obviously wasn’t normal for an adult to have an accident like that.In this case, though, nothing had really seemed wrong. Christy had felt fine for most of the day and had just suddenly felt an intense urge to pee, one that didn’t leave her enough time to wait for the bathroom to be free. It’d have been nice to be able to blame it all on an illness, but she’d never been a good liar and she had no other symptoms. All she could do was explain to Stacy what had happened. “I-I don’t know what happened, I just felt a really strong urge to pee and before I could get into the bathroom I was… wetting my pants.” She couldn’t help but blush after that admission, feeling more and more c***dish by the second.For her part, though, Stacy took a more reassuring tone after hearing Christy’s explanation of the situation. “Well, don’t worry about it too much. Accidents happen every once in a while, no big deal. Just, run home and grab some dry pants. It’s almost naptime anyway so I should be able to handle things until you get back.” She smiled, hoping to help calm down her friend in what was obviously a humiliating situation. Christy couldn’t manage much of a response, merely giving her a nod and slipping back out to the door. She was eager to get out of her wet pants and forget this ever happened. Although, on the drive home she realized that was unlikely to happen. It would surely get around the daycare quickly and Stacy was her roommate so she was bound to find out eventually that it hadn’t just been an isolated incident. She just hoped this would be the worst of it.Even that wasn’t to be, however. The rest of the day went off without much incident, but she found herself having more and more close calls as the week progressed. By Friday, she’d already wet her pants again and had two more close calls beyond that. The following week was even worse, with three accidents throughout the week and several close calls as well. By that point, she’d begun packing spare pants and underwear in her bag in the event of another accident.Things started to get out of hand by the third week. She’d wet her pants every day by the time Stacy finally stepped in on Thursday, pulling her aside after helping her change out of another pair of wet pants. “Christy, I know this has to be humiliating for you and you can’t really help it, but… I think you should really consider wearing a bit of protection. Just until all of this stops happening, it’d save a bit on clean up and, ya’know, save you a bit of embarrassment in front of all the k**s.”??It took a moment for Christy to really process what Stacy was suggesting, realizing really quickly what the implication was. “What do you mean ‘protection’? Like diapers? I’m not wearing diapers, Stacy. I’m not a baby.”The almost immediate response from Stacy was a shake of her head at the sound of the word ‘diaper’, and she quickly spoke up once Christy had finished. “Not diapers, I know you’re not a baby. They make… pull-ups, kinda, for adults. ödemiş escort We could pick some of those up. They’d contain any accidents and keep your pants dry. Wouldn’t that be better than what’s happening now?”As humiliating as it was to think about, Christy knew Stacy was right about this one. The ‘they’re not diapers, they’re pull-ups’ argument was something she’d used at times to help ease some of the k**s that were potty training into the training pants they bought as opposed to letting them run around in regular underwear and potentially make a mess. She still considered them to be diapers, just thinner. Still, though, they would help keep her pants dry which would prevent the k**s from seeing when she’d had an accident. That alone would help all of this be much less embarrassing until she could figure out what was going on and fix it.After giving that thought a bit of consideration, Christy finally relented. “Alright, just… don’t let the k**s see you bringing them in or anything, okay?”This compromise brought a smile to Stacy’s face and she nodded at the request. “Of course, I’ll make sure they don’t see anything. I’ll put them inside the hatch on the changing table and you can use that room to change whenever you need to.”With that, Stacy left Christy to watch over naptime while she went out to pick up the pull-ups. She managed to get back before naptime had ended, rushing the pull-ups she’d bought into the changing room where she hid them inside the changing table as promised. She opened the pack while she was in the room, pulling one of them out and setting it down on top of the changing table. She met Christy in the nap room afterward, “Alright, those are all put up. I left one out for you if you want to go change real quick, just in case.”Christy couldn’t help but be a bit flustered at the gesture. She’d agreed to wear them, of course, but she’d hoped to wait until the next day. Still, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to put one on now. It was like Stacy said, just in case. “Alright. Gimme a sec.” She slipped into the changing room, shutting the door behind her and pulling down her pants. She retrieved the pull-up off the changing table, looking it over a bit in her hands.They were just plain white, only barely making a sound as she handled them. They were very standard for what most people would call an ‘adult diaper’, even if in this instance they had been sugarcoated as pull-ups to make her feel better about wearing them. After looking over the pull-up a bit more, she slipped off her panties and set them aside. She held the new pull-up down and then stepped into it, one leg at a time, before finally pulling it up between her legs and into place. It felt weird, thicker than her panties but not so thick that she’d be worried about anybody noticing.She turned towards the mirror on the door, looking herself over now that she had the pull-up on. She was average sized for her age, leaning just slightly on the smaller side due to her light frame. Her bright blonde hair and light blue eyes were her most remarkable features, but right now the only thing she could focus on was the pull-up she was wearing. As much as she tried to convince herself it wasn’t a diaper, seeing herself wearing it just made her feel c***dish. Before long she turned away, having had enough of seeing that embarrassing sight and instead pulling her pants back on to hide the pull-up from view. She put her socks and shoes back on and retrieved her panties before heading back to the door, taking a bit of a breath before opening it. She was terrified at this point, even though she knew they wouldn’t be able to tell she was wearing the pull-up. She knew she was wearing one and that was enough.As she stepped back out into the nap room, she found that most of the k**s were just now waking up from their nap. Despite her observation in the changing room that the pull-up didn’t actually make much noise, she couldn’t help but be hyper aware of each faint rustle her new underwear made as she walked through the room. She passed several of the k**s on her way as they stood up and stretched after their nap, but thankfully it didn’t seem as though any of them had noticed her change in underwear. Before she reached the other side of the room, she was intercepted by Stacy. “Everything go alright with, ya’know…that?” She danced around the issue, not wanting to say too much in front of the k**s.Again, Christy couldn’t help but blush a little despite the attempts to spare her the embarrassment. The whole situation was humiliating, no matter how hard she tried to pretend it wasn’t. Still, Stacy was only trying to help. Christy couldn’t exactly fault her for that. “Yeah, it um, it went alright. I think I’m good now.” She nodded after that, wanting nothing more than to move the conversation to a subject that didn’t involve her underwear or the accidents she’d been having lately. Stacy seemed to take the hint and just gave a nod back as she motioned for Christy to follow along into the playroom as the k**s made their way into it.The rest of the day went without much issue, although she had another close call near the end of the day. She’d been able to get into the bathroom just in time to avoid an accident, but even that (admittedly minor) victory just added to the humiliation due to the underwear she saw as she went to the bathroom. She knew what it was for and how it was likely to be used at some point even if she did manage to make it this time. She didn’t know why or how this was happening, but she wished it would stop soon.Over the next week or so, she continued to dutifully wear her pull-ups. She’d initially thought only wearing them at work would be alright, but a couple accidents at home quickly changed her mind on that decision. It was around this time that she began wetting the bed as well, ensuring she’d be wearing her pull-ups 24/7 until this phase passed. By the week after, the few times she’d been making it to the bathroom in time were growing less and less frequent. There were several days during that week where she didn’t make it to the bathroom once and instead wound up using her pull-ups multiple times in a day. She tried her best to help Stacy out with the k**s, but she was having more and more trouble focusing on anything other than her own potty problems. Even with all of that focus, though, ödemiş escort bayan her troubles only seemed to be getting worse as the days passed by.This was never clearer than it was on the following Tuesday. It had been a fairly normal day up until that point, although she’d already gone through one of her pull-ups earlier that morning. Stacy had to buy multiple packs at once to ensure they had enough to keep up with the amount of accidents Christy had been having as of late. As she was in the playroom with the k**s, though, she felt another sudden urge. This one wasn’t coming from her bladder, however. She quickly jumped up, muttering a quick “I’ll be right back!” to the k**s she was currently watching over before making her dash to the bathroom.As she made her way around the corner towards the bathroom, the urge turned into a cramp in her bowels and she found herself forced to stop just short of the bathroom door. Her hands went to her bottom, trying desperately to hold it in just a little longer. She carefully took a step, managing to barely hold it in as she did so. She took one hand off her bottom and opened the bathroom door, taking another step into the bathroom. The toilet was in sight now, but as took another step towards it she felt her bowels begin to move. She made another desperate attempt to hold it in, but this time it didn’t quite work out.She felt the cramp cause a push in her bowels and she helplessly spread her legs to accommodate what she knew was coming next. She let out a bit of a grunt as the cramp forced another push in her bowels, only this time it was accompanied by a warm mush spreading into the seat of her pull-up. She once again felt frozen in place as her body forced the large mess into her pull-up. By the time it was done spreading across her bottom, she felt the familiar warmth between her legs as her bladder gave out as well, soaking her now messy pull-up.Unsure of what to do, she simply stood there in front of the toilet, almost stunned at what had just happened. She could feel the mess causing her pull-up to droop in the back and the humiliating smell hit her soon afterward. How could she hide this? It would be obvious to anybody around her what she’d done and, while she was thankful for Stacy’s help over the past few weeks, she didn’t want to go tell her roommate that she’d pooped her pants. Especially given what she was wearing. She felt like a toddler who was failing miserably at potty training.Still, she couldn’t just stand in the bathroom all day all day. She thought about it for a moment and decided that her best course of action would be to make a straight shot to the changing room. Stacy would be taking care of the k**s and that’d give her an opportunity to get to the changing room and clean herself up as best she could. She could take a shower once she got home, thankfully it was close to the end of the day so that wouldn’t be too far off. She ventured out of the bathroom now, finding herself waddling just a bit due to the size of the mess in the seat of her pull-up. She eventually made it to the playroom despite that, although she only managed to get halfway across the room before she heard Stacy calling out from behind her. “Christy, hey, would you mind helping me real quick? The k**s wanted to move the toy box over to the other side of the room so it would be closer to the playpen.” She looked over to the large toy box Stacy was referring to, thinking for a moment before nodding. As much as she wanted to just get to the changing room, not helping would seem suspicious. Besides, she’d feel bad making Stacy move that toy box all by herself. She just hoped she could manage to help get it moved before Stacy noticed the smell.She stepped over to the toy box and grabbed one side as Stacy grabbed the other. They both lifted it up and carefully carried it over to the other side of the room where it rested just outside the fenced in playpen they’d set up for the k**s to play in. They both let out a sigh and Stacy turned back to her with a smile. “Thanks for the help Christy.” With that, Christy seemed home free. She turned to make her way towards the changing room when Stacy suddenly tapped her arm. “Hold on, would you mind helping me with one more thing? I think one of the k**s is a poopy pants, I can smell it. Would you help me check?” She sniffed the air a bit just to reaffirm that she’d smelled something, quickly noticing it again and nodding.This was a terrible situation. There was no easy way to get out of it without drawing a ton of suspicion to herself. As she quickly thought it over in her head, Christy realized the only solution that didn’t make it clear what she’d done was to help and hope that one of the k**s had also pooped their pants. They’d get changed and Christy could change afterward without much suspicion. With that in mind, she nodded at Stacy’s request. “Y-Yeah, sure.” The two of them went about checking the pants of the 5 k**s in the playroom one by one. As Stacy pulled the last c***d’s pants back into place, a confused look crossed her face. “Huh, you’re all clean… so who…”It didn’t take long for Stacy to put the pieces together and she turned back to Christy once she had. “Christy, would you come here for a second?” This was the worst possible outcome for Christy. There was no way out now and she could already hear the giggling from a couple of the k**s as they began to realize what had happened. She stepped back over to Stacy, fighting back tears as she pleaded with her roommate. “Can-Can we do this in the other room please?” As much as Stacy could tell that this was humiliating for her, there was no point in hiding it now.She shook her head, pulling her a bit closer and unbuttoning her jeans. “I know this is embarrassing, but if you’re worried about them finding out what’s going on, I think they already have. Let’s just get this over with.” She tugged Christy’s pants down, revealing the pull-up hidden underneath. The giggling increased as the k**s caught sight of Christy’s now poopy pull-up, but Stacy quickly shushed them as she did a quick check to confirm what had happened before finally pulling Christy’s pants back up into place. “Alright, we need to go get you changed.” She gently pushed Christy towards the door before turning back to the k**s, “I’m going to be watching through the mirror on escort ödemiş the door, so if any of you need anything just let me know.” With that she quickly ushered Christy to the changing room, leaving the door open so she could see back into the playroom.She guided Christy to the changing table, having her lay down on it so she could get her cleaned up more easily. “I’ll try to make this quick.” She got no response from Christy at this point, who was seemingly doing everything she could not to break down into tears after that ordeal. She simply laid still as Stacy pulled her pants off and ripped the sides off her pull-up. Stacy used several baby wipes from the changing supplies on hand to clean Christy up as thoroughly as she could before sprinkling a bit of baby powder on her bottom. She paused for a moment afterward, “Crap, you probably didn’t really need that. Force of habit.” She chuckled lightly, hoping to lighten the mood a little as she rubbed the powder in. From there she grabbed a clean pull-up and pulled it up between Christy’s legs and into place.With the change pretty much finished, she tossed the soiled pull-up into a diaper pail nearby and helped Christy off the changing table. She helped pull Christy’s pants back up into place before standing back up and giving her a hug. “I’m sorry, I know that had to have been humiliating. Are you feeling alright?” Again, there was more concern in her voice than anything else as she tried to determine what exactly caused the accident.For her part, though, Christy still had no idea. It was just like before, only this time the result was much more embarrassing. “Y-Yeah, I just… I felt a cramp. I really tried to get to the bathroom, but… I didn’t make it.” Her cheeks were blushing a bright red at this point as she admitted to pooping her pants. Once again seeming to understand the humiliation Christy was going through, Stacy just rubbed her back reassuringly after the explanation. “Well, don’t sweat it okay? It’s just a one time thing right now, it’s nothing to worry about yet. Keep trying to make it to the bathroom and if something like this happens again, just let me know, okay? I don’t mind helping.”The two of them made their way back out to the playroom after that, with Christy barely able to face the c***dren after what had just transpired. Nonetheless, she tried her best to help out and do her job until the day was finally over. The next week or two saw this happen several more times, although it wasn’t as big of a deal to the k**s after the first time thankfully. After the fourth messy pull-up in under two weeks, though, it became a big deal for Stacy as she held Christy back in the changing room for a moment after another change.This wasn’t going to be a fun conversation, she could already tell, but it needed to happen. “Christy, with the amount of, um, messy accidents you’ve been having lately, I think we might be better off if we… bumped you up to diapers for a bit.” She tried to get it out quickly, already anticipating the rather heated reaction Christy would have to that suggestion.She wasn’t disappointed. As soon as the word ‘diaper’ left her mouth, Christy was already shaking her head. “No way! I’m NOT wearing a diaper, Stacy, I’m not a baby! I told you this last time!” Even the thought of wearing a diaper was just humiliating for her at this point and she wasn’t having any of Stacy’s suggestion that she actually wear them.Still, Stacy wasn’t about to give up. “I know it’s embarrassing and I know you’re not a baby, but if you’re going to be having that kind of accident, those pull-ups aren’t going to cut it. You’re gonna make a big mess eventually and that’s gonna be even more embarrassing than wearing a diaper. Don’t you think so?”As reasonable as that was, Christy still wasn’t having it and she shook her head vehemently. “No! I’m not wearing a diaper, Stacy! Absolutely not!”A bit of a sigh escaped Stacy now, knowing just how difficult this was going to be. She took a moment to think before finally speaking up once again. “Alright, how about this: We’ll make a bet. I’ll let you stay in those pull-ups and you won’t have to wear diapers, but we add your name to the potty chart. You’ll have until one of our current potty trainees graduates to big k** underwear. If you can go 7 days without a messy accident during that time, I won’t bring the diapers up again.” A smile crossed Christy’s face after that. She’d had a bit of bad luck lately with these accidents, but 7 days was certainly possible.Stacy quickly put a hand up to stop that smile, though, as she wasn’t finished. “If you can’t manage that, though, and one of our trainees gets fully potty trained before you can manage to stop pooping your pants? Not only do you have to wear diapers, you have to let me take care of you like I would any other baby that gets dropped off here until we can get your potty training back to where it should be.” She stated that rather authoritatively, making it clear that she wasn’t joking around with this suggestion. Christy didn’t seem thrilled with it, but Stacy quickly added on: “If you’re not okay with that, then you wear diapers now. Those are your options.”At this point, she didn’t see much of an option. There was no way she was going to willingly wear diapers, so the bet was the only option she could consider. She just hoped she could make it to bathroom more often than she had in the past week. “I’ll take the bet.” That response got a smile out of Stacy as she nodded her head. “Alright, that’s a start then. Let’s go get your name added to the potty chart.” With that, she led Christy back out to the playroom and over to the potty chart. She handed the marker over to Christy and pointed to an empty row on the chart. “Just put your name there.” Christy blushed a bit as realized most of the k**s were watching again, some of them giggling, but nonetheless she did as she was told and wrote her name on the row.Stacy smiled again, putting the marker back into its usual position. “Okay, consider this the start of the bet. I’ll be keeping track of any accidents you have at home too, so just try to make it bathroom alright?” She patted Christy on the arm reassuringly, seeming to be legitimately concerned with getting her back to normal. Christy, though, was nervous. If she couldn’t do this, she’d not only be in diapers, she’d be treated like a baby as well. That would be beyond humiliating… but maybe that was just the motivation she needed to keep her pants clean.[End of Chapter 1, feel free to email [email protected] with any comments or concerns!]