Day Dreams at Night


DAYDREAMS Was my adventure a dream or reality…… Have you ever had a fantasy about 2 women you work with? This is my story of how my fantasy became reality.

I love to watch. I love to watch woman I know personally, it is so erotic to me. I have this fantasy about one of my coworkers. Her name is Theo. The is about 5’10” and weights maybe 130lbs. She has, shoulder length blonde hair with amazing sexy blue eyes. She grew-up as a tomboy, on a farm, so she isn’t no weakling. Her body has amazing muscle tone.

Her eyes, are a perfect example of “bedroom eyes.” Theo is a cock-tease and is very good at it. She has had my cock, at her mercy, several times. One day I decided to follow her home, and to see if I could catch her at something, incriminating that I could blackmail Her with.

I planned on a Friday night, after work. It was a very rainy-windy night, which was in my favor. Theo pulled into her driveway, and walked into her small house, where she lived alone. I had given her 30 minutes to get settled in for the night, before I crept up, to the living room window.

Her house was surrounded by 6 foot tall shrubs. One day during a conversation, she mentioned that she didn’t have to close her curtains, to walk around, do housework in the nude. because of these bushes. Theo flashed me that look of, “wouldn’t you love to watch me naked!” I thought, “hell, did she just give me the green light to watch her sometime?” My brain said no, but the one I think with, said HELL YEAH!!!!!

I was sneaking up to her living room window, and started to look in, when I heard Theo talking to someone in another room. I couldn’t hear another voice, so I assumed she was on the phone. I then crept up to her bedroom window, she was standing in front of a full length mirror, wearing a blue satin teddy.

She was facing towards the mirror, I could see her perfectly from the reflection. Her small, but perky tits were stretching out the fabric. I forgot to watch where I was stepping, and stepped on a branch. Under my breathe, I thanked the powers to be, for the rain.

I had ducked down, just in the nick of time, because I had caught a glimpse of her turning toward the window. I could hear her voice growing louder, and closer. My heart was racing, thoughts of getting busted, and Theo kicking my ass, swam in my head.

Theo was talking with another woman from work, her name was Val. Val was a very sexy, attractive 25 year old. She was another blonde blue-eyed babe. She reminded me of “the inexperienced girl next door.” Val has an amazing set of tits. The bra’s she wore, were athletic type, enough to cover her up. When she walked, her tits bounced around, and she had hard nipples ALL THE TIME!

Theo had made plans with Val for that night. She was to stop and watch a movie, and to catch up on the work gossip. Now what to do, I asked escort bursa myself. Should I wait until Val arrived, or should I keep on watching Theo? I decided to (what every hot-blooded, horny man, would do) continue watching Theo. Theo sat down on the edge of her bed, sitting in front of her mirror, with a pair of scissors. I watched her trim her bush, when she would go to brush off the excess, I could hear her take a deep breath, and let out little moans, as she used her open hand to rub up and down her womanhood, I could tell that Theo was getting very hot. It starts to rain harder, with huge rain drops. I consider going home, but I stick it out. After several minutes of me daydreaming of Theo, in different scenarios, a car pulls up, and Val slides out.

I watched her walk into Theo.’s house I noticed that for the crummy kind of night, Val was skimpily dressed in over sized sweat pants, and a white, tight fitting tanktop. I cant believe my eyes, as Val is lazily walking towards Theo.’s front door, I can see the outline of Val’s, breasts, and I can also see the size, shape of her aeriolas…THANK GOD for rain and wet, white T-shirts, I mumble to myself. My Dick bounced in my jeans, and sprung to life. That’s all I had seen, before she went in.

My heart and Dick was pounding…my imagination was running at its max. I was having flashes of watching Theo and Val embrace each other in some hot lesbian love.

My luck was getting better by the minute. I hurried back to where I had the best view of the living room, when I got there, Theo and Val had just sat down on the couch. I could see them talking back and forth, I was beginning to think, that this was going to be a boring coworker visit, when Theo got up from the couch, and walked behind Val, and had started to massage Val’s shoulders. Val immediately went limp. I could her Val sighing. Theo walked into her kitchen, and came back out with a big bottle of ice water. Val looked to be falling asleep, and Theo (I swear I seen the lil’ devil horns grow from her forehead) gets this, daring, bold, look on her face. With an evil grin, Theo trickles some of the ice water on Val’s neck, and head, and Theo giggling, says “Heyyy you cant be nodding off on me, damn it!”

Shocked, mouth wide-open from the rush of the ice water, Val jumps up, with her bosom bouncing briskly, in every direction, yells, “WHAT THE HELL!!??!! that water is freaking’ ice cold, Theo!” Val is obviously stunned, and upset by the cold water.

With Theo.’s satin bathrobe, dancing in the breeze, with a daring smile, Theo bubbly replies, “I just wanted to see what would jump-up first, you or your nipples!” Theo licks her lips, and gingerly bites down on her bottom lip, anxiously awaiting her straightforward statement.

I could tell, with the expression on Theo.’s face, she was bursa merkez escort boldly going where she never went before. Would Val bite on the bait, Theo was teasing her with? My levis were soaked clear thru, and the friction my erect tool was creating, was too much. I hungrily unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them down to my ankles, along with my boxers, exposing my throbbing, man meat. IM an average man, rock hard penis pops up to stand at 6 inches, but tonight, I am proudly stroking 9 inches.

I take the palm of my hand, and run it across the bushes, to gather some of the rain water, I slap my wet hand against my throbbing muscle, and slowly slide it up and down.

Val has this stunned, confused look, trying to brush off the standing water from her top, and again, Theo soaks Val’s chest, with the icy liquid.

Now, Val has this, strange, but arousing feeling come over her. She is embarrassed, because she covers her breasts, which are now in full view, despite her top still on.

Theo, squirts another volley of water, this time hitting Val in the face, with an apologetic manner, Theo says, “awwwww honey, IM sorry, IM just playing, here let me help!” With that being said, Theo reaches to wipe off the dripping water, and takes her index finger, and drags it down, between Val’s eager boobs. Hooking the top of Val’s top.

Theo pulls down hard, ripping the fabric. “Oops, Did I do that?” Theo coos playfully and squeezes out more water, that hits Val’s bare chest, and streams down, between her lovely tits. Her pale skin is glistening, so soft, and so inviting. I start stoking my monster, faster, thinking to myself, cmon Theo, do it, rip her top off, suck on her tits.

Val is RED in the face, bewildered at Theo.’s actions. She would have never guessed, that Theo was this way. “THEO! Val stammers, What are you t-t-trying to do?” Theo, winking, leans in, and whispers into Val’s ear, “I am trying to get you turned on, and naked!” Val’s body is starting to give into Theo.’s advances, she starts to shake, making her prime tits, jiggle.

Val, takes in a deep breathe, and says, “Damn, are you trying to seduce me, Theo? You know, I am a happily married woman”

Theo.’s reply was, “yes, and of course, but, haven’t you ever had a fantasy about being with another woman?”

Val, gathering her senses, stumbles over her words, and can only utter out… “Theo, Take me, show me your fantasy”

Theo stands up, and lets her satin teddy seductively slide off her shoulders. Theo then grabs both of her breasts, messaging them, then pulling and twisting at her hard, suckable nipples, and motions for Val to lay back on the couch.

Theo, with both hands, vigorously, finishes tearing Val’s top off, making Val jump.

Theo leans over Val, and gently lets the tips of her tits, bursa escort touch Val’s. Val nervously reacts, and shimmers with erotic excitement.

Theo is moaning softly, with a seductive grin, says to Val, “Wasn’t expecting this tonight huh?”

Val, hesitantly, replies, “God no!”

Theo laughs, and remarks, “close your eyes, and relax”

Val complies, with Theo.’s request.

Theo leans down farther, and gently, softly, kisses Val’s ever-so-hard nipple.

Val instantly has goosebumps,as an electric feeling washes over her. Val says, “Oh myyyyyy Theo!! that feels sooooooooo good!!!”

Theo replies, “good, how does this feel?” and runs her hand down Val’s waist, over her sweats, and between Val’s heated up crotch.

Val rolls her head back, moaning, and reaches up to touch Theos 1 inch long nipples. At the touch, Theo moans approvingly, and helps Val rub her own breasts.

Theo, goes out of character, with aggression, slaps Val’s hands down, and bites Val’s left nipple, hard, making Val scream in pain. Val, painfully asks, “OUCH!! Not so hard!” Theo just looks at her, and says “Just be quiet and let me, do what I want, my little slut!”

With that said, Theo stands, clenching both her hands around the waistband of Val’s sweats, and yanks them down in 1 swoop. Theo leans down, and sticks her nose into Val’s moist panties, and sucks in Val’s odor. “mmmmmmmmm, says Theo, I see my little slut is getting wet, then she fastens her hands on Val’s pretty panties, and pulls them down, then off.

Val gasps at the force of Theo.’s actions. Val is starting to shake, wondering what Theo is going to do to her. Cautiously, Val murmurs, “Theo are you gonna hurt me, cuz if you are, IM outta here!” Theo didn’t take Val’s words to seriously. “ohhh baby, don’t you worry, IM not gonna hurt you, she chuckles, too bad.”

Now, Theo has Val on her back, on the couch. Thank the gods, I say to myself, that the couch is positioned just right for my viewing pleasure. The outside of the window, fogs up from my heavy breathing. If IM not careful, IM gonna get busted.

Theo, straddles Val’s, torso with her long slim legs. As she starts to caress Val’s globes. I keep telling myself, damn it Theo just start sucking them nips, oh god, they want your attention so bad. As if Theo heard me, she bent down and started to nurse on Val’s pink tit’s.

Val is starting to relax, getting into the swing of things, as she slowly, softly glides her fingertips up and down Theo.’s sides, and out lines the shape of Theo.’s pert tits.

Theo suggests that they move outside, to her patio, that is safely guarded by 8 ft walls of plywood, and thick bushes. I almost pass-out. My mouth drops open, and all I could think, was shows over. There’s no peeping the patio! DAMN IT!!!

Maybe Val will say no. I cross my fingers, hold my breath. Val says sure babe, whatever you want. They both get up, arm in arm, and walk out the sliding glass door.

Screw it, I say. IM gonna climb them bushes, and look down on them. hehehe where there’s a will, and 2 gorgeous, naked hot women, there’s a way……

to be continued……