Day Dreaming and Thinking of You


I love day-dreaming about you, so teasing and sexy. So it was no surprise the other morning as I lay alone in bed that a picture of you with your sexy eyes came to mind and a smile filled my face.

I was lying on my back, my hands clasped behind my head, looking out the window as the sun was coming up. My daydream went from, “what was I going to do that day” to imagining you on your hands and knees with your ass in the air, teasing me to come fuck you. I felt my cock beginning to stir and wake up as my right hand lightly brushed over the flat spot of my abs on its way to the inside of my thigh.

Almost fully erect by now, I slipped off my boxers as if to concede my loss of willpower. I lay there fully naked, one hand rubbing my balls while the other teasing the most sensitive part of my cock just below the head. Slowly, gently, my right hand Mardin Escort began to encircle my fully engorged shaft. I began stroking softly, up and down… up and down.

“Ummmmmmm…” it felt so good. Faster now, faster… “ohhhhhh, yessss.” Oh my God… jacking off and thinking of your silky smooth pussy right in front of my face.

And then, all of a sudden it wasn’t my hand anymore… it was your hand. My eyes were closed, but I knew it was you lying beside me stroking my cock. Oh baby, your delicate little hand wrapped around my throbbing cock was like heaven. And oh, you know how to work it so good. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow… but always gentle, and always bringing me a little closer to losing total control.

Then it was as if you read my mind and knew what I wanted next. Without letting go of my cock, you Mardin Escort Bayan got up on your knees, straddled my chest with your ass in my face, and lowered you mouth to begin sucking on my rock hard shaft.

Your warm, wet mouth took all of me in as you kept stroking me. Instinctively, my tongue reached for your wet pussy as you lowered yourself to my face. Ah, the scent of your nectar made me want to bury my face as deep as I could into your soft, hot, flesh. How turned on we both were! Sucking, licking, stroking, your wetness increasing and my precum beginning to show… we were both getting close.

But no, it would not end like this. I pushed you off my face, you let go of my hardness. You turned around, placed both of your hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes with a determined, “I’m going Escort Mardin to fuck you now” look.

As your head fell back, your glazed-over eyes looked up to the ceiling, and you slowly lowered your tight, wet, warmth over my piercing, full erection.

“Oh baby, you are so beautiful” I could hear myself say.

“Oh yes… fuck me… fuck me now. Oh God, fuck me now!”

We were both locked in a rhythmic sexual crescendo… building… increasing… faster and faster… your tight pussy working to extract my fluids… my shaft exciting your sensitive inner flesh. You were rocking and moaning, gripping me tighter… breathing harder.

And then I felt it. It started deep down inside my gut. It spread to my thighs, my ass tightened as I heaved my hips into the air.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming… I’m cumming now…”

I reached out with my left hand as if to grab your breast… and I came so hard… my hot creamy load shot all over my left thigh… my stomach… my chest. I lay there for a while with my eyes closed still thinking of you.

When I opened them I was alone, and I still had a smile on my face.