DAWN’S CONFUSION PART 1BTVS: DAWN’S CONFUSION PART 1A young teenager closed her door and jumped on her bed. Reaching over, she pulled her journal from a bedside table. Still laying across the bed she opened the journal and retrieved the pen laying inside and commenced writing.’I Dawn Summers, am admitting that I have no idea what to do. Things have changed as of late. Feelings have escalated and are out of my control. What started out as an educational/informal question and experiment has turned into an unexpected lust. But is it lust or love? What is love? Am I too young to know what love truly is? Maybe I’m just misinterpreting the signals. I really have no idea what to do. I can’t even fully recall when everything went so crazy.’Talking to herself, “Hey wait… I guess I could just start reading from the beginning. I did keep a pretty good journal… and it isn’t like I have much else to do while Buffy and the others are out patrolling the night away. Well, I better lock my door and get rid of these clothes because there is no way I can re-read through my adventures of the last couple days without some relief.” Realizing she was carrying on a conversation by herself, “What am I doing? I so need someone that I can confide in when it comes to personal matters of the heart… and elsewhere.” She laid her journal to the side and skipped over to her dresser where she started to pull some clothes out when she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be getting rid of the clothes she was wearing… not putting on more clothes. Closing the dresser drawers back, she stepped over to the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. There stood a tall, leggy, still growing medium breasted, long haired brunette with a face of pure innocence. She first removed her purple, long sleeved turtleneck. Moving her hands up, she watched herself in the mirror as she gave her bra covered orbs a few squeezes. Her hands pressed the orbs closer together, increasing what little cleavage she already possessed. Reaching around behind her back, she removed her purple lace bra and let it fall to the carpeted floor on top of her fallen top. Now pinching and squeezing her nipples, moans of pain escaped her lips. She knew at this pace she would never get back to reading her journal. Dropping her hands to her sides, she grasped her black hip huggers and slowly maneuvererd them down her legs. In moments like these, she wished she could remove them as easily as jeans or even better… a skirt. Finally, after a bit of a struggle, she was able to step out of the material and expose her bare, long legs to the room’s chilling atmosphere. Goose bumps immediately appeared all over her smooth, taunt skin. She only had one article of clothing to go. Reaching down again, this time she grasped the sides of her simple, white thong and quickly lowered them and placed them on the pile of clothes. She stood for minutes admiring her naked body in the mirror. Turning to one side and then the other, backing up, walking forward, bending over forwards and then bridging backwards… she inspected every angle of every position she could get her body in. Whether the young teenager knew it, she was quite flexible and sexy looking as well. Stepping closer to the mirror, she lowered her hand between her legs and pulled up on a piece of skin, exposing her clit. She gave her clit a little pinch and watched it jump out further and increase in size. Her nubbin reacted much like a horny male’s penis would as it transformed from a limp dick to a raging hard on.Turning around so her back faced the mirror, she turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Her concentration was focused on her backside. If there was one part of her body that she absolutely admired… well, it was her small, round, tight ass. She ran each hand over a separate cheek before prying her cheeks apart and running her pinkie fingers over her anus. A slight chill flowed through her body as she pressed each finger into the darkened tightness. Turning around she walked over and thrust her body on her bed. Pulling her journal from beneath her body, she found the first journal entry that had anything to do with her current situation. With a finger playing over one of her ever-hardening breasts, she began reading her own written words and story.* * * *This story begins a three days earlier. It was night time and the slayer and the Scoobies were returning from a night of patrolling the town. Buffy opened the door and in followed her friends, Xander and Willow and in a wild and rare occurrence, then her younger s!ster, Dawn, walked through the door. All four of them were covered in slime from a demon they had been tracking for a few days. Tonight, was the night it met its maker, but before it departed our fair world it left a little going away present for everyone… including a few vampires that had been lurking in the cemetery.Weird thing was… Buffy and the gang didn’t even have to worry about the vamps once their demon was history. The slime seemed to wear away their corpsed bodies, but didn’t seem to harm the humans in the area. Did I mention that a night funeral was taking place? What idiot would plan a funeral at night and in the middle of the largest cemetery in Sunnydale besides the foundation with which the new Sunnydale High School was built upon. To those that don’t know… Sunnydale was settled on the Hellmouth… a portal of sorts to bad and evil and demons, vampires, and every other creature that ever thought about hunting or feeding in the night air. Xander was exhausted and immediately headed for the couch in the living room and crashed. Buffy crashed in a reclining chair opposite the couch while Willow just rested against the side of the couch with Dawn’s head laying on her shoulder. “Well Dawn, what did you think?” Giving the only guy in the room the evil eye. “Slimy! How come on my first real outing with you guys I have to get slimed? You guys do this all the time and hardly ever come home looking like bursa escort this.” “Call it initiation, Dawnie.” A light punch was felt against Willow’s arm. “So, would my initiation be over with?” “Yeah Dawn. You can go get cleaned up.” “Only if Willow comes with me.” “Why is that?” “I think I can answer that one. She’s stuck to me.” “Must be the slime. Guess it would be smart if we all hurried up and got showers. No idea if this leftover slime will have any side effects or anything.””Good idea, Buffy.” Xander sprang up and off the couch. “Let’s go get those showers. You have two. Dawn and Willow can have the one in the hall and you and I can share the one in your mom’s room… I mean your room.” “In your dreams!” “Yeah well, been there… done that. Are you sure?” “Yeah Buffy. It would probably be smart if we all got a good wash. I think it is best that we double up on the water and washing. Like you said, no idea if this stuff will have any side effects, besides, Dawn and myself don’t seem separable at the moment… so we should really make sure that we get all of this slim shit off our bodies. I can’t say I agree with the matchups, but it probably is for the best. I don’t think I could shower with Xander and it might be kind of weird showering with your own s!ster.” “I hate it when you have intelligent reasoning. Fine! Xander you’re with me.” With slayer strength and a firm grasp of his arm, Xander was soon being pulled across the room and up the stairs. Taking a quick look back at the trailing body, Buffy noticed Xander’s eyes staring at her ass and his tongue hanging out of his mouth as if he were a dog about to get a treat. She found it rather exhilarating and cute, but she wasn’t about to let him in on the news. “You will most definitely keep your eyes closed and your hands to yourself,” the other two girls overheard as Buffy and Xander rushed up the stairs. Willow stepped away from the couch and waited for the younger girl to rise up herself. “Guess it’s me and you, k**do.””Yeah, guess it is. Race you up!”Willow was a bit faster and more cunning than the girl realized. Upon hearing the challenge, the redhead pushed the slayer’s s!ster back on the couch, as she raced for the stairs. Shaking her head in disbelief, Dawn rose off the couch and followed the redhead up the stairs as swiftly as she could manage.Once in the bathroom, Dawn and Willow quickly shed their clothes. They didn’t pay any attention to each other as their clothes came off. Willow pulled the shower door open and reached inside to start the water. It was at this moment that Dawn turned around and for the first time saw her s!ster’s best friend in the nude. As Willow lend over the edge her butt gave off a raised view allowing Dawn to not only get a great view of her ass, but the start of her pussy folds as well. The younger girl was caught in a daze when Willow turned around to face the girl; a blushing redness consuming the younger girl. The redhead just smiled as the younger girl was obviously admiring her body. Figuring she now had the right as well, Willow dropped her eyes and marvelled at the patch of fuzz between Dawn’s slender legs. Looking up and breaking the solitude of silence that had overcome the moment. “Dawn, you want the front or back?” “Your back and front looks fine to me.”Willow’s eyes shot open even wider than they previously had been. Breaking out in a slight laughter, “That isn’t what I asked.” Popping out of her youthful, spellbound daze. “What isn’t what you asked?” “Never mind, Dawn… it wasn’t important. Would you care to have the front or the back…in the shower?” With her attention now fully on what Willow was asking of her. “The front will be fine.” One by one the girls stepped over the smaller tiled, side wall and into the spray of the warm water as it shot out from the showerhead. The warmth splashed Dawn’s up-close face as she waited for Willow to join her. She wanted to give the other girl plenty of room as she stepped into the shower. Once in the water’s spray as well, the redheaded Wiccan closed the shower door with one hand while handing Dawn a washcloth with the other hand. * * *Meanwhile in the other resident bathroom. “Buffy, do you realize how hard it is to manoeuvre much less wash any part of your body without seeing…or without me getting a black-eye or worse from touching something I shouldn’t?” Realizing their situation could be deemed as a possible life or death situation; they really had no idea about the slime. “Alright Xander, your dreams are about to come true. You can look, but no ungodly or aggressive touching or eye lingering stares. You know you’re like a br0ther to me.” “Well even br0thers have curiosities about their s!sters and their mating habits,” thought Xander before cautiously opening one eye while the other remained closed. “Open them already. I promise I won’t bite.” Opening both eyes, “But you bite in my dreams.” Squinting her eyes, “Okay, I might not bite, but I have a mean right hook.” Without even thinking about what he was doing, his eyes dropped down and took in the long-awaited sight of the backside of her naked body. Still looking over the top of her shoulder, she reached back and lifted his head back to within her eye level. “Sorry, Buff.” His eyes closed while he dropped his head in shame. “It’s okay. Guess you’re going to have to look at some point.” “I can honestly say that the thought has never crossed my mind all these years I’ve called you Buff.” “What thought would that be?” “That your name proceeds itself. You’re quite the buffster down there as well.” They both attempted to look at her muscled up ass. “Should I kill you for that comment or just severely beat you?” Keeping his comical sense about him, “I’ll opt for the beating.” “Let me guess… I beat you in your dreams as well?” Her eyes raised up and stared at the back of her eyelid for a moment. “Guys!” “Not really… no. I can’t say that I recall a time when you beat me, but I’m sure you will be after today.” He giggled bursa escort bayan as he once again reopened his eyes and let their view drop down to her ass.Buffy snapped around and then realized what she had done and quickly turned back away. In that one brief moment, Xander Harris’s cock jumped to full attention. This reaction didn’t go unnoticed by the slayer as she suddenly felt his member pressing against her cheeks.Grabbing the soap from the wall holder, she soaped up her hands. “You don’t seem to be doing too bad in the buff department either. Why don’t we start there?” The golden locks slayer turned back towards her taller, dark haired best friend, bringing her soaped up hands around his extended shaft; a slight groan escaped his lips. After a couple twists and strokes of her hands, he shot his load into her slight nest of hair, nestled between her thighs. Without any notice of his own, he reached down between her legs and started smearing his cum all over her pubic mound. Buffy’s hand quickly found the top of Xander’s hand, but she didn’t fight his advances. Taking a bold chance, he slid his fingers further down until he felt a warmness. With two of his fingers against the edge of her folds, he looked up and into Buffy’s consensual eyes. Knowing he had the go ahead, his fingers slipped through the folds; her pelvis responded by pushing against the intruding obstacle. A moan escaped her own lips.”Buffy!” she reached a finger to his lips. “Don’t talk.” Knowing that she had plenty of lubricant built up, he uncurled two more fingers and joined them with the previous two.Her pelvic bone was now mashed against his hand as he held still. She controlled the forwards and backwards movement. Xander stood his ground as the slayer fucked herself on his fingers while water washed over both of their bodies; the slime slowly, but successfully washing down the shower’s drain. * * *Back in the other Summers’ shower, Willow and Dawn had already finished washing the parts that the other couldn’t reach and had begun washing their own bodies. Willow had the hardest time keeping her eyes away from the naked ass that stood only a foot or so in front of her, but the more she watched the closer it seemed it was becoming. Dawn in fact was slowly taking ant like steps backwards…coming ever nearer to the naked feminine body that stood behind her. Bending over, Dawn began washing between her own legs while she took the advantage to gaze at the red bush on the opposite side. She allowed a finger to slide off the cloth as she washed across her folds. The water cascading over her body wasn’t the only wetness the girl was feeling.While Willow washed her breasts, Dawn decided to take a huge risk and wasn’t even sure why she was thinking such a thing.Reaching her hand between her legs, she extended her arm out allowing her finger to penetrate the folds on Red’s body. Willow was shocked to the point that she dropped her washcloths on the slippery, tiled floor. When she bent down to pick it up, she stared back between the brunette’s youthful, long legs, over the girl’s pussy lips, and directly into the younger girl’s eyes. A smile crossed her face as she proceeded to pick up the clothes and return to washing and tweaking her own assets. Dawn once again returned her finger to Willow’s pussy, but this time the redhead was ready and waiting. Spreading her legs for easier access, Dawn reached out her other hand as well and began playing with Red’s uncovered clit. Willow had had enough of the teasing and reached down and firmed grasped the young girl. Pulling her unexpected body against her own, she began pawing at the younger set of breasts. Dawn’s fingers, hands, and arms retreated as she stood up allowing Willow her undivided attention… not to mention her breasts. Willow pawed and squeezed the perk orbs with one hand as the other found its way to a lower treasure.A few moments later, a spent Dawn was leaning against the older girl’s body as they sat on the shower floor as they quickly advanced in their kissing techniques; the water now ran cold, but the room seemed to be filled with even a greater amount of steam. * * *Moans escaped through the closed door in the other bathroom as Xander thrust his hardened member into the womb of the slayer for the last time… this go around. Her head laid against his chest as his member exited her body and she continued to milk him dry with her hands. He made sure he had a firm and memorable grip on her ass as he exploded all over her stomach. Lifting her head up, she gave her latest romp master a smile before connecting with his lips.A few minutes later, Xander and Buffy stood outside the shower drying their bodies off. “Buffy, that was… absolutely… oh what’s the right word…” “Incredible?” “Yes, Incredible! Absolutely Incredible! Okay this is probably my imagination and cumulated horniness overcoming my logical thinking, but if we just did what we did in here… do you think it is possible something of the sort went on… between the other two?” The slayer slapped him hard across the arm, leaving signs of immediate bruising. “You’re sick, Xander. No, there is no way… absolutely not. What is it with guys always thinking about two girls doing each other?” Ignoring her own question, “We both do realize that you let Dawn shower… naked nonetheless… with a lesbian? A lesbian that hasn’t experience sexual bliss since Tara’s passing.” “She’s Willow. And that is my s!ster… nope, no way they did anything like that.” Buffy reached over and opened the door to allow what steam was left lingering to escape into her bedroom.It was at the very moment that both Xander and Buffy’s ears perked up at the sound of Dawn screaming out in a moment of erotic bliss. Slowly pulling the door back to its closed position. “You were saying, Buffy?””I think I need another round. Since I don’t have any alcohol around…you’ll have to do. You up for it?” “No way am I up, but man of my talent has more than one penetrating weapon.” escort bursa Buffy jumped up into his arms and circled her legs around his waist. “We so have to put that talent to the test.” * * *”Dawn are you okay? That was quite a powerful scream you had there.” “Oh yeah, I’m fine Buffy.” Shaking the girl out of her daze, “Dawn, what did you just say?” Giving the girl no time to respond, she pressed a finger into Dawn’s tight ass and another into her still wet pussy.For a matter of seconds, she commenced a woodland’s like sawing action between the two openings. As soon as she had started she stopped. “What’s my name?” A moment of silence passed. “Answer me or no more. What’s my name?””Fuck you, Buffy.” With her eyes still closed, “Can I please you now? Like I did after mom died.”Willow soon realized that Dawn had been imagining that it was her s!ster who had been pleasuring her. Pushing all reasoning and feelings to the back of her brain, “Sure, sis, you can please me now.”Willow pushed the taller, yet lighter framed girl down her body, stopping at the intersection between her thighs.* * *The gang really didn’t catch sight of each other until the next morning.Opening her eyes and pulling her arm from across a set of naked breasts, “Good morning, Buffy.””Good morning, Dawn.” The slayer started to turn back over and drift back into dreamland, but quickly turned to face her equally naked s!ster. “What? How? Explain?”Wiping her fingers over her eyes, as sleeep seem to still have a major hold on the younger girl, “No idea,” she was finally able to get out. She rotated her body closer to her s!ster and gingerly surrounded Buffy’s right breast with her lips. Buffy let out a slight moan before snapping herself out of bed. “Okay, where is Xander?”Picking her head up from the soft and form fitting mattress, “Xander? Did you and him?””That is none of your business young lady. When we went to bed last night he was where you are now. And from the sounds that were coming from yours and Willow’s bathroom last night I’m assuming you started out the night in either your bed or hers. That is something we will discuss later, but for now… where are my clothes? Find your clothes and get dressed,” demanded the slightly pissed slayer as her own bareness was being covered with a robe.Hurrying out the room, she headed for Willow’s room, but having no luck in her first search option, she quickly found herself in Dawn’s bedroom, staring at her two best friends… both still very much naked. “Okay you two, someone has some explaining to do.”The sudden alarming voice caused Xander’s head to shoot up and back down, banging against the floor. Meanwhile Willow drearily sat up in the warm bed showing off her own magnificent, unclothed body.”When you two are fully dressed meet me downstairs.” Xander raised his head from the floor and propped it on the edge of the mattress where he was able to look Willow dead in the eyes.”Can you explain?”Willow’s head immediately dropped back onto her pillow. Xander stood up not worrying about displaying his naked manhood to his long-time best friend.Propping her head up on her hands, “So it is true… what they say about guys and hard-ons in the morning?”His only response was a raised middle finger as he headed for the bathroom.Willow admired his ass muscles as they tensed with each forward step until he was out of sight and then plopped her head once again back on a soft pillow.* * *Dawn, still displaying her own glories, walked in on the young man as he was relieving himself of his morning hard on. The younger girl’s sudden appearance startled him causing his aim to be off.”Owww, you better clean that up before Buffy sees it.”Reaching for some toilet paper, “Don’t you knock?” Xander quickly tried to cover his manhood from the young girl’s wayward eyes.”Usually don’t have to knock in my own house.” She stepped further into the bathroom.”Good point. I’ll be out in a minute.” Xander noticed the sound of forward movement. “Okay. Mind if I just watch?””Not much more going to happen that you haven’t seen already.”Willow stepped through the door and around the younger girl. Dawn’s eyes shot fully open. “Are you sure about that Xander?” She walked up to her friend and replaced his hands with her own as she now guided his stream. “Seems you need a little help in directing that thing.”Xander’s head was raised to the ceiling with his eyes closed as he couldn’t believe what luck he was having. “Am I still dreaming?” seemed to cross his mind a few dozen times.”What’s wrong, Xander? Scared to look? She is a magnificent specimen of a beautiful, ripe teenage body. Quite the lay as well.”Xander quickly opened his eyes and shot his gaze to Willow’s smiling face and then to the younger girl’s. Willow flicked his member before placing her hand on his head and pushed down, lowering his eye sight to take in the other girl’s full image.”See, I told you.” A nod was all that was forthcoming.Willow kissed Xander on the cheek before stepping to Dawn’s side where she kneeled down and brought her mouth to the stream of liquid from within her wet and aroused body. Dawn kept eye contact with him as Willow’s tongue went to work. Unable to ignore his wantingness, he stepped over to the girl’s other side and cupped her left breast in his hand. Leaning down he kissed the nipple before making his way out of the room. Dawn turned around and followed him out, but instead of heading for one of the bedrooms she started down the stairs. Willow couldn’t believe that the younger girl could just brush her off like that.Standing up, Willow made her way back to Dawn’s room where she and Dawn had started the night off, but where her and Xander slept the night away.~ ~ ~ Much was unsure of in the Summers’ house on that faithful morning, but the wholeness of the day had yet to arrive…Buffy had yet to start her second week of being the new guidance counsellor at the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High… and the gang had yet to determine what had happened the previous night.Oh yes, there is more to this story.”Damn, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get through my writing, but only a night…I’m soaking wet after only the first night’s entry…I will so have to wash these sheets myself.”(To be continued in Part 2)