Dawn: A Tale of Submission Ch. 04


This is the long awaited (for some of you) continuation of Dawn’s story. You will notice that I’m taking it in a slightly different direction. I can only hope that you, my readers will like it. I hate to tell you that there are a few changes coming in the future that most will not like…Sorry. Those of you who know and like my writing already know that sometimes, I have a lot of problems with writer’s block…and other times, I’ve just been lazy. I have found that the only thing that seems to help is attempting to write several stories at once. Currently, I have another BDSM story in the works, two interracial and a sci-fi all in progress. If I get stuck on one, I can shift to another. Maybe I can crank them out a wee bit faster now? (shrugs)

When I awoke in the morning, there were two lovely naked girls cuddled up next to me. Life cannot get much better than this, I thought. They woke right after me, then and scurried out of bed to help prepare for my daily ritual of getting ready for the day.

Dawn dressed in a black sheer teddy and headed down stairs to the kitchen to get breakfast ready. She so dearly loved cooking for her master. Minda went into the bathroom and started the shower for me. I walked in still naked from the previous evening’s adventures and stepped into the shower. Minda did a half curtsy, half bow that some how made her look even more beautiful. Apparently, Dawn had taught it to her. I prefer this rather than have the girls kneel when I enter a room.

Minda entered the shower after me with a washcloth and fresh bar of soap. She lathered the cloth, started at my shoulders, and quickly worked down my body paying extra attention to my cock and balls. My cock, as if it had a mind of its own, sprang to life, becoming rigidly hard. Minda grinned mischievously.

“Minda wishes to serve….” she paused “May I service you Master?” she said as she rinsed me off and knelt before me.

I said nothing, but nodded.

Minda cupped a breast and took my throbbing cock into her mouth. She was quite good at sucking cock and clearly enjoyed it. I knew I would not, could not last long. She gently cradled my balls in her free hand and looked up at me with adoration in her eyes.

She took all of me into her mouth with apparently no difficulty. She used her very talented tongue to good affect. I was sure she had every intention of making up for the two plus years she had to go without. The warmth of her lips and tongue and the feel of her teeth lightly grazing my meat, was very quickly were driving me to the edge. Her eyes never left mine. Her need was very obvious. She hummed softly…then smiled. “Give me you essence Master…Please come in my mouth…Please?” I felt that ole’ familiar tightening sensation in my groin. I smiled at her, winked and nodded as that familiar feeling blotted everything else out.

I hit my peak much sooner than I expected. It felt like I was shooting gallons in to her mouth as she swallowed audibly though I knew it couldn’t be nearly that much after the events of last night.

Afterward, she cleaned me thoroughly again, while rubbing her tight little body against me as much as she could. “I feel the need to thank you again, Master. She spoke softly.

“Well….” I paused. “You’re welcome Minda. Though to be honest, I think you’d be better off with a master of your own.”

She looked at me for a long moment. “Perhaps Master, but for now, I wish to stay with you and Dawn. Please Master, don’t send me away.” She pleaded.

“Not anytime real soon.” I assured her. “I’d like to keep you around for a while and I’m sure Dawn wants you to stay as well.”

Minda smiled brightly and dried me off completely with a fresh towel. She then dried herself with the same towel and followed me out of the bathroom.

“I will go to the other room to dress with my master’s permission.” Minda said.

I nodded and began to dress myself. Some masters, I’ve been told will have their slaves assist them with that chore. I prefer to dress myself without assistance.

A short time later, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, I entered the dinning room. Breakfast had been prepared and was waiting for me. Minda had put on a teddy very similar to Dawn’s in all but color. Hers was white, which looked nice with her brown skin. They both liked to dress very sexy and provocative while at home…that is when ever they bothered to dress at all.

Dawn took the cordless phone from the charger and set near my place at the table. “Just in case you want to return Mistress Emmanuelle’s call from last night, Master.”

“After I’ve eaten, Little One. But thank you for reminding me.”

She approached me, gave me a really long, steamy hot kiss, and whispered. “I live to serve you, Master.”

I smiled.

We ate our breakfast talking over mundane routine things. Nothing of real import. I watched Minda and noticed that she repeatedly brushed her fingers over her new collar as if to make sure Kurtköy Olgun Escort it really was there. I grinned at her. “Minda, it’s not going anywhere.”

She smiled shyly at me. “I’m still afraid I’ll wake up and find it’s all a dream, Master.”

“So, you’re happy?” I asked, knowing full well she was.

“Oh, Master! More than I ever dreamed possible.”

I laughed softly and she realized that I’d been teasing her. “You are a great addition to our little family here, Minda.”

“Master, I really do love you…and Dawn too.”

With that, we finished our breakfast and went about our daily routines. The girls made themselves busy straightening up an already mostly neat home.

I went to the garage and went to work building a trike (three-wheeled motorcycle) converted from an ancient Volks-Wagon Beetle. It was nearly completed…just a few modifications on the engine. This took up most of the morning and I managed to work up a good sweat. Just before I stopped for lunch, Dawn appeared and announced that she needed to do some shopping. I gave her a light kiss on the lips and sent her on her way.

For lunch, I ate a sandwich and had a glass of milk. I picked up the phone and called Em.

The phone rang. “Good afternoon. This is The Keep. My name is Tina, how may I be of assistance.”

“This is Gabe, returning Em’s call from last night.”

“One moment, Master.” Came the response.

A moment later. “Hey lover!” Came Em’s cheerful voice.

“I hate to break it to ya, dear…but we’re not lovers.”

“Not yet.” She chuckled.

I shifted to business. “You called?”

“I need help with a problem. Could you swing by this evening? It’s not real urgent, but is still rather important.”

“Sure…I already owe you more favors than I can count. We’ll be there around eight or so, okay?”

“See you then, lover.” She hung up before I could reply.

I then went to the bathroom for a shower. Minda was there, of course to aide me. Afterward, she followed me into my bedroom and knelt.

This was slightly out of the norm.

I looked at her, wondering what was on her mind. It was clear to me that she had something to say that was important, at least to her.

“You want to talk to me Minda?”

“Yes, Master. There is something I feel I need to say and a huge favor to ask of you”

I sat on a stool in front of her. “Go on.” I said.

“First, I wish to once again thank you, Master. As silly as this may sound, I really do feel like you saved my life. Both you and Dawn. I have said much of this before, so I must beg forgiveness if I seem to be redundant. You helped me to get out of a terribly disastrous marriage. Yes, Master, I actually did most of that myself, but I could not have done it without you. You and Dawn took me in, gave me a home, gave me your love and showed me a completely new life.” She paused for a moment and smiled timidly at me.

“Before last night, I’d gone almost two and a half years without sex. I grew to love and enjoy sex when I was young, Master. Then came Günter and at first it was wonderful. You know what happened then.”

“With you and Dawn, I found my submissive nature. And make no mistake about it Master…I am submissive. I am a slave…your slave. You, Master…and Dawn have awoken a sleeping sexual monster in me. I want you, Master…and Dawn…either or both…all the time.” As if to prove a point, she reached between her legs and ran a couple of fingers across her slit, then held them out to show me that she was indeed quite wet. “If it were up to me, the three of us would spend the next month or more in bed together pleasing each other.”

“Dawn and I have been talking. She is the one that suggested this conversation. Master, I must be honest, fully honest with you. I’m afraid I will miss regular, plain ole’ sex, Master. Vanilla, I think you call it. That brings me to my favor, Master. Just one more time, I want just plan ole’ vanilla sex. Master, just one more time I want us to make love, not as master and slave…just as….” She hesitated and looked at me hopefully. “…just as Gabe and Mindy. Please, Master…I swear I’ll never ask this again.”

Outwardly, I kept a straight face…inwardly I was chuckling. Dawn had set her up. Dawn and I agreed very early in our relationship that one night every couple of months; we would set the D/s thing aside and make love simply as a man and woman. Many would disagree with me, but I always believed that to be an important part of any D/s relationship.

I stood and smiled down at Minda. I reached down, put two fingers under her chin and pulled up gently. She came to her feet facing me. I looked deeply into her dark eyes and kissed her gently. She returned the kiss, caressing my bare chest with one hand and started to fondle my thickening cock with the other. I kiss her again.

“Mas…?” She tried to say.

I silenced her with a finger to her lips. “”For the next little bit Kurtköy Sarışın Escort of time, I’m just Gabe…and you’re Mindy.” I kissed her yet again, deeply.

“Gabe….” She breathed softly into my mouth. Her personality seemed to change. She shed her slavery as if taking off a shirt. Now she was a wanton woman in desperate need of being satisfied.

I slowly, gently lowered her to the bed and lay next to her.

Another deep kiss…our passion building. I was pleased that like her chain sister, Minda did not like to play tonsil hockey while kissing deeply. Our tongues would meet, caress and dance a bit, then withdraw. I kissed her chin, then her jaw and slowly, very slowly worked my way down her neck.

Her breathing quickened. She shuddered with pleasure. “I need you, Gabe.”

I got to her lovely little breasts. I sucked a soft, milk-dud like nipple into my mouth and nibbled softly. Again, she shuddered. Then I shifted to the other one. I moved slowly. My plan was to go along with Dawn’s set up and let Minda believe that was her very last ever vanilla sex. Moving even more slowly, I kissed and licked my way across her belly. Her hips occasionally jerked. She was panting now.

I spread her legs and lay between them. I kissed and licked the smooth skin all around the folds of her sweet pussy without actually touching it. Minda reached as if to clutch at my head, but seemed afraid to. I waited…kissing and teasing until she made up her mind. Her breathing became ragged.

“Oh please, Ma…Gabe. Touch me…lick me…suck me. Please Gabe, my pussy’s gonna explode!” Her entire body started to tremble. I continued to tease her, brushing my tongue and lips everywhere but where she wanted…needed. I heard a slight noise from the hall. I knew that Dawn had returned and was most likely watching. I ignored her.

A moment later, Minda finally lost control. She firmly grasped my head and mashed her soaking pussy into my face. I instantly pushed my tongue as deeply into her as I could. I sucked the soft wet folds as hard as I could. She came.

She came probably as hard as she ever had. It was as though a faucet had been opened fully. I could scarcely swallow it fast enough. Her hips bucked. A curious grunting noise issued from her throat. It looked as if every single muscle in her body was flexing at once. “Oh, Gabe….” She hissed through clenched teeth. I’m coming, Gabe…I’m still coming….” A pause. “…can’t stop…it won’t stop.” Her essence continued to flow out of her. She shuddered still again and collapsed, seemingly spent.

I moved up over her, pressing my rock-hard erection against her soft wetness. I kissed her.

“Please, Gabe…I don’t think I can come again, but I still want you to make love to me. I want you; need to have you inside me.” I silenced her with another kiss. I began moving my hips up and down, rubbing my hard shaft on her wet pussy and her clit. She put arm arms around me. She brought her legs up, pressing the heels of her feet to my backside in an effort to hold me tight to her.

A look of intense surprise came to her face. “Gabe…Gabe…I’m gonna come again!” She gasped in shock.

Just a second or two before she did come, I dropped a bit and savagely thrust my cock into her fully. She screamed. “COMING! COMING! I’M COMING!!!” And come she did. I could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing and milking my cock. She began to slam her pelvis against mine so hard, it must have hurt. Then I remembered that a bit of pain seemed to intensify her enjoyment. She clutched at my back fiercely. If she’d had longer fingernails, I have no doubt that it would have been ripped to ribbons. There were certainly a few scratches, at least. I ravaged her, pulling out so that only the head of my manhood remain in her, and then plunging fully into her dripping treasure again.

It was almost, but not quite amusing. Even in vanilla, she was at the moment, completely under my control. She kissed me over and over again.

I heard a soft thud and glance over my shoulder. I had to smile. Dawn had been obviously watching us and masturbating. I could only guess that she must have come hard enough for her legs to give out on her. She sat there leaning against the door wide eyed. Her fingers were little more than a blur in the warm wet folds of her pussy.

Minda, of course was oblivious. Her eyes opened wide and I knew she was coming again. “Coming, coming, coming….” She whispered breathlessly to me.

“Do you like my cock in you, Mindy?” I asked.

“I love it. I love you, Gabe…And I love Dawn. I love you and Dawn…I love you both more than I can say….OH!” She came again.

It never ceased to amaze me how good it felt to have my cock buried in a warm wet pussy. Each and every time it seemed to feel better and better. The muscles within gripping and squeezing my shaft were fantastic. I wanted to make her come over and over again. I’ve never understood why a woman’s arousal Kurtköy Şişman Escort affects me the way it does. The more excited she becomes, the more excited I do. That may sound a little cliché, but it is the truth. I knew I would be coming myself very soon. There would be no way to hold it back.

“Mindy, I’m going to come.”

She lay clutching and clawing at my back. “Still coming, Gabe…that last one never stopped. Fill me, Gabe. Fill me with your cum!”

I jackhammered into her harder and faster as I knew I would be shooting my load any second now. And then….

My cock felt as if it swelled to half again it’s fully erect size…I could feel the muscles inside pumping my cum down the shaft. I was coming. Minda apparently felt it too. She gripped my biceps and whimpered. “Yes, Gabe. Give it to me.

My cum sprayed inside her. She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around me more tightly than I thought she could. She buried her face against my neck and let go with a long piercing scream. Her vaginal muscles squeezed…It felt like her pussy was literally trying to suck the cum from my cock. It seemed to last forever. Then her arms and legs collapsed limply to the bed. I assumed she had feinted.

I raised myself slightly, looking at her. No, not feinted. Her eyes were open and locked on mine. After what seemed like a very long time, but probably wasn’t, a trembling hand came up and caressed my cheek. “My lover…Gabe is my lover. Gabe. Gabe….” Her smile changed, becoming more demure. “Gabe is my master…..” Her other hand came up. She gently and lovingly held my face. “Minda thanks you with all of her heart, Master.” Mindy was gone. Now there was only Minda, the slave girl.

Minda and I settled in to recuperate and relax a wee bit.

Then, with no warning whatsoever, Dawn bound into bed with us. She crawled to Minda and snuggled up to her. “Well, how was it?” She asked Minda with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Mmmm.” Responded Minda happily.

The three of us relaxed, snoozed and lazed the rest of the day away until it was time go get ready to go out that evening.

It was a cool evening, so I dressed in a long sleeved button down shirt; Levi 505’s and western style boots, all black…of course.

The girl had taken to wearing matching outfits. Tonight they wore light dresses with bands of sheer silky material. One band, little more than an inch wide in the area of their breasts. The other band in the area of their hips, perhaps two inches wide. The rest of the outfits were fishnet and stopped well short of their knees. Being slaves, naturally no under garments were permitted. They also wore stiletto-heeled boots that came up just short of their knees. Like me, they were dressed fully in black.

We all piled into my vintage black 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and departed.

The girls and I arrived at The Keep at a little past eight. I sent Dawn and Minda to the slave pen. Among The Keep’s many feathers was a small area set aside just for slaves and/or subs. It was a place for them to socialize with others, relax and have a good time with no interference from their doms or masters…or mistresses, which ever.

I casually walked to the back of the place toward the office of Mistress Emmanuelle.

I got to the outer office and was greeted warmly by Tina, the receptionist. Tina wore a cute little necklace, matching earrings and nothing else. She was the consummate nudist and would never wear any clothing at all, if she could get away with it. She was very beautiful, but her voice was even more so. It sounded light sweet music. She stood and smiled at me. “Go on in, Master. She’s expecting you.” As I passed her, I noticed another girl kneeling in the corner behind Tina’s desk. I couldn’t tell much other than she was very light skinned with auburn hair.

I walked into Em’s office. As was her habit while working at The Keep, she was dressed provocatively in the extreme. Tonight she had on a black leather bustier trimmed in purple velvet, black thigh-high patent leather boots, and nothing else. Her breasts, pussy and gorgeous round bottom were exposed for all to see. I had known for a long time that she had a strong exhibitionist streak. Em loved to flaunt her 5′ 3″ 125-pound body. Her near perfect 34DD breasts would make any normal man drool, that included me.

She walked right up to me and as was also her habit gave me a very intimate kiss on the lips. Though I knew she was married, she would always find a way of threatening to seduce me into her bed. And I was never really sure if she did or didn’t actually mean it.

“Gabe, as usual, it has been far too long. You’re going cause me to start thinking that you don’t love me anymore. You know…you some times make me wish I weren’t married.”

“That’s bullshit and we both know it. You and Eric have been together for years.” I said in an effort to deflect her flirtation.

She sighed. “True, but the honeymoon has been over for a long time now.” She shook her head as if to clear it. “Anyway, that is not why I asked you to come here this evening. I have a…. She hesitated a moment. “…a project for you. I have acquired a young girl from out of a very bad situation. She needs a firm but fair hand. And you came to mind.”