Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


A father and son jogging in the city park, they have always been close, his Dad there for him in high school sports, the son was very athletic, was team captain on most teams, he was a handsome young man who looked a lot like his father, his Dad was always a looker, a man who did his work out routine daily, they both loved to be in shape. But they both had secrets, like most people we all have our little secrets. Seems Tom and his son had theirs, even shared one that they were about to be confronted by, just around the next turn, all would be revealed.

Tom the father was married to his girlfriend right after high school, they both went to university, they both had great careers in their respective fields, however their sex life had fizzed out many years ago, Tom and his wife had not slept in the same room for a very long time.

Betty, Tom’s wife was seeing another man, having sex with him for years, Tom knew about it, even knew the man, they golfed on the same golf course, had drinks with mutual friends at that golf course.

Tom had met a young man who he had sex with two to three times a week, Tom had experimented with same sex in his college years and found he really enjoyed it a lot. A young man named David loved older men, he treated him so well, and did not want anything but casual sex. Tom like most straight men worried, that David may be sleeping with other men.

“I only sleep with my boyfriend, and you. No one else.” David told Tom at the start of their affair.

David found he did not get enough sex from his boyfriend so he searched for some on the side. Meeting Tom online was perfect, they always went to David’s for sex, Tom always brought him a gift.

Tom knew he was paying for sex with David but he did not care he did not want a relationship only someone who knew what they were doing in bed, let me tell you David was great in bed. The boy knew how to service a man’s cock, he had a very talented mouth, his ass was incredibly tight. Tom could not get enough of David’s pretty little ass.

Caleb, Tom’s son was a very nice young man, he had dated a few girls in high school, but they did not suit his fancy, Caleb preferred the company of the same sex, he was buried deep in the closet, he had no plans to come out anytime soon. Caleb had met a great guy he loved with all his heart and soul, but he wanted a committed relationship, something Caleb was not ready to do, he could not bring himself to come out of the closet.

David was madly in love with Caleb but could not get Caleb to commit to a relationship. Just around the corner David was walking trying to decide if he would stay with Caleb or move on, he knew he had to break it off with Tom, but he loved the sex with Tom, the gifts were great as well.

David sarıyer escort was walking along when suddenly dropped his phone, he bent over to pick it up, when he stood up he came face to face with Caleb and Tom, both in running shorts, shoes, both were bare chested, they both stopped in their tracks.

“David!” They both said in unison.

Tom and Caleb looked at each other.

“How do you know David?” the both said dumbfounded.

David was crimson red, the two men he had sex with on a regular basis were both here in front of him and they both somehow knew each other.

“Tom, Caleb what are you guys doing here together?” David asked them both.

“This is my Dad, how do you know my Dad?” Caleb questioned.

“David how do you know my son Caleb?” Tom said looking at both boys.

“Dad how do you know David?” Caleb asked.

They all stood there staring at each other. David turned and walked away, Caleb followed him. Caleb grabbed David by the shoulder,

“David how do you know my Dad you’ve never met him?” Caleb asked perplexed.

“Caleb lets talk at my place there is a lot to say to clear the air!” David suggested.

Caleb’s mind was all over the place how could David know his Dad he never planned on letting them meet, but somehow they knew each other. Once home David sat with Caleb,

“I have to be honest with you Caleb, the reason I know your Dad is he and I have been having sex for months, we meet during the day to have sex, he also brings me gifts!” David confessed.

Just then there was a knock on the door, it was Caleb’s Dad he too wanted to know what was going on. David was in it now, he told Caleb how he had been having sex with his father, but he did not know he was his father, he told Tom how he and Caleb had been having a relationship of sorts for months, but Caleb was not very sexual, David’s libido was thru the roof. They all sat there,

“What do we do now?” Tom asked.

No one talked they all just looked at each other,

“Dad your gay?” Caleb asked.

“Not gay son but your Mom and I no longer have sex so she sleeps with a guy from my golf club, I have sex with David here, I am sorry I did not realize he was your boyfriend!” Tom apologized.

“David is not officially my boyfriend, I am not sure I want him as a boyfriend now that he is sleeping with my Dad.” Caleb expressed.

David sat there like a deer in the headlights, no one knew what to say. Finally David said

“Let me try to explain to clarify why I did what I did.” David reiterated.

“Caleb, your not a very sexual person you want sex three times a week, I need it three times a day, Tom here comes we have sex with me three to four times a week, this way I have enough that I do not have to look anywhere else to find sex.” David maslak escort articulated.

“Caleb it was not my intention to cause trouble for you and David, I needed a sexual outlet, someone I could have sex with that would not want a relationship.” Tom uttered.

Caleb sat there, not saying a word, his boyfriend was sleeping with his father, how does one get their mind around that one? Caleb got up, left without a word, he drove off he had to think. David and Tom sat there,

“Tom I love having sex with you, its perfect no strings, it does not hurt anyone!” David voiced.

“David it kind of does as it has hurt Caleb, I agree with you the sex is great, the set up is perfect, lets see how Caleb handles this.” Tom suggested.

On the fourth day Caleb messages both David and his father to all meet at David’s to clear the air. Tom arrived first, he was nervous as his son has not talked to him in three days.

“Caleb has not been here for three days, do you know where he has been?” David asked concerned.

“Yes David he has been in his room, he won’t talk to me only his mother.” Tom answered David.

Caleb pulled in the drive with his car, he got out both Tom and David were so nervous. He walked in asking them

“Please sit and do not say anything till I say my peace.” Caleb asked.

“David I understand that you are not getting enough sex from me, I am not a sexual person, the fact I will not commit to you is another thing, your an amazing guy, I care for you deeply.” Caleb said.

“Dad I understand the issues you are facing with Mom, your a very sexual man, you need an outlet, David was the perfect guy for you, he is already with another man and is not looking for a commitment from you.” Caleb told his Father.

“But guys where do we go from here? How do we all get comfortable with each other again? David I love you with all my heart and soul, Dad I love you as well, you and I are so close we are not just son and father we are best friends!” Caleb said with a tear in his eye.

We all sat there not knowing what to say or do.

“Lets all get naked and have sex together!” David jokingly said.

“Come on guys it was a joke, someone had to break the ice here!” David snickered.

Caleb looked at David, then his Dad,

“Its not a terrible idea, I always wondered what it would be like to see you naked Dad, you and I could fuck the hell out of David, we both know he would love that!” Caleb suggested with a sly smile.

“Caleb I have not seen you naked in years, but your right I would not be opposed to us both spit roasting David!” Tom said in support his sons idea.

David sat saying nothing but you could see the wheels turning, he was fantasizing of being fucked by both of his men at the same time. David got up and went to Caleb, beyoğlu escort he pulled him to his feet, took Caleb into a long loving kiss,

“Caleb I love you more than anything in this world, but I need more sex than you can possibly give me! You and I having your Dad join us is the perfect solution! He is drug and disease free, he is not looking for anything more than sex, its the perfect match for us!” David smiled and kissed Caleb.

Tom simply looked at them both, Caleb grabbed his Dad’s hand, pulling him to their bedroom. David walked in, stripped naked, Caleb and Tom followed suit removing their clothing. Caleb stared at his Dad’s body, he had seen him shirtless but had never seen his cock, Tom was curious as to how big his son’s cock really was.

All three men stood there naked, semi erect,

“Come on guys lets do this!” David broke the ice.

Caleb went to David kissing him, Tom placed his hand on David’s ass,

“The only way this is going to work is if you two suck each other off, Caleb you know you want to suck your Dad’s cock, Tom you want at your son’s cock as well, come on guys one of you on your back the other on top, a sixty nine is in order here.” David insisted.

Tom laid on the bed, as his son got on top of him, Caleb grabs his Dad’s cock in his hand, his cock was much larger than his own, thicker longer, somewhat harder. Tom had his son’s cock directly above his mouth, all he had to do is stick his tongue out and he could lick the knob.

Tom grabbed his son’s cock in his hand, it was not as huge as his own , but it was a beautiful cock for sure, Tom pulled his son’s cock to his lips, darting his tongue out to lick the precum he had accumulated there. His cock tasted so very good, Caleb had his Dad’s cock deep in his mouth, he loved the taste, the feel of it, how the fact it was wrong but at the same time felt so right.

David suggested they let him join in and they fuck him from both ends, not wanting to release his Dad’s cock Caleb let it go, they in turn took David from both ends, Tom would fuck his ass, while Caleb fucked his mouth, they would soon switch, one at one end then the other, David was in heaven he loved this, he was getting the sex he wanted and needed. They fucked David till they both shot their loads deep into David’s holes.

They all laid there spent, Tom and Caleb looking at David in the middle of it all

“We have to do this again sometime soon, I have to get home before Mom starts to wonder where I am, Son you have to come home, tell both your Mother and I that your gay and have a boyfriend.” Tom insisted.

“Thanks David that was awesome, like always.” Tom said as he made his exit.

Caleb arrived a short time later with David in tow, they were about to tell his parents he was gay. Caleb, David and I continued to play together, but always when all three of us could play together. Caleb and David’s relationship became more serious, they stayed together for many years to come. I eventually found another young man to play with on the side, but he wanted a relationship, that I was not sure I was ready for. Life went on for all of us.