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Alexa Pearl

DAUGHTER IS ON TOP-= Chapter 1 =-Jolyne Crawford was an exceptionally attractive young blonde teenager. Her parents were divorced, and she lived with her mother who spent most of her time in bed with various men whom she brought home with her.The highlight of Jolyne’s life was the one weekend of the month that she stayed with her dad. Shortly after her parents were divorced, Jolyne’s father had taught her how to suck him off. Although she was a virgin, the cute little blonde and her dad had been enjoying oral sex ever since then.The following Saturday morning when Jolyne arrived at her father’s house for the weekend, she was greeted at the door by his redheaded secretary, Paula Martin. It was obvious from her robe and mussed hair that the young lady had spent the night there.”Hi, Paula,” beamed the youngster, thinking how pretty her dad’s secretary was.”Hello, Jolyne.” The woman yawned, rubbing her eyes. “Come on in. I didn’t realize it was so late.””Hi, darling,” her dad greeted his daughter in a robe as Paula walked up to the bedroom to dress. “I guess we overslept.””It sorta looks that way,” giggled Jolyne. “Did you have a good time?””We sure did,” grinned her dad. “She’s quite a girl.”A few minutes later, Paula reentered the room, looking quite fresh in a cute summer dress.”Thanks for a lovely night, Michael,” she whispered as she kissed the man on the cheek. “See you in the office Monday.””Bye, Paula.” Jolyne smiled as the pretty redhead moved toward the door.”So long, honey,” Paula beamed. “And have a nice weekend with your dad.””She’s sure nice,” sighed the youngster when the young lady had gone.”She certainly is,” her father answered. “Are you going to marry her?””I don’t know,” he said in a low, thoughtful voice. “I am twenty years older than she is, but right now I’m happy you’re here.””Daddy?” she asked, smiling at him. “Have you had your bath yet this morning?””Nope,” he grinned. “I was waiting for you so we could bathe together.””Oh, good!” beamed the cute little blonde as she excitedly followed her handsome father up to the bathroom.Taking a bath with her father was the most exciting thing in the world for the young girl. She loved the way he teased and soaped her naked flesh.Staring unashamedly at each other, father and daughter quickly disrobed while he ran the water into the tub.”Ready?” he whispered, helping Jolyne into the tub when it was filled.Jolyne’s cute little body slowly relaxed as she settled down into the water with her father. Sitting between his legs with her back to him, she rested her head against his chest. Reaching around her, Michael began lovingly washing her firm tits with the soapy washcloth. She could feel her nipples swelling erectly as her father worked the warm slippery suds around the tingling nakedness of her adolescent tits. There was a feel about it that sent wild shudders racing all through her body.”Mmmmmmm,” she whimpered. “That feels so good.””I’m glad,” he whispered, pressing his face into the back of her freshly scented hair. “Because I love you so much, honey.”A delicious tremor shook her young body when he put down the washcloth and cupped her soapy little tits in each of his big strong hands. He smoothed the suds over her slippery tit flesh, tenderly working her big soap-lathered nipples in and out between his constantly moving fingers.The exquisite joy he was bringing to her was almost blowing his daughter’s mind. The film of soft suds between his hands and her naked flesh added to the intense pleasure of his passionate caresses. As he continued, it felt to the girl as if her erotically swollen nipples were going to explode. The feel of his big hard prick throbbing against her back only added to the intense excitement.”Oooooooh, shit, Daddy.” she sobbed. “That feels so fucking good!””And your cute little titties feel so fucking good,” her father whispered into her ear, his fingers still kneading her soap-lathered tits.After several delicious moments had passed, he asked Jolyne to get on her knees. His stiff cock jerked wildly as he stared excitedly at the soft little ass of his kneeling daughter. Once more soaping the washcloth, he began working it around and into the soft crevice between her little asscheeks.When the young girl’s cute little ass was completely covered with suds, he discarded the cloth and began working his hands and fingers around and into the sort, soap-covered flesh. Goosing his finger between her legs, he tenderly worked it up through the sensitive crevice between the little cheeks of her ass, letting it tease momentarily around her sudsy little shitter.Trembling with delight as his hands and fingers toyed and teased her bare soapy flesh. Jolyne’s sweet young ass was quivering excitedly from the wild pleasure he was giving her with his loving hands.”Turn around,” he whispered.When his young daughter was facing him on her knees, he stared excitedly at her little gold-fringed twat. Again soaping the cloth, he gently lathered her inner thighs and up between her legs.”Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as he brushed the cloth over her excited little pussy. “That feels so good.”Again dropping the cloth, he began spreading the suds around her thighs and cunt with his bare hands, letting his finger dip into her cunt as he tenderly slid over it. Lathering her soft mound of blonde pussy hairs, he could feel his big prick throbbing wildly between his legs.”God, Daddy,” she giggled, staring at his big lust-bloated boner. “You’ve really got a hard-on!””I know,” he panted as he excitedly worked his finger around in her soapy little twat.”Daddy,” she whispered. “Get up on your knees so I can wash your prick.”When her father had done as she asked, Jolyne began lathering his big cock and balls, working the suds into the thick mat of crinkly hair at the base of his shaft. She could see the excitement in her father’s eyes as she slid her hands up and down over his slippery soap-coated dick. It was exciting to feel the suds squishing between her fingers and his prick. She loved the feel of his hard slippery flesh as she lovingly massaged his boner. Releasing his stiff prick, Jolyne worked her fingers around his lather-covered nut-sac. The softness of his crinkly balls was doubly enhanced by the thick suds that covered his skin and hair.After thoroughly washing each other, they got out of the tub, and her father gently toweled her while she dried him.”I love you, Daddy,” she whispered, looking up into his lust-filled eyes.Wrapping his naked daughter in a big dry towel, her father carried her into the bedroom and gently placed her on the bed. Stroking her long blonde hair, he began planting little butterfly-like kisses on her forehead, on the quivering lids of her eyes, across her sweet dimpled cheeks and finally on the tip of her cute turned-up nose.”Oh, Daddy,” she whispered. “You’re the most wonderful father in the whole world.””And you’re the sweetest little daughter in the world,” he whispered, softly pressing his mouth to her moistly parted lips.An exciting tingle raced through his loins as she teasingly slipped her tongue into his mouth. Gently massaging the back of her neck with his fingers, he began nibbling lightly against the softness of the c***d’s throat.”Oooooooh, Daddy, that feels so good!” she whimpered as waves of tingling pleasure washed through her body.Taking one of her firm little tits in his hand, he moved his mouth down over her big lust-swollen nipple. One of his hands caressed her bare shoulder as his tongue continued tracing tiny wet circles around her bursting titty-buds. His hands and mouth were working together in a constant rhythm that was building up the passion and excitement in her young naked body.”Ooooooh, sweet Daddy!” she squealed with delight when he began tenderly biting her big turgid nipples with his teeth.Gently squeezing her tit with his fingers, he moved his lips from her swollen buds, letting them slide wetly down over her body to the little indentation of her navel.Jolyne was holding her breath from the delicious warm aching feeling deep in her tummy as her father continued to arouse her.”Oh, my God!” she panted with joy. “I love you, Daddy… I love you!”Moving his head farther down, he began licking the insides of her thighs, tasting the erotic freshness of her sweetly scented body. The young girl could feel her clitoris swelling with excitement, and she could hardly wait for his teasing lips to reach it.Letting out a moan of excitement, her dad gently spread her thighs and slid his shoulders under them. Jolyne could hardly contain her self as he covered her juicy little cunt with his hot open mouth.”Mmmmmmm, shit, Daddy,” she mewled. “It’s so wonderful.”Jolyne was filled with a wild excitement as his tongue started probing hotly against her cuntlips. He began running his tongue from the tight little ring of her asshole up to her clitoris. Her golden pussy hairs were soon completely drenched with his warm spit. The naked youngster was quivering with anticipation as she felt his tongue seeking her slippery inner lips. Finding them, he sucked them into his mouth, one at a time, licking the soft wiggly flesh with his tongue.”Oh, sweet Daddy! Sweet Daddy!” she squealed with joy when she felt his tongue slithering up and down in the juicy wet furrow of her slit.Swirling his tongue against the hot spongy ridges of her smoldering cunt, he tasted the sweet juices dripping into his mouth. The fresh scent of her squishy cunt-flesh against his dilated nostrils was further exciting the wildly aroused man.He gently spread her cuntlips, exposing her little clitoris. With the tip of his tongue he eased back the protective cover, sucking her erect little clitty into his mouth.”Ooooooh, shiiiit!” Jolyne shrieked in ecstasy as his lips closed around her tingling little joy-button.The intense pleasure was almost driving the c***d out of her mind as her father’s thick wet tongue flicked and circled deliciously around the tip of her sensitively swollen clitty. Jolyne felt her entire vaginal area melting with heat and moisture. She wasn’t even aware of the moans of joy that were coming from her lips. The glorious ecstasy mounted and mounted as her father continued delicately mouthing her wet, quivering twat.”Oh, Daddy! Daddy!” she sobbed. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”Wanting her pleasure to last as long as possible, her dad removed his mouth from her pussy and gently turned the c***d over on her stomach. His cock was lurching wildly as he stared at the soft little buns of her naked ass. With his face between her legs, the youngster’s cute little asshole was only inches from his eyes. Covering her smooth little asscheeks with his big hands, he began tenderly massaging and caressing her soft flesh. Parting the quivering buns with his fingers, he began licking his tongue up and down in her widely splayed crack. The sweet fresh scent of her bare flesh sent wild tremors racing through his aroused loins. He continued licking her little butt until the wide crevice between her asscheeks was saturated with his warm saliva.”Oooooooh, Daddy!” she squealed when she felt his hot breath blowing on her little asshole. “What are you doing?””Washing your cute ass,” he whispered as he lightly flicked his tongue around her squirming little hole.”It’s so good, Daddy, so good!” she panted, shoving her ass back against his mouth.The young girl was writhing with passion as her father continued running the tip of his hot tongue around the ring of her little shitter. This was a wild new sensation for Jolyne, and she was enjoying every second of it.”Ooooo, Daddy!” she squealed with delight. “I love it! I love it!””Does it really feel good, baby?” he panted.”Oh, yes, Daddy,” she whispered. “You’re driving me crazy!”Lowering his face down into the soft crack again, her father once more began probing his tongue around in her quivering ass-meat. The closer he came to her puckered little shitter, the more she quivered with anticipation.”Oh, God!” She shuddered with pleasure when she felt his tongue soaking her tight little asshole with spit. “It’s so good. So fuckin’ good.”Feeling the tight ring around her rectum starting to relax, he gently grasped the cheeks of her ass and drilled his slippery wet tongue up into her sweet little shitter.”Oooooh, Daddddy!” shrieked the youngster, feeling her father’s tongue gliding in and out of her hot little hole. “Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!”Reaching beneath the squirming youngster, her father grasped a hard little tit in each hand. Squeezing and fondling her erect nipples, he continued reaming out her sweet little bun with his swirling tongue. With her dad’s tongue licking around deliciously in her rectum and his fingers squeezing and teasing her bursting nipples, Jolyne was almost out of her mind with passion.Realizing that it was time to bring her off, Michael rolled his daughter over onto her back and once more pressed his face against her juicy little pussy.”Oh, shit, Daddy!” she whimpered, grasping frantically at the sheets. “I love you! I love you!”Clutching the youngster’s lurching hips, her dad pressed his face and mouth deeper into the hot moistness of her steaming cunt. His excited tongue was lapping around the slick wet ridges of her quivering cunt walls. Her sweet young pussy juices were dripping over his tongue, filling his mouth with the taste of hot cunt. Grinding his face from side to side, he tried to screw his tongue even deeper into his little daughter’s smoldering pussy.”Oh, shit, Daddy!” she screamed, pounding the bed with her clenched fists. “It’s so good I can’t stand it! Oh, shit, it feels so fucking good!”Completely crazed by the wild ecstasy she was feeling, Jolyne was tearing at her own tits and nipples with her fingers.”Suck, suck, Daddy!” she shrieked, cruelly pinching and squeezing her hot little tits. “Oh, Christ, it’s so fucking, fucking good! So good!”With her long blonde hair flailing wildly around her pretty face, Jolyne had lost all con tact with reality, and she was conscious of nothing but the glorious sensations that were screaming through her deliciously tortured little body.”Oh, shit!” she hysterically squealed, grasping her father’s head and pushing his face tighter against her spit-soaked pussy. “I’m coming, Daddy! Commmmiiiinnnggg!”Her trembling body lurched violently as she exploded into a bell-ringing orgasm that left her completely exhausted as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed through her quivering loins.”Oh, Daddy,” she giggled a few minutes later when she recovered from her wild climax and saw her father spread out on his back, his stiff cock thrusting back against his belly. “You need a blow-job.”Reaching over, she grasped his throbbing boner and began slowly skimming his loose foreskin back and forth over his steel-hard shaft. It always thrilled Jolyne to slide the skin over the sinews and throbbing veins of his big prick.Staring at his shiny cockhead, she could see a shimmering drop of seminal fluid oozing out of the little slit in the tip of it. Brushing her long blonde hair back from her pretty face, the youngster lowered her head and lovingly licked the drop off with her tongue. Wrapping her juicy lips over the lust-swollen knob, she began a deep sucking action that soon had her dad trembling with excitement.Looking down, Michael could see nothing but a mass of blonde hair cascading over his loins, but he could vividly picture his daughter’s soft wet lips ovaled around his throbbing cock, filling his body with passionate lust for his little daughter.Sucking deeply on her father’s prick, the young girl was in heaven. The feel and texture of her dad’s stiff boner always turned the pretty girl on. His tightly stretched cock-skin was velvety smooth, yet the sinews beneath it felt so exciting as his meaty prick slid between her lips and over her tongue. Bobbing her head up and down, she was taking more and more of his glorious boner into her juicy mouth with every plunge. She loved the thickness of his big tasty knob as it nudged against the back of her throat.”Oh, Daddy,” she smiled up at him, momentarily removing her mouth from his lurching prick. “I love the taste of your big cock.”Her father felt a warm glow as he looked into her pretty young face. She was smiling up at him, her eyes dancing with joy, as her soft lips sucked and pulled on his big tasty prick.”Oh, Jesus,” he panted, feeling her tongue and lips swirling wildly around his quivering cock-knob.Bobbing her head up and down, Jolyne could feel his big meaty cockhead probing against the back of her throat. The feel of his thick shaft sliding back and forth over her tongue was wildly exciting to the young girl, causing big gobs of pussy juice to squish out from between her cuntlips.Frantically clawing at her long blonde hair, her dad could feel an ejaculation building up deep in his balls. The thought of filling his beautiful daughter’s mouth with his hot jizz was always obscenely exciting to the depraved man.”That’s it, baby,” he panted. “Keep sucking, honey. I’m almost there!”Wanting to please her handsome father, Jolyne sucked harder and deeper on his big delicious prick. From the way he was moaning and jerking, the young girl could tell he was almost ready to shoot his wad.”Oh, my God!” he shouted, pushing her mouth down tighter over his cock. “Here it comes, honey! Here comes the juice!”Jolyne was thrilled by the huge amount of fuck-cream that gushed out of her dad’s exploding cockhead. Her mouth was filled with cum before she could even start swallowing, but she didn’t lose a drop of the tasty jizz that kept spurting into her mouth. It was only when she’d sucked him completely empty that she released his limp wet prick from her mouth.-= Chapter 2 =-The following Monday evening, Jolyne’s mother, Anne Crawford, quietly unlocked the front door and escorted the man into the house. It was almost midnight and she didn’t want to wake up Jolyne who was asleep in her room.Once they were in the house, the man stepped behind Anne and pulled her body back toward him.”Oh, Sam,” she giggled, rubbing her hot ass back against the hard bulge in his pants. “It feels like you’re ready to fuck.””I sure am,” Sam grinned, moving his hands up over her tits. “Let’s go into your room and have a little party.””That’s what I intend to do,” she whispered. “Why do you think I brought you home with me?”Unknown to the couple, Jolyne was wide awake in bed and could hear every word they were saying.”Gee, Sam,” Ann whispered as they walked hand in hand toward her room. “I just can’t wait to feel your nice big cock in me.””And I can’t wait to get it in you,” he grinned, opening the door for her.The moment they were inside, the eager couple began quickly disrobing under the warm glow of the bedside lamp.Jolyne was so used to her mother bringing men home that she hardly paid any attention to the sound of their fucking that came through the thin wall separating their rooms. The youngster usually slept right through it, but being in an extremely horny mood after the weekend with her father, she decided to slip out into the darkness of the hall and watch the couple.Tiptoeing down by her mother’s partially open door, she peeked in and saw the naked couple standing in the center of the room.”Shit, you’re beautiful,” she heard Sam whisper to her mother as she stood facing him under the soft glow of the light.”And so is your nice hard cock,” giggled Anne, tenderly stroking the big thick prick that was thrusting up from between his muscular legs.Without saying another word, Sam roughly grabbed Jolyne’s mother and pulled her down on the bed with him. Putting her arms around him, Anne began writhing her hot wet pussy against his naked body. She could feel his thick fat prick burning against her tummy as he pulled her even closer.”Oh, Sam,” she whispered “I’m so horny for this big hard cock of yours.”Lying beside him on the bed, Anne moved her head down and rested her face on his stomach, her nose nestled in the thick pubic hair just above the base of his throbbing shaft. Tenderly taking his hard boner in her hand, she began teasing the foreskin up and down over his super-sensitive cockhead.”D-ya like that?” she whispered, feeling the man’s body quivering with ecstasy.Still expertly stroking her new lover’s prick, she rubbed his big meaty cock against her cheek. The man was panting with lust as the horny slut slowly and expertly teased his magnificent shaft of hard male meat.His body gave a wild lurch when her tongue snaked out, flicking lightly against his cockhead. Anne continued this erotic teasing for several moments, darting her tongue around his cock like the fluttering wings of a hundred butterflies.”Jesus Christ!” he gasped when she suddenly opened her mouth and enveloped his entire cockhead with her soft, sucking lips. “That’s fantastic!””I know,” she slurped, momentarily removing his delicious big knob from her mouth. “I just love sucking sweet big cocks.”Sam had always enjoyed a good blow-job, and the feel of her lips around his prick was driving him wild.”Jesus!” he gasped. “That sure feels good.””Just hang on,” she giggled. “I’m the world’s best cock-sucker when I’m in the mood, and, baby, I’m sure in the mood tonight.”From the way the man’s cock was jerking, Anne could tell that he was almost ready to shoot his wad, but she wanted to postpone it so she could perform a lot of other naughty things on him.Removing his cockhead from her mouth, Anne decided to give his throbbing shaft a hot juicy spit bath. She ran her slobbering mouth up and down the length of his lurching dong, teasing and licking every inch of it. When his shaft was completely saturated with her saliva, she lowered her mouth and began hungrily licking his balls.The texture of the hairy crinkly skin around his nut-sac felt extremely erotic against her tongue and lips. Sucking gently, the dark-haired beauty took his balls into her mouth, one at a time. The man was lurching violently as she sucked and swirled his nuts around in her hot, wet mouth. Licking far beneath his balls, she began teasing her tongue around his sensitive asshole.”My God!” he roared when he felt her tongue tickling his quivering shitter.”D’ya like that?” she giggled as her tongue moved wetly around the right ring of his rectum.”Fuck, yes!” he panted, thoroughly enjoying what the beautiful woman was doing to him.Knowing that she’d temporarily postponed his climax, Anne raised her head and once more sucked his magnificent cockhead into her mouth. Starting slowly, she began pumping her ovaled lips up and down over his thick, hard dick.”Oh, my God!” he sobbed, digging his fingers into the sheet.Standing by the door in her nightie, Jolyne was getting more excited by the moment. Having spent most of yesterday sucking off her father, she could almost feel this man’s thick prick in her own mouth. Watching her mother’s lips obscenely sucking on that beautiful big cock was making the youngster’s hot little cunt leak with passion.”Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” Sam sobbed as Jolyne watched her mother’s mouth moving salaciously up and down over his prick.Anne loved the feel and taste of any hard cock slithering across her tongue, but she’d never enjoyed one more than Sam’s big tasty boner.”Ooooooooh, God,” Sam moaned as Anne’s beautiful face began frantically bobbing up and down, her lips sucking deeply with each upward stroke.From the way Sam was tossing and jerking on the bed, Anne knew he was about to shoot his load, and she was fully prepared for it when his cock exploded a hot stream of cum into her waiting mouth.”Oh, shit!” the man roared. “I’m coming, coming!”The thick, rich jizz was gushing and squirting out of his cockhead in what seemed to be a never-ending stream. No matter how fast the horny slut sucked and swallowed, his cum was oozing out from between her prick-squeezing lips and dribbling down over her chin. Anne didn’t release his shaft from her mouth until Sam fell back exhausted on the bed.Watching the erotic scene, little Jolyne almost had a climax as she watched the slippery string of delicious-looking jizz dripping from the corners of her mother’s sperm-soaked lips.”God, that was neat,” she heard the man sigh.Jolyne was about to slip back to her room when she heard her mother say, “Shit, baby, if you think that was neat, wait’ll we start fuckin.”Hearing these words, the youngster decided to stay and watch them fuck. She and her dad had been sucking on each other for years, but she’d never seen a fuck.”How can I fuck with a limp prick?” she heard the man ask.”Don’t worry,” giggled her mother. “It won’t take me long to pump you up again.”The horny slut was glad that Sam had shot his first batch into her mouth, because now he would be able to give her a good long fuck when he got his next hard-on. Anne knew from experience that the second fuck was always the longest and best.As Jolyne watched her mother fondle and lick the man’s limp prick, it became hard as steel again within ten or fifteen minutes.”Sam,” whispered Anne, throwing herself back on the bed and lewdly spreading her soft thighs. “Now just fuck me silly.””Oh, God,” he panted, heaving his big muscular frame over her soft naked body.With their tongues entwined in a hot deep kiss, Sam could feel Anne’s fingers seeking his cock that was squeezed deliciously between their bellies. A wild shudder rippled through his loins when her soft fingers closed around his rigid cock.”God, that’s a nice hard prick,” she whispered, sliding her body up and nuzzling the sensitive head of his boner against the wet furry opening of her slippery slit.Moving slowly back and forth, Sam let the underside of his shaft rub against the hot juicy wetness of her open furrow.”Now, baby!’ she panted. “Put it in me, honey! Fuck me, darling, fuck me!”Still grasping his cock and unable to wait any longer, Anne stuffed his hard prick up into her juicy hot cunt.”Oooooooh, baby!” she panted, feeling the man’s big prick stretching the tingling tissues of her passion-slickened fuckhole. “That feels so shittin’ good!”As an experienced cocksman, Sam began thrusting deeper and harder with each plunge, every stroke more powerful than the last.”Eeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!” Anne squealed with joy.Carried away by his burning lust, Sam suddenly lost control of himself and his powerful cock was pounding into her with a fury, bouncing her sweet ass all over the bed.”That’s it, baby!” Anne squealed, clutching at the cheeks of his ass. “Pound me with that big hard cock! Just fuck the shit out of me!””Okay, honey!” he panted. “If that’s what you want, I’ll fuck the shit out of your hot little cunt!”Watching, and listening to the wildly screwing couple on the bed, Jolyne was becoming more aroused by the second. She had never seen or heard anything so erotic in her life.”Take this… and this… and this!” the half-crazed man was shouting as he slammed his boner harder and deeper into her smoldering cunt.”Oh, yes!” she screamed, grasping the cheeks of his ass and pulling him even more violently into her. “Fuck me, baby, fuck!”The feel of his super-hard prick slashing wildly into her fuck-tunnel was driving the hot-assed slut crazy. This was one of the best fucks she’d had in a long time.”Oh, Sam!” she cried, screwing her cunt up tighter around the base of his slashing shaft. “I love it! I love it!”Grasping him securely around the shoulders, the raven-haired beauty began throwing her hips up to meet every stroke of his cock. The open lips of her frothy cunt were grasping and sucking around the base of his thick shaft, trying desperately to get even more of it into her horny cunt.”Oh, Sam!” she panted, excitedly nibbling on his ear. “It’s so good, honey! Oh, Christ, how I love your big cock!”It seemed to the man that his dick was swelling bigger and bigger as it slithered smoothly against the hot fleshy ridges of her squeezing cunt walls. It felt as if his big blood-bloated knob would explode from the exquisite ecstasy.Whirling through this thundering storm of passion, Anne could feel her hot cunt juices boiling all around his plunging shaft. Completely fascinated by the obscene slurping sounds of his thick wet boner pumping in and out of her slippery hole, she wrapped her arms and legs tighter around him, writhing her clinging cuntlips around his magnificent prick. Her big erect nipples were burning with excitement as they rubbed against the bare flesh of his heaving chest.”Oh, God!” she sobbed, feeling his throbbing dick pounding into her slippery slit while his big lusty balls pounded against her squirming ass.Anne was completely consumed by the glorious feeling of his massive prick plowing into the very depths of her sucking fuckhole. She could feel his thick shaft pressing out against every tingling nerve of her stretched cunt walls. The sex-crazed woman had enjoyed plenty of cocks in her life, but none had ever satisfied her more than this one.Watching them, Jolyne had u*********sly pulled up the hem of her nightie and was wildly rubbing her little erect clitty. She’d never seen anything that had ever aroused her as much as watching Sam’s juice-slickened shaft fucking in and out between her mother’s slippery pussylips. The rapture on both of their flushed faces seemed to excite Jolyne even more. She tried to imagine how a prick would feel fucking in and out of her own hot little cunt.”Oh, God, Sam!” she heard her mother sob as she covered his lips with her hot open mouth. “I’ve never been fucked like this in my life.”The lusty person answered by driving his prick deeper and harder into her lurching belly, building to an ecstasy that her cock-ravished cunt could hardly stand.”Harder!” Anne shouted, clutching at his asscheeks to pull him deeper into her sex-crazed pussy. “Harder, baby, harder!”Aware of nothing but the rapture that was flowing through her body, Anne was u*********sly fingering his puckered asshole.”Christ, baby!” she shrieked her probing finger accidentally pressing against the tight rubbery ring of his shitter. “Don’t stop, baby! Don’t ever stop!”The man let out a lusty roar when the tip of Anne’s middle finger inadvertently slipped into the tight opening of his asshole.Lurching wildly, Sam drilled his huge boner deeper into the aroused bitch’s cunt.Wanting him to fuck even harder, Anne plunged the full length of her middle finger up his ass.Completely crazed by the embedded finger swirling against his prostate, Sam was soon fucking her like a wild bull.”Fuck, baby, fuck!” she screamed into his ear. “Don’t stop, baby! I’m almost there! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”The insanely fucking slut was barely clinging to her senses as the intense pleasure was rocketing her toward her inevitable climax. She didn’t think she could stand much more of this unbelievable rapture as every taut nerve in her body was virtually screaming from the delicious agony.”Oh, shit!” she shrieked, feeling his white-hot sperm gushing into her cunt at the same moment her own lurching orgasm engulfed her. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming! Keep squirtin’, baby! I’m coming, commmmiiiiinnnggg!”When the writhing couple collapsed on the bed, Jolyne turned and fled up the hall. She was shaking like a leaf when she entered the privacy of her own room. The young girl’s mind was filled with wild visions of Sam’s cock. She could clearly see it plunging in and out of her mother’s hot sucking pussy.Spreading out on her back in bed, Jolyne felt her cunt itching and flowing as it never had before. Knowing she had to relieve herself, the aroused youngster frantically pulled her nightie up to her chin and plunged a finger into the slippery hotness of her dripping slit.”Oh, Sam,” she whispered, visualizing his big hard cock as she began thrusting her finger in and out of her steaming hot pussy. “Fuck me, Sam, fuck me good!”For the first time in her life, Jolyne was dying to be fucked. She didn’t give a shit who the guy was, but she wanted to feel a hard prick in her pussy.”Yes, honey,” she panted, squeezing and twisting her hard nipples with the fingers of her free hand while she continued masturbating with the other. “Fuck me harder, honey! Give me that big hard prick!”Completely crazed with lust, she spread her naked thighs wide apart, pretending that a man was between them, wildly plunging his hard boner in and out of her hot, sucking cunt. She visualized a handsome man above her as he eagerly fucked his stiff prick into her writhing pussy.”That’s it, honey!” she squealed, writhing her hot slippery slit around her plunging finger. “Fuck me good, honey! I want a nice big cunt-full of your cock juice! Oh, baby, how I love that big hard prick of yours!”Squirming hysterically on the bed, she could vividly feel a cock plunging in and out of her juice-slickened hole. She could clearly see her cunt juices glistening on the full length of a slippery cock that she could feel pounding into the depths of her fuckhole.”Bite my tits!” she suddenly squealed, viciously pinching her own tingling nipples. “Bite ’em, honey, bite ’em! Make me come, you beautiful big fucker!”God, how good it felt to be screwed by this imaginary cock. It felt so big and hard, and she could hardly wait to feel the thick hot cum gushing up into her gasping pussy.”Fuck, baby, fuck!” she squealed, bringing herself closer and closer to a bell-ringing orgasm. “Oh, baby, how I love that big cock!”She suddenly realized how much she needed to be fucked. The youngster didn’t give a shit who it would be as long as he had a hard cock.”Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she squealed as her hot cunt began climaxing all around her deeply embedded finger. “Fuck it to me, honey! Fill me with jizz!”-= Chapter 3 =-For the next few days, little Jolyne could think about anything except fucking. One day, when her mother was at work, Jolyne looked out the window and saw Ted Moore pulling into his driveway. Ted was a young man of twenty or twenty one who lived next door with his parents. Watching him as he entered the house, Jolyne suddenly decided he would be the ideal guy to pop her cherry.After taking off her panties, the youngster hurried next door and rang the doorbell.”Hi, Ted,” smiled the cute youngster when he opened the door.”Hello, Jolyne,” he grinned, his eyes immediately drawn to her bra-less tits that were rolling around under the thin material of the dress she was wearing.”I-I need help,” she nervously stammered, her soft warm eyes pleading up to him. “Our power has gone out and I don’t know a darned thing about the fuse box.””Let me put this milk away,” he answered. “I was just starting to fix lunch.””Oh, I’m sorry to have disturbed you.””That’s okay,” he replied. “Just let me put this milk back in the fridge.”Quickly putting it away, he followed the youngster across the lawn to her house.”Where’s the fuse box?” he asked as they entered.”It’s in the utility room, just off the kitchen,” Jolyne replied, leading him through the house, her bare young thighs provocatively exposed beneath the short dress she was wearing.Indicating the door to the utility room, Jolyne watched him leave. When he was gone, she quickly hopped up on the counter top of the sink. Deftly raising her skirt and opening her thighs, she made certain that he couldn’t miss the sight of her nakedly exposed pussy when he returned.He’d only been gone a few seconds when the stove light came back on, indicating that the power had been restored.”It was the breaker switch,” he called from the other room.Jolyne smiled, knowing that she’d pulled the switch herself.”Now, Jolyne, if you ever‹‹” he stopped short as he walked back into the room, his eyes immediately drawn to her exposed cunt.”Yes?” she coyly smiled.”If y-you ever h-have trouble again‹‹” he stammered, trying to regain his composure, “it’s the switch on the bottom left.””Gee, I sure appreciate this,” she smiled, sensually swinging her legs as she sat up on the counter top.”It was no trouble,” he blurted, his eyes nervously glancing at her deliciously exposed pussy.”Do you like it?” she suddenly whispered, spreading her thighs even farther apart.”Like what?” he stammered.”My pussy, dummy,” she giggled. “Do you like it?”Ted just stared at her, not knowing how to answer her frank and startling question.”Well,” she persisted. “I saw you staring at it. Do you like it?””Yeah,” he finally admitted. “I-I guess so.””Does it give you a hard-on?” she teased.”Of c-course not,” he stammered. “You’re just a little girl.””I’ll bet you got a hard-on.””Sorry to disappoint you, k**,” he grinned. “But I don’t.””Prove it.””What!” he gasped.”Let me feel it,” giggled Jolyne.”Hell, no!””Please,” she whispered, suddenly reaching over and grasping his crotch. “See how hard it is. I knew it was.”A delicious tremor raced through the young man’s body at the feel of her warm little hand pressing against his throbbing prick.”Knock that shit off!” he snapped, pushing her hand away.”Okay,” she replied. “But your cock sure got hard from looking at a little k**’s twat. I’ll bet you’d really like to fuck me.””Don’t be stupid.” He laughed. “I’m too smart to mess around with jail bait.””Okay,” she sighed. “I’m sorry I brought the subject up. But why don’t you stay and have a bite of lunch with me?””No thanks,” he mumbled. “I think I’d better get out of here.””I was just gonna make some hot dogs,” beamed the youngster, jumping down from the counter. “Please stay.””No thanks,” he answered, turning to leave.”You’ll be sorry,” she giggled, reaching for one of the big weenies on the counter. “You don’t know all the neat things I can do to a hot dog.”Smiling teasingly at the young man, Jolyne slipped the end of the weenie between her full, moist lips and sensually slid it into her mouth.Ted stared as if he were in a trance as she suggestively wrapped her moist slippery lips around its fat length and began slowly pumping it in and out of her mouth, her teasing eyes looking directly into his.”Mmmmmm, what I can’t do to a weenie,” she sighed, removing it from her mouth and running her tongue up and down the length of the obscene-looking object.Ted knew he should get out of the house, but he just stood frozen, watching the weenie slither back into the brazen little girl’s hot open mouth.Winking suggestively at the youth, she made wet slurping sounds as she sucked on it while her fingers wantonly stroked the part that was protruding from her mouth.”I wish you’d stay,” she whispered, slowly removing it from between her lips with an erotic slurping sound. “I’d show you what I can really do to a weenie.”Staring into the youngster’s sensuously pleading eyes, Ted could feel his stiff cock churning around in the confines of his pants. He fully realized that no matter how desirable the c***d was, he’d be heading for big trouble if he laid a hand on her.”Are you going to stay?” she whispered again, brazenly rubbing the tip of the weenie against the hard nipple that was so visible under the thin material of her dress.”N-no, th-hank you,” he stammered, still unable to get his feet moving.”Please,” she said, hopping back up on the counter top. Daintily kicking off her sandals, she reached out and gently probed his crotch with her bare toes.”You’ve really got a hard-on,” she giggled. Ted didn’t answer. He was staring between her open thighs at the girl’s golden pubic hairs that had been exposed when she reached out for him with her foot.Smiling teasingly at the youth, she picked up the weenie and slowly inserted it between the soft pink lips of her darling little pussy. Unable to remove his eyes from the erotic scene, Ted was visibly shaking. The sight of the obscenely shaped weenie slithering up into her hot little cunt was blowing his mind.”God, this feels good,” she whispered, sensuously sliding the piece of meat in and out of her steamy little hole.Ted could see the weenie glistening with her thick, creamy twat juice. He could vividly imagine his own hard boner slithering in and out of the youngster’s deliciously hot little fuckhole.Pulling the weenie out, she hopped off the counter top. Facing him, she slowly pulled her dress up above her hips, exposing her little hot wet slit only a few inches from his eyes.”Wanta touch it?” she whispered, lewdly stroking her oozing cuntlips with her fingers.Too shocked to move, Ted just stared at the moist pink flesh of her darling little fuckhole.”Go ahead,” she teased when he didn’t answer. “Most of the guys I know love to touch my pussy.””What!” he gasped. “You let boys touch your pussy?””Sure,” she lied. “And I let the guys I like real well lick my twat.””I-I can’t believe you,” he stammered. “You look like such an innocent young girl.””Don’t let my appearance fool you,” she giggled, remembering how much she enjoyed oral sex with her dad. “I even suck cocks.””I can’t believe you.”Smiling at him, Jolyne reached down and took his limp unresisting hand and slipped his middle finger into her hot little juice-drenched slit.As he began excitedly thrusting his finger in and out of her slippery hot snatch, Jolyne casually pulled her brief dress off, carelessly tossing it onto the floor. She teasingly smiled at him as she blatantly screwed her little juice-drenched pussy up tighter around his deeply embedded finger.”Is this cunt hot enough for you?” she whispered.With her dress now off, Ted just stared at her small, but firm tits with their big cherry-hard nipples. Trembling like a leaf, the wildly aroused youth reached out and grasped the young girl, drawing her deliciously naked body into his arms, covering her thrilling nipples with his hot wet mouth.As he frantically sucked on her nubile young tits, Jolyne reached down and opened his fly, gently taking his hard throbbing dick into her soft little hand.”Gee, your cock feels good,” she whispered, gently sliding the foreskin up and down over his rock-hard shaft.Releasing her tit eryaman escort from his mouth, Ted smiled at her glowing face.”Honey,” he hotly panted, taking her hand. “Let’s go in on your couch and play with each other.”She obediently led him into the living room, proud that she’d won her victory.”Now take your clothes off,” she giggled.When he’d dropped his pants and shorts, Jolyne was pleased to see that his prick wasn’t as big as Sam’s. Ted’s stiff boner was plenty big enough to give her a wild fuck, but it wasn’t so huge it would rip her little unfucked cunt open.Stepping toward the sofa, the handsome youth spread her thighs with his hands and lowered his face down into her little teen-aged crotch.”Ooooooh!” she squealed with delight when she felt his tongue on her pussy.Jolyne wriggled and writhed all over the couch as the youth drilled his tongue into the slick slippery flesh of her horny little slit.”Oh, shit, Ted,” she softly moaned, digging her fingers into his thick head of hair as he hotly slobbered on her steaming crotch. “It’s so good!”The fresh fragrance of her sweet young pussy was enough to blow his mind. The aroma and flavor of her hot young cunt was one of the most exciting thing she could remember. He was fully aware that she was only an adolescent, but he knew that nothing could stop him from fucking her. He simply had to have that heavenly little body. He’d thought his girl friend was the hottest piece of ass he’d ever had, but from the way little Jolyne was behaving it looked like she would be even wilder.”Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!” she squealed with delight as his twisting, plunging tongue sent obscene shivers of delight streaking through her loins. She softly moaned, loving the way the handsome youth was sucking on her pussy.When he suddenly pursed his lips around the throbbing bud of her sensitive little clitty, the joy of it almost made her faint. After several more minutes of this delicious sucking, Ted finally pulled his face out of her hot swampy crotch and took her into his arms.”God, you’re a sweet little thing,” he panted, pressing his juice-smeared lips to hers.The horny youngster passionately returned his kiss, but secretly wished he were still sucking on her cunt.”Honey,” he whispered. “Do you really like to suck cocks?””Sure,” beamed the youngster, anxious to wrap her hot juicy lips around the young man’s throbbing boner.”Do you want to suck mine?” he eagerly asked.”Heck, yes!” she grinned. “I’d love to.”Remembering how much she always enjoyed going down on her dad, she excitedly grasped the base of Ted’s shaft in her fingers and began lightly running her tongue up and down the length of it. Wanting to tease him before taking his big plum-colored cockhead into her mouth, she traced the tip of her tongue around the thick ridge at the base of his bloated knob.The musky male scent of his throbbing dick was really turning the youngster on. Dropping her face down lower between his legs, she cupped his lusty balls in her palms and began running her warm moist tongue all over the hairy, crinkly skin of his swollen nut-sac.After sucking and licking on his nuts for several heavenly minutes, she finally raised up and covered his bloated knob with her hot open mouth.”Oh, God!” panted the young man, digging his fingers into her long blonde hair. “This is fantastic!”The cute little blonde had given her dad so many blow-jobs that she instinctively knew what to do. Her mouth was soon flying up and down over his spit-drenched shaft as her tongue lapped heatedly around it.”That’s it, baby!” he cried out. “Keep suckin’! I’m almost there!””Not on your life!” she squealed, quickly removing her mouth from his boner and rolling onto her back. “I wanta be fucked!””Have you ever been screwed?” he excitedly asked as he crawled up between her widely spread thighs.”Nope,” she beamed. “But I’m gonna be now.””God, Jolyne,” he panted. “I shouldn’t be doing this.””Why not?” she giggled. “Not many guys get a crack at a virgin these days.”Too wildly aroused to stop now, Ted decided to deflower her as quickly and painlessly as possible. Easing his thick knob between her pussylips, he gave a quick lunge forward, feeling her hymen rip as his shaft drove all the way up into her little virginal fuckhole.Jolyne gave a little squeal as she felt a quick sharp pain, but it was quickly replaced by the heavenly sensation of his wonderful prick buried deep in her hot young cunt. She could feel her little unused pussy walls being stretched almost to the point of bursting, yet the bigness of his dick in her belly felt wonderful.”Oh, sweet Ted,” she whispered, drawing his mouth down to hers. “Thank you so much. It feels so good, honey.They lay perfectly still for several moments, their warm naked bodies united by the swollen cock that was throbbing so feverishly in her deliciously stretched fuckhole.Starting slowly at first, he began pumping his boner back and forth in her little teen-aged cunt. It was a completely new experience for the youngster, and every movement of his swollen prick was bringing fantastic sensations that she’d never dreamed possible. The little wildly aroused blonde was trembling with ecstasy as his lusty cock slithered in and out of her hotly sizzling cunt.”Oh, God,” she softly whimpered, closing her eyes and listening to the delicious slurping sound of his hard meat squishing in and out of her slippery hot fuckhole. It almost seemed to her as if she were part of this beautiful big male body that was giving her such intense pleasure.”That’s it, lover!” she squealed when he started speeding the tempo of his thrusts. “Give it to me good!”It felt like her entire body would explode as he fucked deeper and harder into her tight little pussy.”Oh, yes!” she sobbed. “Yes, Yes!””Well, how do you like your first fuck?” he panted, staring down at her excited young face.”I love my first fuck!” she squealed. “I love fuckin’!”The sound of the innocent-looking youngster’s four-letter words seemed to further arouse the wildly humping youth as his driving boner rubbed against the slippery ridges of her hot slick passage. The pleasure was so intense that Ted didn’t know how much longer he could last.”That’s it, you sweet fucker!” screamed Jolyne. “Keep that fuckin’ cock pounding! Oh, shit, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”Her wild squeals of delight seemed to excite Ted even more, causing the lurching youth to fuck faster and deeper.”Fuck, baby, fuck!” she hysterically screamed, feeling his steel-hard shaft ripping and tearing into her scalding cunt-flesh. “That’s it! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”Hardly able to control his own movements as his excitement increased, Ted was pounding his cock in and out with a savage intensity.”Oh, shit!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m coming! Commmiiinnnnnggg!”The whole world seemed to explode into one giant orgasm for the girl when she felt a man’s white hot jizz gushing into her lurching pussy for the very first time. Clinging tightly to the handsome youth, she could feel him shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into her writhing belly.”Oh, sweet Ted,” she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “I never dreamed that fucking could be so wonderful.”A few minutes later when the young man had gone, Jolyne heard her mother laughing from the hall.”How long have you been standing there?” asked the startled youngster.”Quite a while,” her mother answered. “And how long have you been into fucking?””For some time,” lied Jolyne.”Shit, honey,” Anne grinned, slowly walking into the room, “if I’d known you like to screw so much, I’d have fixed you up with some of the big-cocked bastards I go out with.””Really,” mumbled Jolyne, not knowing what else to say.”That’s right,” beamed her mother. “Those studs really know how to fuck, and all of them would love to get into a little girl’s pants.””Gee,” giggled the youngster who was still wildly aroused from her first fuck. “That sounds like fun.””Honey,” grinned her mother. “I know a couple of well-hung truck drivers that are laying over in town tonight. Do you want me to invite them over?””Shit, yes!” Jolyne beamed, feeling her little cunt starting to burn and itch again.-= Chapter 4 =-Later that night when the men arrived at the house, Anne answered the door.”Hi, Hank,” she beamed, her big gray eyes sparkling with excitement as she threw her arms around the big trucker. “Shit, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.””Hello, Anne,” he smiled, kissing her wide open lips. “Frank couldn’t come, but this is Troy Webster, an old friend of mine.””Hi, Troy,” she said in a warm voice as she led them into the living room. “And this is my daughter, Jolyne.”The cute little blonde was curled up on a sofa with most of her bare thighs exposed under her short skirt. She looked so naughty, yet innocent with big blue eyes, dimpled cheeks and long blonde hair falling down below her shoulders.Troy, who appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties, instantly noticed how the youngster’s soft full lips looked as if they’d been purposely designed to suck cocks. There was a sensuously teasing look in her eyes that sent chills racing up and down Troy’s spine.When the introductions were completed, Troy sat down next to Jolyne on a sofa while Hank joined Anne on another couch that was facing theirs. Studying the man’s appearance, Jolyne decided he was about forty-five.”Hank’s a dear old friend of mine,” Anne said to her daughter. “And I’ve sure missed his nice big cock.”They all laughed when the pretty brunette reached over and lightly rubbed the trucker’s crotch.”How long as it been since you’ve seen him?” Jolyne asked her mother.”Over six months,” she sighed. “And I was wearing the fuckin’ rag.””Oh, how horrible,” the little blonde giggled.”Not really,” laughed Anne. “I spent the night suckin’ him off, but, baby, tonight he’s gonna take me into that bedroom and fuck the shit out of me.”Troy was a bit shocked by the way Anne was talking in front of her young daughter.”How old are you?” the man turned to Jolyne.”Old enough to be a hot little piece of ass.” Trying to put on that she was quite worldly, the youngster was inwardly shaking like a leaf. The girl had practically no experience in sex. She’d just lost her cherry this afternoon, and other than sucking her dad’s prick, that was the sum total of her sex life. Not wanting the men to know how little she knew about sex, she boldly k**ded with them, leading them to believe she was quite an experienced broad.From the conversation going on in the room, it was obvious that her mother intended to fuck Hank, and Jolyne hoped Troy was planning to screw her. She had taken an instant liking to the man, and she was anxious to feel his cock stuffed up between her legs.”Oh, God,” she suddenly heard her mother giggling from across the room. “Look at this gorgeous boner.”Glancing over, Jolyne was shocked to see her mother stroking the big hard prick that was sticking up through Hank’s open fly. As startled as the youngster was, she was fascinated by the big purple cockhead that was poking out of her mother’s clenched fist. There was something about the sight of a man’s naked prick that really excited her.”Isn’t it a beauty,” Anne giggled, leaning over and lightly flicking the big shiny bulb with the tip of her tongue.”It sure is,” laughed Jolyne, pretending that she’d been around plenty of stiff pricks.”Hey!” called her mother. “Why don’t you pull Troy’s out so we can all get a look at his?”Jolyne was dying to get her hands on the man’s cock, but she felt embarrassed to reach for his dick while everyone was watching her.”Come on,” Anne urged her, “Let’s see how the guy’s hung.”With three pairs of eyes watching, and not wanting to seem naive, Jolyne had no choice but to lower his zipper. Her hands were shaking with excitement as she slowly opened his fly and reached in. Surprised that he wasn’t wearing shorts, she could hardly believe it when her fingers made instant contact with the bare flesh of his hot meaty shaft.”Pull it out,” giggled her mother. “We all want to see it.”No longer feeling so shy, Jolyne gently grasped the hot piece of male flesh in her hand and slowly drew it from the confines of his pants.A delicious excitement rippled through her loins when she felt his hot cock swelling and throbbing in her fingers. She could feel the veins pulsating against her closed palm like the beat of a heart. Clinging tightly to his rapidly growing cock, Jolyne felt that heavenly tingling sensation between her legs. Thrilled by the feel of it, the little blonde began u*********sly stroking the swelling prick she was holding.She could feel the man’s body trembling with excitement when his throbbing prick reached its full hardness. The youngster was thrilled by the feel of his soft cock-skin stretched so tautly over his steel-hard shaft.Jolyne’s pussy was itching and burning with desire when the man put his arm around her and drew the girl into his arms. With her body pressed against his, the youngster was vaguely aware of Troy’s hand creeping up the bare flesh at the back of her thighs. Not wearing any panties, Jolyne began trembling with anticipation when she felt him cup her soft bare ass in his hand, drawing her warm little body up more tightly against him.Heavenly little tremors were streaking through her loins. Still clutching and stroking his hard shaft, the youngster pressed her soft open lips against his mouth. Probing lightly between his lips with her moist little tongue, it slipped through to entwine sensuously with his. With their tongues swirling around together in the warmth of his mouth, Jolyne continued passionately stroking his throbbing boner. The pretty little blonde was getting more aroused than she’d ever been in her life. Having had her first fuck this afternoon, she could hardly wait for Troy to fuck her.When Troy momentarily released the trembling girl from his embrace, Jolyne saw that her mother had dropped to her knees in front of the other sofa and was noisily sucking on Hank’s cock. Watching her mother’s lips working up and down over the man’s lipstick-stained boner seemed to further arouse the youngster. Staring at Hank’s big stiff prick buried in her mom’s mouth, the cute little blonde was getting hornier by the second. Knowing that her father had taught her to be an expert cock-sucker, she suddenly had a wild desire to demonstrate her talent to Troy.Tearing herself loose from his arms, she quickly lowered her mouth down over the man’s lust-bloated cockhead. She was more than pleased with the slightly randy taste of his cock, and she found it extremely stimulating. The feel of the smooth purple skin of his cockhead against her tongue as it swirled around his sensitive knob was enough to blow her mind. Wrapping her full baby-soft lips around his big bulb, she began sensually swirling her little tongue around the sensitive underside of his throbbing shaft. Jolyne couldn’t get over how much she was enjoying the taste of his prick.”Please take your clothes off,” she whispered, momentarily removing her mouth from his cock. “I want to see your balls, too.”Needing no further urging, Troy quickly stood up and disrobed while Jolyne took off her dress, displaying her delicious nakedness. Sitting back down on the sofa with her, Troy stared at the young girl’s cherry-hard nipples standing out erectly from her cute young tits. Reaching out and touching her turgid titty buds, he felt them quiver like taut steel springs. Gathering the naked youngster into his arms, Troy began gently squeezing and fondling her luscious tits.Jolyne was squirming with passion as her hot cunt juices began flowing out of her lusting slit.”Oh, Troy, that feels so good,” she whispered, feeling his hot mouth and thick wet tongue working over her quivering tits.Lowering his face, the man began licking and bathing her soft little tummy and navel with his swirling tongue. Then gently spreading her soft smooth thighs, he moved his face up between her trembling legs.”Oooooooooh, shit!” she gasped, lurching wildly when she first felt his hot wet tongue come in contact with her juicy, sensitive cunt lips. Feeling his tongue swirling deliciously around in her quivering pussy, she involuntarily lifted her hips, grinding her juice-drenched cunt against his slavering mouth.Clutching frantically at the cushions, she bit her lips to keep from shrieking out with ecstasy. Ever since her dad had taught her the joys of oral sex, the cute blonde thoroughly loved a wild tongue-fuck. Floating on a rolling sea of passion, Jolyne was vaguely aware of Hank’s heavy breathing and the slurping sounds of her mother’s mouth sucking noisily on his cock from across the room. The erotic sounds from the other couple only added fire to Jolyne’s excitement. The youngster was suddenly lifted to an even higher plane of rapture when Troy’s tongue suddenly started attacking her sensitive clitty.”That’s it!” she sobbed. “That’s it, baby! Oh, suck me good! Suck! Suck! Suck!”With her beautiful blonde head thrown back, her sweet young mouth gaping open, her big blue eyes half closed with passion, Jolyne was grinding her foaming slit against his slurping mouth. Her soft warm thighs were locked against his face as he swirled his tongue against her hard, quivering clit.Hank and Jolyne’s mother sat silently on the other sofa watching her. A thin string of jizz was hanging out of the corner of Anne’s lips from the hot load of cum she’d just finished sucking out of Hank’s cock.”God!” whispered the woman. “He’s sure giving her a wild tongue-fuck!””Holy shit!” laughed Hank. “That guy can sure eat pussy!””Christ,” Anne giggled, licking her sperm-soaked lips. “I’d sure like him to eat me out like that.”Jolyne was now screaming madly, grabbing at Troy’s head and pushing his face deeper into her sex-crazed hole.”Suck, baby, suck!” she squealed. “I’m coming, honey! For Christ’s sake, don’t stop! I’m coming! I’m commmmmiiiiinnngg!”Jolyne writhed and lurched and trembled long after her shattering orgasm first enveloped her. It was a full five minutes before the exhausted youngster was able to sit up.”Oh, Troy,” she whispered. “That felt so fuckin’ good.””Jesus,” laughed Anne from the other sofa. “That guy can really eat pussy.””You’re not shittin’,” giggled Jolyne, resting her head on Troy’s shoulder. “That was the neatest fuckin’ thing that’s ever happened to me.””Hey, Troy,” Hank called out. “Anne would like you to eat her.””Send her over,” grinned Troy, wiping his juice-smeared face with the back of his hand. “There’s nothin’ tastes better than a variety of cunts.””Oh, good,” giggled Anne, bouncing across the room. “Here comes my twat.””Wait a minute, Mom,” laughed Jolyne, clutching at Troy. “I wanta give him a blow-job first.””Go suck Hank off,” Anne grinned. “He’s almost hard again.”Looking over at the older trucker, Jolyne suddenly wondered how his cock would taste. Getting up, she walked across the room to where Hank was sitting on the edge of the couch and dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him.”Wanta nice juicy blowjob from a hot little k**?” she whispered to him.”Shit, yes,” he panted, his prick once more as hard as steel as he stared at the youngster’s cute little dimpled face.As always, a wild ripple of excitement streaked through her hot little cunt as she gazed at a big cock and balls only inches in front of her eyes. Taking the thick, meaty shaft in her hand, Jolyne slipped his big shiny cockhead into her eager mouth. She was once more excited by the delicious musky taste of his fleshy cock. Sucking passionately on the man’s dick, Jolyne reached down beneath it and began caressing his big hairy balls. The meaty weight and the soft crinkly skin of his nut-sac felt so thrilling to her touch. She sucked deeply on his big knob for a few moments, and then removing it from her mouth, she ran her tongue up and down the entire underside of his throbbing shaft.Jolyne could feel his big muscular body trembling with rapture as her talented lips and tongue teased his rigid cock. Alternating between sucking his knob and licking his shaft, she continued gently caressing and fondling his balls. She could feel him lurch when she delicately probed his sensitive asshole with her finger.”D’ya like that?” she whispered, momentarily removing her lips from his thick boner.”Shit, yes,” he panted.”Good,” she teased. “Am I gonna get a big mouthful of nice hot jizz?””Christ, yes!” he gasped. “Just keep suckin’!”Hearing Troy slobbering on her mother’s slippery cunt on the other sofa had an extremely erotic effect on Jolyne, causing her to suck deeper and harder on Hank’s thick, meaty prick. God, how the cute little blonde loved the taste and texture of a man’s hard prick in her mouth.Almost out of his mind from the thrill of Jolyne’s baby-soft lips sucking on his cock, Hank began thrusting his hips up and down on the couch, pumping his throbbing boner in and out of the youngster’s slurping mouth. The feel of a man’s hard meat sliding back and forth between her slippery lips was one of the most thrilling things that could happen to Jolyne.The youngster wasn’t prepared for it when Hank suddenly tensed up. Without warning, he gave a violent lurch, shooting a thick stream of hot cum into her mouth. Unprepared for the sudden gush of delicious jizz, she wasn’t able to swallow fast enough to keep some of the sperm from running out of her mouth. Jolyne didn’t stop sucking and swallowing until she’d drawn the last drop from his rapidly shrinking dick.When she finally released his limp prick from her mouth, she glanced over at Troy and her mother. He was sitting on the couch with a horrendous hard-on, and she was slumped back completely exhausted. It was very obvious that Troy had just finished tongue fucking her to a wild orgasm.”Troy,” the youngster called across the room to him. “I wanta be fucked.””Okay,” he grinned as the little dimpled blonde stood up and led him into her bedroom.As they lay facing each other on the bed, Jolyne began slowly sliding the skin back and forth over his stiff shaft. Staring at the big dick she was stroking, she was thrilled by the sinewy bumps and thick veins pulsing just beneath his tightly stretched cockskin. The thought of his cock rubbing against her sensitive cunt walls sent a hot stream of pussy juice gushing out from between her legs.Unable to control her insatiable lust any longer, she quickly got up and, facing the man on her knees, she straddled his loins. Bracing her hands on his chest, Jolyne began slowly lowering her hot slick pussy down toward his erect shaft.”Oh, Troy,” she whispered, when she felt his hard knob brushing against her slippery slit. The youngster’s soft sweet body quivered with excitement as she felt his throbbing cockhead opening her slippery cuntlips as it slipped through her tight little hole. As his big knob slowly sank up into her cunt, she began trembling from the heavenly pleasure, feeling the gnarly bumps on his hard shaft rubbing against the sensitive tissues of her hotly grasping cuntal walls. When the beautiful big prick was fully buried up in her quivering belly, she sat perfectly still on his deeply embedded boner, enjoying the feel of it pushing out against the squeezing walls of her young pussy. It was hard to believe that she’d been a virgin when she got out of bed this morning.The glorious sensations increased as she began sliding her cunt up and down over his thrilling rod.”That’s it, baby!” Troy panted. “Fuck me good, you little darling!”Crazed by the feel of his big dick plowing in and out of her hot dripping twat, Jolyne began bouncing faster and faster on his prick. The intense pleasure increased with every thrust of his cock into the sucking hotness of her cute little teen-aged slit.”Oh, baby!” she squealed with joy as she increased the tempo. “It’s so good, honey! I love it! I love it!”Writhing in ecstasy, Jolyne knew she would soon be climaxing around his spurting cock, and later she’d have an orgasm with Hank, and another with Troy.She was right. The two well-fucked men didn’t leave until after daylight.-= Chapter 5 =-Now that Jolyne had been introduced to the wonderful world of fucking, she couldn’t seem to get her mind off hard cocks. Every time she passed a man on the street, she u*********sly looked for a bulge in the front of his pants. Now that she was no longer a virgin, she began thinking more and more about her math teacher’s prick. She’d had a secret crush on him since the first day in class, and now that she was sexually active, the feeling for him was much more intense.Sitting at her desk one afternoon, the girl couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off the handsome teacher. As he stood in front of the class, Jolyne was all hot and itchy between her legs as she tried to visualize the cock beneath his pants. Watching him as she sat at her desk, the youngster’s desire for him was so strong she could almost scream. She suddenly realized she’d never be satisfied until she could feel his hard boner stuffed up between her legs.When the bell rang at the end of class, Jolyne remained seated while all the other students left the room. When she and the teacher were the only ones in the classroom, she slowly walked up to his desk.”Mr. Andrews,” she smiled, her lower lip trembling slightly. “Do you like me?””Of course I like you,” he answered, completely puzzled by her question.”I mean do you really like me?” she whispered.”Of course I do.””Enough to go to bed with me?””Certainly not!” he snapped.”Why not?””For one thing, you’re too young.”Realizing she would have to take desperate measures, Jolyne casually walked over and locked the door. Slowly strolling back to where the handsome man was seated behind his desk, the girl began brazenly unbuttoning her blouse.”Jolyne!” he gasped as she removed the garment, boldly baring her cute bra-less tits. “What the hell do you think you are doing?””That’s up to you,” she whispered, lowering the zipper on the side of her skirt. “I’m ready for anything you want.””Stop that!” he shouted as the horny little blonde rolled her skirt down over her softly rounded hips and ass, leaving her completely naked except for her brief little panties.”Take it easy, Mr. Andrews,” she giggled, slipping her fingers into the waistband of her pants. “If you shout again, I’ll scream.””You wouldn’t dare,” he gulped.”Just try me,” she whispered. “Think how it would look and what people would say if they found a naked student in the math teacher’s room.””Jesus Christ, Jolyne!” he gasped when the beautiful young blonde removed her panties. “Have you gone crazy?””Nope,” smiled the girl, standing completely naked in front of the stunned teacher. “You have two choices. You can either fuck me or I start screaming.””You little slut!” he gasped, staring at her bare flesh. “I can’t believe you could be so depraved.””Do you want me to scream?” she whispered, kicking off her sandals.”No.””Then shut up,” she grinned.Afraid of being caught with the naked student, he just stared helplessly at her luscious young tits with the big turgid nipples thrusting out from them. Finally lowering his eyes down over her deliciously flat stomach, they momentarily focused on the soft pink pussylips nestled within her golden cunt curls. Her cute little cunt glistened with the juices that shimmered like drops of dew on her slippery cuntlips.Not saying another word, the horny girl moved behind the desk, and, facing the seated man, she perched her sweet young ass on top of it. Resting her feet on the arms of his chair, she spread her knees so that her open pussy was only inches from his eyes.Unable to control himself, the man could feel his prick starting to swell and stir in his pants as he gazed at her delicious little cunt. The fragrant scent of it was filling his nostrils.”D’ya like it?” she whispered, seeing the bulge in the front of his pants.When he didn’t answer, Jolyne removed one of her bare feet from the arm of his chair and began rubbing his crotch with it.”Guess what, Mr. Andrews,” she giggled. “You’re gettin’ a hard-on.”The teacher’s cock had suddenly exploded into a full-blown erection as her dainty little toes lovingly caressed it through the material of his pants. Seeing the excitement burning in his eyes, Jolyne hoped she could get him to fuck her. Sliding off the desk, she knelt in front of the seated man and quickly lowered his zipper.”Oh, God, please put your clothes on and get out of here,” he begged, still trying to control the burning lust that was rapidly building in his loins.”I told you I’d scream if you don’t shut up,” she warned, easing his hard boner out of his open fly.”Please don’t,” panted the man.”Then be quiet,” she giggled, starting to stroke his massive boner.Feeling her teacher’s hard meat lurching and throbbing in her hand, Jolyne knew that seducing him would be very exciting. There was something about the rubbery hardness and heat of his prick that was really turning her on.Her young cunt was creaming hotly between her legs as she peeled the soft thick foreskin back and forth over his throbbing boner. Thrilled by the feel of it, the horny little blonde lowered her head and pressed his hot, hard cockhead against her cheek. The texture and warmth of it was exciting against her flesh.Inhaling the male aroma of his drooling prick, she brushed her softly parted lips over his big sensitive knob. Gently holding his shaft in her hand, she swirled her tongue deliciously around the head of his dick.Feeling the man trembling with excitement, Jolyne smiled up at him and began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his shaft. She could feel it swelling even larger as she teased her hot wet tongue all around the rim of his sensitive cockhead. Slowly lowering her lips, the naughty teenager took all of her teacher’s big plum-colored knob into her hot little mouth. She could feel him trembling with joy as her soft slippery lips slid down over his dome-shaped cockhead.”Oh, my God!” gasped the man, staring at the way his meaty hard-on was buried in the darling youngster’s hot sucking mouth.”Do you like it?” she whispered, temporarily removing his cock from her mouth.”Jesus, yes!” he gasped, no longer wanting the girl to leave him alone. “It’s fantastic!””I knew you’d like it,” she giggled.His prick began throbbing even more violently in her hand as she once more lowered her mouth down over it. The silence in the classroom was broken only by his panting and the sound of her greedy little mouth sucking noisily on his spit-drenched shaft. With his eyes closed in ecstasy, the excited teacher was thoroughly enjoying the erotic smacking sound of the horny youngster’s mouth sucking and milking on his sensitive cock.With her deliciously hot lips encircling his bloated meat, she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she could feel his hard rubbery knob probing against the back of her throat. Wanting to please the handsome man even more, she slowly lifted her mouth with such an intense suction that it caused the teacher to moan with joy. Repeating this lewd action, she could feel the man thrusting his hips up from the chair to meet every downward plunge of her soft sucking mouth.”Oh, my God!” he moaned, half-crazed by the feel of her lips around his prick. “Suck, honey, suck!””Suck what?” she giggled, temporarily removing her mouth from his boner.”You know,” he panted. “Suck my thing.””You can talk plainer than that,” she grinned. “What do you want me to suck?””My penis,” answered the aroused man who always used very proper language at all times.”What’s the matter?” she giggled, wanting to hear her teacher use naughty words. “Can’t you say cock?””Sure I can,” he panted.”Then what do you want me to do?””Suck my cock!” he finally yelled.”Say it again,” she laughed, pleased to hear her handsome teacher use a four-letter word.”Suck my cock!” he excitedly shouted, grasping the girl’s blonde hair and forcing her mouth down toward his prick. “Suck my fucking cock!””That’s better,” she giggled, once more lowering her mouth down over his prick.With his breath coming in hot short gasps, he curled his fingers into her tousled hair, pushing her mouth down tighter over his big throbbing cockhead.”Suck it, baby, suck it!” he panted, wildly pumping his cock in and out of her slurping mouth. “Suck for Christ’s sake! I’m almost there!”Wanting to prolong his ejaculation until his prick was in her cunt, Jolyne released his tingling boner and hopped up onto the desk again. Once more facing him with her feet on the arms of his chair and her knees spread widely apart, she could see the lust on his face as he stared into her juicy snatch.”Honey,” she whispered, reaching out and unbuttoning his shirt, “I’ve got a neat surprise for you, if you’ll take your clothes off.”Unable to control himself any longer, he quickly stood up and removed his clothes.”Now that’s much better,” she whispered as he sat down in front of her again, gazing up between her legs at the steamy little cunt that was only inches from his eyes.She could see his thick purple cock throbbing lustily as the aroused man watched the little droplets of glistening pussy-cream oozing out from between her hot wet cuntlips. The soft velvety texture of the youngster’s slippery inner flesh could be seen between the slightly parted lips of her sweet young pussy.”Oh, honey,” she whispered, writhing her juicy little cunt around in front of his excited eyes. “Why don’t you kiss my horny little pussy?”Frank Andrews had never once dreamed of touching a cunt with his mouth, but suddenly the thought of it made his prick throb more violently. Completely mesmerized by the sight of her little oozing slit, the aroused teacher lost all control of himself and buried his face in the swampy hotness of the young girl’s soft furry little teenaged hole.”Oh, Mr. Andrews,” she whimpered with joy. “You naughty man, I love it. Shit, I love it.”Excited by the tangy flavor of the youngster’s hotly leaking pussy, he feverishly attacked her open slit with his mouth and tongue. The handsome teacher’s face was completely saturated with the slippery juices that were flooding out of her deliciously tasting cunt.”D’ya like it?” she whispered, writhing her cunt up around his slavering mouth. “D’ya like my hot little pussy?””Fuck, yes,” he panted, thrusting his tongue even deeper into her hot little fuckhole.With his face buried in the fragrant softness of her slippery little snatch, the teacher was completely enthralled by the feel of her soft cunt hair against his cheeks and nose as he sucked and slurped on his beautiful student’s deliciously scented twat. The feel and taste of Jolyne’s teenaged slit was driving him wild as his lips and tongue worked up and down between her spread cuntlips.Thrilled by the intense pleasure that was radiating out from between her legs to every tingling nerve in her body, the aroused girl was writhing in ecstasy on top of the desk. Becoming more excited by the second, the youngster was further turned on by the obscenely wet sound of his mouth slurping lewdly between her widely parted thighs.”Oh, Jesus, Mr. Andrews,” she whimpered, grinding her hot crotch up tighter against his sucking mouth. “This feels so fucking good.”Squealing with joy, the horny youngster began squeezing her deliciously naked thighs against his juice-smeared face. Her hot wet pussy writhed against his mouth as the teacher continued drilling his tongue in and out of the fiery depths of her overheated snatch.Staring down between his legs as the man lustily sucked and slurped on her twat, Jolyne could see his thick prick throbbing back against his belly. Looking at her handsome teacher’s beautiful big cock, the young girl suddenly wanted to feel it buried up between her legs.”Mr. Andrews,” she whispered, pushing his face away from her hot steaming cunt. “Would you like to fuck me?””What?” he gasped.Not answering, she jumped off the desk and straddled the man’s loins. Reaching down, she grasped his hard prick and aimed it up between her legs. Then she quickly lowered her juicy little slit down over his throbbing cockhead.”Oh, Jesus Christ!” he roared as his sensitive prick sank into the soft slippery flesh of her sucking cunt. This was the first and only pussy he’d fucked other than his wife’s, and the feel of her tight juicy inner flesh squeezing around his hard cock was blowing his mind.”Ooooooooooh, shit, Mr. Andrews!” she sobbed, pressing her softly parted lips to his as she continued lowering her cunt farther down over his throbbing meat. “You’ve got such a nice big cock!””Jesus Christ!” he gasped, feeling the juicy hotness of her slippery slit sucking and milking his prick as it sank deeper into her tight little fuckhole. “I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good in my life.””Then enjoy it,” she giggled, “because I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you before we’re finished.”Frank Andrews had always thought Jolyne was the sexiest little bitch he’d ever seen, and now he could hardly believe his cock was really buried in her tight little pussy.”I can’t believe it,” he panted. “I can’t believe I’m really fucking you.””Well, you better believe it,” she giggled as she slid her slippery little twat a bit faster up and down over his shaft. “Because I want you to shoot a hot load of cum into my hot little cunt.””Do you really mean it?” gasped her teacher. “Do you really want me to shoot my jizz into you?””Fuck yes,” she giggled. “Where else you gonna shoot it?””I thought maybe I should put a rubber on,” the man said.”Christ, no!” she exclaimed. “I want your big hot load in my cunt!”Moving up and down on her knees, Jolyne was sliding her cunt wetly over his thick shaft, sending wave after wave of intense ecstasy racing up the length of his tingling cock.”Oh, sweet Jesus!” he moaned, thrusting his prick up to meet every downward plunge of her sweet little pussy.He could feel every soft ridge of her hot slippery inner passage rubbing against the bare flesh of his sensitive boner, and the tightness of her hot grasping fuckhole was almost blowing his mind.”Oh, shit, it’s so good, Mr. Andrews!” squealed Jolyne, bouncing faster and faster over his juice-slickened shaft. “So fuckin’, fuckin’ good!”Rotating her hips as she bounced, she could feel her teacher’s lusty cock twisting and grinding around in the hot depths of her writhing belly.”Fuck, baby, fuck!” she screamed, thrilled at the way his thick prick was drilling in and out of her sizzling pussy.Grasping the soft cheeks of her smooth young ass in his hands, the man began bouncing her up and down more rapidly over his lurching cock.”Oooooooooh, Jesus!” she shrieked, unable to stand the intense ecstasy any longer. “Squirt, baby, shoot! I’m coming… oh, shit, how I’m commmmmiiinnng!”Writhing through her fantastic orgasm, the young girl felt the teacher’s hot stream of sperm spurting into her belly.”Oh, Mr. Andrews,” she whispered a little later when his limp prick slipped out of her sperm-filled cunt. “That was the neatest fuck I’ve ever had.””It was the neatest fuck I’ve ever had in my life,” the man admitted. “I’ll have to keep you after school again sometime.””That’s fine with me,” she giggled. “You can keep me after school every night as long as you suck and fuck me.”-= Chapter 6 =-It was a warm October evening, and Anne was sitting alone on her front steps. Jolyne was spending the weekend with her father, and Anne was wishing she had someone to fuck her. She’d been sitting there about ten minutes when Burt Foster, her neighbor, came ambling over with a can of beer in his hand.”Hi, Burt,” she smiled as he sat down on the step just below hers.”Hello, Anne,” he grinned, taking a sip of his beer, “D’ya mind if I join you for a little while?””Hell, no,” beamed the beautiful brunette. “Jolyne’s spending the weekend with her dad and I could use some company.””I’m alone, too,” he smiled. “My wife’s gone to visit her sister for a couple of weeks.”Sitting on the step just above Burt’s, Anne crossed her legs, exposing a nice portion of naked thighs beneath her short, tight skirt.Burt had often thought what a hot piece of ass she’d probably be when he’d seen her walking with her softly rounded ass wriggling provocatively under the tight skirts she habitually wore. Now, sitting on her steps and looking up between her legs, he wondered how hard it would be to make her. With his wife out of town, he’d sure like to get into this beauty’s pants.Seeming to read his mind, Anne slowly re-crossed her legs to give him a lingering view, pleased that because of the warm evening she wasn’t wearing any panties. A delicious little tingle rippled through Anne’s loins when she saw the wild lust in his eyes as he stared at her blatantly exposed cunt. There was nothing that the attractive slut enjoyed more than a brand new cock, and the prospect that this big burly neighbor might fuck her was making her cunt churn with desire.”Oh, Burt,” she whispered, her eyes glowing with mischief. “You have some naughty thoughts on your mind.””What do you m-mean?” he stammered.”You want to get at my hot little pussy,” the pretty woman giggled.”What makes you say that?””I can tell by the way you’re staring at it,” she grinned. “Do you like it?””I sure do!” he blurted, nervously licking his lips.”I’ll bet there’s not a hotter cunt in town,” she giggled, pulling her skirt up around her hips and spreading her legs wide apart to give him a better view. “Why don’t you touch the little devil and find out how hot the fuckin’ thing is?”Unable to believe what was happening, Burt was trembling with excitement as he reached up and inserted his fingertip into the slut’s lewdly exposed twat.”Stick it all the way in,” she panted. “Twist it around in there.”The man couldn’t believe the sucking hotness of her slippery slit when her moistly clinging cunt-flesh closed escort eryaman deliciously around his deeply embedded finger.”How are you hung?” she whispered, moving down next to him on the step when he pulled his finger out of her sopping hot cunt slit.Before he could answer, she reached down and cupped her hand around the big bulge that was throbbing in the front of his pants.”Jesus, Burt,” she giggled, giving his cock a loving squeeze. “There’s nothing I like better than a big new cock, and this one feels like a real beauty.”Shivering with excitement as the hot juices leaked out of her pussy, Anne lowered his zipper, and after a short struggle, she finally hauled his big blue-veined prick out of his open fly.”Oh, Burt, baby,” she whispered, leaning down and swiping her wet tongue across the bulbous surface of his lust-swollen knob. “Are you gonna stuff this big hard thing into my hot juicy twat?””You’re not shittin’,” he panted. “You’re gonna get every fuckin’ inch of it.””Then let’s get in the house,” she giggled, stuffing his cock back into his pants and taking his hand. “I’ve never felt so fuckin’ horny in my life.”When they entered the house, Anne felt her throat so parched with excitement that she hurried into the kitchen for a glass of water.Watching her as she stood with her back to him by the sink, Burt stared excitedly at the soft roundness of her lovely ass and the bare flesh of her legs beneath her extremely short dress. Not only was she a beautiful woman, but she was probably a real wild fuck. He could certainly have a good time screwing her until his wife came home.Walking up behind her as she stood by the sink drinking her water, Burt felt his cock throbbing violently in his pants. Putting his arms around Anne’s waist, he pulled her sweet ass back against the big bulge in his slacks. Moving his hands up, he cupped her big full tits, squeezing her succulent flesh, feeling her nipples harden under the material of her dress.Realizing the neighbor was really hot for her body, Anne was getting hotter and wetter between her legs. Wanting to arouse him even more, she squirmed back against the man’s slightly moving loins as he continued caressing her warm tingling tits. Gazing out at the dark night through her kitchen window, Anne felt her breath coming in jagged gasps as her nostrils flared with lust.Aware that the horny woman was his to use as he pleased, Burt took the hem of her dress and lifted it off over her head. Her full bare tits were rippling and her belly quivering as she excitedly ground her hot naked ass back against his hard loins. Once more cupping her luscious tits, he began tweaking her hard nipples.”Does that feel good, Anne?” he hotly whispered into her ear.”Yes… yes it does,” she panted, almost weak from the delicious feelings that were invading her horny body. God, how she could hardly wait for this man to fill her hotly aroused cunt with his big thick prick. She could almost visualize his cock pumping in and out between her legs and the thought of it further excited the horny slut.Unable to wait any longer to fuck the woman, Burt lowered his zipper right there in the kitchen. When Anne heard Burt’s pants and shorts drop down around his ankles, she excitedly rubbed the cheeks of her ass back against his naked boner, totally consumed by the powerful lust seething deep in her pussy.Staring down, Burt could see the lush whiteness of her soft buttocks and the little tuft of dark damp pussy hairs peeking out beneath them.”Anne, I’m gonna fuck you hard and deep,” he hotly whispered into her ear as he massaged the soft pliant flesh of her ass, dipping his outstretched middle finger into her slippery slit from behind. “I’m gonna fuck you to death.””Oh, yes,” she whimpered, grinding her cunt back around his thick exploring finger. “That’s why I brought you in.”As he stood close behind the woman with his hands on her hips, Anne could feel his hotly throbbing prick pressed tightly against the fleshy crack between her asscheeks, leaving a trail of slippery seminal stickiness on the quivering flesh between her smooth soft asscheeks. She could feel his big lust-bloated cockhead throbbing against the naked flesh of her sweet hot ass, making her tingle with wanton desire. The thought of him drilling his nice thick cock up into her dripping twat from the rear only seemed to further arouse the depraved woman.”Okay, baby,” he whispered to Anne as he guided the tip of his cock up between her juice-slickened cuntlips. “Here it comes, honey… all nice and hard.”Anne excitedly held her breath, her curvaceous body trembling with anticipation. She spread her legs a bit farther. Leaning on the counter top of the sink, the woman raised her ass to help his entry. She could feel her steamy cunt open and secrete a flood of hot juice around his probing cockhead as it made initial contact. Pressing forward, his thick pole nudged the soft sensitive flesh of her open twat, sending shivers of joy racing through her loins. Then almost without being aware of it, his thick warm cock slid slowly up into her hot slick fuckhole. Moving an inch or so at a time, it was soon completely buried in her warm clasping cunt.The feeling of his thick throbbing cock filling her pussy reduced Anne to nothing but a quivering piece of inflamed flesh. The bigness of his swollen boner was the most fantastic thing the horny woman had ever experienced, and his entry had been so nice and gentle.Thrilled with the feel of his big cock embedded in her cunt, Anne began writhing her ass back against the length of it, forcing his boner still deeper into her feverishly aroused fuckhole.”Oh, Burt,” she passionately whispered, her eyes glowing with lust. “Fuck me good, honey. Fuck me good.”Smiling triumphantly, Burt thrust forward, his huge bloated prick surging through the hot slippery tunnel of her lust-slickened cunt, spreading the soft tingling walls as his prick drilled back and forth in her cuntal sheath.His big bloated knob was pounding mercilessly at the very end of her pussy while his huge balls slapped noisily between her shapely thighs.He was soon pounding brutally into her, and Anne had to suppress screams of anguish and ecstasy as her glazed eyes stared out through the window at the dark night. Enjoying the mild pain he was inflicting on her, she was slamming her tormented ass back, forcing more of his thrusting boner up between the petals of her passion-heated cuntlips, trying to take more and more of his rigid cock into her aroused fuckhole.”Fuck, honey, fuck!” she squealed with joy. “I’ve never felt anything as shittin’ good as this!””Nor have I,” he panted. “That’s gotta be the hottest damn cunt in the world.”He thrust savagely again, fucking into her with long swooping plunges, his hard cock tingling from the intense pleasure it was receiving from her horny little slit.”Oh, yes!” she squealed, biting into her forearms. “Fuck me harder, honey! Oh shit, that’s good!”She’d wanted his thick hot prick in her cunt the first moment she had felt it out on the steps, and she certainly wasn’t disappointed in his performance. The bigness of his prick vibrating along the widely stretched walls of her passion-slickened pussy was pure ecstasy.Burt was ramming his thick cock harder and deeper into her quivering pussy, the intense pleasure almost too much to bear at times, but he continued his relentless fucking. His hairy loins were pounding against her soft wiggly asscheeks as his massive sperm-laden balls slapped wetly between her inner thighs. Panting and gasping for breath, Burt was drilling his passion-thickened shaft into her writhing twat with increasing fury.”Oh, sweet Burt,” she whimpered, feeling his huge cockhead pounding against her womb. “Keep fuckin’, honey, just keep fucking!”For a brief moment she felt nothing but a numbness in her pussy, and then the wild rapture began slowly returning until it was more intense than it had been before. Wild jolts of wanton joy were once more filling her belly, the jolts becoming stronger until the waves of lusting desire were completely consuming her scorching body.Her ass was churning around his deeply lodged boner as he slammed his thick shaft even deeper into her wildly writhing cunt. With her slippery hot pussy undulating back around his rock-hard boner with increasing fervor, wild mewls of pleasure were coming from deep in her gasping throat. With her head lolling from side to side and her long dark hair flying wildly around her face, the woman was squealing with delight as her rugged neighbor fucked into her from the rear like a wild a****l. The way the top ridge of his stiff tool had set up a friction against her erect clit was driving her wild. The ceaseless way his big hard cock was pounding into her cunt was setting up a delicious vibration that was beyond her comprehension. It was total joy for the woman as she rode his thrusting rod to new heights of ecstasy.Anne had done a lot of wild fucking and sucking in her life, but this man’s fantastic prick had awakened her to joys she’d never attained before. It was a disgusting perversion to be fucked dog-fashion like an a****l, yet the base depravity of it added pleasure to the whole obscene act. She humped her ass back at him, her big over-ripe tits swinging heavily beneath her, the big nipples swollen hard as rocks. He’d awakened something within her that had brought on this insane passion she’d never experienced before.The raven-haired beauty was more aroused than she’d ever been in her life, and she was responding wantonly. She felt no shame for not only allowing, but for blatantly encouraging this married neighbor to use her body like an a****l.”Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!” she moaned, screwing her hot dripping pussy back around his plunging prick. “Just fuck me deep and hard!””Don’t worry, honey,” panted Burt, clutching her hips as he increased the tempo of his deep thrusts. “You’re gonna know you’ve been fucked when I’m through with you.”Anne’s ass and loins were swirling in ever increasing circles, enhancing the feel of the hard strokes being drilled into her hot clasping fuckhole by his gyrating hips and throbbing cock. It was so good, and each thrust felt better than the last as she lewdly rotated her scalding slit back against him, trying to take more of his pleasure-giving dick deep into her wildly churning hole.Suddenly feeling an ejaculation building up in his balls, Burt stopped all motion. Clutching her hips, he just let his excited prick throb crazily in the hot softness of her motionless fuckhole.”Oh, Burt!” she screamed with frustration. “Please don’t stop! Keep fucking me, honey!”Not wanting to shoot his wad until the beautiful slut climaxed, Burt just clung to her without saying anything. His balls were aching to unleash a hot stream of sperm into her writhing belly, but he knew he had to hold back.”Please keep fuckin’, honey!” she sobbed, grinding her hot cunt all around his motionless cock. “For shit’s sake, start fucking!””Just a minute,” he whispered, still trying to keep her under control.”I’m not waiting one fucking second!” she screamed. “Finish screwing me now or get the hell out of here!”Firmly grasping the woman around the waist, he raised his loins, and with his stiff cock deeply embedded in her pussy from the rear, he lifted her up.”Trust me,” he panted, grasping her hips. “You’re gonna love what I’m gonna do to you now.”When the woman skewered onto his steel hard shaft, he started moving toward the living room. It might have been almost laughable if both of them hadn’t been in such a wild state of sexual excitation. It was ludicrous the way his thick boner was rammed up between Anne’s legs, her feet dangling just off the floor as Burt slowly moved, making sure his throbbing shaft didn’t slip from her hotly clasping cunt.When they reached the sofa in the living room, Burt eased her forward until she was on all fours. She knelt on the couch, her long dark hair flowing beautifully down her back. With his luscious dick still buried deep in her clasping twat, her smooth soft ass was raised like a pagan offering to the man’s burning lust.Panting from exertion and passion, Burt dug his fingers into the heavenly warmth of her softly yielding asscheeks, spreading them wide apart. Then pulling back until only his bloated knob remained in her overheated slit, he once more drove forward, driving the thickness of his steel-hard dick deep into her quivering belly.”Oooooooooh, God!” whimpered the cock-filled woman as the delicious rapture burned through her loins. “Oh, God, oh God… oh, sweet God!”She was really getting it now as he increased the tempo of his long deep lunges. Anne could tell how much the man was enjoying her hot naked body, and she was happy his wife was away so she could have his magnificent prick for the next two weeks. Thinking about all the wild fucking she was going to enjoy in the days ahead, she began wildly rotating her oozing cunt back around the base of his deeply embedded cock.Drawing his lust-thickened cock almost all the way out again, he once more slammed it home with all his power, and then drawing it back out, he drilled back in with demonic force. He was once more close to climaxing and he knew she was, too. Her hands digging into the cushions, she was sobbing and mewling, her big over-sized tits dancing crazily beneath her lurching torso. As Burt’s cock fucked and twisted into her while his hands kneaded the soft flesh of her smooth asscheeks, she was feverishly squeezing her hot slick cunt tighter around his thick drilling shaft.Almost out of her mind with the all-consuming rapture flooding through her body, she was moving her ass back crazily against his heaving loins. Getting closer to her climax, it felt as if a string of firecrackers was going off in her belly, the wild sensations signaling the approach of a massive orgasm, an orgasm that would consume her entire body and mind with total rapture and bliss. This was going to be the most fantastic climax of her life, and it was only a few breathless moments away.The wild anticipation had her slamming her sweet ass back, matching his plunges with her own perfectly timed thrusts.”Oh, Burt, honey!” she sobbed. “I’m gonna come, baby… gonna come… gonna come!”With her cries of rapture ringing in his ears, Burt could no longer hold back. Without even realizing what was happening as he drilled and rooted into her with maniacal force, a hot stream of frothy jizz gushed out of his cockhead. He clutched tightly to her quivering asscheeks, his hard throbbing prick shooting his creamy juices into her, filling her cunt to overflowing with his slippery sperm.Feeling the wonderful sensation of his hot spurting jizz splattering all over her cuntal walls, Anne exploded into a wild screaming orgasm that she’d never forget. With his big strong body pumping over her like a wild a****l, the joy of her climax seemed to increase.”That’s it, Burt, honey!” she falling flat onto the sofa. “Fill me, honey! Keep squirtin’! I’m coming! I’m coming!”A few moments later they slowly recovered from their unforgettable fuck.”I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my life,” Anne gasped.”Neither have I,” he sighed.”Will you stay here and sleep with me tonight?” she whispered. “I need a lot more fuckin’.””I intended to,” he smiled.”And will you just keep fuckin’ the shit out of me until your wife gets home?” Anne asked.”How about your daughter,” he said. “Isn’t Jolyne usually around?””Don’t worry about that hot-assed little k**,” giggled Anne. “She enjoys fucking as much as her mother does.””Really!””Really,” laughed Anne. “We’ll take her to bed with us some night and it’ll be a party you’ll never forget.”-= Chapter 7 =-One afternoon when Jolyne was walking home from school, two boys in a car pulled up to the curb by her. She immediately recognized them as a couple of very important seniors at her high school. Though she’d never personally met them, she recognized one of the boys as Lance Walker, the captain of the football team, and the other one was his friend, Rick Carlsen.”Hi,” the boys sang out. “Can we give you a lift home?””Gee, I don’t know,” she beamed. “I only live a few blocks from here.””That’s okay,” said Rick. “Hop in anyway. It’s better than walking.”Flattered that these prominent seniors were asking her into their car, she only hesitated a few seconds before accepting their invitation. Once she was sitting between the two boys, Lance pulled away from the curb.”I’m Lance and this is my friend, Rick,” the boy said as he drove.”I know,” smiled Jolyne. “I’ve seen you around the school.””What’s your name?” asked Rick.”Jolyne.””You’re a friend of Mr. Andrews, aren’t you?” said Lance.”He’s my math teacher,” the girl replied.”Are you sure he’s not more than that?” asked Rick, putting his arm around her shoulders.”What do you mean?””Well,” grinned Lance. “Isn’t he getting into your pants?””That’s none of your business!” snapped the girl. “But what makes you think he is?””Because you spend so much time in the classroom with him after school,” answered Rick as his hand lowered down over her shoulder and began tweaking her nipple through the thin material of her blouse.”So what?” she said, the contact of his fingers on her tit sending a delicious little tingling sensation streaking through her cunt.”We’ve watched through the window,” smiled Lance. “And you’ve got the hottest little pussy I’ve ever seen.”Suddenly feeling embarrassed, she just sat there, not saying a word.”Where are we going?” she finally asked as they passed her house.”Over to my place,” said Rick, slipping his hand up under her skirt.”Why?””My folks are out of town,” he answered. “And I thought the three of us could have a nice little party.””Well,” she said, starting to feel aroused as his hand moved farther up between her legs. “Don’t I have something to say about it?””Not really,” he smiled. “Just relax and enjoy yourself. We’ll give you a better time than old man Andrews ever did.”Closing her eyes, Jolyne rested her head against the back of the seat, thinking how much she might enjoy their hard cocks. The more she thought about it, the hotter her horny little pussy was getting.”Come to think of it,” grinned Rick, removing his hand from between her legs, and lowering his zipper, “there’s no reason the festivities can’t start before we get to the house.”Jolyne shivered with excitement when the handsome boy took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his thick naked cock. As she began gently skimming the foreskin back and forth over his throbbing boner, Rick thrust his hand up between her wantonly parted thighs. The cute little blonde let out a tiny whimper when he wormed his finger around the crotch-band of her panties and slipped the tip of it into her dripping slit.Jolyne’s sweet young ass was squirming all over the seat as the boy’s thick middle finger screwed around in her hot juicy cunt. Staring at his big purple cockhead as she fondled his stiff prick, the youngster began wondering how his sperm would taste. She had no doubt that it would be thick, slippery and delicious. Stroking his stiff cock as his finger plunged in and out between the hot slick lips of her pussy, she couldn’t wait to feel it stuffed up hotly between her legs.The youngster was almost out of her mind with lust when Lance turned the car into the driveway of Rick’s house.”Well, here we are,” smiled the boy.”I sure hope you guys will enjoy my hot little cunt,” whispered, getting out of the car.”Don’t worry,” grinned Rick. “We will.”When they entered the house, Rick took Jolyne directly up to his room, leaving Lance downstairs.”Well,” smiled the boy, taking Jolyne in his arms. “Now for a little hot fucking.””Oh, yes,” she panted as their bodies melted together.Flames of burning lust streaked through her loins as she began grinding her hot cunt against the big bulge of his cock that he’d stuffed back in his pants when they got out of the car. Jolyne hadn’t felt so hot in days, and her entire body was trembling with wanton lust.Gently removing her arms from around his neck, Rick quickly undid her blouse, letting it slide down over her arms to the floor. A delicious tingle rippled through her loins when his hands cupped her bare tits. He gently lifted them in his palms while his fingers tenderly squeezed her deliciously erect nipples.The boy finally released her tits and in a matter of only a few moments he’d completely undressed the cute blonde youngster. Resting his hands on her shoulders, he gently pushed Jolyne back on the bed, her shapely naked thighs flying wide open as she fell.Staring up at Rick as he disrobed, she could feel her heart pounding with excitement when he dropped his shorts, once more revealing his big naked cock that she’d been stroking in the car. As he stood beside the bed staring at her naked young body, Jolyne began suggestively rotating her hips as her mischievous eyes stared at his beautiful hard prick thrusting up from the thick growth of hair around his lusty balls. Seeing a drop of seminal fluid glistening on the end of his big purple cockhead, she brushed it off with her fingertip and smeared it around one of her big tingling nipples.”Oh, Rick,” she excitedly whispered when he positioned himself on the bed between her lewdly parted thighs. “Please fuck me good, honey.””Don’t worry,” he grinned, supporting his weight with his palms as he moved up over her.”Please make me come,” she whispered, feeling his hot cockhead brushing against her soft golden pussy curls.”I will,” smiled the boy, easing his big throbbing knob between the hot slippery folds of her pussylips. “You’ll know you’ve been fucked when I’m finished with you.””Rick,” she mewled, feeling the head of his prick sliding through her hotly lubricated cunt mouth. “Am I gonna get a nice big load of jizz?””You better believe you are!” he panted, forcing his lusty cock into her hot little shameless pussy.The cute youngster was soon quivering with ecstasy as inch after delicious inch of his rigid prick sank deeper and deeper into her cock-hungry twat. Moaning softly, she could feel every sinew and vein of his pulsing prick as it joyously spread the hot clinging wails of her sweet young cuntal sheath.”Oh, you sweet baby,” she moaned. “That feels so fucking good.”Thrilled with the hot tightness of the youngster’s little fuckhole, Rick continued easing his fiery cockhead deeper into her squeezing slit until his big hairy balls were nestled between the smooth cheeks of her ass. Suddenly realizing that she had every inch of his beautiful big prick in her, Jolyne threw her arms around him and screwed her slippery cunt up tighter around the base of his thick prick.The boy slowly withdrew his throbbing prick until only the head remained in her slit, then he rammed it back home, his hard cock flesh rubbing against her aroused clitoris. Jolyne began gasping and moaning with intense pleasure as he increased the tempo, the top ridge of his hard cock sawing joyously against her tingling clitty.Moaning crazily beneath him, the youngster writhed, her tits bouncing lewdly as his juice slickened cock pounded into the very depths of her hungry little pussy. Her shapely bare legs were waving wildly in the air as his plunging prick drove her soft sweet ass into the bed. Her fingers were digging into the cheeks of his sinewy ass, pulling at him, forcing his big beautiful cock even deeper into her writhing belly. Her prick-filled pussy was making wet sucking sounds as the boy’s glorious fuck-pole pistoned in and out of her hot clinging cunt.”Ooooooooh, honey!” Jolyne squealed as she rotated her squirming cunt up around the base of his plunging cock. “It’s so good, baby! It’s so fuckin’ good!”A steady flow of hot juice was running down over the youngster’s sweet young ass as she thrust her hips up to meet every plunge of Rick’s hard meat.”Fuck, baby, fuck!” Jolyne screamed, wrapping her shapely little legs around his heaving body. “Oh, sweet Jesus, this is so fuckin’ good!”The delicious feeling of the boy’s shaft plunging into her hot little pussy was almost mind-boggling to the girl. Screaming and clinging tightly to her fuck-mate, she was enjoying one of the wildest fucks she’d ever had.Jolyne was screwing her hot juicy slit up as tight as possible around the base of his plunging cock, loving the way his lusty balls slapped wetly against her sweet young asscheeks. The cute youngster was screaming deliriously as the boy’s prick drove deeper and harder into her sizzling little fuckhole.”Harder, baby, harder!” she squealed, feeling his powerful thrusts rattling her teeth, literally lifting her cute little ass off the bed.Jolyne’s cute face was contorted with passion. She was aware of nothing in the room except the heavenly prick that was pistoning in and out of her tingling slit.”Oh, shit, I love it!” Jolyne cried, her youthful legs waving wildly in the air as the handsome boy continued deliciously fucking his wonderful cock into her feverishly hot cunt. “Keep fuckin’, baby! Ooooooooooh, don’t ever stop!”By this time Jolyne was in a complete daze, a victim of her own passions as well as the heavenly feeling of the wonderful prick that was filling her pussy. She was almost unaware of reality. The only thing that mattered were the intense sensations that had taken control of her body and mind. She never wanted this fuck to end.”Oh, Rick!” she squealed with wanton delight as the boy drove harder and deeper into the smoldering hotness of her dripping fuckhole. “Oh, my God, it’s so good! Oooooooh, yes, fuck me hard, you beautiful stallion!”As the boy drilled harder and deeper into the youngster’s insatiable twat, Jolyne could feel herself being rapidly propelled toward a mind-blowing climax.”Oh, sweet, baby!” she squealed as the unbelievable ecstasy built and built in her loins. “I’m almost there… almost there! Oh, shit, darling, I’m gonna come all over your big hot cock!”On and on he fucked into her, feeling his own sperm starting to boil up from his balls. He pounded even harder, his entire body yearning for the glorious release of his pent-up jizz.”Eeeeeeeggghhh! Sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she shrieked as she reached the very brink of her climax. “Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaggghhh!” Fuck me harder! Split me open! I’m almost there… almost…”Suddenly she felt his white-hot jizz gushing into her ready-to-explode cunt.”Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she hysterically cried. “Make me come, honey! Make me come!”Jolyne had never felt so frustrated in her life when his big belching cock began shrinking in her pussy.”You rotten prick!” she shouted at him. “Please keep fuckin’ until I come!”Her screams were to no avail as the boy finally rolled off her trembling body, leaving a thick string of come across her belly as he withdrew his limp, wet prick. Almost out of her mind with intense disappointment, she could feel his slippery jizz oozing out of her aroused twat.”Okay,” she heard a voice. “Now you can take care of me.”Opening her eyes, Jolyne saw Lance crouched between her legs, clutching a cock that was even bigger than Rick’s.”Honey,” she whispered, a bit wary of the bigness of his cock. “Why don’t you roll over and let me fuck on top?””It’s okay with me,” he grinned, doing as she suggested.Jolyne was dying to be fucked, but she wanted to ease this big boner into her cunt very carefully. As much as she needed to come, she stared with apprehensive fascination at the fat long shaft that lay back taut against his belly, reaching at least two inches above his belly button.Nervously straddling his joins, Jolyne could still feel Rick’s stringy cum oozing out from between her hot swollen cuntlips. Smiling at the darling youngster, Lance reached down and grasped the thick root of his cock and pointed the head of it up against the juicy little slit that was hovering just above it. Jolyne felt a wanton excitement tingling through her body when he grasped her hip and pulled her dripping cunt down toward his erection. As he wedged his bloated cockhead between her pussylips, Jolyne let out a low a****listic moan, feeling the heat of his knob brushing against her passion-swollen cunt.”Sink it in,” he hoarsely whispered. “Squat down on it.”Moving slightly up and down, Jolyne stared with fascination as she lightly rubbed her hot wet slit against the sensitive underside of his bulbous cockhead. Each caress of his hot hard knob against her slick furrow was filling her with renewed lust. She knew it might be a bit painful, but the youngster was dying to feel his magnificent prick buried to the hilt in her little hot sucking cunt.When the boy released his hard boner to grasp her hips with both hands, it slapped back hard against his belly. Filled with a burning lust, Jolyne grabbed his shaft and pointed the head of it back toward her slit again. Slowly lowering her body down, the youngster could feel and see the thick head of his dick brushing between her golden tangle of soft pussy hair.”Jesus, it’s big,” she whispered, slowly lowering her open twat lips down over his thick rod. “Please don’t rush me.”When the head of his fat cock finally slipped through her tight little opening, Jolyne felt quite a discomfort. Grasping her soft naked hips, Lance forced her farther and farther down over the hard thickness of his fuck-pole.”Oh, goddamn!” she sobbed as Lance pulled her brutally stretched cunt down farther over his bone. It was only when she felt his big hairy balls pressing against the soft flesh of her ass that she knew she’d taken the entire length of his thick rod.The youngster remained motionless for several moments, letting her tightly stretched cunt get accustomed to his invading prick. Finally flexing her thighs, she slowly raised herself, moaning with pleasure as she rode up on his magnificent prick. The thickness of his hard sinewy shaft rubbed deliciously against her clitty, making the darling youngster sob with joy.”God, that’s a nice big prick,” she whispered when she’d raised herself all the way up until only his cockhead remained embedded in her tight little snatch.Suddenly letting her thighs relax, she dropped back down, impaling herself on his huge cock. Leaning forward, she rested her hands on his chest and began pumping her cunt up and down over his throbbing dick. Moving faster and faster, their flesh was soon making a moist slurping sound as his big prick pounded wetly into her grasping, sucking fuckhole.”Goddamn, that’s a tight little pussy,” panted Lance as he began thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her steaming pussy.”Ooooooh, yes!” she sobbed. “Fuck me, baby! Oh, shit, that feels good!”Her excited little body almost collapsed on him, but he grasped the youngster’s shoulders and kept her sitting upright on his cock. Sitting on his prick like this made it dig even deeper into her dripping twat. They began rotating their hips, his cock rubbing against every nerve in her slit as it twisted around in her hot, slick cuntal sheath.Lance was lurching and heaving, trying to thrust his big dick deeper into the youngster’s fantastic little pussy. Whimpering with joy, Jolyne was gyrating her cunt around the hard thickness of his plunging prick, jolts of prurient joy flashing through her loins. Fucking up a storm, he was wildly thrusting his hips up to meet her pussy. His thick wet shaft was appearing and disappearing as she bucked up and down over his turgid boner.Twisting and gyrating her cunt around his meaty shaft, the cute youngster felt her pussylips close deliciously around his cock from every angle, her clit being pulled and rubbed from the glorious friction. The wicked pounding and thrashing of their passion-crazed bodies had her pussy drooling hotly around his thrusting prick.Jolyne was so consumed by her lust that she’d didn’t realize what was happening until her intense orgasm exploded throughout her body.”Squirt, baby, squirt!” she suddenly shrieked as the wild climax consumed her. “I’m coming, honey, coming! Fill me with jizz!”She felt his muscular body stiffen, and then a stream of thick cum began gushing into her belly. Squealing with joy, she humped up and down on his spurting cock, milking every drop of sperm from deep in his balls.When the exhausted boy finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her little cum-drenched twat, she saw Rick stroking his brand-new hard-on and she knew there’d be a lot more fucking before this day was over.-= Chapter 8 =-The following evening, Jolyne had to go over to the library to study and it was about nine o’clock when she got home. Entering the house, she was surprised to see their neighbor, Burt Foster, sitting on a sofa with her mother.”Hi, Mr. Foster,” she smiled at the man.”Hello, Jolyne,” he grinned, unable to believe this innocent youngster was as hot cunted as her mother had said she was. “How are you tonight?””Just fine,” answered Jolyne, wondering why he was there.”Honey,” Anne said, turning to her daughter. “Burt is going to sleep with me tonight, and I thought it might be fun if you went to bed with us.””Why?””Because Burt likes to lick young girls’ cunts,” she answered. “And I told him how much you like men to go down on you.””Do you?” the man excitedly asked the youngster.”I sure do,” she beamed.”Oh, Burt,” Anne beamed as she stood up and lifted the front of Jolyne’s T-shirt. “Just look at her cute little tits.””Fantastic,” he smiled, stepping forward and cupping his palms over the firm hard flesh of her young tits.”And Burt,” Anne continued as her lover gently fingered her daughter’s erect nipples, “Jolyne also loves to suck and fuck cocks.””Do you?” he asked.Smiling, the young girl nodded in the affirmative.”Maybe we could get together,” he whispered, tenderly kissing the tip of her nose.”Do you wanta fuck me?” Jolyne asked in a teasing voice.”I sure do,” he grinned.”Okay,” giggled Jolyne. “Let’s start fuckin’.””Do you really mean it?””Sure.””Then let’s go into my room where there’s a big bed,” Anne suggested.Beaming with anticipation, little Jolyne followed her mother and the man down the hall to the bedroom.”That’s my playpen,” laughed Anne, pointing to the huge bed.Her fingers trembling with excitement, the beautiful brunette removed her daughter’s T-shirt while Burt lowered her skirt. The man’s cock was throbbing crazily in his pants as he carefully studied the youngster’s naked little body.”You’re very beautiful,” he whispered, turning to temporarily leave the room.When he’d gone, Jolyne turned her attention to her mother who was standing by the side of the bed undressing. Lying back on the flowered sheets, the young girl couldn’t take her eyes away from her mother’s beautiful figure when she’d stripped down to nothing but her bra and panties. Anne’s long dark hair contrasted beautifully against the whiteness of her naked flesh. The c***d gasped aloud when her mother unfastened her bra and her luscious big tits spilled out.”Gosh,” Jolyne whispered “You’ve sure got beautiful big tits.””You’re sweet,” smiled Anne, rolling her brief panties down over her curvaceous hips.Jolyne’s observations were suddenly interrupted when Burt entered the room. He was completely naked and his thick cock was thrusting up boldly in front of him. There was an arrogance about his steel-hard boner that sent delicious shivers up and down the youngster’s spine. The way his big prick was throbbing reminded Jolyne of a wild a****l, and she couldn’t wait to tame the b**st in her pussy.As he approached the bed, clutching a cock that was even larger than Lance Walker’s, little Jolyne rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. Trembling with excitement, her mother crawled onto the bed next to Jolyne so she could watch the neighbor slip his big prick into her daughter’s juicy little cunt, but the man seemed to have other ideas.With a soft moan, he suddenly buried his face into the soft wetness of the youngster’s open twat, inhaling the sweetness of her juicy little pussy, reveling in the feel of the hot wet pussy flesh against his excited tongue.”Ooooooh!” Jolyne gasped, feeling the moistness of the man’s tongue lapping into the squishy hot flesh of her open slit. The young girl held her breath as she felt his tongue slither in deeper, dipping and probing against her juicy cunt walls. The man seemed to locate every deliciously erotic nerve center in her pussy that even her father had never found. Within a very short time Burt had the c***d’s cunt humming with a wild ecstasy she’d never experienced with a man’s mouth.”Ooooh, sweet Jesus!” Jolyne screamed when the neighbor’s tongue found the sensitive tip of her erect clitty. “Ooooooohhh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus, that feels so good!”Further excited by the little girl’s squeals of delight, Burt sucked the hard little nub in between his lips. Holding it securely, he teased the erogenous button with his tongue until Jolyne was writhing in ecstasy. The youngster’s baby-soft thighs clamped against the sucking man’s face as she rubbed her sopping wet crotch all over his slurping mouth.While Jolyne continued to grind her hot slippery slit against his face, the man’s tongue was snaking out continuously, sliding up and down the juicy mouth of her vagina, dipping into the creases and folds deep in her cunt, enjoying the girl’s sweet juices that were flowing hotly into his mouth.”Oh, Mr. Foster!” sobbed the aroused little girl. “I love it! I love it!”Clutching Jolyne’s soft young buttocks, the man held her steady as he slowly withdrew his mouth until only the tip of his tongue was erotically teasing the moist petals of her cuntlips with a feathery lightness. The butterfly-light swipes from the very tip of Burt’s tongue were teasing the youngster to new heights of passion when the man knew the squealing young girl couldn’t take much more of this erotic torture, he quickly plunged the full length of his tongue back up into the moistly clinging flesh of Jolyne’s hot young pussy. Burt could feel the youngster’s spasming inner walls closing around his tongue, desperately trying to suck more of it into her writhing little fuckhole.”Aaaaaauuuuuuggg! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!” squealed the near-hysterical girl, desperately grinding her soft little ass down into the mattress in a feverish attempt to control the wild ecstasy of the man’s tongue in her quivering snatch. The youngster’s soft thighs locked even tighter around his perspiring face as she ground the wetness of her lust-crazed pussy against the delicious lapping of his insatiable tongue.Little Jolyne was almost beside herself with passion. It was pure heaven to be lying there with her trembling thighs spread open to enjoy Mr. Foster’s hot slavering mouth.Momentarily opening her eyes, Jolyne could see her mother sitting on the edge of the bed, lustily fingering her own hot cunt.The seething pleasure was building and building deep inside Jolyne’s tongue-ravished pussy, making her little bare ass squirm wildly on the sheet. Burt’s mouth was working deliciously on the youngster’s wetly aroused twat, sending waves of unbelievable ecstasy washing through her quivering little belly. Jolyne could distinctly hear the wet slavering sounds of the man’s mouth slurping hungrily on her hot open cunt.Burt momentarily pulled his mouth away from the hot wetness of her juicy flesh to gaze at the cute little cunt he was licking. Between the damp tendrils of pussy hair, he could see the slippery pinkness of the youngster’s open slit and the shiny tip of her little clit. This was the sweetest little pussy he’d ever had the pleasure to suck.”Oh, Mr. Foster!” sobbed the convulsing youngster. “Don’t stop! I’m almost there!”Pulling his head back down and grinding her crotch up tight against the man’s sucking mouth, Jolyne was floating on a cloud of unbelievable ecstasy. Every stroke of Burt’s tongue against her tingling clitty was bringing her closer and closer to that moment of unequaled pleasure.”Oh, suck, honey, suck!” she sobbed.With his mouth still frantically working on Jolyne’s steaming little slit, Burt reached up and grasped the youngster’s firm tits and began rolling her big erect nipples between his fingers. The man could feel the excited reaction flowing through the c***d’s quivering body.”Yes! Yes!” shrieked Jolyne. “Suck my cunt! Squeeze my tits!”The girl was writhing so wildly that Burt was having a hard time keeping his lips on her squirming cunt. From the way the cute youngster was lurching around, the older man realized that she was in the throes of an orgasm.”Mr. Foster!” Jolyne suddenly screamed, clamping her juice-drenched thighs tightly against the sucking man’s face. “I’m coming! Oh, shit, I’m coming… commmiiinnnggg!”Little Jolyne lurched and writhed around on the sweat-soaked sheets until the traumatic orgasm had passed.”Did you like that, honey?” the man whispered when the youngster had recovered.”Shit, yes!” panted the girl. “That was fantastic.””I’m glad,” Burt smiled, pressing the c***d’s flushed face against his broad bare chest.”Now are you ready to fuck me?” she whispered, rubbing her little spit-soaked pussy up against his bare body.”I sure am,” he replied.”I’m ready, too,” beamed the horny little blonde. “But be careful with that big fuckin’ cock of yours.”As Burt crawled between her legs, little Jolyne reached down with her fingers and parted her juicy cuntlips to receive his huge boner. Her young body shivered with delight when she felt the hot hardness of his massive cock probing against her juicy slit. She soon felt it parting her slippery pussylips as the man slowly drove his hard meat up into her quivering pussy.Trembling with excitement and lust, Anne watched her new lover’s big cock slipping between the sweet wiggly cuntlips of her cute daughter.”Oh, God!” Jolyne moaned, feeling his thick prick stretching her tiny cunt until she thought it would split. Biting down on eryaman escort bayan her lips to keep from screaming, Jolyne could feel her cunt stretching wider and wider. Beads of cold perspiration were standing out on her upper lip and forehead. The pain was almost more than she could stand, and she was about to scream at him to stop when his big cockhead finally slipped in.Realizing how small the girl’s pussy was, Burt remained perfectly still, waiting for her tightly stretched cunt to become accustomed to the bigness of his throbbing cock. When a few more moments had passed, the man began pushing his swollen prick a little deeper into the youngster’s squeezing little hole.Once his big fat knob had gained entrance, the advance was less painful for the young girl. Clutching him tightly in her arms, the youngster could feel his meaty prick slowly sinking deeper and deeper into her widely stretched fuckhole. Feeling his big hairy balls nestled softly between her widely splayed asscheeks, Jolyne realized that she’d taken the full length of his throbbing boner. Holding him tightly in her arms, the youngster luxuriated in the knowledge that her little cunt was completely filled with the handsome man’s cock.Jolyne began moaning with delight as he started slowly moving his big hard prick back and forth in her tight little cunt. The wild ecstasy was almost more than the c***d could stand. His massive shaft was rubbing deliciously against every nerve in her widely stretched fuckhole. The intense joy she felt in her prick-filled pussy was beyond her wildest dreams.”Ooooooh, shit!” she sobbed as his hard meat teased and rubbed against the sensitive ridges of her grasping inner flesh. It was a total bliss beyond anything she’d ever felt in her young life, and as he quickened his strokes, the intense pleasure mounted and mounted in her quivering loins.Watching the man’s thick prick plowing in and out between her cute little daughter’s juicy pink cuntlips was driving Anne wild. Staring at the big slippery, juice-slickened shaft fucking into Jolyne’s hotly sucking twat, Anne began wildly fingering her own erect clitty.”Fuck, baby, fuck!” Jolyne screamed, wrapping her shapely young legs more tightly around his heaving body. “Oh, sweet Jesus, this is so fucking good!”The delicious feeling of the handsome man’s boner plowing into her hot, sensitive pussy-flesh was almost mind-boggling to the horny little nymphet. Never in her life had she dreamed of such intense joy.Watching Jolyne’s swollen cuntlips sucking on their neighbor’s shaft was blowing Anne’s mind. She knew that the man would be fucking her when he finished with her daughter because she’d learned it didn’t take him very long to get a new hard-on.As the man continued plunging his cock in and out of Jolyne’s young fuckhole, her pain disappeared completely. Even though her pussy was a bit raw and irritated by his plunging shaft, the slippery friction felt fantastic. Each thrust was bringing the youngster more and more rapture.”D’ya like it, darling?” he panted.”Fuck, yes!” she said, but she didn’t have to say a word as the man could feel the answer by the way her wildly aroused cunt was sucking and squeezing on his lust-swollen boner.”Jesus Christ!” she sobbed when he began speeding the tempo of his long smooth thrusts. “That’s it, Mr. Foster! Give it to me good!”Opening her eyes, Jolyne could see their handsome neighbor’s face above hers as his strong loins drove his fantastic shaft deeper and deeper into her little pleasure-crazed body. She loved the feel of his broad bare chest rubbing against the nipples of her firm young tits.”Fuck, baby, fuck!” she squealed with delight.Burt had never felt anything as fantastic as the youngster’s cunt squeezing and milking on his bloated dick. He’d never experienced such a hot, tight little twat in his entire life. His big juice-drenched shaft was throbbing excitedly as it slithered against the smooth ridges of the youngster’s slick cunt walls.Crazed with excitement, the man was now driving his cock into her tight little pussy with a savage intensity.”That’s it, you sweet fucker!” she sobbed in rapture as his lust-swollen boner ripped violently into her smoldering fuckhole. “Give it to me, honey! Fuck it to me!”Further excited by the young girl’s squeals of delight, the sex-crazed man was driving his plunging prick deeper and deeper into her little writhing twat.”Oh, sweet shit!” Jolyne squealed. “Fuck me good! Fuck me good! I’m almost there, Mr. Foster!”With his plunging cock pounding deep between her flailing legs, Jolyne could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching. Every muscle in her body began to spasm as her cuntlips locked juicily around the base of the man’s glorious shaft.”Ooooooooooh, yes!” she shrieked. “Oooooohhhhh, don’t stop! Faster, honey! I’m gonna come… gonna come!”The girl’s entire body began lurching and jerking as her pussy squeezed and milked against his hard-driving prick. Desperately holding onto the man’s lurching body, her nails were scr****g his back as convulsive spasms took complete control of her writhing little body.”Oh, sweet fucker!” she shrieked when she felt his hot cum gushing into her lust-crazed slit. “Keep squirtin’, honey! I’m coming! Keep squirtin’! I’m commmiiinnngggg!”Burt continued pounding his cock in and out of her sweet young cunt as he shot burst after burst of hot slippery jizz into her shuddering belly. When his exhausted body collapsed over hers, he was still spewing cum into the youngster’s little sperm-soaked twat.-= Chapter 9 =-The next time Jolyne went to spend the weekend with her dad, his pretty young secretary, Paula, was there as usual. It was late in the afternoon when Jolyne arrived and the pretty redhead was smartly dressed.”Hello, honey,” smiled Paula when Jolyne entered the house. “I just dropped by to leave some papers with your dad, but I was about ready to leave.””Hi, Paula,” grinned the youngster. “You don’t have to leave on my account.””I really must leave,” smiled the pretty young lady. “I have several errands to take care of, and I think you should be alone with your dad when you only see each other once a month.””She’s sure nice,” Jolyne said to her father when Paula had gone.”I know,” he sighed. “She’s a wonderful girl.””Are you going to marry her?””I don’t know. She’s a lot younger than I am.””Daddy,” said Jolyne after a long pause. “If you marry her, will you still lick my pussy and let me suck you off?””Of course I will,” he smiled. “As long as you want me to.””Good,” Jolyne whispered, walking over and plopping herself down on his lap. “I’ll always want you to mess around with me.”Pressing her soft open lips to his, the girl began rotating her hot little ass around on his lap. With their lips pressed wetly together, she took his hand and gently slipped it up between her slightly parted thighs. His entire body seemed to stiffen when the tip of his finger grazed the hot slipperiness of her little dripping slit.Never wearing panties when she visited her dad, she held her breath with anticipation as she felt his thick middle finger sinking up into the smoldering depths of her squishy little cunt.”Oh, Daddy,” she whimpered, writhing her ass around on the hard shaft that was starting to throb beneath her. “That feels so good, honey.”They’d been sucking on each other for three years, but now that Jolyne had started fucking around, she was dying to be screwed by her dad.”Let’s go up to your room,” she whispered. “I feel like messin’ around.”Anxious to get his hands on her cute naked body again, he let the girl take his hand and lead him upstairs. As soon as they were in his room, they began quickly disrobing.”Well,” she giggled when they were standing completely nude in front of each other. “Now let’s do something naughty.”The moment her father was spread out on his back on the bed, Jolyne crawled up between his legs, nuzzling her face against the big hairy balls that were hanging just below his hard cock.”Gee, that’s a beautiful prick,” she whispered, swiping her wet tongue over the crinkly skin of his bloated nut-sac.Watching the lovely teenager caressing and licking his balls, Michael couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. His cute daughter had such a peaches and cream complexion to go with her fresh, innocent beauty. The loveliness of her pretty dimpled face was doubly enhanced by the long blonde hair cascading over her soft bare shoulders. She was a trim youngster, yet her soft curves filled out to perfection, and her firm young tits were capped by the biggest, juiciest nipples he’d ever seen.”Jesus, you’re pretty!” he whispered.”Thank you, Daddy,” she giggled. “And for saying such nice things like that, you’re gonna get an extra-special blowjob.””Oh, baby,” panted the big muscular man. “You sure know how to please your old dad.””That’s ’cause I love you,” she slurped.With her sweet young lips ovaled tightly around the head of his cock, Jolyne sucked deep and hard, excited by the way she could always make him tremble with ecstasy.”Oh, Daddy,” she whispered, temporarily removing his thick wet tool from her mouth and rubbing it lovingly against her dimpled cheek. “I just love your big hard prick.”Once more inserting her father’s fat cock in her mouth, Jolyne started a slow rhythmic suction as she pumped her face up and down over his throbbing boner. She loved the delicious feel and taste of his big sinewy prick slithering between her lips and over the top of her tongue.”Oh, sweetheart,” he panted, clawing at the sheets with his hands. “You really know how to suck up a storm.”Little Jolyne was taking more and more of her dad’s big meaty dick into her mouth with every slurp, and she was loving every hard inch of it, Lying naked on the bed with her dad, she was loving the way his big tasty cock filled her mouth, nudging at the back of her throat and pressing out against the insides of her cheeks. Little droplets of seminal fluid were oozing out from the little slit in the head of his rod and flowing over her tongue.Jolyne was proud of the way she could make her fabulous blow-jobs last an incredibly long time. She knew how much her dad enjoyed it when her talented tongue and lips teased him for a long time, bringing him to the very brink of a climax, then letting him slide back, only to bring him up again.”Oh, Jesus,” the man moaned. “It’s so good, darling.”With every deep and powerful suck, it felt as if the youngster was drawing his quivering asshole right up through his shaft. Jolyne’s glowing face was bobbing faster and faster as she sucked more passionately on his lurching cock. His entire body was trembling and jerking from the wild ecstasy being induced by his little daughter’s hot, juicy lips. The youngster was working faster and faster over his throbbing cock as the man began arching his hips up to meet every plunge of his little daughter’s sucking mouth.Looking up between his legs, Jolyne suddenly decided to lick his balls and even eat out his asshole. Greedily lashing out with her tongue, she began licking under his nut-sac. She was pleasantly thrilled with the familiar texture of the crinkly skin around his balls as she bathed them with her sweet warm spit. Michael started trembling and jerking with excitement when his little daughter began slowly working her lips and tongue up the entire underside of his throbbing shaft. Seeing how much her father was enjoying it, she continued lightly nibbling up and down the full length of his boner as he writhed wildly around on the bed.Once more moving her head down, she lifted the back of his knees over her bare shoulders, raising his asshole up in front of her face. Jolyne suddenly had a wild compulsion to nibble around his bung. Gently caressing his cock and balls, the horny little teenager began blowing her soft breath against his puckered shitter.”Oh, my God!” he moaned as Jolyne gently parted the cheeks of his ass with her fingers so that her warm breath could more easily caress his twitching rectum. The girl instinctively knew how to please her dad, and it filled her with joy to see how excited he was getting.”Aaaaaaaggggggghhh!” he roared when the tip of her hot wet tongue darted out and began washing his quivering asshole.When the tight little ring was thoroughly soaked with spit, Jolyne raised her head, running her hot dripping tongue up from his shitter, over his balls and on up his shaft to his swollen cockhead. The hot wet caresses of her busy little tongue on his sensitive knob was sending wild tingles screaming through his entire body.”Do you like that?” she whispered.”Jesus, yes,” he panted, staring down at the glowing eyes in her sweetly dimpled face.”Is Paula a better cocksucker than me?” she teased.”You’re both good,” grinned her father.”Why you big turd,” she k**ded, pretending to pout as she removed her lips from his big boner.”No! No!” he gasped. “Don’t stop!””Who’s the best cocksucker?” she playfully taunted him.”You are,” the man panted. “Now keep suckin’!””And you better not forget it,” giggled Jolyne, once more inserting his big cockhead into her mouth.After sucking on his bloated knob for a while, she once more moved her face down and buried it in the soft warm flesh between his asscheeks. His body jerked wildly when Jolyne’s naughty tongue probed hotly at his shitter.”Yeeeeeeow!” he roared when the moist tip of her tongue slipped obscenely through the tight ring of his asshole. “Christ, that feels good!”Shaking with uncontrolled excitement, the lurching man could feel her slippery tongue darting in and out of his tingling asshole, sending electric-like shocks all through his body.”Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” he gasped as his pretty blonde daughter wildly tongue-fucked his ravaged asshole while she rapidly stroked his cock with her fingers. “Oh, you little darling!”When she finally pulled her tongue out of his shitter, she moved her head up and wrapped her sucking lips around his bloated knob again.Trembling with excitement, the man stared down at his young daughter’s soft ovaled lips as they sucked and pulled so passionately on the head of his prick. Smiling up at him with her big blue eyes, Jolyne began moving her mouth up and down over his cock at a faster tempo, taking more and more of his delicious prick into her throat with every plunge.”Oh, sweet baby!” he sobbed. “Are you gonna get a mouthful this time!””Oh, yes, Daddy,” she panted. “That’s what I want. I want all of the hot cum you can feed me.””God, baby, how I love those suckin’ lips of yours,” he moaned.”And I love your big hard pisser,” she mewled.Jolyne was almost out of her mind with the intense excitement of his hot prick rubbing against her lips, tongue and throat. Having sucked her dad off so many times, the cute youngster could tell from his frantic writhing that he was rapidly approaching a thunderous climax. Eager to feel and taste her father’s hot jizz squirting into her mouth, Jolyne sucked harder and deeper.”Hot fucking damn!” roared her dad. “That’s the way to do it, baby!””Oh, Daddy,” she sobbed, still sucking furiously on his massive prick. “Give me a big hot mouthful!”The man could feel his impending ejaculation building up deep in his balls as he u*********sly grasped his pretty daughter’s head, forcing her mouth down tighter over his trembling cock.”Oh, baby!” he roared, feeling the hot cock-cream rushing up through his bloated shaft. “Here it comes, honey! Here it comes!”From past experience, the youngster was well prepared for the massive amount of white-hot jizz that spewed into her mouth. It squirted against the back of her throat, and then spurt after spurt of the thick fluid continued belching into her mouth. Frantically sucking and swallowing, Jolyne was going wild over the thrilling taste and slippery texture of her dad’s hot jizz. When it finally stopped squirting into her mouth, the horny little youngster continued sucking until she’d drawn out the very last drop of her father’s delicious cum.Holding her dad’s big body in her arms, Jolyne savored the warm aftertaste of his jizz.”Oh, you sweet darling,” her father said a few moments later as he rolled the youngster onto her back and buried his face between her cute little wantonly spread thighs.Slurping like a crazed a****l, he began passionately licking his daughter’s sweet juicy slit. God, how he loved the clean fresh scent and taste of her cute little cunt as his tongue slashed up through the slick hotness of it.”Oh, Daddy!” she squealed with delight. “That feels so shittin’ good!”The taste and slippery texture of her hot juices squishing out onto his slavering face was driving him wild. Sucking and slurping, the man was thrusting his thick tongue as far up her little teenaged cunt as he could reach.”Eat me, Daddy!” Jolyne squealed with pleasure. “Eat my fuckin’ cunt!”After sucking and licking the wet juices from deep within her little pussy, the man moved his mouth up and tenderly drew her hard clitty between his lips.”Oh, shit, Daddy!” she screamed. “That’s it! Ooooooh, that’s so good!”After nibbling and sucking on her erect clitoris for several moments, her father once more thrust his thick hot tongue back up into her steamy young cunt-hole. The feel of his daughter’s soft inner flesh against his rough tongue sent wild flames of passion burning through his loins. As her shapely thighs squeezed against his face, he tongued all around her slippery hot pussy.”Oh, sweet Daddy,” she whimpered, locking her naked thighs even tighter against his juice-smeared face. “It feels so fuckin’ good, so fuckin’ good!”Practically out of his mind with lust for his cute little daughter, the half-crazed man began sucking and licking with a renewed intensity on her adorable young twat.”That’s it, Daddy! That’s it!” she cried when his tongue once more found her tingling clitoris. “Suck my cut, Daddy! Suck me off!”Passionately nibbling and sucking on his daughter’s aroused joy-button, he was flicking it deliciously back and forth with his tongue.”Oh, Daddy!” she whimpered, digging her fingers into her father’s hair, pushing his mouth down tighter over her pussy. “That feels so fucking good!”Little Jolyne was writhing so violently on the bed that her feverishly sucking dad could hardly keep his mouth against her squirming slit. Grasping her lurching hips with his hands, he buried his mouth even deeper into her little juice-slickened cunt.The heavenly taste and scent of his daughter’s horny pussy was almost blowing his mind. He could feel his cock throbbing back to another erection as he frenziedly fucked his tongue into the warm slipperiness of Jolyne’s hotly dripping twat.”Oh, Daddy!” she whispered as the man’s talented tongue glided around her hard, sensitive clitty. “I love it! I love it!”Out of his mind with lust for his darling little daughter, the man began sucking even harder on her quivering slit.”Oh, Daddy,” Jolyne giggled when she glanced down and saw his boner. “You’ve got another hard-on.””I know,” he panted.”Why don’t you stick it in my cunt?” she suddenly suggested.”What?” he gasped, pulling his mouth away from her pussy.”I wanta be fucked,” the girl smiled.”Don’t talk so silly,” said her father. “You’re too young to start fucking.””But I’ve already started fucking,” she said with a tone of pride in her voice.”When?””Several weeks ago,” she answered. “So now will you fuck me?””No,” he said. “It’s one thing for a little girl to be laid by a k**, but it’s another to be fucked by a man. My cock would split you open.””Oh, Daddy,” she giggled. “I’ve been fucked by lots of men.””Who?””Some of mom’s boyfriends,” she answered, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs for him. “Please try my hot little cunt and see how good it feels.”Realizing the youngster was telling the truth, and no longer able to control his lust for her, he covered her soft moist lips with his hungry mouth.”Oh, baby,” he panted as he settled his body between her open legs.”God, Daddy,” the horny young girl whispered, feeling his hot prick against her inner thighs. “I’ve wanted your big hard prick so badly.”The man could feel her soft cool fingers searching for his boner as her sweet young body writhed excitedly beneath him. His cock began throbbing even more violently when she grasped his thick hot meat and guided the head of it toward her hotly dripping slit. He could feel her soft body quivering with expectation as she pulled his shiny knob closer and closer to her juice-drenched cunt.Reaching down and cupping his daughter’s sweet young ass in his hands, Michael lifted her hot slippery pussy up toward his slowly advancing boner. A tingle streaked through his sensitive cockhead when it probed between the slippery open lips of her little teenaged snatch.Mewling softly beneath him, Jolyne spread her thighs as wide apart as possible and arched her adorable slit up for their mutual enjoyment.”Now!” she panted, grinding her frothy cunt up around the thick head of his cock. “Give it to me good, Daddy! I want the whole fuckin’ thing!”Grasping his sinewy ass, she pulled him toward her, feeling his throbbing prick gliding up through the hot clinging tissues of her squeezing pussy.His entire body burning with lust, the man gave a mighty thrust and drilled the thick length of his bloated cock all the way into her little fuckhole with one wild plunge.”Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” she squealed with joy, feeling the hard thickness of his beautiful boner plowing up through her tight, tingling cuntal passage.Grasping his ass even tighter, the youngster arched her hips up and pulled his thick meaty shaft even deeper into her lust-slickened fuckhole. It was only when she felt his balls pressing against the soft crack of her ass that she knew he’d fully penetrated her.After remaining completely motionless for a few heavenly moments, relishing the feel of his young daughter’s sweet hot cunt squeezing on his deeply buried prick, the man finally began slamming his gnarly cock in and out of her darling little pussy.”Oh, Daddy,” she whispered, her entire young body alive with ecstasy as his rock-hard cock pounded deep into her writhing slit. “Your cock feels so nice and big in me.”Lusting over his lovely daughter beneath him, Michael was pumping his cock in and out of her fantastically tight pussy at an ever-increasing tempo. Plunging his excited boner in and out of the squishy hotness of her sucking hole, he could feel her slippery cunt juices oozing out around his cock and dripping down over her cute wiggly ass.With their mouths hanging open and her long blonde hair flying wildly around her damp flushed face, Jolyne was lustily throwing her pussy up to meet every powerful thrust of his wonderful cock.”Oh, sweet Daddy,” she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “Fucking you is even better than I dreamed it would be.”Drilling his hard meat into the hot wetness of her juicy young snatch, Michael could feel the youngster writhing wildly beneath him. In all his years of fucking, the man had never found a girl who fucked so passionately, and only a few weeks ago she’d been a virgin.It was like riding a bucking bronco as she rapidly approached her climax. The feel of her shapely naked legs wrapped around his humping body only added flames to the burning fire in his loins, making him fuck into her with even more power. With their naked bodies pounding wildly against each other, her luscious nipples were burning hotly into his heaving chest.”Oh, Daddy, it’s so good… so fuckin’ good!” the youngster cried, throwing her soft naked thighs up over his shoulders, lifting the entire length of her furry little slit for his plunging prick. Her little body was lurching violently every time her dad pounded his heavenly cock into her squeezing fuckhole. The feel of her dad’s big swollen knob pounding into her belly, and the thick girth of his big boner rubbing deliciously against her sensitive swollen clitty was driving the little girl wild.During the last few weeks, while her life had been completely preoccupied with fucking, every new prick had seemed better than the last, but writhing her steamy hot cunt up and down over her dad’s plunging shaft, she knew that none of them had been equal to his.”Oh, Daddy, darling,” she sobbed. “Don’t slow down! I’m almost there!”The feel of his beautiful boner drilling in and out of her grasping, sucking cunt was driving the youngster mad. Each powerful thrust of his hard cock was lifting her cute dimpled ass right off the bed.”Oh, yes, Daddy!” she squealed, wrapping her smooth young thighs tighter around him. “That’s it, honey! Fuck me! Fuck me!”It was fantastic to be riding her father’s fabulous cock over the thundering waves of ecstasy that were flooding through her young body. Every tingling nerve was aflame with the tense rapture his deliciously hard prick was giving her.”Oh, sweet fuckin, Jesus!” she shrieked as his plunging dick brought her closer and closer to fulfillment. “Don’t stop, Daddy! I’m coming for Christ’s sake! I’m coming!”As her hot young cunt began convulsing around his pistoning prick, she suddenly felt his thick hot cum gushing up into her writhing fuckhole. It was so incredibly hot and slippery as it sprayed against her tight little cunt walls.”That’s it, Daddy!” she shrieked, screwing her swollen, puffy cuntlips up around the base of her father’s spurting shaft. “Fill me, Daddy! I love it! I love it!”When he finally withdrew his limp wet cock from her little cum-filled twat, the youngster quickly crawled down and slipped it into her mouth. After licking the sticky jizz from its surface, she continued sucking on his flaccid prick, wanting to restore it to hardness as soon as possible.Michael Crawford fucked his cute little daughter at least ten or twelve more times before she wearily left late the next afternoon.-= Chapter 10 =-For the next few days Jolyne couldn’t seem to think about anything except her father’s prick. When a week had passed, she decided to take the bus across town and surprise him. Her mother was out on a date and Jolyne decided that she and her dad could enjoy at least two fucks before she had to get back home.Riding in the bus across town, two young men tried to pick her up, but the girl ignored them. Jolyne had a key to her father’s house, and when she got there, she quietly let herself in to surprise him. Hearing sounds from upstairs, she hurried up and found Paula in bed with him.”Oh, honey,” she heard the redhead whisper as she lay stroking his cock. “I just love your sweet prick.””So do I,” giggled Jolyne as she stepped into the room.”Jolyne!” gasped Paula, quickly dropping Michael’s hard boner.”Don’t mind me, Paula,” smiled the youngster, slowly walking toward the bed. “I think I’ll join the party.””Have you been fucking your own k**?” Paula turned to Michael.”You can bet your sweet ass he has,” giggled Jolyne when her dad didn’t answer. “But he has enough cock for both of us.””Then welcome aboard,” Paula laughed.”Thank you,” grinned the cute little blonde as she began rapidly disrobing.When Michael was lying on his back between his daughter and mistress, their teasing fingers began moving lightly over his naked body. Jolyne was darting her tongue rapidly around his big bursting cockhead while Paula’s naughty fingers were gliding butterfly-light over his asshole and balls.Crawling up between his legs, Paula put the backs of his knees over her shoulders, lifting his asshole right up in front of her face. She began gently blowing her hot breath up his puckered shitter while Jolyne’s fingers skimmed the foreskin up and down over his excited shaft.”Oh, shit,” he moaned with delight at the feel of Paula’s hot breath against his quivering asshole.”Do you like it?” whispered the pretty redhead.With Jolyne’s lithe naked body laying across his as her fingers deliciously tantalized his lust-swollen boner, Michael was mauling her firm resilient tits with one hand while he dug into the soft quivering flesh between her asscheeks with the other. It was a fantastic turn-on to be wallowing in the warm naked flesh of mistress and daughter. Every nerve in his twitching body was tingling from the teasing fingers and lips of his aggressive bed-mates. His entire body was involuntarily jerking at the feel of Paula’s hot wet tongue washing the deep crevice between his sinewy asscheeks.Gently blowing her steamy hot breath into his squirming bung-hole, Paula was licking his quivering crack with her wet, slippery tongue. When his asshole was completely saturated with spit, Paula teasingly poked the tip of her tongue into the puckered little hole.”Oh, sweet Jesus!” he gasped, feeling her tongue reaming out his butt. “Shit, baby, is that wild!”The sweet ecstasy was almost more than the excited man could stand. While Paula tongued his shitter, Jolyne was stroking his cock at an ever-increasing speed. Michael could feel an ejaculation building up deep in his groin, and he knew he couldn’t last much longer.”Oh, God!” he panted. “I’m gonna squirt! I’m gonna come!””Don’t waste it,” gasped Paula, quickly straddling his loins. “Shoot it in my pussy, honey! Fill me with your hot jizz!”Jolyne aimed the big knob up between Paula’s legs as the horny redhead lowered her dripping slit down over his throbbing prick. Paula felt a wild ecstasy as his lusty fuck-pole plowed up through the hot inner flesh of her slippery cunt.”Oooooohhhhhh, what a cock!” she squealed with rapture, pumping her hot pussy up and down over his lurching shaft.Crazed with the joy she was receiving from his obscenely hard rod, Paula was bouncing up and down at a wild, frantic speed. The feel of his bloated cockhead driving deeply into her scalding guts was pure heaven.”Oh, honey!” she panted, throwing her beautiful distorted face back as her long red hair whipped around her head. “It’s so good baby! It’s so fucking good!”Glancing down, she could see her lover’s slippery wet dick plowing up between her puffy pink cuntlips, sending wave after wave of ecstasy through her super-horny body. Paula could feel a tremendous orgasm slowly building up in her loins as the intense pleasure increased with every wild plunge of his magnificent cock.”Jesus Christ!” she shrieked when the dam broke and the ecstasy washed through her body like a raging storm. “Squirt me, honey! Squirt me! I’m coming! Coming!”Her fantastic orgasm was doubly enhanced by the feel of Michael’s hot sperm jetting up into her convulsing fuckhole. It splattered wildly against her cuntal walls, completely filling her quivering pussy with his slippery cum juice.”It’s my turn next,” whispered Jolyne a few minutes later as he slowly recovered in the girl’s soft naked arms.Rolling over and pushing her ripe little tits toward his mouth, the cute youngster pressed her warm belly against his cock that was beginning to stir again.”Ooooooh, Daddy,” she whimpered as he sucked and licked her rock-hard nipples. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”Gently caressing the teenager’s inner thighs as he sucked and licked her cherry-hard titty buds, the man could feel the strength returning to his rapidly growing prick. Parting the damp silky pussy-hairs around his little daughter’s quivering slit, he slid his middle finger into the slippery warmth of her juicy cunt.Grinding her twat around his deeply embedded finger, Jolyne reached down and grasped his throbbing new hard-on, stroking the full length of his stiff cock with her teasing fingers.”Okay, Daddy,” she whispered, rolling onto her back. “Let’s see if you can make my hot little pussy sing.”As he knelt between her slim young thighs, she grasped his thick quivering shaft and placed the head of it between the hot wet lips of her lewdly exposed snatch. Arching her hips, the youngster could feel his bloated cockhead slipping slowly up into her slippery fuckhole.A wild pleasure washed through her writhing loins as his magnificent cock sank deeper and deeper into her hotly clasping cunt. It was only when she felt his big sperm-swollen balls nestling in the soft crack between her asscheeks that she realized his prick was rammed in to the hilt. Locking her legs around him, she screwed her crotch up around the base of his shaft, wanting to make certain that every inch of his fuck-rod was buried in her hot, seething guts.”Oh, God, Daddy!” she sobbed when he began driving his throbbing boner in and out of her hotly sucking fuckhole. “It’s so fuckin’ good, honey… so fuckin’ good!”When her father began speeding the rhythm of his strokes, Jolyne found herself in another realm of intense ecstasy. As much as she’d been looking forward to his hard prick in her pussy tonight, she was surprised at how much better it felt every time they fucked. Within a few short moments she could feel an over powering orgasm building up in her lurching loins. The youngster had never been brought off this quickly before in her young life.”Oh, shit!” she screamed as he viciously plowed his throbbing cock in and out of her clasping, sucking cunt. “I’m gonna come, Daddy! Oh, shit I’m coming! I’m coming!”Tossing her head back and forth on the bed, her entire body was jerking spasmodically, her lust-crazed eyes staring blankly at the wildly spinning ceiling.Slowly recovering from her delicious climax, Jolyne was suddenly aware that her father was still pounding his stiff cock in and out of her slippery hot pussy. Looking down between her lewdly open legs, the horny young girl could see his thick, juice-slickened shaft slithering in and out of her hot, sucking slit. The sight of his hard meat gliding between her slippery, wet cuntlips was driving the youngster wild. From the crazed way he was thrusting his throbbing boner into her writhing cunt, the girl could tell he was almost ready to shoot his hot load.”Oh, God, honey, I’m gonna come!” he gasped. “I’m gonna fill your little cunt with hot jizz!””I know! I know!” she squealed. “Squirt it on my belly, Daddy! I wanta watch it shoot out of your cock! Please squirt it on my body!””Yes!” shouted Paula, who was kneeling beside them. “Squirt it on her tits! I wanta watch you come, too!”Both girls had a wild desire to see his hot juice shooting out of his swollen knob. They stared, fascinated by the man’s bloated prick ripping through Jolyne’s hot sucking cunt flesh. They could tell from his jerking motions that his huge prick was about to explode.”That’s it, Daddy!” Jolyne squealed when he frantically withdrew his spurting cock.His sperm-filled knob had barely cleared her sucking pussy when they saw a wild stream of jizz spurting out from the tip of his exploding shaft. The thick slippery fuck-juice splattered all over Jolyne’s tits and belly, followed by spurt after spurt until the girl was completely saturated with his thick, glistening sperm. When the last drop had been emptied from his balls, Michael collapsed heavily back on the bed.Kneeling next to Jolyne, Paula stared at the pools of slippery jizz on the youngster’s naked body. Excited by the sight of the glistening fluid, she reached down and rubbed her hand in the pool of thick cum. There was a strangely exciting feel to the slippery liquid, and Paula began u*********sly massaging the jizz into the young girl’s naked flesh. The delicious feeling of the slick fluid being spread over Jolyne’s smooth skin was exhilarating to Paula. The horny redhead experienced a tingle in her slit as she rubbed the thick sperm over Jolyne’s firm young tits. It was strangely exciting to feel the youngster’s nipples harden under her fingers. Paula suddenly realized why men enjoyed the feel of a woman’s tits.Loving the taste of jizz, the horny redhead had a sudden urge to lick the slippery cum from the young girl’s semen-drenched nipples. Unable to control the desire any longer, Paula lowered her mouth down over Jolyne’s erect tit-bud. The taste of her lover’s jizz and the exciting feel of the young girl’s nipple in her mouth almost blew her mind.Not completely aware of what she was doing, Paula was soon licking and sucking frantically on Jolyne’s hot, quivering tits. Her pussy was flaming with a new fire as she sucked and licked on the big hard titty-buds. It was extremely exciting to be enjoying the young girl’s soft female flesh.”Oh, Paula,” Jolyne whispered. “That feels so good, honey. Your lips are so soft and sweet.”Sucking more vigorously on the youngster’s hard little tits, Paula was vaguely aware that Jolyne’s hands were slowly moving down across her hips and over the soft flesh of her inner thigh. A wild ecstasy raced through the redhead’s excited body when Jolyne gently inserted her finger into her juicy slit.”Mmmmmmmmm!” Paula passionately whimpered when the youngster’s finger slid lightly over her swollen clitty.The thought of fondling another girl’s body had never entered either of their minds, but at this moment of high excitation, it seemed perfectly normal to both of them. With the feel of Jolyne’s finger expertly teasing her clitty, Paula was writhing in ecstasy, her hot sucking lips still locked around the young girl’s deliciously hard nipple.”Oh, Jolyne,” she panted, throwing her arms around the youngster’s naked body, drawing the girl’s hot open mouth down over hers. “You’re so sweet.”Removing her finger from Paula’s hot snatch, Jolyne cupped the older girl’s soft bare ass in her hands, pulling her writhing loins up against her own. With their wet tongues entwined, the two of them were grinding their pussies together in a slow sensual rhythm as their hard nipples burned fiercely into each other’s firm tits. With their hot, hairy twats rubbing together, their sucking mouths remained desperately locked in a deep soul kiss. With their lips still pressed passionately together, both of them simultaneously reached for the other’s hot cunt.As their juice-soaked fingers moved around sensually in their writhing fuckholes, they were both stampeding toward a wild orgasm, induced by their mutual masturbation. As the tempo of their wild finger-fucking increased, their pretty faces were distorted by the intense passion that had taken over their sex-crazed bodies. The two of them were frantically writhing their cunts around each other’s plunging fingers.With their naked bodies welded hotly against each other, they pressed their moistly parted lips together as their tongues lovingly invaded each other’s mouths. Licking hungrily, Paula excitedly tasted the freshness of little Jolyne’s tongue, teeth, gums and throat.Finally breaking off the deep, passionate kiss, Paula moved down to examine the youngster’s hot little pussy. Tenderly parting the flowered lips of the girl’s sweet young cunt, Paula lowered her head and affectionately ran her tongue up along the edge of Jolyne’s juicy slit. With her face now between the little blonde’s widely spread thighs, Paula could see directly into the deep, pink opening of her heavenly little slit. It looked like the delicious flesh of a ripe, open peach as the moist juices oozed out of the slippery little snatch.The young girl was wantonly humping her hips up and down as the tip of Paula’s moist tongue continued teasing her tingling twat.”Oh, you sweet darling,” Paula whispered, once more moving her naked body up over the younger girl.Again sucking on Jolyne’s hard nipples, Paula began rubbing her red thatch of cunt hair against the youngster’s little twat. Their tits were mashing together, hot nipples pressing against hot nipples, as Paula rubbed her wet juicy cunt against Jolyne’s steamy little gash.Her soft-lipped pussy was excitedly massaging the sensitive flesh of the youngster’s open slit, her hot juices mingling with those of the younger girl’s. The musky scent of their horniness filled their nostrils, both of them deeply aware of the erotic aromas that were seeping out from their smoldering cunts, adding even more excitement to their depraved performance.”Oh, Paula!” little Jolyne suddenly cried out. “May I suck your pussy?””Fuck, yes!” panted Paula, quickly crawling off the youngster’s writhing body. “You can suck it all night if you want to.”Fifteen minutes ago, Jolyne would never have dreamed of going down on another girl, but now as Paula rolled onto her back, the youngster quickly moved down between her open thighs. Unable to control her intense urge to taste Paula’s cunt, the c***d excitedly lowered her face down toward the girl’s pussy mound. Not completely certain of what to do, the youngster traced a circle of hot wet kisses around the edges of the older girl’s cunt.”Hurry,” panted Paula taking the little girl’s face in her hands and pressing it up between her legs.Quivering with excitement, Jolyne let out a soft moan of joy as she thrust her tongue deep into the burning hot flesh of the redhead’s oozing pussy. The youngster was more than pleased with the sweet taste as her tongue swirled around in the deliciously slippery hole.”Oh, darling,” whimpered Paula, writhing her slippery ass around on the sheet. “You’re really going after it.”Paula had never dreamed that another girl could bring her such an intense sexual pleasure.”Faster! Faster!” demanded the redhead, writhing her sopping snatch up hotly against Jolyne’s slavering mouth.Almost on the verge of hysteria when Jolyne found her clitty, Paula began pounding the bed with her clenched fists as the cute youngster sucked the tingling joy-button back and forth between her lips.”Oh, fuck, I’m coming!” Paula suddenly squealed, her pretty ass arching high off the bed. “You’re making me come, honey!”When the lovely redhead slowly recovered a few minutes later, she was suddenly conscious of Michael smiling at them from where he was sitting on the edge of the bed.”That was quite a show,” he grinned.”I guess it was,” giggled little Jolyne. “And from the size of your new boner, it looks like you’re more than ready again.””I sure am,” her father beamed, suggestively stroking his big hard cock.”Then let’s use it,” giggled his daughter, rolling onto her back and wantonly spreading her shapely legs. “It’s my turn.”Smiling to herself, Jolyne hoped her would marry Paula, because the three of them could sure have some hot times together.The End