Dating site success

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Dating site successAfter splitting up from my ex, I decided it was time to move on. I joined a dating site, completely open minded about it. After a while I started to really get into it, chatting to a few ladies and getting on well. I met a couple of local ladies (not at the same time) for drinks, and all was friendly. I started chatting to a lady called Julie from Chester. She was pleasant just like the rest, but as time went on, our chats go more and more flirtacious. Eventually we agreed to meet, as she didnt drive, I had a day off work and drove over to Chester. She had given me details to get to a small road near to where she lived, where when I arrived I called her from, then waited for her arrival. Suddenly my car door opened and an attractive lady got into the seat. She was about 5′ 4 with shoulder length light brown hair, small but lovely shaped tits, and lovely legs. It was awkward for a while, not knowing what to say, but as i drove towards the city centre we relaxed , and the humour I have started up, and we were soon laughing. I parked up and we walked around the city for a while, hand karabük escort in hand, before stopping for a drink. As we seemed to get on ok, I said should we have lunch, she agreed but said she knew somewhere nicer, so we went back to the car and following her directions, went to a country pub. Our chatting, flirting, continued over lunch, we had a great laugh. After lunch it seemed to go quiet, felt a bit awkward. Eventually I asked if there was anywhere she wanted to go. At that she jumped up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up and outside. She led the way to the side of the pub where, for the first time, I found a small hotel. It was very exciting as she went to the desk and asked for a room, and after getting a key, we went to the room. We went in and closed the door, immediately going into each others arms in a passionate kiss. Within a minute we were pulling at each others clothes, and in seemingly no time, were again kissing passionately, although this time both naked. My cock was already hard. and her nipples were erect. I moved her to the edge of the bed and sat her down, then karabük escort bayan I lay her down, still kissing her. I moved down, caressing one nipple in one hand whilst licking and sucking on the other. I then kissed my way down her stomach, until I reached her shaven pussy. I saw she was so very wet, so I went straight into her with my tongue, before licking and sucking on her clit. Her breathing was heavy as she said “stop licking, just fuck me”. I didnt need asking twice, so kneeling on the floor next to the bed, i pulled her to the edge and slowly slid my cock into her hot wet pussy. We immediately fell into a fast rythem as I thrust into her as she rose to meet me. It didnt take long before we both orgasmed, at the same time, it was amazing. I slid out of her and we both moved into the centre of the bed, kissing each other again. It wasnt long before I was fully erect again, at which point Julie moved astride me and positioned herself above my cock before slowly teasing her way onto me. She rode me like a wild a****l, forcing me deep inside her. Again it didnt take long escort karabük for us to cum, this time she beat me to it by a matter of seconds. She collapsed onto me and we got our breaths back in each others arms. We must have fallen asleep for a short while, but it wasnt long before I awoke to feel her hand slowly stroking my cock. She smiled up at me as she slid down the bed until she had her head positioned right above my by now very erect cock. She smiled again at me before slowly lowering her mouth over the head of my cock. She licked around the head whilst fondling my balls with her hand, it felt wonderful, she then sucked me with slow movement up and down my cock. I reached down for her pussy but she pulled my hand away, pausing to say she wanted to pleasure me. I let her carry on, giving me the most wonderful blowjob. Eventually I felt I was going to cum, so I told her so, she gripped me tighter with her lips and carried on with her movement until I shot my load deep into her throat.We did then relax a while, before showering, changing, and leaving the hotel. I took her to where I had picked her up, and after more passionate kissing, I left her to drive home.We did keep in touch afterwards, infact I went over to Chester again where she met me at her house and it was about 5 minutes before we were in bed, but thats another story….. Maybe!!