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DARNELLI returned home from what had been a long and tiring day at work. It was summertime and still light out, but the day was waning. I pulled in the drive and shut my truck down. The garage door was open and my wife’s car was in the bay. I got out listening to the insects for a moment. It was still muggy. I entered the house through the garage.The kitchen was dark and quiet. I put my stuff down on the counter next to my wife’s purse. I went to the kitchen sink to rinse out my travel mug and saw that my wife was sitting out on the back deck with her feet up on the railing. She was staring down into the backyard and probably her garden. Her hair was wadded messily into a loose and lopsided bun. All she was wearing was a tank top – she was naked from the waist down. Her bong was on the patio table.”Uh-oh,” I thought, “I’m not the only one who had a rough day at work.”I grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and went out, “Hey,” I said.She turned and looked at me, smiling wanly, “Heya.”I stooped to kiss her cheek and then went to pull a chair out from the patio table and sat down facing her, the railing behind me. “Rough day?””Among the very worst,” She said.”You want to talk about it?” I asked, sipping my beer.She sighed, “Not really.” She took her feet down from the railing and sat up, reaching for her bong. She lit the bowl, put her mouth against the sinop escort opening and pulled deeply. The bowl cherried for a long moment and the bong gurgled, then she sat back inhaling the smoke deep looking towards the sky, and she set the bong back on the table to her right. She exhaled long and slowly after a quite some time. Looking at me sleepily, she leaned back in her chair, knees akimbo … giving me a full-on view of her hairy cunt and the base of a black silicone plug in her ass.”I had to fire someone today,” She said eventually.”Did they deserve it?” I asked, trying to not stare at her crotch.”According to the company’s performance reviews, yes. In reality…” She shrugged.”That sucks,” I said.She sat looking at me heavy-lidded with her knees akimbo.”Is that an invitation? I’m hungry,” I asked, gesturing to her crotch.She smirked sleepily and crossed her legs, scootching back into an upright sitting position. “I don’t have a plan for dinner.”I said, “We can order something.”We sat there looking at each other in silence for several moments.”I texted Robert,” She said eventually.My heart started to beat harder, “Is he coming down?” My ears felt hot.She shook her head, “Can’t.””Too busy?” I asked.”Too far for him to drive tonight,” My wife said, “He’s gotta work tomorrow.”I leaned forward, putting my beer on the table. “You text anyone escort sinop else?””No, I was waiting for you.””You need two?”She shrugged, “I wanted two, but … it’s the middle of the week. People have work. I really just want to get fucked. Hard and well. I want to feel it tomorrow. I want to be sore.””That why the plug?”She didn’t say anything. “It’s the big one,” I said.She didn’t say anything.”Did you work up to it or did you go straight to the big one.”She smiled and bit her lip, uncrossed her legs and leaned towards me and looked me in the eye and said, “I feel like shit about firing that woman. I don’t want to think about her anymore … or how I feel about firing her. I want to get fucked in the ass. Hard. I want to be sore tomorrow. I don’t wanna sit right. I went straight for it … the big plug.”I lifted myself off the seat of my chair so I could kiss her. We made out for a long moment. I reached and felt her breast, fondling it through the fabric of her tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, of course. Her nipple was stiff, poking against my palm. Her breast felt big and heavy and pendulous with how she was leaning forward into my kiss.I stopped kissing her and tugged gently on her nipple, “You could text Darnell,” I suggested.She sat back, pulling away from me, “Darnell…”I sat back, picked up and took a sip of my beer – waiting.”You sinop escort bayan up for that?” She asked.”Are you?” I asked.”I don’t know…””You want to feel it tomorrow text Darnell.”She smirked in the growing twilight.”I don’t know…” She said again. “It’s been awhile since I was with Darnell.”I leaned back and pulled my shirttail outta the waistband of my pants. “You take Darnell in the ass?””I have, but … I was really high.””Aren’t you high now?””Yeah, but not enough.””Well, you wanted to be sore.”She chuckled and put her feet up on the railing.”Text him,” “Do you think he’d come?” She picked up her phone that was on the table beside her bong.”Probably. No … definitely. He’ll come.”She looked at her phone and started messing with it – the bright light of her screen illuminated her face.”Be good to see Darnell. Catch up. Watch him rail you.”She smirked as she started typing.”Hear you gruntin’ as he fucks you … hammering that fat dong deep … balls deep … to the root, baby.”She smiled, still looking at her phone, legs up on the railing.”Make you forget your shitty day. Big black balls smacking against your cunt. Fat cock stretching your asshole out … make it all saggy and loose.””You’re making me wet.” My wife said.”You texting him?”She put her phone down, “I did, yeah.”I stood up and started unbuttoning my shirt.”What are you gonna do?” She said as I started moving inside.”Order a pizza.””But … I was enjoying that.””What?””You imagining what Darnell’s gonna do.”Her phone chirped. She picked it up and looked at the screen.”I’m not imagining anything, sweetheart.”