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DarkAll of my stories have a semblance of truth, some more than others.Samantha (Sam) sat at on her couch playing with her iPad listening to the TV, it was rerun season and there was nothing worth watching. She had divorced almost a year ago and still hadn’t worked up the nerve to get back into the dating scene.Too many nights were like this one, she would cruise the online ads, debate answering one and go to bed frustrated. She would use her boyfriend Roger the Rabbit to masturbate and fall asleep.She saw one ad that kind of caught her attention; it simply said “Woman wanted who isn’t afraid of the dark”. There were no other details just that simple line. She was moving on to the next ad and thought, what the hell. She emailed a response “I am not afraid of the dark”. In a few minutes she got a response that simply said “Most women are why you aren’t”. She smiled and wrote back “Because I am a big girl and not afraid of anything”. She smiled and waited, but no response came.She found herself checking her phone all day while at work to see if there was a response, but there was none. A shame she thought, that was kind of fun. On her drive home, her phone chimed and sure enough it was him. His email said “Are you willing to prove you aren’t afraid”. She paused a minute before responding and wrote back “I might be willing to prove it, it would depend”. His response was immediate, “I will give you until noon on Friday to give me a yes or no answer”.Sam thought “who the hell is this unknown person to give me an ultimatum”. She hit the delete button and went home. All night long, this encounter kept playing in her head. Like the devil and the angel on her shoulder arguing. “I don’t need to prove anything to anyone” and then “I need to explore my boundaries, I need to be more adventurous”. Her ex husband had told her that he cheated on her because she was too vanilla, what the hell did he mean by that. She tried to sleep, but even Roger wasn’t going to help the thoughts in your head.On Friday morning she had made up her mind, she would go along with this, at least for a bit to see where it goes. She emailed him and simply said “I am willing zonguldak escort to prove it.” She didn’t get a response until Friday, right after noon. The note simply said “Instructions to follow”. Now she was more intrigued than ever, “where is this going she thought” as all kind of good and bad ideas flowed through her head. Finally her phone chimed and there were the instructions. “Be at the downtown Hilton tomorrow night at 8PM; ask them if they have a message for Rose”. Please do not respond to this email, I won’t answer. Wow, not this is getting weird she thought, there is no way I am going to a hotel to meet someone I don’t know, and this is insane. Another fitful night awaited her as she tossed and turned. By mid morning she was thinking it wouldn’t hurt to just go and see what this was about. By afternoon she was concerned on what she would wear. She settled on a sweater, a short skirt with leggings and to be safe she wore her old “Granny panties”. She would die before she let someone see these old things.She walked up to the front desk right at 8PM and asked if they had a message for Rose. The clerk smiled and said “We have been waiting for you” and handed her a beautiful yellow rose and an envelope. She walked to the lobby and opened the envelope, inside was a room key, room 1801 and a short note “I will be there at ten”. “Now what to do” she asked herself and than decided she was at least going to meet this mystery man. She went into the elevator and headed to the 18th floor. When she got to Room 1801, she found it was a suite with an incredible view of the city. On the table was a small gift wrapped box and the longest note yet. She opened the box first and in it was a sleeping mask, the note said “Please order room service and enjoy dinner”. I will be there at 10PM, have the lights off and be naked on the bed with the mask on”. If the lights are on and the blinds not pulled or if you aren’t on the bed, I will not come in”. If you have second thoughts, slide the dead bolt and have a good night”.“Oh my God” Sam thought, I am not going to let some stranger do who knows what to me, this is insane”. I am escort zonguldak going to order some dinner and than get the hell out of here. She ordered a surf and turf dish off the menu and an $80 bottle of wine. When she was finished it was just a little after nine. She was more than a little upset that someone thought she would go through with this. She walked over and slid the dead bolt and decided she was going to enjoy the room. She checked what was on pay per view and had to go pee. She went into the bathroom and there was a giant jetted tube. She decided to run a hot bath and really enjoy this night. As she soaked she thought about how crazy this was, she never did crazy things. The longer she soaked and the more she thought maybe that was the problem. Her whole life she played it safe, not once did she ever do anything crazy. Maybe it was the wine, but maybe she needed this.She got out of the tub and dried off; it was now 10 minutes to ten. She started to say “the heck with it”, but literally out loud said “Fuck it”. She walked over to the door and slid the deadbolt off walked by the table and grabbed the mask. At the last minute she remembered to pull the blinds. She pulled the bed spread down and propped herself up on the pillows and turned the final light off a few minutes before ten. The room was pitch black as she slid the mask over her eyes.A few minutes later she heard the door open and the rustling sound of someone in the room. A few minutes later she felt someone climb on the bed and her legs being spread. The next thing she felt was a tongue on her pussy. If she wasn’t so freaked out she might have enjoyed it and the longer he licked her the more she did enjoy it. His tongue roamed al over her pussy and occasionally she could feel his tongue flicking her clit. After a while she felt herself breathing hard, on the brink of an orgasm and he stopped. She felt him moving around and felt his cock at her lips. She grabbed it and guided it into her mouth. Her husband complained about her blow jobs, that she was never really into it. Well she was acting crazy so she was going to be crazy. She took both her zonguldak escort bayan hands and put hem on this stranger’s ass, forcing his cock into her mouth. Only stopping to lick his balls and kiss the length of his shaft. She sucked him for what felt like 20 minutes until he pulled away. He rolled on top of her and he started fucking her missionary position. She loved the way his cock felt inside of her; it had been way too long. He was kissing her neck and exploring her breasts. His tongue finding hers as they kissed deeply and passionately, as if they were long time lovers.After a bit he rolled her over on all fours and started fucking her from behind. She felt his balls slapping into her as he fucked her as hard as he could. She felt his thumb, covered in saliva circling her asshole and just as she was getting used to it, he grabbed her hips with both his hands and started pounding her. She felt his cock grazing her clit and she felt herself start to cum. Almost sensing it, she could feel this stranger start to tense up and felt his cum fill her pussy. They both fell on the bed exhausted. As she laid there catching here breath she felt him get up. A few minutes later she heard the toilet flush. She waited a few minutes for round two and said “Hello”. She took the mask off and turned on the light and realized he was gone. Besides the cum dripping from her pussy, there was no sign that he had even been there. She sat on the edge of the bed and hoped he returned. She waited and waited. She thought about locking the door, but didn’t as she hoped he would return.The next morning she dressed and went down to the desk “Hi, I need to take care of the expenses for Room 1801” she said. The clerk looked it up and said “No, everything is taken care of, you are good to go”. She asked “Can you please tell me who took care of the bill”, the clerk smiled and said “I am sorry Ma’am, we cannot give out that information”. She walked across the lobby and saw the line at Starbucks, one man looked at her and smiled, she headed to the door and another man was looking at her. “Could one of these be him?” she thought. As soon as she got home, she sent an email, all it said was “I hope I proved I wasn’t afraid of the dark”. “Perhaps we could meet in the light”. “Either way, I would be willing to meet again”. She hit the send button and within seconds got the message “Undeliverable, email address not found”.