Dark Secret Love Ch. 01


This is a story of forbidden love; the incestuous feelings between a brother and sister, and how these feelings lead to the consummation of an Oedipal relationship.

Chapter One

Our story begins on the 27th of November, 2005. Bored 22 year old Vincent Tyler was sitting on the couch in his house, watching some random tv show. His parents were away for two months on a cruise around the Bahamas, and they had left him in charge of his younger sister, Jasmine. Vincent and Jasmine had always been close, even as children. There was only a year between them, and sometimes when they went to parties together they were mistaken for boyfriend and girlfriend. Vincent and Jasmine always just laughed it off. The siblings had their own plans for the night; his sister was going to the cinema with her friends, and he was headed for a party. He heard Jasmine come down the stairs behind him, but he didn’t bother looking up.

“You away, Jaz?” he asked her, his eyes never leaving the tv.

“Yeah, I’m walking down to Sarah’s house and her parents are giving us a ride down to the cinema. We’re meeting the rest of the girls there.”

“You coming home or staying at Sarah’s?”

“Nah, I should be coming home. We’ll be going for a drink afterwards though, so I’ll be late.”

Finally, he looked up at her, and he was unable to keep his jaw from dropping. His sister stood framed in the doorway, and Vincent felt his cock begin to stir. His sister was gorgeous; with her long black hair, dark eyes, full lips and amazing breasts she was, without a doubt, Vincent’s dream girl. Jasmine was dressed in a low cut, black dress that showed off her cleaveage and her DD size breasts magnificently. Judging by the way her nipples were making small lumps in the fabric, Vincent assumed that either she wasn’t wearing a bra, or her nipples were as hard as marbles.

“God Jaz, you sure are dressed for the occasion!” he exclaimed, “You’ll make some guy very happy some day.”

Jasmine giggled at her brother’s comment. “Thanks Vince. I’ll see you later.” She bent down and kissed her brother on the cheek, then turned and made her way out of the house.

As soon as he heard the door close, Vincent sighed with relief. He looked down at his trousers, and at the obscene bulge of his cock pushing against the fabric. He was extremely relieved that she hadn’t seen the bulge when she had kissed him. He wondered if his sister knew just how much she turned him on. When she had kissed his cheek, he had nearly come in his pants. He sighed again, but this time it was a sigh of resignation. He knew that nothing could come from his obsession, that incest was against the law, but he also knew that he could do nothing to stop himself thinking about his beautiful sister. He had been obsessed with her for as long as he could remember. He looked at the clock on his cell phone; there was enough time to relieve himself of the load in his balls, surely. Manys a night had he done this, made so horny by Jasmine that he had to go and jack himself off. But just as he had started to unzip his trousers, the cellphone rang.

Jasmine left the house, walking quickly so she would be able to escape the intense lust she felt for her brother at that moment. She had always loved him in that way, but she was afraid that if she voiced her feelings to him, he would reject her and their relationship would be ruined. However, she knew there was hope. When she had bent down to kiss his cheek, she had noticed the bulge in his trousers. She hadn’t mentioned it, but it excited her greatly to know that her brother’s cock reacted that strongly to her presence. She felt a great heat erupt Mecidiyeköy Escort in her pussy everytime she thought of the bulge in her brother’s trousers. She had spied on him before, when he was in the shower, and she knew that her brother’s cock was at least 9 inches. She loved the rest of his body as well; he was muscular, and had a six pack that Peter Andre would kill to have. As she reached Sarah’s house, she put all ideas about her brother to the back of her mind. Sarah was in the driver seat of her father’s truck, and she waved at Jasmine to get into the passenger seat. As she sat in the seat, Sarah spoke to her.

“So, are you ready for the best party of your life?!” she yelled, a wild look in her eyes, and a wide smile on her face.

“Damn right!” Jasmine yelled back. She felt slightly guilty for misleading her brother about her wherabouts that evening, but she knew he’d forgive her anyway.

Sarah turned the key in the ignition, and the truck pulled out of the drive and made it’s way to the party.

“To 215 Muldacia Park!” Jasmine yelled.

Vincent picked up the cell phone, slightly annoyed he hadn’t gotten a chance to jack off yet, and pressed the ‘answer’ button. He held the handset up to his ear, and the voice that rang through it was a familiar one.

“Yo, Vince my man! Are you ready yet? When am I supposed to pick you up?”

It was Vincent’s best mate, Jack Summer, and he sounded impatient. Vincent knew how to handle him, however.

“Jack, mate, of course. Call round in about five minutes, I’ll be ready then.”

“You better be, Vince, ‘cuz I ain’t gonna miss the start of the best party this town’s ever seen just ‘cuz you’re late!”

Jack hung up. Vincent looked at the handset, and chuckled. Reaching up behind his head, he pulled the hairband out, and let his black hair fall to it’s natural length, resting at his shoulders. He pulled on a pair of trainers, then switched his current t-shirt for a clean black one. He had just finished doing that when a car horn blared outside the house, letting Vincent (and the rest of the neighbourhood) know that Jack had arrived. Vincent left the house, walked down to the street and clambered into the passenger seat of Jack’s car. He had only just shut the door when Jack put his foot down on the accelerator and sped off in the direction of the part.

“Jack,” Vincent asked, “Where is this party? And who’s hosting it?”

“You know the big mansion at the end of Muldacia Park, on the hill? Number 215? It’s in there. The son’s a friend of mine, I’ll introduce you if we see him. Though we probably won’t, ‘cuz he’ll be off fucking some girl’s brain out.”

“215 Muldacia Park? Man, that mansions huge! It’s got to have at least 300 rooms!”

“305, actually,” Jack said, correcting him, “Not counting kitchens, bathrooms, the basement, etc, etc. And all of ’em are gonna be used for fucking. Isn’t it great?!”

“It’s fucking beautiful,” Vincent said, which made them both laugh.

As they drove Jack told Vincent about previous parties he’d been to that had been hosted by this guy, while also listening to the various songs on the radio. However, none of the songs, or what Jack was saying, really made any lasting impression on Vincent’s mind. He was in a daydream; one of his favourite fantasies concerning Jasmine. His cock was stood at full attention, but if Jack noticed, he didn’t say anything. Soon, however, Vincent was snapped away from his daydream by Jack speaking.

“We’re here! 215 Muldacia Park!” he announced.

Vincent looked out the windshield at the mansion. Spotlights dotted around the perimeter Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan illuminated the front of the house, casting shadows from the gargoyles that were placed beside the windows. Jack drove the car up to the gate, and a security guard got out of a small shack in front of the outer wall. He approached the car.

“Invitation?” he asked, his voice gruff.

“Here,” Jack said, handing over a piece of paper, “And this guy’s my guest.”

The guard scanned the peice of paper for a minute, then handed it back to Jack. “Everything seems to be in order. Take the first left for parking, and from there it’s a short walk up to the house. Have a good time.”

He retreated back into the shack, and Vincent saw him press a switch on the wall. The gate slid back, allowing the car and it’s passengers access to the grounds. Jack drove up and took the first left as directed, pretty much abandoning his car in the first space he found. As Vincent got out and stretched, he was aware that his cock was still half-hard. Luckily for him, it was dark, so nobody would notice until he got to the house. When they reached the entrance, they were met by a man dressed in nothing but his boxer shorts.

“Before you can enter, sirs, you have to undress. The maximum guests are allowed to wear at the party is their underwear and a mask of their choice.”

Vincent had expected something like this from what Jack had told him in the car; well, the bits that he’d caught anyway. They undressed and handed the guard their clothes. The guard folded them and put them in seperate containers; he then handed both Jack and Vincent a check stub so they could collect their clothes when they had finished at the party. Then they entered the mask room.

“Fucking hell!” Vincent exclaimed.

Each of the walls in the room were covered in masks. The ones on the left hand side were for the men, and the ones on the right hand side were for the women. Vincent chose a simple mask; white plastic that resembled porcelain and covered the entire top half of his face. When he entered the foyer of the house, he gaped at the amount of drunken women that were lying about the place, either making out with the guys or other girls. He knew that the other floors would be like this too. The gape quickly turned into a smile.

“Oh yes!” he thought, “I’m going to enjoy this.” His cock was hard already, and a lot of the women who weren’t making out with people made interested faces at him. Well, interested smiles; he couldn’t see their actual faces because of the masks. A man wandered through the masses towards him and Jack.

“Jack!” yelled the stranger, “Glad you could come!”

“Well mate!” Jack yelled back, “Are you kiddin’ me?! Wouldn’t miss this for the world!”

“Who’s your friend?” the stranger asked.

“Oh that’s Vincent. Vincent!” Jack said, “Come, let me introduce you. Vincent, this is Thomas Stone, the host of this party. Thom, this is Vincent Taylor, one of my best friends.”

They shook hands, and then Thomas and Jack started catching up on old times, and Vincent decided to mingle with the others. A lot of the women in the mansion were still looking at his cock with great lust and hunger in their eyes, but Vincent ignored them for the moment. As he walked through the hall, a woman with extrordinarily large tits and the most mysterious dark eyes came up and spoke to him.

“Well, hey there. And what’s your name, sweetie?”

Vincent, who had long ago stopped giving his real name to strangers, replied, “Mattie.”

“Oooh, what a sexy name,” the woman said, raising her arms and putting Escort Mecidiyeköy them around his neck, “My name is Lucia.”

He looked down into her eyes, and whispered, “Glad you like it.”

Jasmine, for it was she, had no idea that the stranger she was seducing was her own brother. What she did know, however, was that underneath those black boxers was a cock she needed in her pussy right that very second. She lowered her arms again, and, ignoring the stares of vicious hatred coming from the other women, whispered in “Mattie”‘s ear, “Come on upstairs with me, honey.”

She took his hand in hers, and led him up the stairs to one of the empty rooms. She took him inside, then locked the door behind her. Once inside, they were all over each other. She threw her hands around his neck again, and kissed him passionately, their tounges dancing together as they embraced. He squeezed her ass, his hands exploring her body. He raised them up, and he squeezed her tits. He reached behind and undid her bra. As it fell to the floor, her tits seemed to grow in size, freed from their material cage. Vincent broke the kiss, bending down to suck on her nipples, which were extremely hard. He moved back and forth to each nipple, sucking on it for a few seconds then squeezing it tenderly. She pressed his face to her chest, allowing him to explore her. Then she got down on her knees, and pulled down his boxer shorts, flinging them across the room. His 9 inch cock burst out from it’s constraints.

“Wow,” she gasped, “It’s so big! And it’s as thick as my wrist!”

She opened her mouth wide, and started sucking on his engorged meat, making him groan with pleasure as she used her tounge to stimulate his cockhead.

“Oh god!!” Vincent gasped, as waves of pleasure began engulfing him, “You’re such a fantastic cocksucker! I don’t know who you are, but I’m fucking glad we met tonight!”

She giggled in response, and she began to suck is cock with greater ferocity. He put his hands down behind her head, and starting fucking her face. She gagged as the large and thick meat was shoved further and further into her mouth, but she managed to fit the entire thing into her mouth. It wasn’t long before Jasmine’s mouth was filled with her brother’s jism. He spurted load after load down her throat, but she managed to swallow it all, sucking every last drop from his massive tool. She grinned up at him.

“Mmmm…” she groaned, “Your cock is the best I’ve ever tasted!”

“Why thank you,” he replied, grinning.

She stood, then she threw herself on the bed. She quickly pulled her thong off her crotch, which was soaked in pussy juices. She lay there, opening her legs wide.

“Don’t just stand there!” she groaned, “Don’t keep me in suspense! Stick it in me! NOW!”

He’d never heard a woman get that horny before, but, nevertheless, he cocked her legs up over his shoulders, and pushed his fucktool into her tight pussy. It stretched with the thickness of his cock, but he didn’t get any more gentle. If anything, he actually got rougher.

“FUCK MY PUSSY!” she roared, clutching his arms as he pounded her pussy, sticking his hairy spear in all the way to the hilt. She cried out in pain several times, but he just sped up when he heard her. Her tits bounced and bounced as he brutally fucked her pussy. Then he shoved it right up to the hilt again, and they both orgasmed at the same time.

“OH FUCK I’M COMING I’M COMING I’M COMING!!!!” Jasmine squealed, as the waves of pleasure from the orgasm racked her body.

“ARGH!!!” Vincent groaned, as he coated her pussy tunnel with a thick tide of cockjuice.

They both fell back onto the bed, panting, and trying to catch their breath. And then, as if they were bound by the same force, they both reached up to behind the others’ head, and undid the mask clips. The two masks fell away, revealing Vincent and Jasmine’s orgasm-racked, exhausted and shocked faces…

To be continued…