Dark One


Everyone had always thought of me as strange. It never occurred to me that they would be right. See, I had never really fit in. I was always what people would call creepy, and scary. When other girls were out trying to find the perfect “Ken” look alike I was trying to find some peace and order in my life. I thought I would never find a place to get away from all the “girls” around me.

One day, I stumbled upon an abandoned house. I was never one to frighten easily so I stepped inside to get away from the outside world. Right away I noticed that there was no electricity so I grabbed a candle and lit it up. As I traveled up the stairs exploring the house I heard a door close behind me. Not wanting to turn around, I pursued my little escapade and came upon a room that was unlocked. As I stepped inside, candles suddenly lit up. The room was bathed in candlelight and right in the middle of the room was a beautiful canopy bed. Funny thing about old houses, you never expect to find anything in good conditions, thinking that all the good stuff has been sold, repossessed, or stolen.

As I entered the room I suddenly felt a chill run up my spine. I told myself not to get frantic and walked over to the bed. Suddenly the door closed lightly and a voice from somewhere said, “Do you like the way I have decorated our room? I have been expecting you for some time now.” Shocked I drop the candlestick and slowly turned around.

“Don’t look so shocked.” he said. The voice came from a shadow behind the curtain. As he stepped out I noticed how extremely tall and masculine he looked. He was dressed in what seemed like old British clothes. He had long black hair that was tied up loosely and the most intriguing Mardin Escort set of black penetrating eyes I had ever seen. As he stepped closer, I could smell his scent. He excited me in ways I had never thought possible. He reached out and stroked my cheek saying that what I was wearing was all wrong for the night he had planned. He looked in the direction of the bed and said to change into what was on it. I slowly walked to the bed and picked up a long black robe. I felt him come up behind me and circle my waist with his arms. He breathed in my hair and then whispered in my ear to put it on. The feel of his hot breath on my skin sent little tremors in me, making me imagine what was to come. All of these sensations were sending me in a spiraling vertigo. Never had I imagined that a single breath could make me so wanton. As I walked to the other room to change, I felt his eyes on me.

I emerged from the room and stepped in. His back was to me and he looked incredibly sexy. He then turned around and came up to me with a glass of a dark red wine. I took a sip and savored the wine. I look up to smile at him and our eyes meet. His eyes never leaving mine, he takes my glass and places both on a table next to us. His hands cup my face and kiss me ever so lightly. Tentative to his touch, I kiss him back. He deepens the kiss and picks me up and carries me to the bed. He lays me down ever so gently and that is when I notice that he has put red rose petals all over the bed. He kisses me again, this time with a little more urgency. I reach up to his head and free all of his hair. He looks down at me and smiles. I shyly reach up and unbutton his shirt. He looks at me with interest and urges me Mardin Escort Bayan to continue while. I remove his shirt and kiss a scar that I have found on his chest. As I continue to kiss his chest, I come across his nipple and nip it lightly. His intake of breath makes me realize that he is affected more than he lets on. I give his other nipple equal attention and then move on to unbutton his pants. He smiles at me and tells me to continue. As I tug at his pants, I kiss his abdomen and lick around the outside of his belly button. I trail lightly kisses down until I reach the elastic of briefs.

I then remove his briefs and set his pulsating member free. I stare at it in wonder as it stands up proudly. I look up shyly at him and he urges me on. I lightly kiss its tip as he starts to leak. He tastes so good that I kiss it again. As I take the tip in my mouth, I lightly lick around the head and his breathing starts to get a little rough. As I take more of him in my mouth, I can feel him start to get a little anxious. I ever so slowly circle his member around with my tongue. As this goes on, his head is thrown back in pleasure. Hearing his audible sighs I continue. Quickening my pace, I feel his scrotum start to expand in my mouth. He warns me that he will erupt soon and I lick him even faster. He then releases his seed in my mouth and I swallow the whole amount of it, not letting the least bit drip. He smiles and looks in my eyes.

He kisses me while removing the robe. As I lay in there, he trails light kisses down my neck, to my collarbone. He continues to kiss downward until he reaches the valley between my breasts. He centers his attention on my left breast by kissing Escort Mardin it ever so gently then nibbling on it. The sensation makes my breath run quicker and my legs start to shake. He then centers his attention on my other breast causing me to close my eyes as a wave of pleasure surges through me. He continues his trail of kisses to my abdomen down to my center being. He lightly kisses me and then ever so slowly, he licks my center. The torture is so great and so pleasant at the same time that I never want it to end. He then inserts a finger in me and a wave of pleasure erupts through me.

He moves his finger ever so slowly making me so prone to his touch. He then inserts his other finger in me, as his tongue never misses a beat. He continues his sweet torture sending me into wave after spiraling wave of pleasure. He then whispers that I am ready and slowly brings the tip of his member to my center. He enters me at a crawl and I feel as if I am about to burst if he does not quicken his pace. We become one and I can feel him deep inside of me. He slowly starts to move in and out of me. I meet his thrust as he quickens his pace. He tells me how great I feel and how he always knew that we would be a perfect fit. He speeds up again and this time we are both thrashing wildly about on the bed. He then starts to swell causing me to clutch on to him even tighter. He then looks in my eyes and says, “Come with me.” He entwines my hands with his and we both experience a wave of pleasure. As we return to our conscious state, he circles my body with his and kisses me ever so gently. As we lay there, we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

As the morning approaches us, I wake to find myself in my own room. Did it actually happen or was I dreaming? I lay back down and look at the side of the bed where he was sleeping and find a single red rose with his hair tie around it. On the rose was a note saying “Till we meet again my dark mistress.” It was then signed: