Dangerous Curves Ahead


Lizzie peeked out the peep hole after she heard a heavy knock on the door.

It was a breezy cool fall night in southern Virginia, and Lizzie was so excited to finally meet her date. They had been talking online for months. He was smart, funny, attractive, and best of all – very sexual. Lizzie had always been more sexually adventurous than her boyfriends, and this posed a huge problem in the bedroom (or elsewhere). However, her and Bruce had already had phone sex, and even played on their webcams for one another.

Bruce had planned to take Lizzie to dinner in the city at a small Italian restaurant, then a drive in the country.

As Lizzie opened the door, a huge smile went on her face. He was just as tall, tan, and sexy as his pictures made him out to be.

Bruce stared at Lizzie in amazement. Her body was even more curvy and voluptuous in person than he saw in her pictures. He had never been with a girl with such beautiful curves. She was petite, her smile was gorgeous, her long brown hair flowed over her very low top, and down into her cleavage. Her top hugged her waist and hips. He couldn’t help but hold her as tight as he could when he hugged her.

Lizzie didn’t want to invite him in quite yet, so she closed the door behind her and they walked out to his car.

The whole night at dinner, as they talked and laughed, Bruce couldn’t keep his eyes off of Lizzie’s amazing cleavage. She had a very low cut lace top on, and every guy in the restaurant noticed.

After two hours of talking and flirting, they finally walked out of the restaurant.

“I’d love to have a ride in the country, the night is still young. What do you think?”

“The sounds wonderful, I know just where we can go.” Lizzie said, remembering a spot about 15 minutes away that had a gorgeous view of the city lights. Her and her boyfriends used to go there in High School to make out, she seemed to be the only one who knew about it. She hasn’t been back with a guy in ages, she only goes alone to listen to music and relax away from her home.

The road was just as curvy as Lizzie, and Bruce could hardly keep his eyes on the road. His hand moved over to her leg and started to rub it softly.

The car ride was pretty quiet, Lizzie could hardly speak. Bruce’s hand was rubbing her thigh in a way that made her think of nothing but fucking him. She imagined his lips kissing her, his hand rubbing her body, Maraş Escort his cock bulging. Before she knew it she opened her eyes and realized they were only a minute away. She grabbed Bruce’s hand and told him to turn right. They went about half a mile down a dirt road, which ended with a wide open view of the city. There were woods behind them, and a cliff in front of them. They were completely alone.

“Lizzie, this is almost as gorgeous as you are. Do you come here often?”

“I come here to get away from it all, no one else ever comes here from what I can tell.” She said, with a smile creeping up on her face.

Bruce’s hand was still on her leg, only now Lizzie’s hand was on top of his. She leaned over and began kissing him.

Her lips were soft, they tasted of lip gloss and wine.

His tongue opened her lips, and crept inside her mouth.

Her body began to ache, she wanted him so badly.

His cock began to bulge, and was begging to come out.

Lizzie removed her hand from his, and over to his chest. His chest was hard, and she could feel it move with every heartbeat.

Bruce began moving his hand up Lizzie’s thigh and started to lightly touch her pussy through her jeans.

“Let’s get out of the car.” Lizzie said, stopping the kissing and moving away from him. “You are an amazing kisser, babe.”

They both got out and sat down on the large rocks near the cliff.

Bruce leaned over and began kissing her again, this time his body was leaned over hers, his tongue went even deeper in her mouth as he forced her mouth open.

She used her arms to support her up on the rock, but it was such a deep kiss that her arms gave way. She leaned back and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her hands started running through his thick dark her, then down to his neck pulling his mouth in closer.

Bruce was raging hard, she could feel his cock against her leg. She started to thrust her body just enough to rub his cock and make her pussy even wetter. He moved his tongue out of her mouth, rubbed it on her lips, then to her ears. His heavy breathing made her ache for more. She pulled his head down to her neck, then her breasts.

Bruce began licking her abundance of cleavage, and pulled her top down. Her nipples got hard from the chill in the air, and he started licking them both. Holding them forcefully in his hands, and moving from breast Maraş Escort Bayan to breast. She watched him, and they met gazes. She smiled, and licked her lips and started biting her bottom lip. He moved back up to her lips, keeping one hand on her breast, and moving his right hand to her crotch. It was hot and damp, he let out a moan. He started unzipping her pants, while kissing her deeply and caressing her breast.

His hand moved down, and he was pleasantly surprised to feel a very shaved wet pussy. His fingers moved down and rubbed just slightly.

Lizzie hadn’t felt like this in so long, she hadn’t been touched in months. When Bruce started to rub inside her pants, she moved her hands down his back and pulled off his shirt. She started kissing his neck and ear, breathing heavy with slight moans to show her pleasure. She then reached down and started unbuttoning his pants, but he moved so she couldn’t reach.

Bruce moved his kissing to her breasts again, then lifted her top and began kissing her stomach as he wrapped his hands around her curves. He moved his lips down to where her jeans were still unbuttoned and his hands pulled her jeans over her hips. She kicked her shoes off, and allowed him to pull her pants and panties down and off. He pushed her legs open, and saw her beautiful wet pussy. He leaned forward and used his fingers to spread her lips open, then kissed her pussy lightly before using his tongue to rub her clit.

Lizzie moaned and began rubbing her breasts, before she knew it she started breathing heavier. His fingers began to push inside of her and his lips and tongue were pushed hard against her clit. She moved her legs up on the rock and spread them further, pressing herself into his face. His fingers were pressed hard inside her, moving around in her but never coming out. His tongue was soft as he licked from his fingers up to her clit, and then focused on her clit. Lizzie was biting her lips, rubbing her breasts, and started to scream out, “Oh my, please don’t stop” … “fuck, this feels so good, I’m going to cum” His other hand started grabbing her ass as she pushed herself to his face. Her pussy wrapped tight around his fingers as her body quivered on his face while she came so hard she screamed out. He moved his pussy wet lips up her body and landed on her mouth. She kissed him hard, tasting herself on his lips and tongue.

She Escort Maraş then crept down the rock and he stood up. She finally got to remove his jeans, to find a solid hard cock looking back at her. It was much larger in person, and it was so hard that every vein stood out. She squatted in front of him, leaning with the rock behind her, and started to lick his balls. She moved up his cock with her mouth, and was grabbing his ass while her other hand caressed his balls and her lips wrapped around his dick. He used his hands to push his cock all the way in her mouth, making her gag. He fucked her face hard, her mouth sucking his hard dick, her tongue rubbing against his shaft. She could taste a little bit of cum, as she moved her mouth up and down his cock. She wanted him to cum all over her face, but her pussy wanted him inside of her. So she stood up and he aggressively turned her around to face the rock. His mouth started licking her neck, and he wrapped her hair in his hand.

She loved his aggressiveness, and couldn’t wait for him to fuck her. He pushed her back and made her lean down. Her hands pressed against the rock, bent completely over with her head pulled back. Her legs spread just enough for him stick his huge dick in her. She screamed out in pleasure. He pushed his hips hard, fucking her still wet pussy, and pulled her hair. She turned her head to watch, and he pulled her hair tighter, and wrapped his other hand around her neck. His hand was so tight that she could hardly catch her breath, and her head was pulled back so far, she could feel h im using her hair to steady himself inside of her as he pounded her from behind. She could feel herself beginning to orgasm again, and her body started to shake just as he let go of her and pushed her back down. She was no longer using her arms to support her, her body was completely against the rock as he put his leg up on the rock and lifted her ass higher. He used his hands to grab around her waist and pull her into him. He was moaning so loud that there was no doubt anyone less than a mile away could hear him.

“Jesus, Lizzie, your pussy is so fucking wet … so tight, you’re going to make me cum so hard …”

“Cum on my face …” and before she knew it he had pulled out of her and she had turned around just soon enough to grab his cum all over her face and lips. It was so warm, and was dripping down to her breasts. He screamed out as he shot his load on her.

“Wow, that was more amazing than I could’ve ever imagined.”

“I’m glad you liked my pussy, I can’t wait to feel you again.”

“Is that an invite for more?”

“Oh yeah, you aren’t going home tonight Bruce. We’re going to fuck all night.”