Damon , Dawn Ch. 01


Dawn lay curled in a ball on the bed covered by a silk sheet. Tears rolling down her face causing her make-up to smear. Her breathing was shaky and bruise where already forming on her bright red blistered backside.

Damon had been annoyed with her all day long, she had been bratty towards him for no real reason. So as a punishment he decided that he would go out with his friends, Instead of them going out together for the usual Saturday night date. He had even instructed her that since she wanted to act like a child she was to stay home and go to bed, since it was obvious she was to tired to listen. So he had left her stunned standing in the doorway to there bathroom completely dressed and ready to leave.

But Dawn had always had a wild streak to her. Try as she might she could not fully behave herself. A fact that had gotten her into trouble since she was a kid. So she decided since he was going to go out with friends so would she. Normally when Damon went out with the guys he was not home till well past midnight, and seeing as it was only Six she figured as long as she was home by eleven he would never know.

So she called up four of her best girlfriends and asked them to meet her at Blues for a couple of drinks and some dancing. They agreed and she was out the door for a night of fun with the girls.

Several hours had past and the music in Blue had picked up. The dance floor was now crowded with the twenty somethings that always frequented the night club. It’s DJ was good and once a month there was a live band. The drinks were good and reasonably priced, and the three bartenders that worked the weekends were all young and hot. But for Dawn the best thing about was that it was right down the street from the studio apartment she had been sharing with Damon for the last three years. So she could drink and not have to worry about driving home.

After a few drinks Dawn felt the need to go to the bathroom. Dragging one of her friends along for company they went to stand in line to use the toilet. Pulling out her phone to show off the new solid White Oak vanity that Damon had bought her for there anniversary. She noticed she had fifteen missed called from Damon the first coming in at 8:26 the last coming only ten minuets ago at 10:45. Checking her voice mail she listened to two very angry messages. Asking her where the fuck she was, and to call him the second she got this message. The first at 8:30 the second at 9:00, And four text messages between 9:10 and 10:30 showing his growing anger in each one.

The color had completely drained from her face and it felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. As her mind started to play out what going to happen once she got home. For a few seconds she even contemplated staying at the club longer and getting trashed. But common sense prevailed and she told her friend that she had to go that something had come up and Damon needed her back home right away.

With that she rushed to there table grabbed her jacket and purse and wishing the rest of the girls she had come out with a quick goodnight was out the door. Almost running so as to not anger him even more then she had already. She made it home with in three minuets of leaving the bar.

They lived on the top floor of an old six story wear house that his father owned and converted into studios. Each tenant getting there own floor. Damon having the fifth and sixth, the fifth he used for his work as a carpentry and photographer.

The elevator which only they had access to seemed to be moving in extra slow speed, And the clanking of the engine was pulsing loudly in her ears. She knew he would heat it and felt certain he would be waiting for her the moment the doors opened. Her body shook with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

When she finally reached the top floor her body was visibly shacking. She was scared of how mad he would be with her, and even though she knew in her heart that she deserved it. The thought of the punishment he was sure to give her made her want to cry. She silently cursed herself for once again deliberately breaking his orders, and once again found her self wondering why she could not just listen. After all it had been a light punishment. She definitely had gotten off lighter then some of her friends that lived the lifestyle would have.

His temper had been growing with each call he had made, but not just that fear grew in him to. The fear that something had happen to her since she had not answered one of his calls. Pure panic had hit him when he had come home at 8:26 and found his home empty. Then quickly turned to fury when he had noticed her purse and jacket were missing as well. He had been pacing the area by the elevator running his hands through his thick jet black hair. When he heard the engine start, letting him know that she was home. He allowed him self the couple of moments that it would take for her to get up to him the time to calm himself enough to deal with her. It would not be a good thing Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort to allow his fury to take over.

Taking a deep breath Dawn stepped off the elevator and walked into the dimly lit studio. It did not take her long to spot him leaning up against one of the brick pillars that he had chosen to keep up to section off the area that now was being used as Dawns office. She stood rooted to the spot not knowing what to do or if she should even speak.

Arms crossed at his chest he glared at Dawns shaking form. Even as mad as he was at her he could not help be taken away by her beauty. Her fire red hair coming down to her waist in tight natural curls framing her creamy white skin. Her emerald green eyes sparkled even now even though there was fear in them. He had always referred to her as his little fire ball. There was a lot of fight in her tiny 5’3 frame.

For several minutes they stood in silence looking at each other. The tension so thick it was almost unbearable. But Damon knew from the look in Dawns eyes that she would not be the one to break the silence. Taking a deep breath he straightened himself to his full 6’4 height. His powerful toned body taking upon the Dominant stance he would need to do what had to be done. Pointing at her her he gestured for her to come stand before him. With barely a moments hesitation she moved closer to him bowing her head and finally coming to a stop inches away from him.

“Did I not tell you that you were to stay home tonight young lady?” His tone icy and hard letting her know it was not a question for her to answer.

“But yet when I get home you were not here. Tell me why that is.”

Dawn stood there trying to form the words that needed to be said. She knew from past experience with him that anything but the complete truth would result in an even harsher punishment then she was all ready going to recieved.

“Well Young Lady.”He snapped clasping his hand under her chin and pushing it up so she was forced to look at him.

” You see Sir I…I…I…..Well um I wanted to go out so I decided to go out with some of my friends since you were going out with yours.”

He could hear the sorrow in her voices. She knew she had done wrong. But he also knew she had deliberately disobeyed him and that was what had angered him the most. Not that he was not upset for going out but the shear fact that she had done so knowing what the consequences would be if she were caught, and she did not seem to care.

“You decided…….You decided to deliberately break the command I have even though you not being able to go out with me was a punishment for acting so bratty and child like towards me today?”

“Yes Sir but……..”

“SILENCE!” he roared.

Grabbing her by her throat and bringing her closer to him so that their bodies were pressed together.

“I do not want to hear another word from you young lady you have five minuets to get yourself cleaned up and be in your corner waiting for me.

With that he shoved her away from him and walked through the curtains that separated there sleeping space from the rest of there home.

She stood there for a few seconds trembling tears running down her face. He was mad madder then she had seen him in a long time. But it was all her fault and she knew it. Shaking her head she rushed off to the bathroom to prepare herself it would not be good to be late.

As quickly as she could she washed her face making shore to get off all the make-up and put her hair in to the high pony tail that he required so as to keep it from getting in his way for what ever he might choose to do to her. Sitting down on the toilet she mentally repeated to herself a vow that no matter what he chose to do, no matter how painful it got she would not ask him to stop.

Four minuets after entering the bathroom she had positioned herself in the corner that was close to the door that led to there playroom. On her knees upright her legs shoulder with apart her arms crossed behind her with her hand flat against her arms. Completely naked except for her collar. Staying completely still. This was what he would expect to see and she was not going to disappoint him anymore then she had already.

Damon had been watching her. He loved her so much and it hurt him to think of the pain he would put her through. But he also knew she needed it. They had been together for a little over five years now. And had been talking for a good 6. They had meet in one of the many BDSM chat rooms and had connected almost instantly. He loved Dawns natural mischievous attitude. But she was also quite submissive and had a true desire to please. After doing nothing but talking for a good 6 months they had decided to meet. and thins had decided to take it slow both knowing that trust had to be built. Very quick though Damon had discovered himself falling in love with her. So after 5 months of casual dating he had asked approached her about making it a more committed Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort arrangement and she fully agreed.

Ten minutes later the sound of his footsteps reached her ears. Using all the resolve she had in her she stopped herself from turning around to look at him. She desperately wanted to know if the pain and anguish she had put in his crystal blue eyes had disappeared.

He never enjoyed truly punishing her it was the thing he always hated the most, and for the most part he was able to let her off easy on most of her errors. But this was no little mishap she had truly and deliberately pushed the line this time and had forced his hand.

Coming up behind her she felt him remove the gold and diamond covered collar she wore at all times except when in the shower or on the occasions where she was being punished. Replacing it with the thick black leather collar he had given her six months before she had moved in with him. He then covered her eyes with the thick fur lined blind fold sending her in to complete darkness. Taping her on the left shoulder twice her cue to turn herself with her head up but eyes still cast down. He attached the thick chain leash to it. Taping her on top of her head she rose to her feet. Lowering her head in remorse she followed him in to the playroom

Normally this was her favorite part of the house. All four walls were covered in a dark grey fabric hiding the sound prof materiel he had installed. The windows that had once framed the two outer walls had been bricked up when Damon had bought the building. Dimly lite by well hidden lights. There was a sensual air to the room, and it always smelled of leather and wood polish. Almost every thing that was in there had been made by him with expectation of the plugs vibrators and nipple clamps he had bought.

Leading her to the center of the room Damon stopped and turned to her. Curling the leasing around his and as he stepped closer to her.

“We are in here tonight my dear not for pleasure but because you have decided not to listen and went out when i had told you that were to stay here. Also you did not answer any of my calls or texts causing me to worry which was a very selfish thing for you to do. You know how I worry when I can not reach you.”

Dawns heart almost broke at his words she could hear the pain in his voice the pain that she had put in him by her behavior. She wanted so much to make up for it she vowed to herself that she would try harder to listen to behave. She never wanted to hear that kind of pain in her beloveds voice.

Taking off the leash he put it on the table that was a few feet away from him.

“Give me your hands.”

Letting go of her arms she placed her hands into his. Even now in this situation where she knew she was going to be punished, she was not afraid. Her trust in him over rid any fear that she might have had. She knew that he would never bring her to any permanent harm.

Grasping her tiny wrists in one hand he reached above her for the cuffs that hung down securely from the ceiling. Restraining her in the cuffs her arms were now stretched above her head. She was forced to stand on the balls of her feet.

Walking away he stepped over to the wall that held all his tools. Taking down the thin wooden cane that hung at the end. He had not used it often . Its bite being much harsher then anything else he had. Looking at the rest of his tools he had made himself. He chose the purple dyed leather flogger and the dark brown suede crop which was his personal favorite. Depositing them on the table he walked over to the wooden chest of draws. Taking out a pair of nipple clamps, These particular ones being harsher then any of the others. He also took out one of the larger butt plugs that was in there collection. Placing the plug next to his other tools he came to stand in front of Dawn.

She could not help but jump when she felt his hand grab her right breast and started to pinch and pull on her sensitive nipple. She also could not hold back the shriek that escaped her lips as he applied the clamp to her stimulated nipple.

“Shhhhh my dear……We are just getting started.”

He whispered in to her ear. As he treated her left breast to the same torment as her right. This time she was ready and bit down on her lip as he applied the second clamp. Grabbing the plug from the table, he placed it up to her lips

“Suck on this until I tell you to stop.”

She could tell by the feel of it what it was, And this was an order that she would gladly obey. Knowing that it would be much better for her to get it as wet as possible before he put it inside of her.

But only after a few seconds Damon pulled it from her mouth and moved behind her. Spreading her cheeks he pointed the tip of the plug at the tiny pink crinkled hole. Slowly he began to move it in and out of her pushing deeper each time, Sometimes taking it out completely only to begin the torment all over again. Anal Kurtköy İranlı Escort was never her favorite consenting for him, She knew how he loved the feel of being buried in her there. Though she could already feel her self becoming damp. Finally he inserted the plug all the way her muscles contracting tightly over the thick plug.

Walking back around her Damon looked down at the lovely woman who was at his complete mercy.

“Now young lady this is what is going to happen you are going to receive fifteen strokes of the cane to your backside. One for each call that was so rudely ignored.” His voice had not once risen as he calmly spoke to her.

“That is what the cell phone is there for to receive calls when you are out and you know it.”

Yes Dawn did know it Damon had punished her several times in the beginning for ignoring his calls.

” Then you will receive ten swipes of the crop and ten swipes of he flogger to these love breasts of yours.”

Drawing small circles on her chest with the tip of his fingers.

“For disobeying and going out when you were already being punished for your behavior today.”…….

“You are not to make a sound not one do you understand me. If you do you will be gagged and we will begin from the beginning.”

A wave of fear and panic ran over her. However was she going to keep quiet through all that. This by far was the worst punishment he had ever given her. But she also had never messed up as bad as she had tonight. Perhaps she should scream out on the first hit of the cane so that way she did not have to worry about making it almost all the way then losing control.

As if he had read her mind he sternly said.

“If you purposely yell out during the first five strokes of the cane not only will we start over but five more would be added as well.”

Her mind ran crazy with all the pitchers flashing through it. An intense shiver ran down her spine.

“After we are done you will fall to your knees and show me that you truly want to be a good girl……..You want to be a good girl don’t you my dear?”

Nodding her head solemnly yes that was all she wanted to do at this moment. To try and remind him that she could be his good girl.

“Then I will fuck you hard and quick. You will not be allowed to cum only good girls get to cum and causing me to worry as you did is not being a good girl.”

Her heart dropped with his words she hated that she had made him worry so. It was not fair to him.

With that he picked up the cane and took his potion behind her.Taking a deep breath he raised his arm in the air and brought it down on the top part of her ass. The pain of the impact caught her completely by surprise. Sending a shock wave through her entire body, her body jolted forward and her breath was taken from her. It was a good thing she was so well secured to the ceiling other wise she felt for certain she would have collapsed, Or even worse ran and hid.

The sound of the cane coming down a second time could be heard seconds before it made contact with her creamy skin leaving a harsh line just bellow the first. Tears were starting to form in her eyes and she bit hard into her bottom lip so as not scream out. Three more times in quick succession the cane came down. The once white flesh of her bottom was now a radiant pink with five clearly raised lines.

He gave her a few moments to catch her breath gently rubbing the ugly welts that were forming.

“Are you ready to continue?” he asked her softly

After a few deep breaths she nodded her head and braised herself for the pain she knew was to come. Reminding herself over and over in her mind to stay quiet. If she could get though this, the rest should be easy. Or at least she prayed she would be strong enough to take it all.

Silently taking in a deep breath he brought down the cane upon the fleshy part of her bottom. Swish….Swish…..Swish…..Swish….Swish.

Again he paused so she could catch her breath. She was silently crying. The mask that clocked her in darkness has almost soaked from her tears, and her nose was running.

“Only five more to go My Love you are doing well I am proud of you.”

He knew she needed to hear that she need the reassurance. Even though some of the Doms he associated with and occasionally went to for advice had told him that he should not. But he knew his girl, he knew to not give her this small bit of praise would make the last five almost unbearable. He truly did not want to hear her scream out he did not want to start over. In fact he did not know if he could have. As it was looking at her red and blistered ass he wished he could stop there. But he knew that he could not, he had to do what he said other wise she may take it as a sign of weakness. She might try to push him even further next time.

So taking stance again he brought the cane down four more times. Quickly and harshly directly on to the lower part of her ass in the most sensitive spots. Pausing for less then a second he brought the cane down for the last time. Directly on the junction that separate her ass and thighs. The pain that shot through her was white hot, The scream she felt wanting burst from her only being suppressed by the fact that her breath had been taken away completely.